Payline by Monext offers payment processing for retail businesses, both small and large. They also offer a top-notch API to incorporate in any online store.
Adyen logo
Based in Netherlands, Adyen is an online payment service which helps business with the backend payment side, from card processing to POS systems.
Charge logo
Founded in 1995, Charge is one of the first online-based credit card processing companies. They might look old-fashioned, but they are still in business.
Venmo logo
Venmo is a little bit more special than the rest since it is both a digital wallet and a social media feed where you can interact with friends.
Square logo
Square offers a broad range of services, from payment tools to points of sales, online store resources, and so on. You might want to discover them more.
dwolla logo
Dwolla is a payment network known for its low transfer fees and quick transfer of funds to bank accounts. You can program payments and choose transfer types.