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LeadGenius provides software that enables growing companies to quickly and easily launch and manage their outbound sales campaigns.

Their model combines the power of people, technology and data to help companies complete their sales activities. Ultimately, they help companies scale without having to make a major investment in talent too early.


LeadGenius sources vertical or international data at scale using a proprietary blend of technology automation and human experts.

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Interested in in the human role involved in the development, management, and utilization of #AI? In this episode of AI IRL, @prayagn, Founder of @LeadGenius talks about the impact AI will have on humans — will it really take over our jobs?

Data is information & information is power, power against your enemies that is. Get competitive displacement intel to win the war! New article by Santosh Sharan #data #salesops #salesenablement #Competition #salestips #DataAnalytics #leadgeneration

"The promise of AI isn’t a machine that’s going around replacing #sales reps or other job functions. For now, the real promise of #AI is more jobs, & more jobs are done better." Great podcast @prayagn & host Ryan Lester of @LogMeIn #ArtificialIntelligence

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