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Top 25 Call Tracking Tools

Call monitoring software aids in boosting sales, client retention, and lead nurturing by easing lead management, syncing marketing data, and improving customer service.

Call tracking software tracks calls, and call analytics is employed to compile, report, and analyse that data. The data provides marketers with useful information, and sales representatives can use that knowledge to increase the number of calls they convert from incoming calls.

The below list will give you an overview of the top 25 top tools for call tracking that will help you manage your businesses in a better manner.

1. Call Action

CallAction, a sales automation programme deals with automating incoming and outgoing calls, mails, and messages. Users can track calls as well as campaigns' metrics and marketing ROI thanks to this tool. Additionally, it has a lead engagement function that enables users to communicate with your consumers via text messages, emails, and phone calls.

Key Features:

  • Utilising several communication channels and scalable, real automation, nurture your lead database indefinitely.

  • Easy lead creation for your online and offline marketing using call, text, or email communication channels.

Cost: Monthly fees for Solo Starter is $115, Solo Advanced is $224, Team Pro is $499, and Group Ultimate is $2,499

2. Ringba

Ringba is your one-stop shop for call-tracking applications, inbound call tracking, immediate contact profiles, and interactive voice response (IVR). This enables you to make better, data-driven decisions for your upcoming marketing campaign.

Key Features:

  • Instant access to telecommunications networks for connecting with customers in more than 60 countries.

  • Armed with reporting and analytics, weaponize your data.

  • Utilise automated call routing to achieve the highest yield possible across every one of your advertising channels.

Cost: Call recording costs $0.01 per minute, while local tracking is $0.065 per minute and toll-free tracking is $0.075. $3 and $4 are monthly charges for local and toll-free phones. For the Premium package, which has a set monthly fee of $99, all charges are reduced.

3. Infinity

Infinity consists of a call monitoring tool that offers call tracking at the visitor level, including the sources, terms, and channels they use. The conversation analytics tool assists businesses in probing further and gaining insights into the call's dialogue in order to enhance its call tracking feature. This enables you to maximise marketing efforts by better understanding the caller's intentions.

Key Features:

  • A localised perspective of how well your marketing campaign is doing in more regions than ever before at generating phone-based sales.

  • As you pinpoint areas where the customer experience has to be improved, your conversion rate will increase and your return on investment will rise.

Cost: SMB package is $200 monthly plus usage while Pro costs $300 monthly.

4. CallRail

CallRail, an analytics software, makes it simple to manage incoming calls, adjust marketing plans predicated on call data, and turn leads into devoted clients. It is designed to both acquire and retain leads.

Key Features:

  • You will be able to identify the specific marketing strategies that are generating leads by tracking every call, text, and web form submissions. In one simple, effective dashboard, track and report on anything from search ads to print ads.

  • Utilise automated conversation analysis and generating leads to shed light on the trends and requirements of your most valuable consumers.

Cost: Packages for call tracking start at $95 per month and come with 500 local minutes and 10 local lines.

5. Convirza

Convirza, with the use of sophisticated call monitoring, analytics, and post-call automation, can help you maximise your marketing approach. With the use of distinctive tracking numbers, you may identify the calls that came from different online and offline sources.

Key Features:

  • You may assess your call performance from thorough call recordings because it tracks consumer behaviours both before and during the calls.

  • Conversation analytics driven by AI leverages 300,000+ proprietary algorithms in addition to basic speech recognition to produce meaningful responses almost instantly.

  • The Opportunity Assistant algorithm analyses thousands of variables, including word choice and voice inflection, to identify callers who are more likely to make a purchase.

This information is then used to identify those callers who should receive follow-up calls or exclusive offers.

Cost: The first month's subscription is $29 and includes 600 minutes and 10 phone numbers. Subscriptions for the professional plan cost $199 per month.

6. CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics eliminates the concept of constant guessing about which ad campaigns are succeeding and which are not. This is done by the conversation information provided by performance marketing platform. This tool enables you to make better choices about how to draw in new leads.

Key Features:

  • Recognize the sources of your most valued leads and correctly attribute each lead to its origin.

  • Shorten the lead to close time and focus your messages towards a more real experience.

