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Top 20 Single Sign-On (SSO) Tools

By permitting automated onboarding and offboarding, SSO greatly reduces work pressure and saves IT time. It also contains guidance on how various applications are being used by clients and alerts them to future dangers.

When you use one of these Single Sign On tools, you simply log in to your SSO provider to obtain access to all of your corporate accounts. When you log in to an app or website, it will check to see if you have decided to sign in with your SSO provider. You will be approved after the SSO provider confirms with the consideration that you are a valid user.

After logging in, the SSO continuously recognizes you as being verified, allowing you to navigate the site and switch between accounts with ease. SSO has also become a popular choice for many cloud based applications.

In this post, we'll go over the top tools in the market, their features, and key features to help you make the best decision.

1. Zluri

Zluri is largely a SaaS package manager that assists users in discovering, optimizing, and securing SaaS applications. It enables businesses to use a command center to explore and handle third-party SaaS applications, as well as their security and compliance. It gives IT teams more control over their technology stack.

Key Features:

  • Identifying your company's subscriptions

  • Each application's category and function

  • Locate unused and underutilized apps.

  • Getting rid of duplicate apps that perform similar functions

  • If a user does have access to an app and has not been eliminated (in rare cases), Zluri notifies you that the user can use the app.

  • Contract renewals can be automated.

  • Employee onboarding and onboarding automation.


You can request a quote on their website.

2. Okta

Okta is a renowned identity and access management provider that is used by over 10,000 businesses worldwide. It integrates deeply with over 7000 applications, allowing IT to manage access to various applications in a simple, secure, and efficient manner.

Key Features:

  • Users can easily and securely gain access to various applications without the hassle of remembering different credentials for each application.

  • Identity Administration

  • Management of Risks

  • Integration with a diverse set of applications

  • Simple onboarding and deboarding

  • Simple mobile access

  • Management of Password


The package starts at $8 per user, per month.

3. JumpCloud

Jumpcloud SSO enables easy, secure, and frictionless access to a wide range of assets, which include web and on-premise application areas, from any location. Employees can use it to access multiple applications using a single set of credentials.

Key Features:

  • IT can develop multiple teams based on division or application requirements and instantaneously allocate application forms to the groups.

  • Onboarding is automated.

  • Access applications through SCIM, SAML 2.0, and LDAP, as well as a library of hundreds of pre-configured connectors.

  • Management of user accounts

  • Easy to use

  • Excellent support


The package starts at $2 per user, per month.

4. Citrix

Citrix workspace provides users with unified access control for the entire digital workspace, allowing them to access devices and applications from anywhere. It helps to improve security and user experience for both users and IT while also lowering risks. IT can gain greater control over users while also gaining deeper insights across the entire application landscape.

Key Features:

  • Tracking and controlling access to users

  • Remote application access

  • It's safe and easy to use.

  • Once you've had some practice, it's very simple to use.


You can request a quote on their website.

5. Rippling

Rippling SSO provides employees with access to all applications via a centralized dashboard. It boosts the IT department's and employees' productivity while also protecting applications from external threats.

IT can automatically assign applications to employees during onboarding and revoke access during offboarding.

Key Features:

  • Onboarding and offboarding are automated.

  • Manage and access applications in a secure manner.

  • It provides information about how applications are used.

  • User-friendly

  • It lessens the time it would take to perform basic but required jobs in a small company where the COO wears numerous hats.

  • Onboarding is quick and simple.

  • User administration


The package starts at $8 per month.

6. Ping Identity

Ping Identity has been a market leader in the identity and access management space since its inception in 2002. Their easy-to-use framework currently manages more than two billion personalities globally, and even some of the world's leading organizations, and provides a comprehensive stack of solutions such as MFA, SSO, Directory, an admin portal, responsive verification policies, and more.

Key Features:

  • The solution is built for easy community cloud and unrestricted application integrations, and it works in the cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments for all customers, partners, and employees.

  • In relation to the Single Sign On tools, a further principal identification functionality is its Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  • Ping's benefits include its ability to assist users in experiencing security benefits, as well as its emphasis on workforce user experience.


The package starts at $3 per user, per month.

