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PJ Taei

PJ is the founder and president of Uscreen, an all-in-one video monetization and OTT platform that empowers video entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content and build thriving businesses around their videos.

Video Marketing Guide for Small Businesses & Startups

Small businesses and startups live and die by their ability to build successful marketing funnels. Whether B2B or B2C, you need a way to attract, educate, and convert buyers into paying customers.

And that's why video is such a game changer.

Video is low-hanging fruit for all brands.

You don’t need a big budget, a fancy studio, or an army to get started either. With a solid understanding of your marketing funnel, how video fits into it, and which videos your brand must produce to attract, educate and convert more customers, you’ll be ready to take on your market with fighting power.

But first, let’s look at why video marketing is a must.

Why your brand needs video:

Video is a powerful medium. But few really understand exactly how much opportunity it presents.  Here are three powerful reasons why your brand should be investing in video.

  • More people are turning to video: Today, people across the globe consume large volumes of video. YouTube, for example, has over 2 billion active monthly users spread across countless niches consuming content. While that sounds like a massive number, the video platform also streams 1 billion hours of video each day.Not all videos are watched for entertainment. Google found that people watch videos to see products before they buy or how others have used them, to learn about a product they are interested in, and to find credible reviews from other buyers.Key takeaway: people turn to video to make purchasing decisions and you can help them with valuable video content.


  • Video evokes emotional responses: It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to video, video is more influential. It triggers emotional responses. Video offers more sensory stimulation through sound.And that's a big deal. Psychologists have found the right music can induce emotional states.When used in videos, you have the chance to take your viewers on an emotional journey. In fact, research by the University of Southern California shows that ad campaigns with emotive content outperform those without.


  • Video is a 24/7/365 salesperson: Video can also create more business. When planned and developed effectively, you can create a video marketing funnel designed to attract, educate, and convert buyers.The best part?Your funnel acts as an automated salesperson.Once you’ve built an effective video marketing funnel, it will work for as long as you let it, converting more people into leads and paying customers.


How to use video marketing in your business:

While video is an amazing medium, it's also a form of content. And like all forms of content, it has a place in the content marketing funnel.

To make video work for your brand, your best bet is to create a video marketing funnel. A video marketing funnel is a collection of videos designed to perform specific tasks at each stage of the content marketing funnel.

Together, your videos walk buyers through their journey. They attract people by addressing specific problems, educate your audience, and convert them into leads and sales. What's more, video also acts as a retention tool beyond the sale.

Videos for each stage of the funnel

Building your video marketing funnel isn't as complex as it sounds. Your goal is to provide buyers with the right messaging at each stage of the funnel.

Here's a look at the kind of videos you can create at each stage of the funnel, and which key metrics to track.

Attract with Top-of-the-funnel videos

Top-of-funnel content addresses a specific problem or challenge your buyer may be going through. It’s designed to attract an audience by highlighting an issue and giving context.

This often means helping buyers better define a problem by exploring it, turning problem-unaware people into problem-aware prospects.

Key metrics: video view count and engagement. As your videos generate more views and engagement, the more likely it is that your message is reaching more of your target audience.

Zoho offers a suite of business apps that streamline company operations. In this video, they help prospects understand that they need a single source of information about their customers. They do so by answering the question, “What is CRM?”.


Educate with Middle-of-the-funnel videos

Middle-of-funnel videos offer tailored education. Problem-aware prospects get to learn about the potential solution (or why certain solutions won’t work), and how your product stacks up.

Key metric: watch-time. Watch time is an indicator of people spending time watching your videos. As more people watch more of your videos, they get to learn about your product and how it and how it can help solve their problems.

As more companies become aware of the importance of planning and how critical project management software is, it all comes down to figuring out which tool to use. created a video to help buyers learn how its solution can help.

Convert with Bottom-of-funnel videos

Bottom-of-funnel videos are used to convert audiences into customers. They help buyers make decisions on whether to invest in your product. They also address any lingering questions or objections.

