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Top 35 Admissions Tools

The majority or all of the Admissions Tools involved in drawing students to a school and enrolling them in the program are handled by admissions software. Private K–12 schools, as well as colleges and institutions, can use this program. These systems have historically taken care of the administrative aspects of admissions, including data processing, student achievements, and demographic data. To address more specialized use cases, such as those at schools with lottery systems, tuition requirements, or more onerous application procedures, they have recently increased their services. Additionally, the financial components of the enrollment process are beginning to be more heavily influenced by admissions software. This includes the software's capacity to handle payments for room and board, application fees, and tuition.

All schools require essential functionality from admissions software, such as the regular admissions and registration procedures. Typically, this includes tools for creating bespoke forms and document management. The majority of the items in this category also provide features for more niche use cases. To proactively discover and follow prospective students, certain platforms will provide marketing tools like CRM capabilities. Some systems can also manage recurring enrolment for current students, which is facilitated by data from learning management or student management systems.

We have listed below our top admission tools in this top tools list.

1. Kira Talent

Kira enables schools to save time, obtain a comprehensive understanding, and offer an equitable assessment experience for all applicants with on-demand, timed video and written tests. To develop applicant-first exams that help programs worldwide find and choose their best-fit students, Kira collaborates with more than 300 institutions globally.

Key Features:

  • Get rid of time-consuming, monotonous tasks so you can concentrate on truly getting to know your applicants.

  • Give every applicant the same chance by developing a rigorous evaluation for each potential student.

  • Invite team members to collectively evaluate, compare, and discuss their top choices. To decide on candidates more effectively, combine info from many viewpoints.

  • A Success Manager is assigned to every Kira customer to make sure you get the most out of the platform. In order to create a unique evaluation that will help you find candidates who are the greatest fit for your program, your success manager will collaborate with you to understand your cohort vision as well as the important characteristics associated with program success.


Contact the company for the details.

2. Embark Campus

A smart admissions software is Embark Campus. It is appropriate for any program or institution. The program includes recruitment in addition to the application, evaluation, and enrollment because it is an end-to-end solution.

Inquiry forms, candidate communication tools, and mobile interaction are all included in the recruitment module. The institution's branding might be reflected on the application portal. Additionally, inside that, prospective students can send portfolios and recommendations. Administrators can additionally interview applicants online. Finally, after informing candidates of their choice, admissions personnel can utilize a follow-up form to request their choice, tuition, or deposits.

Key Features:

  • Application forms for potential students

  • Individual emails as well as scheduled ones for interested candidates

  • Mobile-friendly design for engaging pupils while on the go

  • Application forms with branching logic on a branded application portal

  • Follow-up enrollment forms to gather application decisions and payment deposits


Contact the company for the details.

3. NLET School Management

NLET School Management is an all-in-one school management tool that simplifies and automates all of your everyday tasks while also offering comprehensive graphical reports. It aids in lightening the load on instructors and administrators so they can devote more time to other fruitful pursuits, like boosting students' learning capacity. It improves school productivity by bringing all stakeholders together on a single platform, including parents, teachers, students, and administrators. Businesses can use the software to automate all time-consuming school procedures from a single location, including schedule creation, new admissions processing, result announcement, assignments, and attendance monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Manually tabulating attendance records takes a lengthy time. The online attendance tracking function of school administration software integrates a biometric device to automatically track student, teacher, and staff attendance and punctuality.

  • The external communication channel is connected with the school management software, making communication simple. The software enables teachers to provide parents with frequent information so they can monitor their children's academic progress.

  • Parents may submit their children's fees without having to wait in line thanks to school software. The complete fee administration procedure is automated with the aid of the school management software.

  • The administration of large amounts of data is a highly challenging undertaking. Administrators are now able to handle alumni data as well as all of a student's lifecycle data, from pre-admission to graduation.


Contact the company for the details.

4. MySchool SIS

A strong system is MySchool SIS. However, it permits quick admissions and enrolling procedures. Long forms are no longer required of parents or guardians. All they have to do to submit applications is launch the user-friendly interface. Additionally, this implies that information collecting is more precise. Additionally, the portal's bulk enrollment option enables both parents and guardians to enroll multiple students at once.

