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Discord is a free chat application, initially created for gamers. The platform gained popularity and is now used by different communities with different interests.

Discord makes chatting easy and even if it’s mainly oriented towards video gaming, it can be used to create servers, both public and private that allow you to chat with people via text, video, or voice.

On Discord, you can find or create groups on a variety of topics, like self-improvement, productivity, cryptocurrency, and more.

Riot 15992
Tox 16033
Slack 12024
Telegram 16049
Mattermost 16498
Viber 16062
Google Hangouts 16443
Jitsi 16083
Stride 12028
Troop Messenger 16206
FortKnoxster 16040
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Discord is a place where you can create or find groups on a variety of topics and chat with people or your community via text, video, or voice.

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