Key metric: conversions. Conversion can be in the form of sign-ups, leads generated, or sales.

Demos are great conversion tools. They give buyers a look at what’s under the hood of your product, something ready-to-commit viewers are interested in. In this video, Pat Flynn shares Demos are great conversion tools.

They give buyers a look at what’s under the hood of your product, something ready-to-commit viewers are interested in. In this video, Pat Flynn shares how he uses ConvertKit and how easy it is to integrate this tool into your online marketing arsenal.

Retain after the sale

Retention videos to make your product more accessible to customers. Through tutorials and how-to videos, you get to share how your product works, making it easier for customers to continue using it.

Key metrics in the retention stage are video views and watch-time. Together, these metrics show how popular your videos are and whether they help people.

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media management tools available today. While it has customers from across the globe, Hootsuite gets that retention is only possible through education. In this video, they show customers how to use reports in Hootsuite Analytics.

How to maximize your video marketing campaign results

With your video marketing funnel in place, you’re bound to generate results that can be measured. While your videos will start to attract, educate, and convert buyers, to realize the best possible results, here are four tips to maximize your campaigns.

  • Know your audience - All marketing is based on knowledge of who your audience is. In fact, marketers with an intimate understanding of their buyers often create the highest converting campaigns. They know what buyers want and what drives their decision-making process.Take the time to build personas that explore who your ideal customer is. Know what motivates their actions, what their values are, and what they must see to convert them from prospects into buyers.
  • Plan your funnel and think value - Building an effective funnel is all about stacking value. Know what message to include at each stage of your funnel, and how those messages come together to educate your audience.People want to solve problems by learning more.Understand where your audience is in their journey and give them enough value to move to the next stage of their journey.
  • Be engaging -  The most powerful videos grab and hold viewer attention. If you’ve struggled to captivate viewers before, here’s a simple but highly-effective formula to use when creating your videos.
  • Lead with a hook - hook is the first sentence viewers hear in your video. And it matters. Research shows that people have shorter attention spans.To create a powerful hook, you have to lead with value.This could be by addressing a specific challenge your viewer has or by asking a direct question you know your audience has been searching for answers to.For example, in the first five seconds of this video, Nick Nimmin tells viewers exactly what they stand to gain by watching the rest of the video.If you’re trying to make money with live or pre-recorded videos, you’ll want to pay attention to what comes next.

  • Share value - While I’ve mentioned the importance of value before, I can’t stress how important it is to serve your audience. Doing so empowers them and positions your brand as a credible source, one buyers can turn to for solutions to their problems.
  • Close with a strong CTA - Call to actions are staples in the marketing world, but not all calls to action are created equally. Today, for yours to be effective, they must be personalized.They also need to be value-packed.If they aren’t, no matter how good you are and making great YouTube videos, your buyers won’t convert. Also, ensure your audience knows what to do after watching your video and what they stand to gain by taking action.At the end of this video, Nick lets viewers know that they can learn more ways to make money with their content by subscribing to the channel. This works as a strong call to action because it’s a specific and personalized message for people interested in monetizing videos, and viewers clearly understand what they stand to gain.
  • Promote your videos - Videos are hot property today. On various social media platforms, they are prioritized over text and image posts. While this is great news for all brands, you’ll still need to get your content out there by sharing it.Whether you have a live streaming membership site or an eCommerce store, use organic posts and paid media. While paid media will help you reach a larger, targeted audience faster, organic content will last longer, and with the right SEO, be easier to find in search results.


Video is accessible to all brands. No matter how old yours is, if you plan and build an effective video marketing funnel, you’ll be able to reach, attract, educate, and convert more buyers into customers. But before you hit record, develop an intimate understanding of your audience. Know what moves them and create videos that lead them along the buyer’s journey to discovering your solution.


Video Marketing Guide for Small...
PJ Taei

PJ is the founder and president of Uscreen, an all-in-one video monetization and OTT platform that empowers video entrepreneurs and creators to monetize their content and build thriving businesses around their videos.

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