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Top 18 AI Copywriting Tools

A content marketing strategy cannot be successful without copywriting. Copywriting helps to attract, engage, and convert potential customers with compelling language. However, creating high-quality copy can be both time-consuming and challenging, especially for those with limited writing skills. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way copywriting is done, making it easier and more efficient for businesses to generate high-quality content. AI copywriting tools use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand user behavior and generate content that is relevant and engaging.

In this top tools list, we will be discussing the top 16 AI copywriting tools that businesses can use to automate their content creation process and save time and effort. From AI-powered writing assistants to content generation, these tools are designed to help businesses produce quality content that resonates with their target audience.


A well-liked AI copywriting tool is More than 10,000 companies utilise it to produce high-quality content. The programme provides a wide range of features, such as content generation, copywriting templates, and many others, to assist you with your content marketing. Because of the user-friendly layout and organization of the interface, you can quickly get to work by selecting the kind of material you wish to produce. Content Rephrase is one of's capabilities that we really like. You can enter a piece of information into this feature, and will automatically rewrite it in a more interesting and readable manner. By doing so, you can significantly raise the caliber of your content without having to start from scratch.

Key Features:

  • More than 90 templates to assist you with a variety of content marketing activities, such as creating blog posts, sales copy, and other sorts of content.

  • English, Spanish, French, and German are just a few of the languages that can produce material in.

  • User-friendly editor, which only requires a few clicks to make changes to your content.

Cost: package starts at $36/mo.

2. Writesonic

Anyone who wants to jot down their thoughts without experiencing writer's block should use Writesonic. With the help of this software, you can produce content quite effectively. No matter what you are working on, more than 60 potent AI writing tools will enable you to do any task quickly and efficiently. Writesonic can provide unique, high-quality content for anything from blog posts and articles to product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

Key Features:

  • A general-purpose writing tool for every kind of content.

  • Website copy tools to write persuasive, effective website content.

  • Marketing and advertising technologies to create effective advertisements.


Writesonic package starts at $12.67/month

3. Rytr

Rytr uses artificial intelligence to write articles for you. Because Rytr's algorithms are trained on historical data, they can produce unique, enticing articles with the right tone and style.

Even without the help of a human, Rytr's AI assistant can produce the ideal piece of writing in less than an hour. Rytr has the ability to produce content for a wide range of subjects and areas, including sports, business, reviews, blogs, technology, etc.

Key Features:

  • Character counts, word counts, and a tone checker to speed up the creation of content.

  • A plagiarism check guarantees that your writing is unique.

  • Verify the grammar of your work to make it more professional.

  • By creating content from their enormous library of more than 2,000 ideas, you might learn what works best for your business.


Rytr package starts at $9/month.

4. Surfer

Surfer is another great choice for an AI SEO writing tool. The premium plan costs a tiny bit more than the other tools in the list. But with Surfer, you can search the web for content ideas, create content that is SEO-friendly, and get high Google rankings.

Surfer's document editor allows you to copy and paste information without reformatting right into your website's content management system (CMS). Since Surfer's content editor already has all of the HTML tags, formatting is just required once.

Key Features:

  • Use a content planner to create content ideas and a broad content strategy for your blog or website.

  • Automated content analysis and SEO suggested activities.

  • The only SEO tool that produces SEO-friendly content well with AI writers.


Surfer package starts at $49/month.

5. Sudowrite

With the aid of artificial intelligence (AI), Sudowrite can help you brainstorm ideas, repurpose previously published content, and write fresh and unique content. It is simple to use and ranks among the top programmes in the industry for producing AI content.

Key Features:

  • If you don't like how anything came out, you can rewrite it.

  • Brainstorm for ideas when you're feeling uninspired


The sudowrite package starts at $10per month.

6. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an SEO optimized AI tool for content copywriting. If you're looking for a single tool to write the majority of your marketing material, GrowthBar is your only choice. GrowthBar gives you the ability to create content as well as some lightweight features that are similar to those of a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush. These features include the ability to perform keyword research, track your SEO progress, and look at various websites to see what keywords they are ranked for.

Key Features:

  • Change your content, add media and suggested content, and produce SEO content in real-time with Material Generator, a full, interactive document editor.

  • Suggests internal links as you edit the content.

  • Meta Generator, an AI content identification tool that makes it simple to build meta descriptions that are optimised for search engines.

  • Create ideas for a certain topic using the content generator, then compose a solid blog post.


GrowthBar package starts at $29 /Month.

7. ContentBot

ContentBot is a sophisticated AI writing tool that can produce unique content for blog posts, advertisements, product descriptions, newsletters, and more.

Its unique deep learning natural language processing system called GPT-3 from OpenAI can produce text that appears to have been written by a person. You also have access to a massive library of content templates for social media, articles, and listicles.

Key Features:

  • Free WordPress plugins and extensions for Chrome

  • Using an autonomous AI content generator, you may sign up to receive blog themes or whole blog entries in your mailbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • In less than a minute, create any form of material.