Tasks related to enrollment and admission might be made easier for administrators as well. The application statuses are displayed on a single screen by MySchool SIS. They can easily evaluate, monitor, and process applications thanks to this. Statistics for the applications are also displayed on the screen. Administrators can track their work in this way and make sure they are on schedule.

Key Features:

  • Simple to use platform for submitting applications

  • Bulk enrollment allows for quick enrolment of many students.

  • Accurate data collection using digital forms

  • Easily create forms with a drag and drop form builder.

  • Processes that are streamlined with customizable multi-stage workflows

  • Candidates can communicate more clearly using instant messaging.


MySchool SIS package starts at 15.94 USD per month.

5. PowerSchool

The unified school administration software called PowerSchool. There are two online choices available. The first is a full registration and enrollment program that can integrate with any SIS. The second is a PowerSchool-only integrated solution.

Both platforms, despite their differences, offer powerful capabilities for data management, process modification, approval automation, and other tasks. Schools and districts can minimize data entry with either approach. Additionally, they may have precise enrollment figures, which would enable them to staff properly. Additionally, payment is simply because parents and guardians can do it quickly and safely online.

Key Features:

  • Online forms require less data entry.

  • Secure forms and medical information that promote student safety; precise enrollment data

  • With the aid of precise enrollment data, accurate staffing may be achieved.

  • Mobile-friendly for convenient, on-the-go enrollment, payment, and information management for families.

  • Secure online donations and payments


Contact the company for the details.

6. MaestroSIS

MaestroSIS is a robust and adaptable system that is utilized all around the world. Due to the solution's adaptability, institutions can customize it to meet their needs. They can avoid wasting money this way. Additionally, because it is entirely web-based, parents, students, and administrators may access it with ease.

The platform, which is among the top admissions and enrollment management systems available, includes an admissions toolbox that enables schools to draw in more students with tailored email mailings. A CRM is available for managing connections with potential students. A step-by-step application wizard in Maestro SIS guides students through the application process. Additionally, judging students is made simpler because administrators may look up transcripts, documents, interactive remarks, and other information on applicants' accounts.

Key Features:

  • Email templates that can be customized provide individualized messaging to boost recruiting.

  • Follow-ups that are automated make sure that potential students remain interested.

  • CRM for maintaining positive connections with leads and monitoring their statuses.

  • Reports that detail the outcomes of a company's marketing initiatives.

  • A step-by-step application procedure wizard will help applicants.

  • tracking communications for documentation.


Contact the company for the details.

7. Slate

Slate is a platform created especially for institutions of higher learning. It gives tertiary education institutions the resources they require for effective enrollment and admissions management. It has modules for automation, data management, communications, and applications.

With the aid of the communications module, educational institutions can conduct outreach initiatives to draw in additional students. Universities and institutions can design unique applications using the applications module. Additionally, they get a unique applicant status portal where prospective students can check the status of their applications. Additionally, the automation module enables managers to use scheduling software for higher education to automate the performance of specific duties.

Key Features:

  • Integrated communication channels to increase enrollments and applications

  • Automated marketing messaging that focus on particular groups or prospects

  • There are various application frameworks for each different group and use case.

  • Application integration with a platform or website operated by a third party

  • Project and task management automation Custom application portal for students to verify application status.


Contact the company for the details.

8. Techmint

A clever end-to-end school administration application is Teachmint. You can use it to shrewdly manage administrative procedures at your institution. To that purpose, it provides functionality for managing admissions and fees that can make related workflows easier.

It's user-friendliness is attested to by other users. Therefore, you won't need to spend much time getting to know this software. It also enables you to utilise the information you input into the system. With this, you can see all of your enrollment and admissions KPIs in one place.

Key Features:

  • Complete school administration

  • Savvy educational administration

  • Improved enrollment and admissions processes

  • Data-driven with KPIs for enrolment and admissions

  • Pleasant user interface

  • Speedy execution


Contact the company for the details.

9. Classe365

The range of needs for school management is covered by Classe365. It brings together a diverse range of tools that simplify the jobs of administrators. And in doing so, it opens the door for more effectively managing both students and administrative work.

