Product Details

Shippable allows teams to monitor and analyze key metrics and performance indicators. It offers detailed reports, actionable insights, and real-time feedback on build and deployment processes. Shippable's analytics capabilities help teams identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and make data-informed decisions for continuous improvement.

By leveraging these insights, teams can enhance their software development practices, increase efficiency, and deliver higher-quality applications.

Why we like it
  • Easy to Use
  • Instant results
  • Clean and high quality mock ups
Why we like it
  • Efficient and Intuitive
  • Ideal for remote work and collaboration
  • Easy to use
Why we like it
  • Fast and Effective
  • Easy sharing of end results
  • Screen recording and Narration
Why we like it
  • Easy File Transfer and Uploading
  • Great Interface
  • Fast Upload, Transfer and Download speed

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