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Top 24 Bot Detection and Mitigation Tools

Organizations can use bot detection and mitigation tools to protect from bot assaults and other illegal bot behavior. Bots may try and take down websites and launch a DDoS assault, extract information from websites, or commit theft.

Bot detection and mitigation software work to analyze bot behavior, classify dangerous bots and prohibit them from interacting with sites, apps, or systems. Organizations employ these solutions to keep their systems up.

Malicious bots are often employed to obtain an undue competitive edge commit theft through online fraud or execute other questionable activities. Some bots aren't legally unlawful; they're just bothersome. However, their vast number can become an issue, consuming network capacity.

Here are the top tools for bot detection and mitigation that can help you secure your network and keep it running under cyberattacks and to keep bots from accomplishing their objectives.

1. Reblaze

Reblaze helps in detecting even the most recent bots that have eluded previous solutions. User identification, action recognition, obstacles, phishing sites, and other techniques are used in its sophisticated monitoring methods. Dictionary threats, identity cramming, susceptibility scanning, scraping and information stealing, and other attacks are all blocked.

Its ongoing quantitative study ensures that every user is a real person. Its fixes and enhancements are instantly disseminated throughout the system, so you don't have to do anything. Reblaze detects even powerful bots driven by full-stack websites using user activity, tasks, and phishing sites.

Key Features:

  • Automated Reporting

  • 24/7 incident support


You can request a quote through their website.

2. Human

Human helps safeguard growth marketing from bots to enhance performance. To get around monitoring systems, today's advanced bots imitate human activity. To beat today's bots, this tool employs a multilayered methodology that allows us to quickly and accurately evaluate the authenticity of online engagements spanning apps, development communications, and marketing use scenarios.

It protects online and mobile applications from bots, preventing theft and maintaining security and effortless interactions. It also assists safeguard marketing from corruption and theft for verified stock and human-only engagements.

Key Features:

  • High-end web security

  • Human Verification Engine


You can request a quote through their website.

3. Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs provides long-term fraud protection and financial protection by diminishing the monetary motives driving cyberattacks. The AI-powered system eliminates sustained bot intrusions and organized human-driven attempts on the most desired user events.

This is available by integrating real-time threat assessment with adaptive threat reaction. Invisible risk evaluations let excellent users slip through undetected, while high-risk information is flagged for invasion action, sabotaging ROI, and discouraging future efforts.

Key Features:

  • Automated Scripts

  • Trained Bots

  • Authentication Challenge Solvers


You can request a quote through their website.

4. Netacea

Netacea has re-invented bot identification, developing new sensing techniques that can detect and categorize more dangerous bot behavior with fewer false positives than current methods. This ensures that unwanted operations are always prevented.

Bots and other programmed cyberattacks represent a risk to your webpages, mobile applications, and Interfaces. Netacea's Auto-Protection solution, which is backed up by preemptive bot specialists in Netacea's SOC, ensures optimum security with minimal supervision.

Key Features:

  • Ground-breaking detection engine

  • Automation backed by expertise

  • Easy deployment


You can request a quote through their website.

5. DataDome

DataDome can be used on any cloud. It takes only a few minutes to set up, owing to a simple piece of code that is tailored to your architecture. The bot detection software protects complex architectures in a unified manner. It works with every major web technology, including multi-cloud and multi-CDN configurations.

DataDome also provides a comprehensive range of professional services, including a simplified onboarding experience and round-the-clock technical assistance. It's one of the greatest options for businesses that need to identify and respond quickly.

Key Features:

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Proactive monitoring and mitigation


The pricing for this bot detection and mitigation tool starts from $2,990 per month.

6. PerimeterX

PerimeterX bot defender is a behavior-based bot monitoring system that defends your webpages, mobile apps, and APIs against cyberattackers, ensuring online income, lowering the threat of information thefts, and increasing administrative productivity.

PerimeterX Bot Defender is a behavior-based bot control platform that defends your webpages, mobile apps, and APIs against programmed threats, ensuring online income, lowering the chance of security thefts, and increasing administrative productivity. Your online and mobile apps, as well as API endpoints, are all protected by this bot defender.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Precision

  • Rich Analytics

  • Preserves User Experience


You can request a quote through their website.

7. Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager helps your digital company is regularly guarded against not only known malicious bots but even new kinds, using collaborative bot awareness and artificial intelligence methods to assure the best defense. Radware Bot Manager's malware detection system guarantees that no legitimate visitors to your site or mobile application are banned by always studying from billions of pages processed.

