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Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Tools

You may have considered quitting your 9 to 5 jobs and working for yourself at some point in your life. Nothing could be more pleasant than waking up on your own schedule in the morning and working on your laptop, which is conveniently located nearby. One approach to achieving this life of your desires is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best option if you're passionate about blogging and want to commercialise your website. Today we are going to talk about the 30 top tools for affiliate marketing.

1. Cloudways

The hosting system many employ for Authority Hacker is Cloudways. It's also the service many always suggest to people looking for fast hosting for reputable websites. It has dependability, adaptability, and even a built-in CDN that is fairly decent.

Key Features:

  • Cloudways provides hosting from 5 top-notch cloud service providers.

  • You can add an unlimited number of applications to Cloudways, including all PHP apps.

  • Nobody desires a prolonged outage of their website. It's nice to see that Cloudways provides 24/7 assistance, scheduled backups, and real-time surveillance.

  • Cloudway's tool stack will be helpful if you wish to pass the Core Web Vitals.

Cost: Contact company.

2. Bluehost

Since Bluehost has a strong affiliate programme, it frequently appears on lists of the best affiliate marketing tools. However, it's still an excellent hosting choice for newbies looking for a straightforward, reasonable service. Give Bluehost a deeper look if your site doesn't require the bandwidth for 100,000 monthly visitors.

Key Features:

  • For the first year after signing up with Bluehost, you receive a free domain.

  • In no time, you may begin developing your website.

  • Without cost SSL certificate for website security and protection.

  • Out of all the website hosting services, Bluehost boasts one of the greatest user interfaces.

Cost: Contact company.

3. GenerateBlocks

GenerateBlocks is the best alternative for building your affiliate marketing website. It's easy to use, quite powerful, and—most relevantly doesn't slow down how quickly your site loads. GenerateBlocks won't harm your Core Web Vitals score or your site speed compared to all other page builders.

Key Features:

  • You can add a Container, Headline, Button, or Grid using GenerateBlocks. Although they may not seem like much, they are the upgrades Gutenberg needs.

  • Each GenerateBlocks element's font, spacing, colours, and a host of other attributes are all editable.

  • GenerateBlocks' greatest benefit is how quickly it operates. It's the best option if you want a quick site with green checkmarks on each of the Core Web Vitals.

Cost: Contact company.

4. Thrive Architect

Another popular page builder that is a good substitute for Elementor is Thrive Architect. For marketers that want to create their own web pages or sales pages, Thrive is a fantastic conversion optimization software.

Key Features:

  • There is a quick and simple drag-and-drop editor in Thrive Architect. This is the simplest method of building pages.

  • There are numerous page and block elements in Thrive Architect, all of which are intended to increase your conversion rate.

  • Thrive offers extensive CSS and HTML customisation for your pages.

  • In addition to the Thrive University and a wealth of additional materials, Thrive offers live support at all times to help you get started with the tool.

Cost: Contact company.

5. Grammarly

The best grammar checker available is Grammarly, and it does wonder to ensure that your text is error-free. If you purchase the Pro edition, it can even enhance the legibility and aesthetic of your work.

Key Features:

  • Grammarly verifies the accuracy of your content's grammar.

  • Maintain the focus and readability of your article.

  • Make sure your readers are captivated by your writing.

  • You may improve the tone and style of your posts by using Grammarly.

  • Grammarly is accessible as a desktop app, browser plugin, and even a mobile keyboard.

  • In Grammarly, you can also check the originality of your text.

Cost: Contact company.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a tool for content planning and research that aids affiliate marketers in producing pertinent content. It assists you in searching the web for information that is currently popular and can help your posts become viral. It gives you knowledge about a variety of material types, from articles and blogs to videos and infographics.

Key Features:

  • It can aid in your analysis of a rival's content marketing plan.

  • Permits you to determine the content that appeals to your audience.

