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Ari Kohola

Ari is a Helsinki-based marketing and communications professional.

5 Time and Project Management Resources for Your Lean Startup

We know. This list should include Trello, Slack, Asana, and other project management behemoths. We decided to look elsewhere solely based on our own experiences. While the aforementioned platforms are fantastic, we like to experiment – and support – new and innovative platforms.

In the following, we looked at platforms that are versatile and offer a solution to several operational challenges faced by most lean and early-stage startups. Whether you’re interested in invoicing, project management, productivity, cross-team communication, or company-wide operations, the following platforms deserve your attention. More startup tools for your toolbox.


Spoke promises to deliver a simple and AI-powered platform for smarter management of workplace requests. Spoke is tailored for IT, office management, operations, people operations and HR. Spoke’s AI gives users an ability to save time by automatically and speedily locating answers to the most common questions and responds to staff queries.. When Spoke doesn’t have the answer, it assigns a ticket to the relevant team. As tickets are assigned, Spoke learns, much like a human being. This results in constantly improved performance and team management with Spoke eventually becoming an irreplaceable member of your team.


Calendar is more than just your average Christmas calendar. Its dynamic user experience helps users balance the fine line between appointments, tasks and actual priorities. The product is not yet available to the public and its real-time data is currently in alpha testing phase. However, those interested can apply for early access on the website. While Calendar is competing in a tough space, its offer should appeal to a wide segment of user. After all, both companies and individuals desperately need priority management, in addition to a basic calendar functionalities.


Tailored for teams, Notion integrates tasks, wikis, and databases. The app wants to combine everything thinkable and unthinkable that goes into the daily operations and management of tasks. In essence, it’s a note-taking application with markdown support. In addition to cross-platform apps, Notion can be accessed via most web browsers with a markdown syntax support.


Helsinki-based Taimer was founded by Fredi Palmgren whose background is in the the customer and project lifecycle. Taimer is designed to be an industry-agnostic platform, to scale together with its user. Taimer has been developed based on Palmgren’s experiences in customer and project management, with a focus on customer needs. The platform promises a solution for project, sales, resource and management, invoicing, billing, and time management.


Tel Aviv-based project management platform banks of the importance of visual presentation.

As a cloud-based project management solution, Monday – previously daPulse – targets SMBs across different industry verticals. The solution facilitates knowledge-sharing between team members. The platforms boasts a collaborative environment, allowing users to communicate, create a knowledge base and share files, images, designs and other specifications. As a nice touch, the platform allows users share information with external non-team members, such as clients and freelancers.

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Ari Kohola

Ari is a Helsinki-based marketing and communications professional.