Radware Bot Manager offers an API-based method, rather than the DNS re-routing strategy utilized by other bot identification systems in the industry, providing easy compatibility with your current facilities.

Key Features:

  • Accurate Bot Detection and Prevention

  • Reduced false positives


You can request a quote through their website.

8. Imperva

Imperva’s advanced Bot Protection allows authorized users to see and regulate real, acceptable bot, and harmful bot flow without causing friction. It protects your websites, mobile apps, and APIs from programmed attackers while maintaining business-critical information delivery.

Bots that perform digital theft, such as an unauthorized party or competitive price skimming, have an impact on your business. With Imperva's Advanced Bot Protection, you can minimize the negative impact on your business and eliminate bad bot traffic.

Key Features:

  • Single stack platform

  • Better performance and availability

  • Fast deployment


You can request a quote through their website.

9. F5 Security

F5 Security understands what renders your applications susceptible and how they can be exploited so you can implement measures that reduce your threat. This enhances load balancing, security, performance, and management, allowing you to use your apps quickly and without interruption.

To quickly deploy, set up, and maintain the resources that underpin your apps, this tool takes advantage of the automation toolchain's components. It provides complete visibility into your application inventory, allowing you to identify and resolve problems before they impact your consumers.

Key Features:

  • Transparent insights

  • Programmed automation


You can request a quote through their website.

10. Barracuda Web Security and Filtering

Barracuda web security and filtering allow businesses to make use of digital apps and resources while avoiding the risks of web-borne spyware and infections, lost work efficiency, and squandered traffic.

It combines award-winning fraud, ransomware, and antivirus software with a robust policy and reporting engine to provide a complete platform for online monitoring and protection.

Advanced features allow businesses to react to new requirements such as social-network management, offsite monitoring, and transparency into SSL-encrypted communications.

Key Features:

  • Network monitoring

  • Protection against web-based threats


You can request a quote through their website.

11. MT Captcha

MT Captcha is an intelligent captcha solution that complies with GDPR and WCAG standards, ensuring security and usability. Customized transparent noCaptcha ensures seamless authentication for actual people while making it difficult for bots. The multi-user user administration and continuous defect test assistance are just a few of the enterprise-specific capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Multi-User Account Management

  • Actionable Risk Profile


This bot detection and mitigation tool start with a free plan while the pro and enterprise plan costs $85 and $150 per month respectively.

12. Akamai Bot Manager

Akamai Bot Manager is built on a well-tested and recognized collection of bot classifications that Akamai maintains on a regular basis. It uses AI algorithms for visitor activity monitoring, site tracking, and more to identify unidentified bots.

It goes further than the typical block-and-allow behavior that alerts bots. Get real-time big-picture statistics, market knowledge, and comprehensive bot activity information. It defends your full attack surface with powerful bot detection systems similar to those used in mobile applications.

Key Features:

  • Reporting and Analysis

  • Advanced bot detection


You can request a quote through their website.

13. Alibaba Anti-bot Service

Alibaba Anti-bot Service protects web-based applications, HTML5 websites, mobile applications, and APIs from bots. It has the ability to effectively mitigate the risks posed by security flaws. Airline seat availability, internet pricing, customer registration, and core API manipulation are all circumstances where Anti-Bot Service can be used.

Anti-Bot Service is a SaaS platform founded on inverse gateway software that enables you to define unique security policies for identifying and controlling harmful traffic. In the interface, you can also check the effectiveness of the security.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Protection Solution

  • Easy to use

  • Accurate Identification


You can request a quote through their website.

14. Cequence Security

Cequence Security is an API Security system providing transparency and safety analysis, as well as verified, real-time threat and vulnerability prevention. Its machine learning-based analysis reveals complex assaults masquerading as normal API transactions. It aids in the identification and tracking of all your APIs, irrespective of their position.

Determine the level of danger and remediate accordingly. Its established policies and rules allow for real-time protection against advanced API assaults. Its network of success specialists can help you get going, or you may hire them to handle your risk surveillance for you.

Key Features:

  • Broad API discovery

  • Excellent integration support


You can request a quote through their website.

15. Fraud LogicX

Fraud LogicX conducts research by tracking millions of ad queries per month all across the world. This program is part of extensive work aimed at improving the global effort to combat bots. Bots cause KPIs to be skewed in a reverse way and steer advertisers in the wrong way.