Every step of the admissions process is covered by the software's pre-admissions and enrollment module. As a result, the school is better able to respond to concerns and develop relationships with parents, guardians, and students. Since parents or students may fill out the application and pay the fees online, it therefore makes application and admission convenient.

Key Features:

  • Aids in developing bonds with parents and students when they are in the inquiry stage.

  • Provides ease of applying through online forms.

  • Manages the admissions process for students' journeys. tracker

  • Gives users the option to pay fees online

  • Transactions are protected to give payers comfort of mind


Classe365 package starts at $50/monthly.

10. EduSys School

A school management system that is only available to American schools is called EduSys School ERP. It permits the accelerated registration of students for admissions. This is due to how simple the enrollment procedure is.

The entire procedure can be monitored by the staff as well. They can help parents and pupils exactly and instantly because they are fully informed. An additional element of EduSys School ERP is a document management program. In order to keep everyone informed, administrators can use this to store documents submitted by parents and students.

Key Features:

  • With a simple procedure, student registration is expedited.

  • Admissions officers can monitor the data submitted during the process.

  • Data tracking enables parents and students to receive quick support when needed.

  • Solution for secure document management

  • Retrieving documents quickly

  • Dashboard offers a quick glance at admissions data Inquiry management for cultivating Connections and bringing in more potential students


Contact the company for the details.

11. Camu

A cloud-hosted solution called Camu aids institutes of higher learning in their digital transformation. Colleges and universities can manage student records, tests and exams, student services, and other things with the use of their student information systems. Importantly, administrators may control enrollment and admissions using the same tool.

Its admissions tools can make the entire process more efficient. Students can quickly examine the online criteria and apply by clicking. They can track applications and handle them in bulk from the perspective of the admissions authorities. This facilitates a comparable fluid workflow for enrolment. Additionally, students have mobile access to the system for registration and tracking while on the go.

Key Features:

  • With the online admissions system, you can save more time.

  • Online requirements checking is simple.

  • Students only need to click to apply.

  • Application processing that is quick and includes tracking

  • With bulk processing, many applications can be handled simultaneously.

  • Real-time admission offers are available to students.

  • Mobile devices allow access to the entire admissions process.


Contact the company for the details.

12. SchoolAdmin

An admissions tool called SchoolAdmin is made to support the growth of educational institutions. It is a clever solution that unifies billing, enrollment, and admissions tools on an one platform. Private K–12 schools can draw the right families if they do this.

Paperless admissions is one of the ways SchoolAdmin makes those feasible. The program includes adaptable and dynamic forms that can help boost conversion. And thanks to automated and tailored admissions, the enrolling process is hassle-free. Because of automated reminders and personalized fee schedules, schools can also receive payment rather promptly.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic and responsive forms increase conversion.

  • Forms that can be embedded on the school website enhance user experience.

  • Enables administrators to score and analyze applications directly on the site, simplifying the admissions process.

  • Easy enrollment through automated and tailored admissions.

  • Flexible enrollment software with mobile-friendly interfaces.

  • Quicker payments with charge schedules and reminders.


Contact the company for the details.

13. Evalato

Next-generation admissions software is called Evalato. It aids in the management of application submissions for program managers. It makes the application process easier for applicants. Additionally, it is simple for reviewers to examine each application.

This is made feasible by the fact that Evalato provides applicants with a room to work on their applications. Administrators can construct slick custom forms using a form builder that is available in the meanwhile. The application review process in the evaluation suite includes a function for public voting. Additionally, because results are immediate, successful applicants might also get emails right away owing to automatic emails.

Key Features:

  • An easy application process with a personal workspace for candidates

  • Elegant custom forms that simplify data collection

  • Applications can be paid for securely online using Stripe, PayPal, or Braintree.

  • Rapid assessments coupled with public voting

  • Instantaneous evaluation outcomes

  • Instant email notification of applicants made possible by tagging and automation


Evalato package starts at USD2,662.21.

14. Blackbaud Enrollment Management System

A connected admissions process is made feasible by Blackbaud Enrollment Management System. Its admissions portal has facilities for quick and simple application processes. Additionally, it enables curious students to monitor the progress of their applications. Once they have received acceptance to the program or institution, they can decide on enrolling together.