7. OneLogin Unified Access Management Platform

Because of its multi-functional functionality as an SSO provider, OneLogin is appropriate for both big and small businesses. It also offers other access management features, such as on-premises security, which allows you to control who enters and has access to different areas of a building.

Key Features:

  • OneLogin is one of several open-source Single Sign On tools that are widely used to provide working population direct exposure to cloud-based implementations.

  • OneLogin is adapted to satisfy all of your IT supervisor's needs. It facilitates IT policy in real-time and could be developmental progress if changes take place, such as a worker leaving.


The package starts at $2 per user, per month.

8. Idaptive

Idaptive is one of the forward-thinking Single Sign On tools that can support multiple users at the same time thanks to its new cloud architecture. It is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses.

Key Features:

  • When you think "Idaptive," you should also think "secure." Idaptive's Next-Gen Access enables IDaaS, adaptive MFA, enterprise mobility management (EMM), and user behavior analytics (UBA) in a single integrated solution.

  • These capabilities assist enterprises in continuously preventing and protecting themselves from falling prey to compromised accounts - one of the most common cyber-threat entry points into a business.


The package starts at $5 per user, per month.

9. Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD)

Microsoft Azure AD is always the first for all institutions that use the Azure cloud platform. Azure AD Connect is a constructed option that enables on-premises regulation integration. SSO can also be endorsed by the functionality of Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS).

Key Features:

  • This SSO Provider not only provides users with access to applications such as Microsoft services, such as Office 365, but it also provides SaaS SSO applications.

  • Azure AD is secure and useful for group management due to the wide range of multi-functions available.


It offers four editions. The basic package starts at $6 per month.

10. ForgeRock Identity Platform

Identity and access management (IAM) and identity governance and administration (IGA) functionality are also included in the AI-powered ForgeRock Identity Forum. It can be used across an organization for all identities (workforce, consumers, and others), and it provides feature parity across all delivery options, as well as on-premises, any cloud infrastructure, multi-cloud, mixture, and as-a-service.

Key Features:

  • Data isolation technology provides complete control over services.

  • To make compliance easier, granular data residency with regional availability is used.

  • To ensure maximum performance, dedicated services are provided within a multi-tenant cloud service.

  • AI-powered access reviews and approvals provide enterprise-wide risk visibility.


The starting price is $2 per month.

11. IBM

IBM Security Access Manager is an organizational web, customer, and existing application identity and access management solution. It provides remote access to secure knowledge and insights. Security Access Manager will create safe and easy-to-manage infrastructure implementations and infrastructural facilities by supplying a centralized, versatile, and expandable security systems solution.

Key Features:

  • Authorization, licensing, information security, and management information are all supported.

  • It employs a diverse set of built-in authenticators and accepts external authenticators.

  • The authorization service, which can be accessed via an API, grants and denies authentication and authorization for native Security And access Manager data centers and other applications.

  • Applications and services can use the Security Access Manager registration service to provide a cohesive security procedure for the entire organization.


The package starts at $1.71 per user, per month.

12. Micro Focus

Micro Focus makes it simple for consumers to connect all business applications while also heightening security. Users log in to their workstation and have direct exposure to all password-protected applications. Users sign on once and have access to all of their web-based implementations, irrespectively of whether they are in the venture or the cloud. This is also known as web access management (WAM).

Key Features:

  • Users can reboot their passwords as needed via a self-service portal, allowing them to gain immediate access.

  • Administrators retain complete control over password policies and challenge questions.

  • Users who use SaaS applications get an SSO experience.

  • Thousands of cloud-hosted services have been pre-integrated.


The package starts at $2 per user, per month.

13. CyberArk

CyberArk supports the production of authentication and authorization, the federation of personalities from on-premises and cloud-based repositories, and the use of any conjunction of folders to meet particular requirements. It ensures safe one-click access to company and consumer apps without any need for custom coding or setups.

Key Features:

  • Machine learning scrutinizes usage patterns, assigns danger, and activity, and improved.

  • Benefits result from quick, dependable access whether they are in the office or on the go.

  • It is compatible with multitudes of SaaS, mobile, and specially made apps.

  • Allow users to access everything they require in a single location.

