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Top 20 Cheapest NFT Projects Of All Time

Do you believe that investing in NFTs is expensive? Think again. NFT initiatives that are more accessible, practical, and, most importantly, affordable are on the increase in 2022.

The NFT market has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. Finding the best inexpensive NFT projects with a strong development team, useful features, and long-term objectives is challenging, though. Fortunately, we have a fix.

In this article, we'll examine the top inexpensive NFTs available right now. Although each of the collections we've examined is fantastic on its own, a few stand out from the rest.

1. Tamadoge

Tamadoge is an NFT game that rewards players in the Tamaverse. The game's integration into the Metaverse is one of the upcoming improvements for this platform, which is now under presale. Because the creators aim to enable tax-free purchases of their currencies and to list them on centralized exchanges, Tamadoge is also offered as an ERC-20 token.

But even before it is launched on a decentralized exchange, the developers hope to sell half of the 2 billion available coins. The fact that Tamadoge's supply will eventually run out is one of the ways it differs from Dogecoin. The supply of Dogecoin has grown significantly, but the cryptocurrency game Tamadoge will burn 5% of all spent tokens.

The remaining 30% of the tokens spent will go toward promoting and improving the platform, while another 65% will be added to a prize pool to reward gamers.

Key Features:

  • Tax-free purchases

  • Centralized exchanges

  • ERC-20 token

  • Prize pool

2. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity (IBAT), a ground-breaking NFT-based Metaverse play-to-earn game, is giving investors the chance to invest early in what may end up being the year's most anticipated project.

The enormous price premiums on secondary markets, where some collections sell for hundreds of times their initial release price, can frequently deter NFT aficionados from investing in the sector.

Battle Infinity, which is divided into six different platforms, has something to offer everyone. Each platform has its special features. Additionally, CoinSniper has previously confirmed the project's KYC, allowing investors to participate in the project with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Play to earn game

  • Great investment

  • Different platforms

  • Verified

3. Real Estate Investment Club

Real Estate Investment Club is a collection of premium generating NFTs that gives you unrestricted access to both the REIC - MetaCity and an elite club of people. The Digital Asset Property Group is also accessible through the NFTs (DAPG). A well-known graphic designer who has previously worked on GTA and Red Dead Redemption developed the exquisite artworks.

However, the long-term perspective and distinctive utility of the NFTs are what genuinely distinguish Real Estate Investment Club. It promises to transport us to a parallel universe where the realities of the physical, digital, and virtual overlap.

Using the well-known Unreal Engine 5, the project will create a virtual city for REIC holders that will serve as a MaaS. (Metaverse as a Service). Interoperability, the monetization of assets and services, and a wide variety of alluring use cases will be its defining characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Premium NFTs

  • Distinctive utility

  • Parallel universe

  • MaaS

  • Asset monetization

4. Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums is a top utility NFT project that has ambitious objectives. It's a collection of inexpensive NFTs to flip, but it also spreads a good message with a focus on supporting mental health and addiction recovery. On July 12, a set of 12,000 NFTs will be made available for purchase for only 0.08 ETH ($96.69).

One of the factors that contribute to the success of an NFT project is utility. The sole thing supporting price in the absence of utility is hype, and this is rarely sustained. However, Awesome Possums is jam-packed with both immediate and long-term value.

Awesome Possums will be giving out free ETH and NFTs during the minting process, and early adopters will also be qualified for a number of giveaways. Awesome Possums will start a series of donations to a charity that focuses on either mental health or addiction recovery in addition to helping its owners.

Key Features:

  • Inexpensive NFTs

  • High utility

  • Long-term value

  • Giveaways

5. Souls of Nature

Souls of Nature is another emerging, low-cost NFT series with lots of potentials. It's also one of the top NFT projects for the metaverse that will launch in 2022. The collection of 9,271 distinctive "nature spirits" NFTs was made by Metazooie and offers the owner unique metaverse encounters. Since the project is in its early stages, some information, including the mint price and the precise release date, has not yet been made public.

Despite the fact that Souls of Nature is currently a relatively new initiative, it has a distinct future vision and is actively working toward achieving its objectives. The new Souls of Nature play-to-earn experience will be accessible to the NFT bearer in alpha through each NFT.

Each NFT will serve as an avatar within the game, and as the user advances through the experience, they will be able to gradually unlock a "fraction of their soul." The team has promised to donate 5% of the proceeds from the project to a charity that works to safeguard endangered ecosystems because the collection is centered on the natural world.