Specific information tools built for enterprise-level AdTech and MarTech organizations will help you enhance your ad fraud protection. This bot detection and mitigation tool has the market's most extensive blocklist of high-risk IPs.

Key Features:

  • Bot and Ad Fraud Statistics

  • Transparency


You can request a quote through their website.

16. Castle

Castle helps you keep an eye on ongoing cyberattacks or hunt for fraudulent attacks by looking at high-level activity statistics. View a single user's activity record, such as when they signed up, logged in, and completed deals.

Castle enriches all action and assists you in detecting fraud. Modify regulations in real-time to approve, oppose, or reject certain user behaviors. There's no requirement to anticipate code updates from the programming group.

Key Features:

  • High-level analytics

  • View activity stream


The packages for this bot detection and mitigation tool start from $33 per month.

17. Friendly Captcha

Friendly Captcha offers a completely innovative technique to effectively protect your sites and digital operations from malware and bots, regarding the fundamental processes of the network. Friendly Captcha is used by businesses of all sorts, from startups to major corporations, to safeguard their websites and online services against spam and abuse.

It is simple to use and protects the privacy of your users. It isn't reliant on tracking and exploitation of personal information. Furthermore, your users will no longer be burdened with laborious labeling chores. They are under no obligation to do anything.

Key Features:

  • Defense against bots

  • Improved user-experience


This bot detection and mitigation tool starts with a free plan and costs €9 per month for the starter plan.

18. GeeTest Captcha

GeeTest Captcha gets your webpage, mobile applications, and APIs be free of fraudulent traffic with the most intelligent and resilient solution. It assists in preventing the theft of valuable information and confidential material. It stops scalpers from stealing tickets and reselling them for a profit.

It lowers the number of cyberattackers that decrease the stock of commodities or services. It safeguards the information of your customers. Prevent the loss of money and your brand's image. It avoids financial losses while also maintaining client confidence. It aids in the prevention of a fictitious and replicated number of clicks and visits by actual users.

Key Features:

  • Accurate bot mitigation

  • Professional service


You can request a quote through their website.

19. Authsafe

Authsafe quickly detects fraudulent Chargeback costs and stops the attack from progressing any further. Pre-hand identification of a compromised voucher or funds via AuthSafe, eliminating any theft or financial loss.

The intellectual engine's system learns from end-users, distinguishes between good and bad users, and offers actual remedies for detecting and preventing digital theft. AuthSafe is the savior, saving the products, by detecting any weakening of goods and services in advance.

Key Features:

  • Continuous Risk Assessment

  • Real-time incident alerts


The pricing starts from $60.06 per month for this bot detection and mitigation tool.

20. Cloudfare Bot Management

Cloudfare bot management tool monitors and discovers anomalies in the unique traffic of your Online business, evaluating each request based on how dissimilar it is from the average. To build a trustworthy bot rating for each response, Cloudflare's Machine Learning learns on a chosen fraction of hundreds of billions of queries per day.

Malicious bots that go undetected can harm your brand, steal important data, take over identities, and reduce your income. Using data from Cloudflare's thousands of Online assets, you can now control positive and negative bots in real-time with efficiency and agility.

Key Features:

  • Threat Investigation

  • Continuous risk monitoring


The pricing for this bot detection and mitigation tool starts from $20 per month.

21. Kasada

Kasada helps in defeating fraudsters at their own level. Frustration, deception, and retaliation Prevent malicious behavior from entering your infrastructure by accurately identifying and stopping it.

This program prevents bots from analyzing your site for code flaws that could leave you vulnerable to assaults. It also prevents bots from putting credentials into accounts and then committing fraud once inside. It identifies the irreversible proof of illicit mechanization anytime bots engage with apps using hidden client-side questioning.

Key Features:

  • Real-time detection

  • Actionable insights


You can request a quote through their website.

22. Force Shield

Force Shield is one of the lightest protection platforms for IoT devices, perfect for devices with low computational capacity. Weakness disclosure and programmed assaults are prevented with comprehensive protection for Cloud portals and Web or Mobile programs.

It's specialized plug-and-play equipment that offers IoT and OT settings with adaptive risk management. It aids in the defense against both known and undiscovered sophisticated attacks.

Key Features:

  • Highly adaptable and proactive

  • Complete protection


You can request a quote through their website.

23. Variti

Variti employs an active bot prevention system to guarantee that all malicious bots are stopped while legitimate traffic flows freely. Only fraudulent automated queries are blocked, never IP addresses.

