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Sharetribe allows anyone to start an online marketplace business, in a way that is fast, easy and affordable. You can create your own marketplace in less than a day and let your users sell or rent goods, spaces or services online. All without the help of a developer.

To help you grow your business, Sharetribe also offers the free online Marketplace Academy.

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Build an online marketplace platform – fast! Code or no code. All essential features for any marketplace type.

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If you want to share your own practices for being an actively anti-racist company, particularly in the context of a Finnish start-up with a global customer base, we're happy to hear more thoughts.

On Friday next week, we will have a meeting for the entire team to plan out a list of concrete steps and responsibilities. We will hold ourselves publically accountable for making progress and also for learning from mistakes.

We stand in support of Black Lives Matter and of people fighting against racism everywhere. We are taking action to learn how we as a company can meaningfully commit to active anti-racism for the long term.

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