The enrolling solution also comes with a branded website. That may be a place where prospective students can learn more about the school and submit their inquiries. Every student's enrollment process, which includes admissions milestones, is personalized. As a result, educational institutions can keep applicants interested.

Key Features:

  • Has an efficient admissions portal

  • Keeping track of student applications

  • Enrollment benchmarks that maintain applicant interest

  • Tools for admissions officers to schedule visits, interviews, and tests that save time

  • Provides a personalized admissions experience with emails and notifications.

  • Mobile forms for applications that are accessible

  • Applicants who schedule their own trips and interviews


Contact the company for the details.

15. Fedena

Fedena Pro is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for schools that is hosted in the cloud. It gives schools and colleges access to a single platform from which to manage all of their institutional procedures. Fedena Pro intends to provide a complete school management solution by integrating a student information system, timetables, an online learning module, a school calendar, and user management features.

Key Features:

  • The most cost-effective option is Fedena, which also features a user-friendly interface.

  • Fedena provides an online learning module that organizations can use to provide interactive courses to students and foster an interactive learning environment outside of the traditional classroom setting.

  • Fedena also has a mobile app that institutions can use to control all features right at their fingers. Parents, instructors, and kids can all use it.

  • It offers a built-in messaging system that enables users to effectively connect with office employees, teachers, students, and parents.


Contact the company for the details.

16. Classter

A modular student information system is called Classter. Its online enrollment management software is one of its modules. Educational institutions can use this to completely paperless their admissions procedure. Additionally, because to its automation feature, this might lessen the workload of admissions staff.

Admission portals are one of the capabilities offered by the enrollment module. This can be customized to meet the needs of individual institutions. Furthermore, Classter enables both parents and students to finish the admissions process online. For students to use as a guide, admissions officers might post checklists that must be completed.

Key Features:

  • An admissions site that enables self-registration for students.

  • Checklists for admissions that students and their parents can use to make sure all the requirements are met.

  • The entire admissions procedure can be finished online by students.

  • When students complete the enrollment process, notifications are sent to the admissions office.

  • The analysis feature provides a thorough examination of the entire admissions process.

  • Utilizing sign-up forms to gather leads' interests.


Contact the company for the details.

17. TUIO

TUIO is an integrated online enrollment, payment, and student information management system. It makes it possible for schools to accept payments and register students online. Additionally, administrative work is easier due to the integration of admissions, tuition, and student records.

Information about admissions is centralized in accordance with that. To update and access data, such as emergency information, administrators, parents, and students can all go to the same location. Since each organization has its own portal, security is guaranteed. With real-time data changes, TUIO also streamlines processes. When it comes to reporting, this is also beneficial. The simplicity of online payments is another benefit for parents.

Key Features:

  • Operations were streamlined by integrating tuition management, SIS, and enrollment management.

  • Having a single source of truth for admissions data

  • Secure logins for parents, students, and administrators on various portals

  • Convenient management using portals that are mobile-ready

  • Increases demand by utilizing waitlists

  • Automated payments and internet payments that are quick and secure

  • Utilizing information efficiently with reporting tools


Contact the company for the details.

18. OpenEduCat

An open-source ERP for educational institutions is called OpenEduCat. This cloud-based platform is appropriate for both colleges, universities, and career centers in addition to schools. It is modular, with seamless integration between each part.

Among these is the module for admissions. It contains a number of features that make the registration process simple and straightforward. Because there is an online system that enables students and parents to complete the enrollment process online, it is convenient. Planned admissions is another feature that students can benefit from. This can expedite their enrollment so they can avoid the commotion during the busiest time.

Key Features:

  • Convenient online registration

  • Admissions scheduled for quick and early registration

  • Management of seats

  • Communications that are integrated and keep parents and students informed of the admissions status

  • To save and access documents, use document management.

  • A clear registration process


OpenEduCat package starts at $ 79.00 /Year.

19. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity works tirelessly behind the scenes to shrewdly plan and manage your hectic schedule, scheduling everything from campus visits to meetings with advisors to interviews with prospective students. Acuity is there to automatically send personalized appointment confirmations, offer text reminders so students show up on time, and reschedule based on your availability from the moment a student or potential student appointments with you. Your daily life is easier with Acuity, especially as the admissions season ramps up.

Key Features:

  • Users of Acuity Scheduling can design unique scheduling pages that represent their brands and businesses. The templates can be customized by users by adding their own logos, photos, and branding colors.

  • In order to prevent no-shows and guarantee that appointments are kept, Acuity Scheduling automatically emails and texts reminders to clients and customers.

  • Through the Acuity Scheduling platform, clients and consumers may make appointments online, doing away with the need for manual scheduling or phone calls.

  • Users of Acuity Scheduling can design unique intake forms that customers and clients can complete when making appointments. This can speed up the booking process and assist users in gathering crucial client information.


Acuity Scheduling package starts at $ 14 per month

20. STARS Campus Solutions

CRM software and a SIS system are combined into one dynamic platform by STARS Campus Solutions. It includes modules for the POS system, CRM, executive dashboard, and vendor and student payables, among others. It becomes a complete answer for post-secondary institutions as a result of these.

The CRM offered by STARS Campus Solutions enables universities to promote more successfully. This is so that text message alerts about fresh leads may be sent, and it integrates with lead sources. Colleges can increase admissions as a result. Additionally, institutions can use the vendor and student payables module to check unpaid amounts in order to preserve their financial stability. The same can be used for account reconciliation as well.

Key Features:

  • Student account tracking modules for student payables

  • CRM that interacts with sources increases leads

  • Mass texting and emailing leads

  • Query or lead group emails that are automatically answered

  • Notifies admissions staff of fresh prospects for potential conversion.

  • Student portal for quick online payments


Contact the company for the details.

21. Alma SIS

Despite its name, Alma SIS is rather comprehensive when it comes to school administration. It features a module called Alma Start that is intended only for admissions. An activity log, a custom form builder, a custom workflow maker and support for digital signatures are all included in the module. Both exporting and interaction with the main Alma SIS system are available.

Additionally, schools might anticipate reports on student re-enrollment. In keeping with it, consumers can quickly review student rankings and scores while enrolling. The ability to operate on a dynamic mobile interface is enjoyable for administrators.

Key Features:

  • Activity log that details each student's enrollment procedures

  • Form creator for personalized registration forms

  • Workflows to assist with automating processes

  • Using a digital signature to enroll more quickly

  • Ranking and score visibility to help registrars process matriculation

  • Mobile working with an interface


Contact the company for the details.

22. Creatrix Campus

The end-to-end processes in higher education are automated by the Creatrix campus suite of AI-driven technologies. Creatrix has products like Student CRM, Strategic Planning, Admissions & Enrollment, FMS, SIS, Automated Scheduling, Assessments, and Accreditation that support exceptional learning & teaching, positive student & faculty experiences and overall institutional effectiveness with the aim of bringing about digital transformation.

Key Features:

  • The platform offers easy workflows, report and form builders, preloaded templates, data analytics, collaboration, and insight capabilities for a future-ready institution. It also has preloaded templates, data analytics, collaboration, and insight capabilities.

  • The Creatrix Campus product suite functions as a "compact integrated system" that solves every problem faced by a higher education institution thanks to secured GDPR compliance, a dependable deployment procedure, and skilled customer support.


Contact the company for the details.

23. SchoolCues

Small schools can use SchoolCues, intelligent school management software. It is a web-based program with a built-in mobile user interface. The admissions and enrollment system is accessible there to administrators, teachers, and parents.

The module simplifies the enrollment and registration processes, which are typically time-consuming and difficult tasks. Users can update student data throughout the workflow, including their family and medical details. The school will be able to guarantee the student's health and safety throughout the school day in this way. Additionally, the form builder and contract builder capabilities make enrolling simpler. These allow parents to electronically fill out and sign paperwork. This makes it simpler for admissions personnel to finish the enrollment and registration processes.

Key Features:

  • To keep students healthy and safe, the admissions and enrollment system collects important student data, such as medical information and family details.

  • Schools can simply generate forms and contracts using form builders and contract builders.