  • Create personalised reports, examine and analyse them within the app, or send the information to the applications already in use by your personnel.

Cost: With a monthly membership, three options are offered for $39, $99, and $299. Additionally, usage fees apply to a number of services, including call forwarding, local and toll-free lines, and local numbers.

7. ringDNA

ringDNA offers a range of sales and marketing solutions based on the business requirements of its clients, the sales engagement software provider. With the use of their inbound call monitoring solution, InboundDNA, consumers may link calls to sales to improve marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Inbound leads can also be swiftly converted by utilising the real-time context and sales cadence offered by ringDNA.

  • Team leaders can use ringDNA to track success indicators, productivity, and conversation intelligence.

Cost: Upon request, a price is provided.

8. Invoca

Invoca, a company trusted by companies like the Mayo Clinic and Samsung, makes the most of every digital encounter by turning it into customers. You can locate and close sales using Invoca's AI-powered communication intelligence whether you work in the health, insurance, or retail sectors.

Key Features:

  • To see your actual acquisition expenses, link transactions and other conversions made over the phone to your digital efforts.

  • Automate your testing to gain a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of the quality of call handling, monitor compliance, and comprehend the buying process from click to call to conversion.

Cost: Price will be provided upon request. Monthly licence fees for the full package starts at $1000.

9. CallFire

CallFire manages outbound calls and keeps track of company activity. To allocate them to your marketing initiatives, one can buy several local and international reference numbers. CallFire is a software based on the cloud call centre.

Key Features:

  • The real-time call reporting capability of the conversation tracking feature gives you a comprehensive picture of the marketing campaign, and the information acquired may be connected to Google Analytics.

  • To build relationships with customers and inform them of new prospects, employ text and phone call reminders.

Cost: There are no monthly fees, and the charges start at $6 per minute and text. For an increasing quantity of minutes and texts, monthly subscriptions go from $99 to $599.

10. Call Box

Call Box uses Artificial Intelligence, a call management and comprehensive phone solution, to manage calls. This enables users to recognise and assess the voice and facial gestures of clients during live chats. The speech recognition function also recognises word patterns that may or may not increase sales.

Key Features:

  • With a special blend of human reviewers as well as machine learning technologies, find and fix holes in phone operations.

  • Call Box provides the best possible caller experience through custom call routing, predetermined time conditions, personalised voicemail greetings, unique auto attendants, and more.

Cost: The price varies on the basis of features included in a package

11. 800response

800response can help you produce, monitor, and govern new leads through call monitoring, routing, and tracking. You may automatically record and assess customer conversations for quality assurance and to enhance the overall customer experience with capabilities like CallFinder Speech Analytics.

Key Features:

  • Supervisors can collect and monitor conversations to improve customer service, sales training, and interaction capturing.

  • The ability to generate reports allows customers to learn more about call specifics such client identities, missed calls, leading cities and area codes, first-time and repeat callers, and more.

Cost: Prices begin at $250 per month.

12. ActiveDEMAND

ActiveDemand's email marketing features and planned direct text messages can also be used to contact customers. Businesses may handle numerous call tracking campaigns with the use of the integrated marketing platform ActiveDemand.

Key Features:

  • If you already have a social media schedule prepared, you may submit it to ActiveDEMAND, and it will post on the days you specify for you. Post content automatically to Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

  • Create marketing funnels, work with clients, manage customer journeys, and track the success of multi-channel marketing programmes.

Cost: Call tracking costs nothing, email marketing costs $15, small business marketing costs $69, and corporate marketing costs $199 each month.

13. Phonexa

Phonexa promotes features including call distribution and tracking, as well as a cloud-based private branch exchange system to save expenses and enhance functionality.

Key Features:

  • Using call recording, operator scoring, digital phone numbers, and dialling systems, you may increase agent productivity. This is possible if you move your existing phone system to the cloud. Increase call tracking and routing capabilities while lowering costs.

  • The context of your data is provided through comparison reports. When comparing various datasets side-by-side, they aid in the discovery of trends or blind spots.

Cost: The Lite suite is for $100 per month, the Premium suite is for $500 per month and the price for the Enterprise suit will be available upon request.

