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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

Top Israeli Startups to Follow in 2020

Silicon Valley in Northern California may be the first place that most people think of when they imagine the brightest tech hubs in the world. Despite this, the home of Facebook and Apple amongst others is not the only place to house some of the brightest technology startups.

In fact, Israel is one of the world's premier startup hubs, with the level of entrepreneurship in the country constantly increasing. In fact, there are currently over 30 tech companies in Israel that are valued over $1 Billion.

Israel is growing a particular reputation as a hub for cyber-security, fintech, and artificial intelligence. Startups in the country have been receiving record-breaking levels of funding, with $6.47 Billion raised in 2018, which is an increase of 17% from the amount raised in 2017.

Furthermore, Israel is stated as the fourth most startup-friendly country in the world, with a score of 89/100. Only Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States rank higher. The development of new technology and IPs is a constant when Israel is joint first with South Korea on GDP spending for civilian R&D, with 4.3% spending.

In the following list, we will be exploring the top Israeli startups to follow in 2020. There are various reasons for these businesses being in the spotlight: some have received gargantuan levels of startup funding, others have developed out of this world ideas to tackle problems, and some are bringing ethics to industries with bad reputations.

We have just released our list of the Top Israeli Startups of 2021!


Money Raised: $692.5 Million

BlueVine is a fintech startup that has a very admirable mission statement, aiming to provide access to extensive lines of credit for small businesses that may not otherwise be available.

Since being founded in 2013, they have provided $2 Billion in funding for over 15,000 small businesses. By making use of advanced technology they help shorten the application process to under five minutes, whilst maintaining flexibility within the line of credit so that customers can avoid long contracts and prepayment fees.


Money Raised: $11 Million 

Flytrex is a drone-based technology startup that provides end to end drone delivery services, which are powered by cloud technology. In the interest of customer privacy, their services do not carry any cameras and navigate purely through a mix of GPS and sensors.

The company seeks to tap into the under-served suburbs market and offer them services that are affordable and high-quality.

Upstream Security

Money Raised: $41 Million 

Upstream Security is a cybersecurity startup that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to create a shield for your connected devices and auto fleets. They also provide a service for detections of business policy violations to protect from identity theft, alongside a service that allows the customers to run automated stack analysis to provide actionable insights. 


climacell logo

Money Raised: $83.9 Million

ClimaCell is a weather technology startup that makes use of its cutting-edge technology to blend data from Weather-of-Things, which can come from various sources such as cell towers and connected automobiles with traditional weather data sources.

Their technology is used by various industries, including aviation, sports, energy, logistics, construction, and drones. The company’s solution allows businesses to use specific weather data to improve operations, maintain safety across different workplaces and minimize weather risks. Among their clients, you can find giants like Uber, Jetblue, and the NFL. In addition, their Weather API provides useful features of weather information such as real-time weather data, hourly forecasting, minutely forecasting, alerts, air quality information, fire and road risks, and map tiles for specific areas.


Money Raised: $500,000 (pre-seed)

xs:code connects companies with the open-source developers behind the code they use. The platform allows companies to access business-ready open source solutions directly from open source developers on top of what they offer for free. This added value can be support, services, premium features and licenses for their project.

The company also released a Chrome extension called Insights by xs:code, which provides developers with intuitive repository analytics to assist when selecting an open-source repository on GitHub. Insights also connects developers directly with repository owners for support, bug fixes and more.

xs:code was also named one of IDC’s innovators of 2020.

Prospera Technologies

Money Raised: $22 Million 

Prospera Technologies is an agri-tech startup that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence technology. It works by collecting and analyzing data from a customer’s farm to help them improve the optimization of their growing and production systems for greenhouses, and provide a complete digital farming solution. For row crops, there are also solutions to optimize the levels of irrigation, in a step towards automated crop management.


Money Raised: $12.2 Million 

Rookout is a data extraction and pipelining platform that provides an unparalleled capability to collect any piece of data, from the deepest levels of live code, on-demand. Using non-breaking breakpoints, Rookout empowers engineers to find the information they need and deliver it anywhere, in order to understand and advance their software. With Rookout, software teams, save hours of work and reduce debugging and logging time by 80% — with zero friction, overhead, or risk.