This method guarantees that all valid queries the identical IP addresses are unaffected. This enables companies and public Wi-Fi networks to operate uninterrupted, even in the face of strong DDoS threats.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy setup

  • Real-time data


You can request a quote through their website.

24. PPC Protect

PPC Protect helps you make sure you're only paying for clicks that have a good chance of converting, and that you're not paying for data that the tool recognize is fraudulent. The results of one show's network assessment can be extended to all.

This results in a solid level of ad prevention that grows over time. You can see a log of all ad impressions. You should be able to use this first-party information because you own it.

Key Features:

  • Unparalleled Accuracy

  • Enterprise-ready


You can request a quote through their website.

Things to Consider While Selecting Bot Detection and Mitigation Tools

Fundamental Features

Firms should consider a variety of reaction options, including blocking, limiting, supplying bogus data to outsmart the competition, and taking unique measures according to bot identities and kinds.

Any system should be able to adopt multiple mitigation measures on specific portions and subcategories of a website, as well as the capability to interact with only a fraction of those sites.

Large-scale Detection Ability

Organizations should endeavor to grasp the fundamental strategy used to detect and handle advanced threats like large-scale global cyberattacks, which aim to escape protection mechanisms when choosing a bot mitigation system.

Conventional defenses lack the detecting features required to combat such threats. IP-based mitigation is rendered worthless by changing IP threats. When a cyberattack happens, a rate-limiting mechanism without any adaptive understanding will result in the loss of genuine consumers.

Speed and Accuracy

Latency on websites and applications degrades the user experience. Any bot prevention approach should not add to that speed, but instead, detect and remedy factors that contribute to it.

Bot identification effectiveness is crucial. Any system must not only discriminate between good and bad bots but also improve the user interface by allowing approved bots from web companies and advertisers. It's also critical to reduce false positives to a minimum so that the user experience isn't affected.


These were the top bot detection and mitigation tools and a few main parameters that organizations must analyze when choosing a bot mitigation solution to see which one best fits your requirements.


What are bot detection and mitigation tools?

Bot mitigation tool guards websites and web applications against unwanted bot activity and exploitation. Password infringement, information skimming or data theft, and bandwidth retention on e-commerce websites are examples of undesired actions. The most common risk to frequently visited websites is malicious bots.

As a result, mitigation technologies, often known as bot management software, offer various options for preventing bot traffic from getting on and clogging up online properties. According to multiple estimates, bots, or automated tasks, account for nearly half of all Internet traffic. Many of these computerized activities aren't malevolent, and they help search engines operate more efficiently.

What should you consider while using bot detection and mitigation tools?

To combat extremely complex and computerized bot-based cyberattacks, a thorough understanding of bot strategies and goals is required. The most important points of difference are security identification, threat reaction, and risk analysis.

Bot management software has a wide range of detection mechanisms, and many have restricted, if any, programmed intervention features. To differentiate between good bots and malicious bots, bot administration technologies must be able to discern the purpose of the programmed activity in real-time.

What is bot detection and mitigation?

The first stage in combating cyberattacks on your webpages, mobile applications, and APIs is to recognize bots. It categorizes your data into queries from people and responses from bots.

Targeting the offensive tool directly and using a tiered protection model for managing and shifting attack routes are the best ways to minimize bot attacks. Conventional IP analytics and reputation-based screening can help, but these systems must adapt to catch up with the growing complexity of bots.

Why is bot mitigation important?

The bulk of vulnerabilities in any setting begins with bots or botnets, which aid hackers in scaling up their activities. Bot intelligence, along with other factors such as cognitive computing, will grow to advance, as will the hazards they bring. That's why it's vital to think about how you'll deal with harmful bots as part of your entire security plan.

Bad bots have the greatest impact on industries with the greatest chance for profit. The following are the main three bot-targeted sectors of the economy:

  • Gambling sites

  • Airlines and tickets sites

  • Financial institutions

How Can You Lower Bot Threats?

Protecting your intellectual property, client information, and vital cloud platforms from programmed cyber attacks begins with equipping your company to contend with the effect of bots.

Targeting the attacking tool directly and using a tiered protection strategy to handle shifting attack channels are the best ways to minimize bot threats. Conventional IP analytics and reputation-based screening can assist, but these systems must adapt to keep up with the growing sophistication of bots.

Top 24 Bot Detection and...

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