  • Reports include data and useful insights from content analysis reports. These insights offer information that can help you better target your campaign to your audience, which will increase the likelihood that your content will be shared.

Cost: Contact company.

7. Surfer SEO

Even though Surfer SEO is most well-known for its Content Editor, it offers a robust toolkit. Surfer SEO examines your competitors' pages in-depth and provides you with a strategy for raising your ranks. Amazingly, Surfer SEO analyses the SERP and offers article suggestions for any phrase.

Key Features:

  • Surfer SEO will recommend keywords to utilise to help any article perform better on the SERP.

  • Aids in the development of your website's content strategy.

  • Use freelancers or AI writers to hasten the writing of articles.

  • Perfect for evaluating the effectiveness of your website or researching your rivals.

  • Surfer effortlessly integrates into your internet business.

Cost: Contact company.

8. Jasper AI

Once comprehended as Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is an AI assistant for writing. It takes user input, uses the GPT-3 model as a building block for its magic, and then outputs AI-generated content for you. A tool for affiliate marketing is not Jasper. Anyone who requires content for an online audience can use it. Additionally, it includes a tonne of eye-catching elements, with the long-form assistant reigning supreme.

Key Features:

  • Long-form articles can be easily created, or you can teach the AI to write anything for you.

  • The newest language model from OpenAI.

  • To produce content quickly.

  • Jasper supports over 25 languages.

  • A grammar checker, plagiarism detector, SEO mode, and other fantastic add-ons are all included with Jasper.

Cost: Contact company.

9. Frase IO

The pairing of Frase IO is intriguing. It can write articles for you as part of its standard AI-generating capabilities. However, it also includes sophisticated topic research and even article optimisation. Perfect for affiliate marketing research and writing.

Key Features:

  • After requesting a keyword, Frase IO researches the subject, SERP, and internet discussion.

  • Use the LSI keywords that Frase IO offers in your content.

  • It's good that they're here, even though they're not Frase's primary focus.

  • It isn't based on GPT-3, which has pros and cons. It is not the best language model available online, but it is independent of OpenAI.

  • Grammar checks, SEO checkers, and even certain task management tools are available from Frase IO.

Cost: Contact company.

10. NitroPack

The all-inclusive site optimisation and caching service is NitroPack. The benefit of using NitroPack is that everything is handled in the background, so you won't need to keep track of which features you wish to employ. Although a plugin must be installed, you won't have to go through a long set-up process; instead, you can simply set it and forget it.

Key Features:

  • You can properly control your site's cache with the aid of Nitropack.

  • Nitropack can optimise your JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

  • Simply install Nitropack on your website to take advantage of improved CVW scores, faster loading times, and more.

  • Nitropack runs a competent CDN on its own.

  • Make sure your image loads quickly and adjusts to the displays of viewers.

Cost: Contact company.

11. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is far more qualified than just caching, unlike Nitropack. This entails code optimisation and even some changes to the media on your website. But unlike Nitropack, it can't be left alone. And the price is less.

Key Features:

  • WP Rocket supports the optimization of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

  • improves the content cache on your website.

  • You can alter how WPRocket functions.

Cost: Contact company.

12. OptinMonster

With superb A/B testing and analytics options, OptinMonster is a wonderful option for elevating your lead generation efforts. With the use of their behaviour automation "triggers," OptinMonster offers a very granular method for collecting email addresses.

Key Features:

  • You can choose how your form will be triggered, such as on click, time spent on the page, or even depending on geolocation targeting.

  • Set up complicated rules for when pop-ups are displayed to your visitors.

  • You'll never need to start from scratch when making a pop-up.

  • Pop-ups quickly and easily.

Cost: Contact company.

13. Thrive Leads

Another lead generation tool to consider is Thrive Leads. Along with the drag-and-drop editor, there are a tonne of useful templates and a variety of robust targeting choices available to you. Thrive Leads, to put it simply, gives you total control over the opt-in forms on your website.