Rookout is SOC2 compliant and currently available in Python, Node.js, and JVM runtimes, in all environments from on-prem to serverless.


rubiq tech logo

Money Raised: $1 Million 

RubiQ is helping to create a world with a frictionless air-travel experience by providing AI-based support to airlines, travel management companies, and online travel agencies. By implementing RubiQ's solution, travel companies can easily recover from flight disruptions, retain their customers, and reduce support workload and costs.

Aircules, the company's assistant, guides the passengers while they choose their next flight from personalized alternatives, find hotel accommodation and transportation in overnight delays, receive food vouchers during their wait, and claim their compensation. Already trusted by global brands such as Iberia and Singapore Airlines, RubiQ is on its way to becoming the next big travel-tech giant.

Perimeter 81

Money Raised: $19.5 Million

Perimeter 81 is a technology startup that offers a one-stop-shop solution for customers who are interested in improving their network security. The company has a variety of services to offer, with secure cloud and network access features for SaaS applications, network environments, and on-site resources.

Furthermore, they offer zero-trust application access to reduce the vulnerability of a customer’s network. Security is also bolstered by a software-defined perimeter that assists customers with modernizing their network. The site to site connectivity feature ensures that integration is simplistic and the cloud-based VPN features help secure corporate access.


Money Raised: $480 Million

Lemonade is a technology-based insurance startup, with the goal of revolutionizing the insurance industry. This is achieved through the introduction of a flat fee for any requirements, along with fast payment on any claims that are issued.

The company is also big on corporate social responsibility, by channeling any excess funds to charitable causes. This is achieved by replacing brokers with artificial intelligence and bots, which allows the company to remove costs for the home-owners and renters that it seeks to target.


Money Raised: $300,000 

AccessiBe is an Israeli startup that has an ethical vision to make the internet completely accessible to individuals with disabilities by 2025. The company seeks to break down the problem that many disabled people face, which is spending thousands of dollars, or a monthly subscription on simply being able to adequately access the internet. The company worked with assisted living homes and lawyers to provide a solution that could offer tangible and effective solutions for people with disabilities.

As well as their ethical mission, the company complies with relevant legislation such as WCAG 2 - AA level, ADA Section 508 & EN 301549. This platform works automatically due to its artificial intelligence infrastructure and can be used on any website and platform, without instability. This automation provides a cheaper alternative for customers, with their plans starting at $490 per year.


Money Raised: $30.3 Million

Yoobic is an Israeli tech startup that has recently moved its office location to London, UK. The company has developed a mobile application that allows its user companies to better communicate with retail stores that are selling their products, improve the shopping experience and in turn, increase revenue.

It allows the brand managers to communicate with in-store merchandisers to make sure that their merchandise is up to date and appealing, cutting out the need for emails and spreadsheets.

Yoobic is a brand that can change relationships between brand managers and storefronts for the better.

Zebra Medical Vision

Money Raised: $50 Million

Zebra Medical Vision is an Israeli health-tech startup that seeks to use its proprietary artificial intelligence technology to democratize imaging in healthcare and provide faster, friendlier, and more effective services to its users. The company holds numerous medical records, which assist in the acceleration of discovery within the healthcare sector whilst also providing results of scans to customers for $1 per image, which is fantastic for those individuals that do not want to wait for a result from a hospital.

The company is currently partnered with over 1,100 hospitals and other medical institutions worldwide and offers great insights that improve the level of care and customer satisfaction provided by those institutions.


Money Raised: $93 Million

Puls is an originally Israeli startup, which is now headquartered in San Francisco, USA. Their company seeks to utilize its network of service providers and contractors across the United States to deliver high-quality home maintenance services to their customers. The company offers a wide variety of services, including appliance and mobile devices repair, as well as television, security systems, and antenna installation.

The company takes control of customer experience, and as a result, they manage to deliver orders within a day after being requested. This speed and emphasis on customer care leads to incredibly happy customers. The platform also helps traders find work without worrying about price haggling, marketing, and other aspects of their brand management.

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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

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