Key Features:

  • Low-cost NFT series

  • Distinctive future vision

  • Play to earn experience

  • New avatars

6. Luck Block NFT

Lucky Block isn't the most affordable NFT to purchase on our list, though the price-to-potential ratio skyrockets when you take into account the enormous value it provides. The 10,000 individually numbered NFTs that make up the "Platinum High Rollers Club" project offer the possessor a number of advantages connected to prize draws.

The Platinum High Rollers collection holders are eligible for some incredible advantages. Each NFT entitles its holder to one free entry per lifetime into the Lucky Block daily prize draw, which features a jackpot with an average value of $10,000.

25 Platinum High Roller NFTs, on the other hand, are deemed "Rare Editions" and, should their number be chosen, the owner is entitled to the opportunity to double the jackpot ($20,000). One fortunate NFT holder will also receive free entry into daily prize draws and a $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador.

Key Features:

  • Most affordable

  • Free entry

  • Prize draws

  • High in value

7. AlphaBot Society

AlphaBot Society has 10,000 NFTs as part of the community-driven, which has a "choose your own adventure" theme. The collection is only available on, sold out in 19 minutes, and has a current sales volume of approximately $6.6 million. Despite these amazing numbers, AlphaBot's floor price of $135 makes it one of the best affordable NFTs to purchase.

The AlphaBot Society is the ideal collection for any investor wishing to get some affordable NFT art because it features excellent, distinctive, 3d designs. However, this project's appeal extends beyond its intricate models. Holders get to vote on how the AlphaBot Society will proceed with a comprehensive story that will accompany the collection.

This is a fantastic method to engage the community in the project, and given that an NFT project's sustainability depends on maintaining a thriving community, AlphaBots appears to hold a lot of promise.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven

  • Affordable NFT

  • 3D designs

  • Sustainable

8. Cega

Cega's new Super Sanics line aims to bring together the DeFi and NFT worlds. The business operates a DeFi exotic options system that provides cryptocurrency users with high-yield investing opportunities. In essence, Cega is a DeFi staking platform.

Users can select from three distinct protocols, each with a different potential yield, level of safety, and price drop protection. The safest option has a yield of 8.07%, followed by 12.42%, while the riskiest option has a yield of 155.77%.

The highest-yielding choice offers price drop protection of just 50%, compared to 90% for the previous two, so it is crucial to carefully weigh the risks before putting any money away. Holders of Super Sanic are given access to an elite fourth vault with the best payouts.

Key Features:

  • Exotic options system

  • High-yield investing opportunities

  • Different protocols

  • Price-drop protection

9. Yeah Tigers

Yeah, Tigers is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring tiger-themed art. Instead of merely becoming another NFT initiative, the project wants to be a brand. A Yeah Tigers NFT now costs 3.55 SOL, or $145.55.

The Yeah Tigers collection is one of the best inexpensive NFT art pieces, but it also has a lot of practical uses. Once a Yeah Tiger has been purchased, the owner can stake it on Magic Eden to get a special, wearable NFT shirt. In order to give

Yeah Tiger holders something of real value in addition to amazing art, the organization also hopes to collaborate with a number of pop-up stores throughout the globe. As the idea develops, goals include creating a devoted Yeah Tigers community and planning in-person meet-ups for holders.

Key Features:

  • Unique NFTs

  • Best inexpensive NFT art pieces

  • Pop-up stores

  • In-person meet-ups

10. Shrapnel Operators Collections

The Shrapnel Operators Collections has a tonne of useful features, maybe making it the best inexpensive NFT to purchase. Shrapnel Operator owners have early access to a future NFT game based on the collection, but that's not all they get. A number of future NFT airdrops based on the rarity level of the holder's operator will be given to each holder in addition to the comic related to the character they possess.

The 5,500 NFTs that make up The Shrapnel Operators Collection are based on 5 characters that will appear in the future comic series by Shrapnel. The collection's floor price at the moment is merely 0.05 ETH ($60.45), making it one of the most affordable NFTs available right now.

Key Features:

  • Tonnes of useful features

  • Different characters

  • Affordable

  • Unique designs

11. Tiger Champs

Tiger champs is an NFT project developed in association with one of the most well-known sports organizations on the planet and is very certain to draw funding. There will be 8,020 basic versions, 1970 premium versions, 10 legendary variants, and finally, one 1/1 NFT in the collection.

In addition to being used as inexpensive NFT art, Tiger Champs holders will get special discounts on PSG merchandise and be entered to win PSG merchandise in a number of raffles.