Key Features:

  • An excellent drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create lead magnets.

  • Numerous templates to help the creative process even further.

  • A/B To test which lead magnet is more effective with your audience.

  • Fantastic tool integration with thrive. Nevertheless, you can utilise it on your own.

Cost: Contact company.

14. GetResponse

GetResponse won't punish you for sending affiliate offers, in contrast to some of its rivals. Unless the email is blatant spam, you'll also benefit from a greater delivery rate for emails that contain affiliate offers.

Key Features:

  • You name it, GetResponse has it—templates, lists, etc.

  • There is less likelihood that your offers will end up in spam.

  • Perfect if you want to analyse how your audience interacts with your emails and have a default to data.

  • Using marketing automation can speed up your work.

Cost: Contact company.

15. MailerLite

If you don't require or just cannot afford a full-featured email marketing solution, you should give MailerLite considerable consideration. The appeal of MailerLite is that it offers many of the same capabilities as its rivals at a much lower cost.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for quickly creating beautiful emails.

  • Email automation builder helps improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

  • Additionally, MailerLite has a page builder for creating landing sites quickly.

  • Even pop-ups and simple forms are possible to create.

Cost: Contact company.

16. Buffer

Buffer greatly simplifies social media marketing by connecting all of your social media accounts to a single, centralised interface. You (or your staff) can then craft posts that are appropriate for each social media network.

Key Features:

  • From one location, manage all of your accounts.

  • Plan every aspect of your SMM approach months in advance.

  • A strong social media presence should be complemented with a landing page builder.

  • Additional publishing options enable you to format your posts however you like.

Cost: Contact company.

17. TailWind

One of the best sites for affiliates is Instagram and Pinterest. They are highly visual platforms with excellent monetisation support, and they have succeeded in the past. Therefore, TailWind is a wise choice if you want a social media application that aids in managing Pinterest and Instagram.

Key Features:

  • You may create photos and posts using TailWind for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Twitter.

  • Your SMM approach should be prepared months in advance for the same three platforms.

  • Locate hashtags or communities, then see detailed analytics.

Cost: Contact company.

18. Ahrefs

You can't go wrong with an Ahrefs membership if your website is intended to receive a lot of traffic from search engines, which it should. Every affiliate marketer should use Ahrefs for a variety of reasons.

Key Features:

  • Undoubtedly, it has the most complete backlink index.

  • They have a great keyword research tool.

  • Ahrefs has the most information, whether you need to find backlink chances or research keywords.

  • Examine your website or those of your rivals.

Cost: Contact company.

19. UberSuggest

Neil Patel's research tool is Ubersuggest. It's not as sophisticated as Ahrefs or SEMRush, but it's still a great alternative, especially if you're just starting out. Keyword research is once again the most important of the several research features in Neil Patel's SEO software.

Key Features:

  • Discover the SEO jewels you require to advance your affiliate website.

  • Site audit to evaluate your competition and platform.

  • Backlink information to help you launch your outreach campaign.

  • Use Rank Tracking to monitor your progress over time.

Cost: Contact company.

20. WhatRunsWhere

Performance marketing is a challenging field to play, especially without some sort of competitor intelligence tool like WhatRunsWhere. You're essentially just shooting hoops in the dark without accurate information on what advertising works best for your target demographic and what your competitors are doing.

Key Features:

  • WhatRunsWhere can be used to evaluate a variety of performance programmes.

  • Investigate campaigns depending on their type, keyword, location, and other factors.

  • using historical trends to analyse seasonality and consumer behaviour

  • If you want personalised views and data reports, use customisable exports.

Cost: Contact company.

21. Hotjar

Analytics, traffic figures, and abandonment rates can only provide you with a limited amount of information about how customers really use your website and/or engage with your company. After that, you'll need a tool, like Hotjar, that enables you to actually delve into user behaviour.

