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Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, the World's Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder. He's also the founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide.

Facebook Messenger Strategies to Improve Customer Engagement in Startups

As Mark Zuckerberg said, the future is private - and the future of Facebook is messaging. Messaging apps now have more users than social networks. In fact, 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger each month.  The statistics are no joke: with engagement rates 10 to 80 times higher than email and Facebook Newsfeed marketing, a 30 to 50 times reduced cost per lead, and a 100% conversion rate, Facebook Messenger seems like the holy grail of marketing and customer engagement for business. 

So why are only 1% of businesses taking advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing?

It’s not difficult, and that’s why I’m here to show you 6 of my favorite Facebook Messenger strategies to help you improve your customer engagement as a startup.

My Top 6 Facebook Messenger Strategies:

Facebook Messenger Strategy #1: Chatbots

Chatbots are the powerhouse of Facebook Messenger marketing and because of that, they are my most important Facebook Messenger strategy. It is incredibly easy to build a chatbot, and these little pieces of software can do so much to help your business and improve your engagement. 

Chatbots are useful for automating daily marketing tasks, which can help your business save money. They act as your FAQ chatbot, your customer service chatbot, your contact list builder, and more. 

The best part? Chatbots are available 24/7 so you don’t have to depend on the schedules of live operators! 

Chatbots are available 24/7

Chatbots are the foundation of the next 5 Facebook Messenger strategies, so if you haven’t, get to making chatbots right now! 

Facebook Messenger Strategy #2: Click-to-Messenger Ads

Your customers are already scrolling through their Facebook Newsfeeds. They are seeing hundreds of posts and within that, they are seeing many, many Facebook adsOften, these ads start to blend together. And the truth is, they’re not all that effective.

Enter: Facebook Click-to-Messenger ads

Click to messenger ads StartupStash

Click-to-Messenger ads look just like regular Newsfeed ads, but with one important distinction; the call to action button. 

Normally, these call to action buttons brings a user to a business’s website. With Click-to-Messenger ads, an incredibly fruitful Facebook Messenger strategy, the ads direct the user into a Messenger window with the business instead.

Then, the user will engage with the business on Facebook Messenger. The chatbot that you’ve built after the previous Facebook Messenger strategy will launch into a dialogue and the user will be added to your Facebook Messenger contact list! Better yet, have the chatbot ask for the user’s email and add them to your email contact list as well. 

Ads example FB messenger for Business

Click-to-Messenger ads have a 100% conversion rate because when the user clicks the call to action button and begins engaging with the chatbot, their information is automatically added to the Messenger contact list. 

immediate engagement increase! 

Facebook Messenger Strategy #3: Facebook Comment Guards

Facebook comment guards are a Facebook Messenger strategy that mobilizes users that are already engaged with your content. Comment guards utilize a Facebook auto reply bot by attaching it to a Facebook post. Once a user comments on a post fixed with a comment guard, the chatbot will send them a message in response.

For example, your business can make a post advertising a discount on your product. In order to receive the discount, the user must comment on the post. Then the auto-reply bot can message them the discount.

Facebook Comment Guards StartupStash

To improve engagement even further, get the user to interact with the bot - possibly providing their email address - before they receive the discount. 

This gets users to comment on your posts, mobilizes your previously-engaged customers, and boosts your engagement significantly! 

Facebook Messenger Strategy #4: Segment Custom Audiences

Creating custom audiences is a great way to improve your customer engagement.

Facebook messenger for business Segment Custom Audiences

For example, you can segment your audiences based on certain attributes beyond the standard attributes that Facebook collects. These can include email, phone number, interests, and more.

This allows you to make Messenger campaigns directed at specific audiences, appealing to their particular attributes. This will increase engagement due to the personalization of the messages the users receive.

Facebook Messenger Strategy #5: Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are a fantastic way to engage audiences that come in from different channels. If you utilize this Facebook Messenger strategy, then your chatbot will contact a user several times over 24 hours. This is great for onboarding new customers, for engaging active users online, and for collecting contact information. This Facebook Messenger strategy also keeps leads engaged, boosting conversion rates.

The best part about drip campaigns? Since they are done through Facebook Messenger, they see higher click rates and better engagement overall than, for example, similar email drip campaigns.

Facebook Messenger Strategy Drip Campaigns


Facebook Messenger Strategy #6: Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Here’s the thing: not everybody is using a computer to browse and communicate.  These days, tons of people are using their mobile devices to scroll social media, text, and message, and do research.  If you're relying on a web browser to adapt your page content to your mobile and desktop users, you're risking your brand's optimized mobile experience.

If a mobile user clicks on your ad and is redirected to a webpage that hasn’t been optimized for mobile, they’re likely to have a clunky, frustrating user experience.

That means they’re likely to exit the page by contacting your business, viewing, or purchasing your product. 

By using Messenger marketing, you are automatically mobile-optimized. And a Messenger chat is 10X more engaging and interactive than a static web page or web form.

Facebook messenger stratgies for business - Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Click-to-Messenger ads redirect users to Facebook Messenger chat windows. Then, chatbots can do everything - from collecting contact information to selling a product - right from within that chat window. 

That means a mobile user never has to leave the comfort of the Messenger app! 

This Facebook Messenger strategy improves customer engagement and boosts conversions by making your business’s customer service and product even more accessible. 

Time to Determine Your Facebook Messenger Strategy!

People prefer messaging to any other form of communication - including in their communication with businesses. And with the low cost and high conversion rates, it seems silly that only 1% of businesses are taking advantage of this platform.

It’s time to act! 

With these 6 examples of Facebook Messenger strategies, you’ll be able to propel your startup to the next level and drastically improve your customer engagement.

Use one or all of these Facebook Messenger strategies and get ready to save money while growing leads and increasing revenue! 


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Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, the World's Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Platform and free chatbot builder. He's also the founder of WordStream, Inc., the leading provider of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and keyword tools used by over a million marketers worldwide.

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