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Best Apex LIS Alternatives From Around The Web

This centralised platform includes a practice management module, which enables users to retain practice records for staff members, patients, and practices that span many locations.

In addition, the system's specimen management capabilities enable users to automatically develop and print barcoded labels for the purpose of tracking the storage and removal of specimens in many laboratories. Apex LIS offers automated tools that practitioners can use to evaluate and report on quality control (QC) guidelines that have been established for laboratory devices.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Apex LIS. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

What really sets Autoscribe's LIMS systems different is a collection of setup tools built for efficiently constructing optimised, highly adjustable processes. The flagship Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) products are Matrix Gemini and Matrix Express. Labs of varying sizes and specialisations can benefit from our Matrix software's adaptability and the diversity of LIMS modules it offers.

It is packed with capabilities that can considerably improve a variety of aspects, including the patient experience, handling of samples, testing quality and volume, equipment management, authorizations, and more. Users are able to manage patient records from a single location with the assistance of CrelioHealth's patient management module, which includes registration forms, digital payment collection, automated communication via SMS and emails, scheduling, and more.

LabWare LIMS acts as a bridge between your lab's hardware and computers, consolidating all of your lab's data into a single repository from which it can be accessed, retrieved, analysed, and reported. In addition to assisting with sample management, report generation, tracking, and regulatory compliance, this tool also aids users in generating reports and tracking samples during their lifecycle. The laboratory automation solutions provided by LabWare can increase your lab's efficiency.

Modules include Personnel Files, SOPs, Equipment and Reagent Stocks, Sample Accessioning and Storage, Incident Logs, and Lab Task Calendars. Labosaurus is a web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) and quality management system (QMS) built to help laboratories sustain accreditation and fulfil quality standards. Features related to quality control (such as standard operating procedure (SOP) management, training documentation, reagent inventory tracking, and incident reporting).

Using this tool, workflows that mimic real-world laboratory procedures can be built rapidly. Eliminate the need for manual choices and activities by increasing automation. Software like this makes it easier to meet regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, and ISO 17025. The LIMS provides the security, electronic signature, and complete audit trail necessary for laboratories to comply with ALCOA+ criteria.

The names of customers and samples, as well as accession numbers, studies, collection dates, and other relevant details, can be recorded and kept by lab staff. Using the comprehensive features of the Lockbox LIMS system, laboratory workers are able to keep track of their samples from the time of accessioning all the way through their long-term storage. Lockbox's multi-layered sample storage and location management functionality allow you to define your lab's storage framework.

With SciNote, businesses may organise their data according to various activities and projects, and then have reports generated mechanically. Managers now have the ability to remark on assignments and assign them to specific team members by tagging them. Researchers can employ protocol templates and tasks within experiments, and the entire process can be set up with a simple drag-and-drop interface.

LabVantage is an all-in-one electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), laboratory execution system (LES), and scientific data management system that streamlines laboratory operations by centralising and automating everything from sample tracking to compliance monitoring (SDMS). Labvantage allows administrators to keep track of samples throughout their entire lifespan by means of batch management, analytical quality controls, consumables management, stability management, and sample monitoring.

The software provides a central location where supervisors of research projects can create workflows and enforce rules on ethical conduct. In order to aid in resource planning, administrators can use the search tool to narrow down data sets of interest, as well as study market trends. In addition, managers can control stock levels in line with available space on a single dashboard. With STARLIMS, organisations can easily sync the software with their current databases of equipment maintenance.

When it comes to managing complicated laboratory operations, CloudLIMS Enterprise is invaluable. It helps keep track of how much of each necessary supply and piece of lab equipment is on hand and streamlines the process of ordering and requesting samples for group research projects. Besides everything found in CloudLIMS Standard, this package adds the Client Portal, Study Management, Services and Billing Management, Instrument Calibration and Maintenance, and Lab Inventory modules.

Clinisys ApolloLIMS's capabilities, now a part of the Clinisys Laboratory Platform, provide a completely scalable and interoperable system that's easy to learn and use, reduces the need for manual labour, and boosts your team's efficiency. Clinisys' Laboratory Platform integrates the company's strengths in laboratory information systems, clinical diagnostics software, and laboratory billing software to provide highly adaptable laboratory solutions.

Labguru was designed with the specific purpose of serving the needs of companies in the life science and pharmaceutical industries (LIMS). Because it enables the consolidation of multiple systems into a single unit, an integrated system offers a multitude of benefits. Labguru's features make it possible for you to organise your research, design experiments, keep tabs on findings, and expedite the management of both your inventory and samples.

QBench's centralised platform eliminates the time and effort required to manage laboratory and quality data. QBench has applications in hospitals and other medical facilities as well as in clinical laboratories. Blood, urine, hair, and tissue are just some of the sorts of samples that can be monitored by QBench. QBench's adaptability means it may be used to keep tabs on just about any sample type your lab handles.

It works without requiring the user to open the freezer door. If you're looking for a freezer management system, go no further than FreezerPro Cloud, which boasts a number of advantages over its rivals. With FreezerPro Cloud, your laboratory or biobank can add as many freezers and samples as they require, as the solution is completely expandable. Thousands of labs throughout the world have used FreezerPro® equipment to update their methods for handling frozen samples.

The following are key features: compliance tracking, workflow management, integration of laboratory instruments, electronic data interchange (EDI), sample management, electronic notebook, electronic medical record (EMR), and inventory management. In addition to assisting laboratories in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and maintaining industry standards, QuaLIS LIMS is a laboratory management system that enables specialists to automate jobs and increase overall productivity.

Sample Master is software that helps experts keep track of things like instrument checks and maintenance, employee certifications, inventory, and customer feedback. Barcodes and RFID allow laboratories to keep track of samples and allow different team members to access, validate, and approve results (RFID). Managers may generate invoices, send them to a number of different accounting programmes, and even receive email reminders when it's time to restock.

CodonLIMS is an integrated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System that can be used in Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemical Laboratories, industries etc. to maintain and manage lab information efficiently and significantly improve the laboratory turnaround time. CodonLIMS is comprised of various functional modules, each of which can be purchased separately but is ultimately included in a single product licence.

Their physician portal integrates seamlessly with the LIMS, streamlining the process of delivering test requests and reports. The cloud-based infrastructure on which LabLynx ELab LIMS is based allows it to adapt to your specific testing services, workflows, and regulatory compliance needs.

Access control, template management, report generation, barcoding, and an event calendar are among the features. Researchers are given the ability to store, manage, and link various experiments with relevant resources by using the application. Technicians have the ability to utilise LabCollector LIMS to schedule equipment repeatedly and check statistics regarding the usage of prior or upcoming equipment.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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