Key Features:

  • You can utilise several sorts of heatmaps to better understand users' behaviour when they arrive on your sites rather than attempting to guess what they will do.

  • Observe precisely what each visitor to your site sees.

  • Ask your audience for feedback directly.

Cost: Contact company.

22. Google Analytics

All affiliate marketers who want to learn more about their web audience without spending any money rely on Google Analytics as their go-to tool. The plain fact is that no other basic analytics solution comes close to what Google delivers for a total cost of zero dollars and zero cents.

Key Features:

  • To the greatest extent you can, find out who your audience is.

  • Keep tabs on highly narrow audience subgroups.

  • Create your own objectives and conversions, then monitor your progress.

  • Create your own funnels and monitor their performance.

  • You may easily add Google Analytics to your toolkit.

Cost: Contact company.

23. Voluum

A cloud-based click-tracking tool called Voluum is made for people who work in performance or direct response advertising. If you're an affiliate who relies on paid advertisements rather than organic search to get people to affiliate offers, it is you.

Key Features:

  • One location to track all of your affiliate campaigns.

  • Track campaigns using a variety of parameters, including source, traffic, and kind.

  • Real-time data can help you improve your efforts.

  • Make your process more effective.

Cost: Contact company.

24. Thirsty Affiliates

Managing all of your links across several affiliate networks or campaigns is one of the most difficult aspects of owning an affiliate website. You will therefore want a link management tool. Whether you use Amazon or a different platform, Thirsty Affiliates makes creating and managing affiliate connections simple.

Key Features:

  • Don't propose products using unsightly, lengthy links.

  • A search engine will bring up all of your links.

  • Excellent reports to quickly review your campaigns.

Cost: Contact company.

25. Instapage

Instapage earned its spot on this list of efficient affiliate marketing tools by demonstrating that sometimes it's preferable to avoid reinventing the wheel. You can use its library of already-built landing pages to market goods and services that are most appropriate for your target market.

Key Features:

  • Quick landing page generation that is tailored to the audience type is one of Instapage's key benefits.

  • This method, which Instapage refers to as "post-click automation," allows you to build Facebook and Google ads and then add landing pages that are relevant to the ad.

Cost: Contact company.

26. ClickFunnel

There is ClickFunnel, which falls under the umbrella of landing page builders and is part of a larger group of page builders. This website's emphasis on increasing conversions places it in the category of affiliate marketing tools.

Key Features:

  • It's a tool for creating sales funnels that seek to increase conversion rates for marketers.

  • This web application excels at creating efficient follow-up funnels, landing sites, affiliate integration, and sales funnels.

  • Additionally, you can ask for a demo and make use of the web app's default functionality for 14 days.

Cost: Contact company.

27. Unbounce

This is the tool for you if you want to construct landing pages with a wider selection of themes and customisations. The Unbounce web application assists in producing landing pages that are exact replicas of the prototype.

Key Features:

  • The library of this landing page builder may accommodate the needs of SaaS products, businesses, and online shops' sales funnels and landing pages.

  • You no longer need to create the wheel from scratch because these readily available templates already adhere to the greatest user interface and user experience guidelines.

  • With Unbounce, you can easily and quickly create landing pages, pop-ups, or sticky bars.

Cost: Contact company.

28. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Thorough A/B testing software for non-technical consumers is Visual Website Optimizer (VWO). It's a fantastic affiliate marketing tool for testing campaigns that you can tailor to your own requirements.

Key Features:

  • You may effortlessly add several versions of headlines, buttons, photos, or any other element to your website to generate many variations with VWO. The website will then be tracked to track income, signups, clicks, and other conversion goals.

  • VWO aggregates all the modifications you made and generates many designs automatically in the multivariate testing mode. You can test thousands of website iterations simultaneously using this mode.

Cost: Contact company.

29. Mailchimp

The widely used and comprehensive email marketing automation solution Mailchimp handles all facets of email marketing and significantly streamlines the process.