14. Hubspot

HubSpot, a comprehensive CRM solution, includes call tracking options in its feature set. The software itself allows you to make outgoing calls and record call activity.

Key Features:

  • The programme keeps track of all customer behaviour and gives your sales staff a complete picture of your customers. HubSpot offers email tracking in addition to call tracking, allowing you to send follow-up emails.

  • To maintain, retain, and expand your client base, Service Hub combines all of your customer support data and touchpoints on one CRM platform.

Cost: Free

15. ResponseTap

ResponseTap is a call-tracking as well as analytics platform that, if you operate for a marketing company or call centre, enables you to link calls to your advertising campaigns, increase revenue, and enhance customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • ResponseTap assigns a distinct number to each website session so that it may be linked to a customer's web journey and advertising history during a phone conversation. Consequently, you can utilise this information to determine which ads and keywords led to phone purchases.

  • The platform may be configured and managed by non-techies when a short bit of JavaScript is applied to your site during setup.

Cost: For small enterprises, licence rates begin at $200 per month plus call costs. You can learn more about ResponseTap's call tracking software if you receive a quote from them for call tracking.

16. FluentStream

FluentStream is ideal for small to medium-sized companies since it has options such as call recording and routing, toll-free calls, and voicemail-to-email capabilities that make it easier to communicate with clients and manage leads.

Key Features:

  • Their communication features are made to make all of your communication needs, including forwarding and transferring, simple enough for everyone.

  • Reporting, analysis dashboards and tools that make it simple to keep track of your communications or to analyse team and individual data.

Cost: You will need to contact them to get a quote

17. Mediahawk

MediaHawk provides opportunities where customers may watch calls and analyse marketing data to determine which marketing initiatives are ideal for their company's lead generation. You can record calls using its call management tool to gain better client insights and customise next marketing campaigns.

Key Features:

  • Its call-to-action tracking, which enables you to monitor surveys, live chats, and website mail links, is a distinctive feature. You will get a complete picture of the customer's journey and their interactions with your company.

  • By offering marketing attribution information and audience insight, Mediahawk assists marketers in increasing the quantity and quality of contact and website leads and sales.

Cost: Monthly costs for Static is $60, Dynamic is $160, and Complete is $250

18. Ringostat

Ringostat can assist you whether you need help automating calls, evaluating the cost and overall performance of your advertising campaigns, and bridging the divide between attracting clients and closing sales.

Key Features:

  • For your incoming and outgoing calls, use Ringostat. Call details should be automatically synced to your CRM so that you can save time and prevent switching between programmes.

  • Make, receive, and transfer calls with ease. One can send instructions to their consumers via messengers.

Cost: Packages per month start from $33 and end at $41

19. Retreaver

Retreaver uses its real-time call tracker to link incoming business calls to the source of their campaign. Additionally, it allows customers to direct calls to particular departments and contact agents.

This pairs clients with salespeople who are best qualified. To meet various business needs, Retreaver includes a number of connections, including Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, and Zapier.

Key Features:

  • You can retrieve caller information from your preferred contact databases, add campaign and caller data, and mark the call with characteristics for personalisation, routing, and reporting.

  • Utilise your call data to choose the agent who will be most helpful to that caller, providing them with the information they need to complete the call.

Cost: Adaptable to your company's demands

20. Funnel Science

Funnel Science's communications intelligence is made to help sales and marketing decisions by delivering crucial information from customer phone calls. Funnel Science securely tracks every call, text, and chat on any network from a desktop or mobile device.

It analyses every exchange for information that can help you boost sales, build customer loyalty, and close loopholes in your sales funnel.

Key Features:

  • Now that your company can engage with consumers and leads by text message, you can complete more sales faster! Your team can share a text able mobile number with Funnel Science in order to receive and send messages.

  • Great web call tracking imports call data into analytics and syncs your site with marketing, giving you detailed insights into the advertising, keywords, pages, and marketing channels that are most effective.

Cost: Beginning at $99.00 per month.

21. SmartNumber

SmartNumber uses telephone and text messages tracker that helps to identify the campaign source. In-depth reports on call length, fast response, and message length are provided by its call analytics.