  • Schools can collect the data they require from parents and students using custom forms.

  • Parents can electronically sign contracts online to save time.

  • The automatic system sends confirmations and reminder emails to parents.

  • The module can get the necessary admissions and enrolling paperwork.


SchoolCues package starts at $1.00.

24. HyperDrive School

With the help of the user-friendly school administration system HDSchool, schools can easily handle complicated processes. By expediting the tuition fee collection process, it aids schools in their admissions procedure. When it comes to intricate charge structures, the program is very useful.

Students who attend HDSchool receive assistance in making sure they pay the admissions costs. Students or their parents might choose installment payments if paying the entire amount in one go is not feasible.

Key Features:

  • Assists schools with difficult procedures

  • Help with admissions by managing fees

  • Allows administrators to specify different forms of school fees

  • Allows for the establishment of fines and late payment charges

  • The fee payment schedule is supported.

  • There are numerous payment alternatives.


HyperDrive package starts at $45.00.

25. Salesforce Education Cloud

A CRM platform called Salesforce Education Cloud drives interconnected constituent experiences. Organize interactions with faculty, staff, alumni, and students in one location. Institutions can use Education Cloud across the entire educational process thanks to its products and solutions for recruitment & admissions, student experience, advancement, and operations. The foundation of the Education Cloud is the top CRM in the world. This means that schools have access to technologies like Tableau, Mulesoft, and now Slack to power your digital campus in addition to goods and solutions created specifically for the education sector. Because of Education Cloud's flexibility, organizations may simply personalize the platform, utilizing integrations from a wide range of partner apps that are offered on the AppExchange, the top enterprise cloud marketplace.

Key Features:

  • Every interaction with all parties, including funders, affiliates, prospective, current, and former students, is integrated into a single view.

  • By providing great digital interaction with pertinent, compelling, and personalized messaging to stakeholders, the Education Cloud empowers institutions.

  • Using Education Cloud for Recruitment and Admissions, universities can reach out to potential students in a timely and proactive manner. You can now recruit the ideal students, enhance yield, promote recruiter productivity, and improve performance because all the data is in one convenient location.


Salesforce Education cloud package starts at $36/user/per month.

26. Toucan Tech

Schools, associations, and charities can use ToucanTech software to create adaptable websites with integrated CRM and the opportunity to start private community forums. ToucanTech administrators frequently work in communications teams that are tasked with promoting their organization online or in development offices that oversee fundraising and donor/alumni connections.

Key Features:

  • Utilizing the admin portal, construct a unique community website and add branding, graphics, text, and more to make it your own.

  • You may have peace of mind knowing that any data stored with the ToucanTech system is secure because to features like built-in database self-cleaning, anti-spam, data deduplication, and extremely secure servers.

  • Utilize the built-in CRM to manage interactions between staff and alumni. Real-time data may be used to log activities, monitor engagement levels, and run customized reports.

  • Create clubs within the site for particular topics, organize fundraising and charitable activity with tools for donation collection, plan events like dinners, reunions, and charity activities, and more.


Contact the company for the details.

27. MyStudentsProgress

A school administration management system called MSP ( was created for K–12 private, independent, and parochial schools in America. MSP gives administrators the resources and tools required to guarantee that schools operate as successfully and efficiently as possible. Emergency alerts, which let users send SMS messages to parents to advise them of life-or-death circumstances like lockdowns or school closings, are among the communication tools. While email blasts enable teachers to contact with parents directly, a centralized bulletin keeps teachers and staff informed of crucial information.

Key Features:

  • With MSP, administrators have constant access to teachers' and parents' direct lines of communication, even in the event of an emergency lockout.

  • With speedy capture and retrieval of vital information, educators, parents, and students can all work more efficiently.

  • Instead of sending letters home with pupils, users can send announcements to parents directly through email blasts, ensuring that crucial information is received.

  • The robust reporting tool from MSP analyzes data that was previously challenging to describe, including issues with teacher performance, attendance, persistent issues with student behavior, and more.


MyStudents Progress package starts at $20 PER STUDENT.

