Product Details

Bestlist is a search engine that is focused solely on helping users discover the best of anything. They do this by aggregating millions of data points, reviews, and comments, and processing them with proprietary machine learning models. The results are non-biased, non-paid, and are dynamically generated via their search algorithm.

What's more?
It is also private. They pledge to never share your personal data with advertisers or third parties.

Why we like it
  • Easy to Use
  • Instant results
  • Clean and high quality mock ups
Why we like it
  • Efficient and Intuitive
  • Ideal for remote work and collaboration
  • Easy to use
Why we like it
  • Fast and Effective
  • Easy sharing of end results
  • Screen recording and Narration
Why we like it
  • Easy File Transfer and Uploading
  • Great Interface
  • Fast Upload, Transfer and Download speed

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