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Top 14 Subscription Management Tools

Subscription Management is the process of controlling all aspects of any product and service sold separately through a specified time frame; weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. It is based on a subscription-based pricing model. These top tools are particularly designed to ensure that the correct amount is charged to every user periodically.

In this list, we have mentioned the Top 14 Subscription Management Softwares/Tools that have been chosen after extensive research and glancing through all reviews all over the internet. Read through the entire article to know more about subscription management and the different top tools in the marketplace.

1. Paddle

Paddle is the first SaaS-based Subscription Management Tool that helps its users to automate and customize the subscription and billing process to suit the needs of their customers. It is the best choice for SaaS businesses as it allows all-in-one integration to run the operations.

It helps the users to integrate all their customer billing data and payment methods in different currencies across geography. You can place trials, different pricing models, and plans on the Paddle Dashboard. The ease of use makes it a great choice for SaaS businesses allowing them to control and optimize revenue retention.

Key Features:

  • Automates the process of invoicing and subscription renewal avoiding any hassle from the customer’s end.

  • Its DataCore integrates all kinds of payment methods by default.

  • They provide Revenue Delivery Architects which help businesses to migrate from any other tool.


You can ask for a quote on their website.

2. Chargebee

Chargebee is one of the most popular subscription management software in the marketplace. It is suave, flexible, and user-friendly making it easier to use for various SaaS, PaaS, and other E-commerce products on the web that follows a subscription-based model.

This tool automates the process of invoicing, subscription management, and payment collection among the other software. It also helps manage subscription cancellations and tax management. However, if there is an issue, their highly responsive customer support team is there to help.

Key Features:

  • Reliable integrations with top payment gateways.

  • The seamless subscription billing process is helped by their third-party integrations Slack, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more.


You can ask for a quote on their website as they contain different plans.

3. Chargify

Chargify is one of the only software that is specifically designed for B2B SaaS products. This tool makes businesses have easy subscription management. It helps businesses customize their subscription and pricing packages with the evolving changes in your business.

Through this tool, it becomes easier for businesses to manage their subscriptions, invoices, personalized pricing, and other promotional offers to their customers. The interface of Chargify makes it a centralized platform to carry out all the different subscription activities.

Key Features:

  • The easy onboarding process for all SaaS businesses.

  • Every piece of information and subscription process is logged and nothing is lost.

  • It allows space for modifications that vary from customers’ billing information, the changes in plans and other offerings opted by their customers.


There are different plans based on different features starting from 599 dollars every month.

4. Zuora

Zuora is a leading subscription management tool for your business to manage all your subscriptions, invoices, and other offerings. They have some of the most elaborate customer bases namely Zoom, Toyota, Zendesk, Ford, and many more. It offers various services including billing and monitoring revenues.

It helps businesses optimize and automate their subscription process with really accurate insights and make changes based on the evolving business practices. They have helped their clients from a great long-term equation with their customers.

Key Features:

  • It provides accuracy in billing and invoicing.

  • They have built the infrastructure which suits the enterprise structure.

  • SaaS-based, extremely scalable, pricing and packaging flexibility,


They provide customized plans, but the basic plans are time-bounded beginning with 250 dollars per month.

5. Recurly

Recurly is an economical subscription management tool that is optimized for different enterprise businesses. It not only provides a user-friendly interface that increases their subscription revenue. The interface and software are personalized and adaptive to the changes in the business model of its clients.

Reaching newer subscribers can be an easy task by creating personalized subscription management with numerous languages based on business preferences across geographical boundaries. It is safe and secure adhering to rules, regulations, and compliance standards.

Key Features:

  • Helps businesses spread wings beyond geographical boundaries and increase subscribers with its multi-lingual page creation.

  • It helps retain and increase the life cycle of customers for businesses by preventing and immediately recovering failed transactions.

  • Businesses can take advantage of the complex and advanced billing scenarios with hybrid models.


There are different plans offered by them starting from 139 dollars per month.

6. Zoho Subscriptions

Zoho Subscriptions is a Subscription Management Tool that allows businesses to manage their invoicing, billing, and subscriptions. It takes away the hardships of businesses having multiple subscriptions through its single multi-faceted invoice to customers with multiple different subscriptions.

This tool also allows businesses to create different coupons to attract newer subscribers and increase the life cycle of existing customers. Zoho provides a portal for customers to get access to information regarding their different purchases, invoices, and subscriptions.

Key Features:

  • A dedicated customer portal for users to get information on their purchases, subscriptions, and invoices.

  • Helps build coupons for all businesses to get more subscribers and customers.

  • Allows customers of your business to pause their subscription with a personalized panel made for the same.