28. Wisenet

Applications for connected learner management for institutions of higher education, businesses, and others that offer short courses. With a range of integrated apps, Wisenet's cloud-based platform enables Higher Education Providers to foster excellent learning outcomes, enhance stakeholder involvement, boost productivity, and expand their businesses. Wisenet has over 20 years of experience as the market leader in cloud-based apps for providers of education and training and works with clients to continuously develop all products and services and stay competitive through cutting-edge technology.

Key Features:

  • A CRM created for the training and education sector. By reducing friction in your sales process, you may increase applications with no contact.

  • Your education provider needs an all-encompassing student management system to oversee the whole learning process.

  • Utilize technology and simple, efficient online learning tools for dynamic, interesting course delivery.


Wisenet package starts at $ 380/ month.

29. Submittable

Organizations can accept and evaluate digital submissions like applications, papers, and media files using the software platform known as Submittable. The management of the submission and review processes for various sorts of content, such as job applications, grant proposals, manuscripts, and more, is frequently done by educational institutions, non-profits, and enterprises.

Key Features:

  • Customizable submission forms: Allows organizations to create and customize online forms for submitting various types of content.

  • Document management: Allows organizations to easily store and track all of the submissions they receive.

  • Review tools: Provides tools for reviewing and evaluating submissions, including the ability to assign submissions to specific reviewers, add comments and feedback, and make decisions about which submissions to accept or reject.

  • Collaboration tools: Allows multiple reviewers to collaborate on the review process, and provides a way for reviewers to communicate with each other and with the organization.

  • Analytics: Provides data and insights about the submission and review process, including statistics about the number and type of submissions received, the number of reviewers, and the time it takes to review submissions.


Contact the company for the details.

30. Brightwheel

Specifically for early childhood education providers like preschools, childcare facilities, and after-school programs, there is a software platform called Brightwheel. It offers a selection of tools and services to assist these organizations in managing their daily tasks, such as student enrollment, attendance, billing, and parent communication. Early childhood education providers can streamline their processes and increase parent contact by using Brightwheel as a helpful resource.

Key Features:

  • Allows educators to track student enrollment, attendance, and other important information, such as medical records and allergy information.

  • Provides a way for educators to communicate with parents and guardians, including the ability to send messages, photos, and updates about their child's day.

  • Allows educators to easily track and manage payments, including tuition and fees, and provides a way for parents to make payments online.

  • Provides tools for educators to plan and track lesson plans and activities.

  • Provides data and insights about student attendance, enrollment, and other important metrics, which can help educators to improve their programs and operations.


Contact the company for the details.

31. Ellucian

The customer relationship management (CRM) software platform Ellucian CRM Recruit was created especially for schools of higher learning. It offers a variety of tools and resources to streamline this process and is intended to assist schools in managing their application and admissions processes.

Key Features:

  • Allows schools to track and manage potential students who are interested in applying to their institution.

  • Helps schools to track and manage the admissions process, including the review and evaluation of applications, and the decision-making process.

  • Provides data and insights about the recruitment and admissions process, including information about the number and types of leads and applicants, and the success rate of different recruitment efforts.


Contact the company for the details.

32. Academia ERP

Academia ERP/SIS is a cutting-edge student administration or management system that aids in the complete digital transformation of educational institutions. By giving them the tools for automation, it enables Universities, Colleges, or Schools to offer a seamless student experience. These tools include the ability to register students for course offerings, record grades, attendance, transcripts, information about co-curricular activities, projects, assessments, and other records.

Key Features:

  • Complete managerial decision-support system with different report generation options.

  • An integrated structure that provides process consistency and reduces data duplication

  • Modern, logical, and user-friendly GUI components have been added to the user interface, making it simple and attractive.

  • An interface with a single click that gives a summary of all the departments and functions.

  • Due to its mobile and tablet friendliness, it provides a similar experience across all devices.

  • Eco-friendly, paperless concept that saves time and money.


Contact the company for the details.

