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Acorn is an image editor for macOS that has everything you need.

From layers masks and enhancement tools to raw image import, Acorn got your back.

This tool is constantly improving, and its new version (Acorn 6) also comes with web export features, clone tool upgrades, and smart layer exports.

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acorn 6 logo
Acorn is an image editor for macOS that allows you to edit photos, add filters, retouch pictures, paint, crop, add text, create new images, and much more!

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Better Image Optimization by Restricting the Color Index

If you use Acorn by @flyingmeat, which you should, then this article shows you how to reduce PNG file sizes of e.g. decorative elements by reducing and indexing the colors in the PNG.

Very cool!

@jimmcslim No- it’s fixed in the preview releases, and will be in the next official build when that happens. So you can grab it from the webpage I pointed to, or wait for the final release (no ETA at this point).

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