Contains a free trial. Paid packages begin from 49 dollars per month.

7. Stripe

Stripe is the most popular subscription management amongst this list. It has an extensive line-up for enterprise businesses of all sizes like Notion, Slack, The Atlantic, and more use their services. They have an exquisite style of management and creation of invoices all done while keeping security at the forefront.

Stripe supports all billing models integrating payments through various payment methods that can be directly tested and changed on their dashboard. This tool is optimized to provide a revenue report based on the insights it derives from the payments and subscriptions report.

Key Features:

  • Stripe comes with an easy-handling userbase that is optimized for phone use.

  • It succinctly handles all disputes with its dedicated support staff.

  • The usability, design, and framework is set up for small businesses, start-ups, and growing businesses to easily integrate their tech and boost subscriber base


You can seek a quotation based on personal needs from their website.

8. ProfitWell

ProfitWell is an underdog subscription management tool that is highly underrated but is optimized for businesses to fully leverage its features to increase subscribers and subscription revenue. It automatically resolves customer disputes, making the customer lifecycle increase and reducing all cancellations.

ProfitWell is an insightful tool giving accurate subscription data and analysis to make changes that benefit the business. It has an amazing client base which includes Siemens, Hubspot, Notion, Canva, and many more.

Key Features:

  • There are tools to make real-time reporting of analysis with accuracy and speed.

  • It lets businesses conduct a price audit to check the health of their pricing strategy.

  • ProfitWell has a mobile app on iOS and Android to stay on alert when you are on the move.


You can request a price quote from them based on your needs.

9. Billsby

Billsby is a strong powerful Subscription-based billing tool that allows SaaS and other subscription-based businesses to scale up and automate their process of billing, invoicing, and tracking subscriptions. It allows users to customize and build a personalized checkout experience for their customers.

Make changes in the subscription pricing with ease through the press of a few buttons. Billsby is a top tool that allows its users to offer multiple pricing models that suit their customers’ interests.

Key Features:

  • Allows creation of promotional offerings, coupons, and other incentives for existing customers to increase retention and revenue.

  • Automated reminders and notifications to customers that have a renewal coming up, failed payments, and more.

  • Depending on the plan users buy, it also provides access to custom email copies.


Different plans are beginning from 35 dollars a month.

10. MoonClerk

MoonClerk is one of the fastest subscription management toolsmake that lets businesses set up their subscription model within 5 mins. Businesses are accepting payments within a fraction of time than their competitors. The approval is extremely fast while maintaining the safety of the customers’ information.

MoonClerk is a tool that allows businesses to customize the look of their subscription billing pages that could look and feel like the business. It also allows embedding the page to your original site so that the users never leave the site.

Key Features:

  • The billing dashboard allows you to keep a check on your customers’ payment status.

  • Manage and customize colors, features, logos on your subscription page to page it with the style of your business.

  • There are various subtle options for businesses to create coupons to engage more customers, and the billing could be directly made possible from the get-go where the coupon is placed.


Different pricing models are beginning from 18 dollars monthly.

11. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a predominantly cloud-based subscription management platform that allows its users to monitor and track subscriptions with the least amount of effort. It has an impressive client base of more than 11000 businesses globally. It is boosted with a strict security protocol ensuring safety for all businesses and customers alike.

It allows users to customize invoicing, manage subscriptions, offer different payment models, and more detailed metrics to establish a report. It is one of the most popular and vividly used subscription management top tools lists

Key Features:

  • Automate subscription billing and pricing to reduce human effort.

  • Gain valuable insights on the important SaaS, revenue, and more.

  • Tailor your subscription pricing plans based on newer offerings and customers.


You can seek a quotation from their website.

12. FastSpring

FastSpring is the second SaaS-exclusive-based Subscription Management in this list. It helps businesses offering SaaS products grow multi-folds by managing the entire life-cycle of the client. This top tool optimizes subscription revenue and promotes growth.

FastSpring is designed to automate the process of billing and reminding customers of their payment status or subscription status automatically. Numerous payment gateways allow the customers to expedite their payment beyond geographical boundaries.

Key Features:

  • Automated reminders and notifications to update customers of their subscription billing status.

  • Provides valuable insights on the users, the subscriptions, and focuses on customer engagement to ensure an increase in recurring revenue.

  • Allows the addition of various offers, coupons, and other incentives to attract subscribers to a modern and efficient portal.


You can seek a quotation from their website on your email.

13. SaaSOptics

SaaSOptics is a widely known System Management Tool that has been helping businesses upgrade their subscriber interaction, increasing revenue by attracting more subscribers, and evolving with the ever-changing technological advancements.