33. Engage2Serve

Engage2Serve is a Student Lifecycle CRM that includes features like Recruit, Retain, Connect, Mobile+, Career, and Attendance Management for Prospects, Students, and Alumni. Through interaction with prospects, persona-based campaigns can be implemented via multi-channel communication, inquiries may be managed, and more with the help of Recruit. Users may coordinate their marketing efforts, establish practical business objectives, and monitor development. When deploying intervention tools on common devices to improve retention, the Retain tool gives the students a 360-degree perspective. Academic progress reports, student dashboards, and engagement analytics are features. Students can interact with their alumni, develop deep relationships with them, and establish alumni groups based on graduation years using the e2s Connect application, which serves as an alumni CRM.

Key Features:

  • Applicant Tracking

  • Assessment Management

  • Higher Education

  • Self Service Portal

  • Admissions Management

  • Recruiting Management


Contact the company for the details.

34. LeadSquared

In one place, businesses can gather, manage, nurture, and track all of their leads withLeadSquared, a full-featured CRM and marketing automation tool.

LeadSquared is a CRM and marketing automation provider that markets to customers in many different global businesses. It has more than 1000 customers worldwide, and many businesses are quickly adopting it as their preferred sales and marketing tool. LeadSquared is utilized by a wide range of sectors worldwide and was designed to manage thousands of users, millions of leads, and thousands of actions.

Key Features:

  • You can choose from their vast template selection or use your own. Responsive online forms and website widgets can also be used to turn any web page into a lead-capture tool.

  • Use drip marketing, SMS, and email to interact with you. Track the activity of your lead across all touchpoints.

  • Simple lead list segmentation options include lead scores, behavior, geography, and any other factor that is important to you.


Contact the company for the details.

35. ThankView

A cloud-based tool called ThankView enables non-profits, colleges, and other institutions to reach out to donors by creating, recording, delivering, and tracking customized films. The receiver will receive your message right in their email or social media account, where they may access it whenever they choose.

Many third-party systems, like Givebutter, Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT, Evertrue, and others, are integrated with ThankView. It has a video library that enables users to classify and arrange video clips into folders.

Key Features:

  • Utilize their user-friendly, effective tools to gather, add, caption, and edit films.

  • Integrate your brand across videos, emails, messages, and landing pages without a hitch.

  • Use metrics and clever tools to make insightful reports like a pro.

  • Get unrivaled help from their talented group of committed video specialists.


ThankView package starts $99/month.

Things to consider while choosing a admission tool

There are several factors to consider when choosing an admission tool for your educational institution. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Ease of use: The admission tool should be easy for both applicants and admissions staff to use. This can help to streamline the admissions process and reduce the risk of errors or delays.

  • Customization: The admission tool should allow you to customize it to meet the specific needs and requirements of your institution. This might include the ability to set up custom application forms or to track specific documents or information.

  • Integration with other systems: The admission tool should be able to integrate with other systems or software that your institution uses, such as student information systems or financial aid systems.

  • Data security: It's important to choose a tool that has robust data security measures in place to protect the personal and sensitive information of applicants and students.

  • Cost: Be sure to consider the overall cost of the admission tool, including any upfront fees, ongoing subscription costs, and potential additional costs for customizations or integrations.

  • Customer support: It's important to choose a tool that has good customer support, in case you need help with setting up or using the tool.


What is an admission tool?

An admission tool is a type of software or system that is used to manage the process of admitting students to educational institutions, such as universities or colleges. These tools can be used by schools to streamline the admissions process, making it more efficient and easier for both applicants and admissions staff.

What types of features does an admission tool have?

Admission tools can have a wide range of features, depending on the specific tool and the needs of the educational institution. Some common features of admission tools include online application forms, document management, communication tools, decision making, enrollment management, and analytics.

How can an admission tool benefit an educational institution?

An admission tool can be a valuable resource for educational institutions, helping them to streamline the admissions process and make it more efficient and effective. It can also provide data and insights about the admissions process, which can be used to improve recruitment efforts and optimize the admissions process.

How do I choose the right admission tool for my institution?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an admission tool for your educational institution. Some things to keep in mind include ease of use, customization, integration with other systems, data security, cost, and customer support.

What other types of tools are available for managing the admissions process?

In addition to admission tools, there are other types of software and systems that can be used to manage the admissions process. Some examples include customer relationship management (CRM) software, application tracking systems, and document management systems.

Top 35 Admissions Tools

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