Key Features:

  • Email marketing campaigns might have one or more stages, and you can include links to external websites in your emails.

  • You may quickly prepare an email campaign for use by using pre-made customisable templates.

  • The campaign builder in MailChimp enables you to adapt content and design components to the tastes of your target market.

  • The web software also handles automated transactional emails and relieves the burden of routine duties like welcoming, reacquainting, and setting up follow-up emails for users.

Cost: Contact company.

30. ConvertKit

Due to its growth-focused feature set, this is the ideal product to add to the list of affiliate marketing tools. You now have access to simple-to-customize opt-ins with ConvertKit that support converting visitors into subscribers.

Key Features:

  • ConvertKit provides thorough audience insight by highlighting specific data with tags and segmentation.

  • Using segmentation, you may view your audience in separate chunks based on the interests, activities, and most popular themes of your visitors. ConvertKit is the ideal email newsletter platform to have in your affiliate marketing toolset, as you can imagine, given this knowledge.

Cost: Contact company.

Things to Consider While Purchasing an Affiliate Marketing Tool

Individual Registration

The ability to control, brand, and tailor the affiliate recruitment and registration process while remaining faithful to your brand. Control who has access to what parts of your software, when they do, and how.

A Unique Share Link Plus an Affiliate Portal

This function is crucial for proactively giving your affiliates the materials, information, and reporting they require to maximise participation. Additionally, this will end repeated requests and streamline procedures.

Security for Businesses and Fraud Detection

These days, you cannot ever be too vigilant online. You should be able to have all control over the terms and conditions of the platform you invest in, as well as flag any suspicious behaviour and even blacklist affiliates. Your provider should be knowledgeable about laws and guidelines, especially for global brands that demand GDPR compliance.

Automated Payments of Cash

Your partners will value the option of automating real-time or scheduled cash transfers to your affiliates because it eliminates the need for manual checks, excel files, and multiple logins.

Various Rewards

Want to make payments according to the volume of sales, minimum revenue thresholds, or certain purchases? If your affiliate tracking service can set up several reward models based on affiliate type, sales made, or special promotions, then that shouldn't be a problem.

Several Campaigns

You must be able to customise specific programmes, commissions, or revenue sharing for each affiliate campaign or affiliate segment while making sure that the lead, sale, and commission are still recorded if you want to scale.


The best outcomes are obtained by organisations that recognise the value of using the top affiliate marketing software to automate and grow. You can expand your business with the ideal affiliates for your brand once you establish sincere bonds with programme participants that are in line with your company's objectives.

Affiliate marketing will only face more rivalry in the future. The scope and speed of your success will be considerably increased by using professional affiliate marketing solutions. Your affiliate marketing campaign might go from 0 to 100 with the tools mentioned above in record time.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money by promoting the products or services of other people. If you make a sale for the company, you are paid. If you don't make a sale, you won't get paid.

What is an Affiliate Marketing Tool?

The tools for affiliate marketing are made to simplify your life and increase your output.

What is The Use of an Affiliate Marketing Tool?

  • You don't devote your full time to affiliate marketing. If you work another employment, your time may be limited. Utilizing affiliate marketing techniques can increase your productivity.

  • They also assist you in uncovering fresh options—options that others might not be aware of.

  • Many tools for affiliate marketing are free. This implies that there is no cost associated with putting into practice a sound approach.

What Aspect of Affiliate Marketing is Most Crucial?

To succeed as an affiliate marketer, you must establish your authority, drive visitors to the affiliate links you post, and convert those clicks into sales.

Will Affiliate Marketing be Successful in 2023?

Yes. Since 2016, there had been an exponential increase in the number of online searches for affiliate marketing as more and more people try to get into this industry. A multi-billion dollar industry, affiliate marketing is expected to exceed $12 billion in revenue by 2022.

Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Tools

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