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Best Bigtincan Learning From Around The Web

Without replacing or meddling with company-wide LMS, Bigtincan Learning is designed to assist enterprise sales leaders in rapidly and effectively training their teams.

By providing sellers with immediate feedback, coaches can help them maintain a consistent and interesting buying experience. With its mobile-friendly design, Bigtincan Learning is a great fit for today's mobile-centric workforces. For salespeople out in the field, all training resources and features work perfectly well even when they aren't connected to Wi-Fi.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Bigtincan Learning. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

This tool provides extensive insights, giving sales representatives the tools they need to be more productive and successful. Gong is compatible with a wide variety of popular CRMs, email platforms, and web/video conferencing applications, making it an ideal addition to any sales team's arsenal. When a rep uses Gong, they can easily sync it with their meetings and take notes. Using advanced AI features, it transcribes conversations to highlight "coachable moments" and chances for upselling.

Your credibility will either rise or fall based on how you present yourself verbally. VoiceVibes is an artificial intelligence-driven coaching and training tool that trains users to sound more natural and polished in conversation. When compared to other speech coaching tools and methodologies, what makes VoiceVibes stand out is its ability to accurately predict how others will perceive you. VoiceVibes may also provide measurements on the quality of delivery across a variety of aspects.

Virtually analyzing salespeople's performance provides instantaneous feedback to employees in this tool. Brainshark's automated analysis gives salespeople immediate feedback so they may keep trying new approaches until they find what works best. The salespeople's level of commitment to the message is also automatically evaluated. You have the option of not only letting your rep know what you want them to say but also what you would prefer they not say.

As a result of the platform's usage of automation and AI, sales teams of different shapes and sizes may more easily achieve their objectives and sustain revenue growth. Jiminny is a browser extension that captures, transcribes, and analyses your sales team's contacts with customers, drawing attention to both their triumphs and their shortcomings. With the help of this tool, you will be able to zero in on the areas that need coaching the most.

By learning more, improving their sales techniques, and being more flexible, sales teams can use this software to increase revenue. The platform enables automated workflows and user management to personalize learning paths for its users based on their profile, performance, and needs, and it also equips managers with data-driven sales coaching. Microlearning, social and gamified training, AI reinforcement, learning software tracking, and more.

Businesses that rely on effective human connection can use this software to close the "insights to performance" gap. Through the analysis of your team's interactions with customers, ExecVision may help you make better strategic and tactical decisions and boost your sales results. Calls are recorded, transcribed, and analyzed at scale to pinpoint missed opportunities and teachable moments for sales teams.

The tool automates various processes for your team, allowing you to focus on closing more deals. All of your team's interactions with customers, including phone calls, emails, and meetings, will be captured and analyzed by this platform, which syncs easily with your CRM. It is possible to generate useful training materials and boost sales output with the help of Chorus since the platform actively promotes process and behavior adjustments.

It provides all the services they need to develop their salespeople into reliable advisors that routinely meet or exceed their quotas. Effective coaching techniques are combined with engaging sales environments on this platform. Showpad's interactive practice, role-playing, quizzes, and more ensure that your representatives can apply what they are learning and gain greater confidence. The technology makes it simple for managers to zero in on problem areas and implement solutions.

In contrast to conventional feedback mechanisms, which focus solely on the sales representative's performance or activities, this one allows the consumer to share their thoughts and opinions. ClearSlide records all meetings and keeps track of attendance and other metrics automatically. Useful information for sending follow-up emails and making phone calls.

The Second Nature software not only picks the training sessions that are best suited to each user's learning needs but also delivers basic explanations of how the system operates. As a software as a service (SaaS) application, the software works with any modern web browser. Automatically, the tool analyses student responses during instruction and provides feedback. Each session generates summary reports for the current user and their manager. The technology eliminates the need for supervisors to

It takes in the dialogue and provides gentle prods based on artificial intelligence whenever there is a monologue on either end. For sales teams, Wingman provides pipeline visibility, actionable analytics, and real-time coaching through their conversation intelligence platform.
During a sales call, Wingman provides the relevant data at the right time for the sales representative. Staff employees can immediately join sales conversations and receive cue cards based on the dialogue.

This tool helps sales representatives interact with customers via phone, email, chat, and video conferencing. Experts can keep an eye on the sales pipeline as a whole and use client intent to qualify leads. A dashboard is included in Salesken to help managers keep tabs on their sales teams' progress and offer constructive criticism. Managers can monitor the progress of their sales and keep a record of their conversations with customers in a call disposition log.

In addition to a score based on how well you listen, how much you talk, and how engaged you appear in the meeting, GoodMeetings can offer real-time AI nudges based on these metrics. Furthermore. To help salespeople tailor and deliver their pitches with more effectiveness, Goodmeetings employs conversational intelligence to analyze user activity captured in real-time across video, audio, and chat.

It provides coaching sessions, keeps tabs on conversational norms, and measures progress over time. This web-based app connects the dots between commercial phone systems and communication analytics. The platform provides sales coaching, an inbound sales tool, a CTI solution for automating recorded calls, sales prospecting, and Conversation AI, and it also automates the call log to deliver reports and insights to managers.

SalesHood allows users to build personalized sales training manual, complete with modules and micro-content. This resource can help ensure that your front-line managers are always investing in their teams' growth and development.

By using SalesHood's premade coaching frameworks, managers can provide their teams with individualized, data-driven sales training with actionable takeaways.

Your entire sales team, from new employees going through onboarding to seasoned pros keeping their sales readiness at a high, can benefit from Lessonly as a coaching solution for your training program. Your sales team will be better prepared for success with the help of sales readiness tools like assessments of their skills, training, certifications, practice exercises, and coaching. Simply put, sales preparation arms your salespeople with all they need to overcome challenges.

SalesLoft's user-friendliness and clear navigation make it an invaluable tool for sales professionals. Enhanced email and phone tracking capabilities help sales teams stay in constant contact. The tool claims to increase appointments and demos by as much as 300%.

With Salesloft Coaching, managers can wield real-time data to optimize pipeline, boost retention, reduce ramp time, and drive truly meaningful coaching conversations that drive seller success.

The tool uses methods from behavioral science, instantaneous individual feedback, experiential learning, and live simulations. This cutting-edge platform trains users to become experts in the behaviors that boost sales effectiveness. Quantified is the only dynamic AI sales coaching tool that uses science, AI, and precise simulations to train and develop outstanding teams that interact with customers. Using the latest cutting-edge AI sales coaching and simulation tools.

Almost half a million businesspeople have used Allego to revolutionize their approaches to hiring, learning, teamwork, and closing deals. This is accomplished through the use of asynchronous video feedback between coworkers or through the cultivation of skills via AI-powered coaching and peer-to-peer collaboration. Increased content adoption and strategic use mean less time from launch to full productivity. The tool shortens the sales cycle and increases the percentage of closed deals.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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