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Segment is a customer data hub. They let developers install customer data tracking once and then Segment ingests data from their customer’s website or web/mobile apps, translates it as needed, and then passes that on to the customer’s other analytics services.

Segment has libraries for browser javascript, server-side languages, iOS and Android. They process billions of data points a month for thousands of companies, ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.


Segment is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps you collect, clean, and control your customer data.

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Interested in tools that can eliminate data prep and the need to build and maintain complex data pipelines? Join us June 10 to learn how to use Redshift with @Segment as a solid foundation to influence future #growth. Register here: @awscloud @Proposify

Wouldn’t it be great to collect good data inn minutes without relying on technical teams? With tracked data growing exponentially, Visual Tagger offers a simple and intuitive user experience allowing you to explore #customerdata more efficiently.

Introducing Visual Tagger

Introducing Segment's Visual Tagger — collect all the customer data you need in minutes, without any code

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