It is high-tech and integrates with your CRM to automate the process of renewals by sending notifications and reminders to the customers. It has a robust set up to integrate payments from numerous portals. Their impressive clientele includes Chili Piper, Repsly, Niche, and many more.

Key Features:

  • Allows third-party integrations to provide payment gateway and multi-currency options for their customers.

  • Provides great insights and analytics of customers’ billing, invoices, and subscription status.

  • A multitude of features and excellent reporting of data make it a great choice for businesses selling SaaS products.


You can request a quote from their website.

14. Fusebill

Fusebill is a highly flexible tool that allows businesses to customize make and create differently personalized for are pricing strategies that suit their customer base. It helps users sync their data and align with the entire tech stack seamlessly. It provides you with a wholesome range of analyses and reports.

Fusebill automates the process of customer communication like their onboarding, subscription plan details, due payments, and failed payments. It allows customers to update their payment information, explore more products and services, and check invoices.

Key Features:

  • Provides flexibility to scale up the business with customizable pricing strategies that suit the changes in the business.

  • It secures the business and customer data with its above industry-standard security protocol.

  • Convey promotional messages, send coupons, and other personalized incentives to your customers to elevate retention and increase revenue.


Time-bounded plans start from 199 dollars per month.

Things To Consider While Purchasing A Subscription Management Tool

1. Integration

Integration is one of the main features to look out for in any Subscription Management Tool because it is the base of all things. A business owner should choose a tool that supports and integrates the payment gateways and currencies that suit their customers’ purchase data/history.

2. Ease-of-use

Some tools require businesses to code to achieve a particular output that they wish to derive from a management tool. However, this is not only time-consuming but also demands outsourcing usually because of the lack of expertise from the company personnel. Thus, it is important to check whether a tool is automated and optimized for final use.

3. Reports

Subscription Management is incomplete without getting detailed insights and inputs regarding the customers’ invoicing, billing history, payments, renewed subscriptions, and many more valuable insights that not only determine the business’ subscription revenue but also help businesses make practical scalable decisions. Choose a tool that gives you the insights in an accurate and timely report.

4. Pricing

Pricing is a tricky factor when it comes to the top tools providing subscription management. Since most of the portals do not reveal their base pricing, it can be a tough decision to make before you get a quote. However, once you have considered the other 3 factors mentioned above, it becomes fairly easier to choose between the options that fit those needs and offer a good pricing model.


We hope that this list brought some value to you regarding the different kinds of Subscription Management Tools in the marketplace to scale your business. However, we advise you to further dive deeper into the ones that fit your business needs perfectly to make a calculated decision.


What is Subscription Management?

Subscription Management is the process of controlling and overseeing all the different aspects of products and services that are sold periodically; weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. These products and services are sold on a subscription-based pricing model.

The top tools offering this service are particularly designed to provide solutions to businesses to scale their customer subscription revenue and improve their relations with their customers. The subscription management tools earn money when their users earn more money with their tool.

What to consider when buying a subscription management tool?

  • Tools that provide accurate and detailed reports on invoices, failed payments, and subscription renewals.

  • Look for payment methods that are integrated with the tool which aligns with the customer database and business needs.

  • Choosing the rightly priced tool for your business needs is important. It will negate unnecessary expenditure but also help elevate and scale the business paying for the features you need.

  • Better to choose an automated workflow tool that does not require additional resources both physical and financial to be able to get them too

Why are subscription management tools important?

Subscription Management tools are designed for users to maintain a better relationship with their customers to increase their subscription sales and hike revenue. Subscription management tools are also a friend to any SaaS or Subscription-based business because of the automation.

Automation allows no space for human effort, it not only helps your business be on track but also garners and nurtures newer and existing customers. It also helps the customers in their entire life cycle managing their subscriptions.

Aren’t payment systems doing the same function as these tools?

Most certainly not, payment systems are only a check-out system that enables the final transaction to take place. However, subscription management tools are much more customer-centric with their functions and features.

While payment systems just allow the final payment, these tools help businesses increase their operations by developing a deeper relationship with their customers through customization and offering coupons and other plans for them.

What are the different kinds of pricing models that these tools offer?

There are various subscription payment models that the tools can help a business create for their payment page.

  • Tier-based pricing means to price a particular unit of material that is being sold and the prices vary on the number of units.

  • Volume-based pricing is the amount set based on the number of units bought. Prices vary on the number of units bought.

  • Unit pricing is a price of a single unit of a particular offering.

  • Bundled pricing is the price derived after mixing a bunch of products and services customized to the business’s needs.

Top 14 Subscription Management Tools

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