  • Simple to use and comprehend

  • Numerous new features, rewrites, and changes in tone


ContentBot package starts at $29/month

8. Copysmith

Copysmith AI is an all-in-one content creation and marketing tool that aids in the creation and optimization of content. With Copysmith, you can create a range of content, such as landing pages, blog posts, product descriptions, social media adverts, captions or product descriptions

Key Features:

  • Connects to popular marketing applications including Shopify, WordPress, Google Ads, and Frase.

  • Uses the popular GPT-3 AI, it produces text in natural language that is consistent and has proper syntax.

  • Creates taglines, slogans, entire posts, and outlines in addition to branding material.

  • Incorporates a plagiarism checker

  • The writing style is casual.

  • Simple to read interface


Copysmith package starts at $19/mo.

9. Longshot AI

Longshot AI is an effective AI-powered tool that allows users to create blog posts with a high conversion rate in just a few minutes. LongShot's AI can assist you in breaking through writer's block if you're trapped in research mode or looking at a blank page. The best part is that the content generated is SEO-friendly.

Key Features:

  • The AI copywriting tool can assist you with SEO insights and content creation.

  • Its AI rephraser will help you turn written content better while keeping its soul intact.

  • It helps generate subtopics for your subject.

  • The tool breaks down your topic into a list of frequently asked questions.

  • It has a meta description generator that will create SEO-friendly descriptions for your blog.


Starts at $29 per month

10. Jasper

With Jasper, the AI writing assistance, the writing process is streamlined. You can produce content using Jasper twice as quickly as you can without any additional tools. The basic idea behind how this tool works is simple. You give it an input, and it turns that into an output. Jasper writes entire chapters or even blogs instead of just concluding sentences. With Jasper, producing unique, searchable content is made simpler. It makes it possible for you to overcome writer's block and generate more in all of your work.

Key Features:

  • Provides a fantastic built-in content editor. Your information can be formatted and arranged in the editor.

  • Jasper distinguishes itself from the competition thanks to its ability to understand languages other than English. It can be used with about 25 different languages.


Jasper package starts at $40/mo.

11. Chibi AI

For authors who only need a little help in writing occassionally, Chibi AI is the tool to go for. With Chibi, you can rewrite, compress, enlarge, and change the tone of the selected text, among other writing options. The general tone of the information you write changes when you choose the "creativity mode."

Chibi can be made to be as straightforward or sophisticated as you like. You can create your own rules to instruct the AI on what to do and what to avoid doing. Either specifically advise the AI on what to write and how to write it, or allow it to write from its own point of view.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to modify the language used in each paragraph to make sure Chibi satisfies your needs.

  • Chibi won't obey your orders unless you explicitly demonstrate what you want in your own unique style.

  • As you write, you might wish to take some notes; you can do so here, following the document notes.

  • Exporting your work from Chibi is as simple as importing it.

  • As you type, buttons for the great custom templates you make appear.


Chibi AI package starts at $9/mo.

12. Anyword

Anyword is a cutting-edge AI tool that helps content creators assess and select the most effective copy for their message. Additionally, it offers texts produced by AI and forecast performance evaluations. Their data-driven copywriting process gives their clients a 20%–30% increase in conversion rate. You can create AI texts for all platforms and formats, including advertisements, landing pages, blogs, emails, SMS, and more.

Key Features:

  • Make AI content for a range of platforms, including long-form blog posts, social ads, landing pages, emails, and product listings.

  • Make a lot of AI texts using the Business Plan.

  • This programme, which has the ability to translate more than 25 languages, was trained using 2 billion data points.


Anyword package starts at $24 /month.

13. Zyro AI Writer

Zyro Suite is an all-in-one software package that enables you to build websites, add content, and do much more. In addition to producing content, the software acts as a facilitator so that you may easily set up your eCommerce platform. It will let you list your products and write descriptions for each of them as well. Among the unique branding tools provided are a slogan and logo creator. Furthermore, everything is driven by artificial intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Rapid creation of content

  • Content that is genuine and SEO-friendly

  • All-in-one application that may be used to create a website and automatically generate content

  • Swift and trustworthy


Zyro AI Writer package starts at 1.81 USD/month.

14. Simplified

Simplified software is a powerful AI-based design tool that can also produce content. Using more than 30 different content types, this AI copywriting tool enables you to produce effective sales copy, eCommerce product descriptions, company bios, articles, blogs, and more.

You can plan and oversee your workflow with the assistance of your remote staff. With the help of Simplified's commenting feature, your team members may also make real-time comments and edit the shared document.

Key Features:

  • Create unique stuff, edit previously published material, or improve it.

  • Free lifetime insurance

  • Nice design and eye-catching CTAs

  • Workflow management tools providing an option for team collaboration


The simplified package starts at $21/month.

15. Frase

Frase is an effective long form article writer. The abundance of useful features included in this software makes it simple to create significant SEO content. The authoring, research, and optimization procedures are all streamlined by their technology. If you write frequently, this tool can help you write more quickly and prevent writer's block. The application uses the most recent advancements in AI to produce distinctive, unique, and meaningful material.