This provides you with the knowledge necessary to improve future marketing plans and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Key Features:

  • With the help of SmartNumber's call routing technology, calls and texts may be forwarded to any employee or device. This guarantees that you are always conversing with the appropriate customer.

  • Every number may be named and put into groups quickly and easily to measure response activity across several characteristics, including offices, regions, media type, and so on.

Cost: Starting from $9.99 for monthly basis

22. Twilio

Twilio Consumer Engagement Platform includes adaptable APIs about any digital platform, first-party customer information, and a global infrastructure. Make the precise solution you require to involve customers throughout their entire trip.

Key Features:

  • Create a personal connection with every single customer, lower the cost of customer acquisition, and raise lifetime value. The capabilities of a native customer data system and a native omnichannel are uniquely combined in Twilio Engage.

  • Anywhere in the world, communicate with clients on their preferred platforms. Build solutions for phone, video, email, SMS, and WhatsApp messaging by quickly integrating sophisticated APIs.

Cost: Pay-as-you-go plans with "committed use" savings are available from Twilio.

23. Truly

Truly's enterprise voice platform is complemented by a wide range of features. Included in this is a complete phone system featuring click-to-call capabilities that let sales representatives make outbound calls using the integrated CRMs.

Key Features:

  • CRM software builds the identities of your customers and leads automatically. This gives your company a holistic overview of your leads and clients.

  • Select whether to automatically record calls for incoming and outgoing calls. With a simple click, override the preset call recording settings manually.

Cost: $55 for the Growth package and the Enterprise package is customisable

24. WhatConverts

WhatConverts enables its users to identify the precise sources of their leads. Call tracking, lead forms tracking, and web chat monitoring are a few of the features that facilitate this.

Key Features:

  • While data analytics tools enable customers to create in-depth reports that contain useful information on which campaigns are generating the most traffic, lead management features enable users to better organise their leads in their databases.

  • You don't have to be concerned about customers losing track of leads due to ignored phones or an absence of call tracking because WhatConverts stores leads.

Cost: Monthly fees for the Plus Plan is $30, the Pro Plan is $50, and the Agency Plan is $200.

25. Close

Close is a commercial engagement and CRM, i.e customer relationship tool made for sales teams with the goal of streamlining your workflow and outreach from a single centralised platform.

Therefore, Close enables you to reach more leads and boost revenue whether you want to conduct more phone calls or send more emails.

Key Features:

  • When you automatically burn through lead lists, your outbound call traffic will double. Easily make 300+ calls every day.

  • When you call many numbers at once, your reach rates will increase. The call routing programme connects the call to a sales representative right away when someone answers.

Cost: The started package is for $29, the basic package is for $69, the professional package is for $99 and business package is for $149


Businesses will differ depending on their size, sector, goods, and services. Consequently, their particular company needs will follow. Knowing where your incoming leads are coming from is the key service which call tracking software provides for you.

You'll immediately discover what marketing channel is producing the best leads once it's up and running. So that you may get the most returns on your investment, you can optimise your marketing plan.


What is a call tracking tool?

Contact monitoring software enables marketers to collect data from consumer phone calls that may be used to demonstrate precisely what marketing strategy or campaign led to the call and what the call's outcome was.

Why does one need call tracking?

Call tracking enables you to determine which advertisements are most successful at generating calls to your company, as well as leads and appointment bookings. It gives the marketing attribution you have to evaluate and tweak your advertising and is the first step in comprehending your customer's journey.

What is IVR?

Incoming callers can use Interactive Voice Response (IVR), an automated telephone system technology, to access information via pre-recorded voice responses without speaking to an agent. They can also use menu options via touch-tone keypad selection as well as speech recognition to have one‘s calls routed to particular departments or specialists.

What is the average cost of a call tracking system?

The cost of call monitoring software is influenced by a number of elements, such as the type of software offered, its functionality, the amount of users, and more. Call tracking solutions often range in price between $2 and $500 per month. But a lot relies on how many people there are.

What do you mean by inbound call tracking?

A call's source is identified via inbound call tracking software. Organisations can determine which sources are producing the most calls by generating various local and 1-800 phone numbers for adverts, places on a website, pay-per-click campaigns, and keywords.

Top 25 Call Tracking Tools

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