  • Password reset via self-service

  • Templates for security protocols for custom applications


You can request a quote on their website.

14. Auth0

Auth0 is an authentication and authorization application that enables to efficiently access lots of applications. It is a simple, stable, and flexible tool that allows businesses to provide their employees with the best consumer experience possible.

Key Features:

  • Compliance management is a feature.

  • All applications require a single login.

  • A modifiability structure that implements virtualized capabilities on triggers in a highly customizable manner to fulfill the demands of each programmer.

  • Excellent assistance

  • Deal with complex deep issues faster with steadily increasing tooling made especially for development teams to include a better user experience.


The package starts at $23 per month.

15. RSA SecurID

RSA SecurID is an enterprise-grade connectivity and identity and access management tool that distribution centers and support offices in protecting their application forms while also offering the best customer experience. It enables users to use a solitary credential to connect multiple applications.

Key Features:

  • Access control without jeopardizing security

  • Authentication based on risk

  • Ensure that users follow the policies of the organization.

  • Users can use a self-service console.

  • Simple to use

  • Simple to set up and configure


You can request a quote on their website.

16. Imprivata OneSign

Imprivata OneSign is a single sign-on quick fix designed specifically for healthcare organizations, allowing them to quickly and easily access various applications. It helps to streamline clinical decision-making and provide a better user experience, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Key Features:

  • Allows for secure and quick access to on-premise and cloud applications.

  • SSO profiles can be created using a graphical user interface (GUI).

  • Allows you to automate password policies.

  • Advantages Intuitive and simple to use

  • Secure and safe

  • It is simple to integrate with other tools.


Imprivata OneSign costs $31 for authentication management and $45 for single sign-on for 1,000 users.

17. Duo SSO

Duo SSO allows people to access on-premise and web implementations from everywhere. It is safe, user-friendly, and simple to create and manage. IT can grant and regulate access to various applications for employees using Duo SSO.

Key Features:

  • Authentication with multiple factors

  • Users can gain access from any location.

  • Offers a variety of security options

  • They are authenticated using their inclusive educational authentication source for credential validation and then prompted for two-factor authentication.

  • It integrates easily with various products such as VMware.

  • Simple user identification

  • The setup is simple.


The package starts at $3 per user, per month.


Organizations can use AWS SSO to centralize and maintain SSO direct exposure all over multiple AWS account holders and enterprise applications. Users can use it to sign in with a single username and password and access all of the various services and applications associated with all of that.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to manage SSO for multiple AWS accounts.

  • Allows attribute-based access control.

  • User creation and administration

  • Your workplace members will receive a user portal through which they will be able to obtain all of their designated Aws services, Amazon EC2 Desktop instances, or cloud-based services.

  • Authentication with multiple factors

  • You can communicate AWS SSO to your long association source and enable authorizations that confer users the option to their designated AWS accounts.

  • Once you get your hands on it, it's simple to use.

  • Allows users to be grouped


AWS SSO is free of charge and contributes to the improvement of repeated setup and divergent strategic planning by tightly incorporating with AWS.

19. LastPass SSO

LastPass SSO instantaneously attaches workers to the applications they need in a simple, comfortable, and safe environment. It has a catalog of over 1200 pre-integrated applications that are commonly used. Organizations can use it to gain complete visibility and control over a variety of applications and their utilization by employees.

Key Features:

  • Onboarding that is automated

  • Multi-factor authentication and password management

  • Secure and remote access

  • Simple onboarding and deboarding

  • Cost-effective

  • Keeps organizational credentials safe.

  • Simple to use


The package starts at $4 per user, per month.

20. Symantec VIP Access Manager

Symantec VIP Access Manager is pretty much exclusively an enterprise-grade application that enables to confirmation of all cloud-based applications with a solitary username and password and availability them from any gadget and from any location. Its Global Intelligence Network evaluates risks and is able to detect location-based anomalies in various accounts.

Key Features:

  • Anomaly detection based on location

  • Allows administrators to manage users and grant them access to the appropriate applications.

  • Advantages Secure, dependable, and scalable authentication

  • Access control based on roles

  • All applications can be accessed through a single point of contact.