Key Features:

  • Easy editing. It records all the changes you make to your material and enables you to go back in time and edit or re-edit them.

  • It has practical little buttons that make undoing and redoing for customers easier and more clear.

  • Data can be easily exported to Excel, PDFs, and other formats.


The Frase package starts at $14.99/mo.

16. Semrush

Semrush is an excellent and popular SEO tool. Given that SEO is a priority for many content authors, it is easy to comprehend why their writing assistance tool is growing so swiftly. Semrush would be a better option to use when writing content specifically with SEO in mind.

Key Features:

  • Suggestions for keywords, images, links, and tags, to make your content more SEO-friendly.

  • You can make your writing simpler to read by suggesting how certain sentences might be rewritten.


Semrush package starts at $119.95/month.

17. Articoolo

Articoolo tool analyzes the entered keywords using natural language processing and then generates pertinent text based on that analysis.

The capacity of Articoolo to produce written content rapidly and effectively is one of its main advantages. Users may enter their preferred keywords and get a fully produced article or blog post in just a few minutes, saving them from having to spend hours researching and creating one. Additionally, Articoolo is adaptable, enabling users to tailor the length and tenor of the content it generates to suit their particular requirements.

Key Features:

  • Creation of content based on keywords.

  • Options for customization: Users can alter the generated content's length and tone to suit their own requirements.

  • Support for several languages: Articoolo is accessible in English, Spanish, French, and Hebrew, among others.

  • Articoolo provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that enables programmers to incorporate the tool's content production features into their own programmes or websites.

  • An in-built plagiarism detector.


Contact the company for details.

18. ChatGPT

Chat GPT is a new-generation AI tool that can understand a word's meaning in light of actual use examples. For instance, Chat GPT is capable of understanding both the literal and metaphorical meanings of words. It includes extensive vocabulary, information processing, and a tone that is basically "humanlike" As this technology is capable of generating encyclopedic knowledge while still imitating speech patterns, it doesn't seem too robotic.

Key Features:

  • Chat GPT understands over 95 natural languages and more than 10 coding languages.

  • It can write simple code.

  • It helps with language translation, language modeling, and creating chatbots.

  • You can train the bot to learn new words and documents in less than 10 minutes.

  • It responds to user queries in a human-like conversation.


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Things to consider while choosing AI Copywriting tools

  • The majority of AI authors employ a variety of AI engines, such as GPT3 from OpenAI. And the benefit of those is that they can produce excellent material that resembles writings by humans.

  • Simplicity is one of the most important considerations when selecting the finest AI writer. The level of experience needed to utilize different tools varies; some tools are simple to use, while others demand more expertise.

  • You must look for a tool that provides personalized and tailored experiences. Because there are so many niches available, you may create long-form, high-quality content that is tailored to a certain audience base.

  • When investing in an AI content generating tool, you should think about options that will fit inside your budget and offer sufficient value. A decent AI writing tool should provide a lot of content (words) for your money, according to a general rule of thumb.

  • Before making an investment in the tool, you might want to try it out to see if it's the ideal AI content creation tool for you. It only makes sense to test drive a vehicle before buying it.


What are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools are software programs that let users enter text and parameters, which the AI algorithm then uses to comprehend the context and format necessary. From there, it generates information in the needed format that is pertinent to the topic and situation.

AI-generated text can be nearly anything, but the majority focuses on writing for content marketing and e-commerce, including blog entries, product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions, and social media posts and ad copy.

What Can Software for AI Copywriting Do?

Product descriptions, social media captions, ad copy, website landing pages, long-form blogs, and articles can all be created with AI copywriting techniques. The most typical attributes and kinds of material are:

  • Website sales pages, meta descriptions, and landing pages

  • Captions for social media posts, hashtags, copy for advertisements, profiles, and titles for videos

  • Blog titles, summaries, openings, closings, and entire blog postings

  • Expanding and rephrasing the substance of articles and blogs

  • Product characteristics and advantages lists, as well as e-commerce product descriptions

  • Email copy for email marketing and sales campaigns.

Can artificial intelligence (AI) replace human copywriters?

No, Without human editing and improvement, none of the AI copywriting tools that we examined could produce text on par with an experienced human copywriter. We do believe that they offer a number of helpful characteristics that will alter the way that human copywriters write, though.

Which AI copywriting tool is the best?

Numerous excellent AI copywriting tools are available. To determine the top five AI copywriting tools, we tested 14 of the best tools available. The top three tools out of the 14 we examined were Rytr, Writesonic, CopyAI, and Japer (formerly Jarvis).

Who in India is the originator of AI?

American computer scientist Dabbala Rajagopal "Raj" Reddy, who was born in India on June 13, 1937, is the recipient of the Turing Award. He is regarded as one of the first artificial intelligence researchers and has taught at Stanford and Carnegie Mellon for more than 50 years.

Top 18 AI Copywriting Tools

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