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Xtensio is a strategy and communications platform that allows users to create, collaborate on, manage and share visual, live documents and presentations. Over 180,000 consultants, agencies, entrepreneurs, sales teams and educators use Xtensio to build smarter documents and streamline their workflow.


The easiest way for teams to create and share beautiful living documents

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Working remotely is not a luxury. It's a necessity. Here’s our perspective on getting work done virtually. #remotework #COVID19 #coronavirus #workingfromhome

Marketers, sales teams and entrepreneurs use Xtensio to quickly and easily create, present and share beautiful living documents and presentations. Get your team started today!

Check out Xtensio's NEW Quarterly Marketing #Roadmap #template to align your #marketing team's goals with the work that needs to be done. Keep track as you go. Share the link to give instant access. #Businesstips #marketingtips

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