  • User-friendly


The package starts at $30 per month.

Things To Consider While Selecting Single Sign-On Tools

Understand What You Require Getting started

With several tools on the market, it's important to comprehend your SSO options and ascertain what other functionality you require in your IT surroundings that you might be able to get from a clear answer. Then, based on the requirement, the organization‘s action plan, and the makeup of your IT surroundings, emphasize those abilities.

Be wary of hidden charges and look for free trials

Every cloud service charges its buyers in a unique way. Often these charge per user, and others may charge depending on API calls, the multitude of application plugs, or the gadget. Correspondingly, you'll really like to check to see if specific aspects you require are built-in or accessible as add-ons. Some SSO solutions might very well appear to be very inexpensive at first but escalate very quickly to the juncture where you're charging much more for every characteristic you want.

Consider Your Existing Infrastructure

Will you have to establish anything? Before making the purchase, it's essential to comprehend how much you have to collaborate with — and to ask for information about what else you might necessitate. For instance, if you really want your SSO solution to pertain to your on-premises application areas as well, you should ensure that it endorses LDAP. And, like always, you should seek clarification whether they charge a fee for that service.

Recognize Your Security Standards

When looking for a perfect solution for your necessities, consider the following: What potential risks am I actively trying to mitigate, and what level of protection do I require?

Trying to answer these questions can help direct your study as you evaluate potential suppliers and remedies before taking a final decision. If you only use web - based applications, a web app SSO remedy will be enough.

Interactions to SAML Apps, both pre-built and custom

Another essential part of a good Single Sign On tools is the presence of pre-built and custom interconnection to SAML implementations.

Pre-built relationships substantially lower admin setup time which should include popular apps including Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoom, and so many more. These adapters reduce the amount of attributes that administrators must electronically fill out in establishing a link and make it easier to inundate personal data in each application.


SSO has changed substantially over the last few years. It has become much more capable of meeting the authenticity and flexibility management needs of businesses. As a result, Single Sign On tools continue to play a significant role in the large percentage of identification and authentication workarounds and products on the market.

We hope have provided you with the best results.


What are Single Sign-On (SSO) tools?

Single Sign On tools can provide an authorization approach that enables customers to enter highly interconnected systems by accessing credentials only once. By centralizing authorization mechanisms on an on-premise SSO server or a third-party Single Sign On tools, Single Sign-On simplifies access management for IT administrators. Single Sign On tools are extremely advantageous for speedily grading and enterprise associations leading to enhanced planning.

Single Sign-On functionalities have come in a multitude of solutions. SSO, for instance, is very appropriate for larger identity and access management platforms. It is typically used in conjunction with multi-factor verification and other access information. Single Sign-On is also independent of any particular solution from some SSO providers.

What should you consider while purchasing Single Sign-On tools?

It can be incredibly hard to discover the appropriate application single sign-on (SSO) alternative for your company. You must first acknowledge your options before making a decision on which category of SSO solution will be most advantageous to your organization in the long run.

Each alternative has upsides and downsides, and the best option depends on your organization's particular requirements. Current SSO solutions are remarkably multifaceted; while it may appear to be a straightforward purchase decision, the options can become muddled.

What are the differences between Password Management and Single Sign-On?

Password management programs are generally confused with single sign-on. While the advantages of each type of identity tactic crossover, there are substantial differences between how the technology continues to serve strong authentication needs.

SSO employs a cohesive set of login credentials to access specific multiple internal systems without the need to constantly login into each one. Password management, on the other hand, centralizes stacks and stacks of credentials that clients may have to generate, for both internal and external systems.

What is the benefit of Single Sign-On?

Single sign-on services frequently include the following features:

  • Security

  • User Administration

  • Automation of sign-in

  • User identification

Why is reliability an important thing to consider while purchasing Single Sign On tools?

It requires best practices to ensure that single sign-on alternatives fulfill all the organizational requirements, which include access to lesser-known software solutions. Look for SSO possibilities with near-perfect high availability to ensure that your team can still access one‘s apps if they need them. Assessment methods, such as true security reportage, are another sign that an SSO supplier is a good choice.

Top 20 Single Sign-On (SSO)...

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