Jay Chou and Paris Saint-joint Germain's business, Tiger Champs, appears to be really exciting. There is still a chance to purchase one for less than the collection's floor price of $399, which is set for a total of 10,000 different NFTs, with auctions starting at just $1.

Key Features:

  • Premium versions

  • Legendary variants

  • PSG merchandise

  • Exclusive discounts

12. Sola Jump NFT Game

Sola Jump’s 10,000 NFTs were assembled by Nerdgames with the goal of reviving the old arcade gaming experience with a crypto-infused twist. The collection, which has a mint price of merely 1.2 SOL ($48.75), is associated with the SolaJump game and offers owners a number of in-game advantages.

Gamers that own a SolaJump NFT are given 10 lives. Although this may not seem like much, every life is a chance to win the Genesis tournament, which offers some thrilling rewards.

The inaugural competition will only last for a brief period of time, but the NFT will still be useful beyond that. This inexpensive NFT can be used to enter the monthly tournament and compete for a number of prizes, or it can be sold on the secondary market.

Key Features:

  • Arcade gaming experience

  • 10 LIves

  • Inaugural competition

  • Monthly tournament

13. Ballies Origin

Ballies Origins is the game for you if you want a minimalistic but well-designed blockchain gaming experience. Its play-2-earn gameplay is straightforward, and the upgrades it offers might increase your revenue. Watch out for this inexpensive NFT project if you want to get into P2E gaming.

If you enjoy sports, you'll enjoy this collection of 9,999 unique NFTs produced by an algorithm from 170 aesthetically hand-drawn materials. Artists really displayed their talent in this NFT initiative. These NFTs can be found on the market for a low floor price of $98.

This NFT project's fractional nature is another advantage due to its modular approach. While you cannot separate the NFTs' qualities, you can take the players' skill tokens out and sell them separately, increasing your profits on the secondary market.

Key Features:

  • Well-designed blockchain experience

  • P2E gaming

  • Unique NFTs

  • Hand-drawn materials

14. Robots

Robots, a collection of NFTs were launched by Pablo Stanley who created 10,000 droid characters. Pablo Stanley has contributed to open-source illustration initiatives like Open Doodles, Open Peeps, Botts, Humans, and Avatars.

The 10,000 droids of the first generation are made up of different metal clothes, tin faces, digital attachments, top pieces, faces, backpacks, arms, and colors. The rarity of each of these characteristics varies, and the collection even includes some pretend-robot humans.

Key Features:

  • Droid characters

  • Open-source illustration

  • Digital attachments

  • Collectibles

  • Pretend-robot humans

15. Tasty Bones

Tasty Bones is made up of 4.999 skeletons, which they bring to their respective Souls in the Land of the Dead after collecting food offerings from the Land of the Living. Five Demons and five Ghosts attempt to steal the food offerings. Future airdrops, access to the $TBONE token in the future, as well as in-person events and giveaways, are advantages of holding a Tasty Bones NFT.

Holders will also have access to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which allows owners to influence the direction of the project, and 3D copies of the NFTs. Each Tasty Bones NFT also has the ability to produce and sell derivatives.

Key Features:

  • Food offerings

  • NFT game

  • DAO access

  • Sell Derivatives

16. Sappy Seals

Sappy Seals is a collection of 10,000 cartoon seal NFTs. The project is community-driven and centred on growing its ecology and metaverse. 10,000 cartoon seal NFTs can be found in the collection Sappy Seals. The project is community-driven and centred on growing its ecology and metaverse.

The Sappy Seals creators are also working on the Pixlverse metaverse project, which will feature PixlPets and NFT products. Different NFT communities can interact and make their own worlds in the Pixelverse, a 2D metaverse. Individual PixSeal avatars for Sappy Seal holders in the 2D metaverse hangout.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven

  • Growing community

  • Metaverse project

  • 2D metaverse

17. StarCathers

Starcatchers is a group of 10,000 merry-making space travelers. A community-driven brand, the initiative seeks to push the limits of web3. The Starcatchers team revealed that they had agreed to forgo the majority of the mint sale's proceeds for the next four years. Through a time-locked contract, the revenue will be secured.

This is a practice called "vesting," in which entrepreneurs lock away the majority of the money raised through crowdfunding for a predetermined amount of time. This encourages the team to continue working on and improving their idea while also boosting investor and stakeholder confidence.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven

  • Web3

  • Time-locked contract

  • Crowdfunding

18. WonderPals

WonderPals is a collection of 10,000 delightfully cute pals living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project seeks to unite individuals through art, creativity, fun, and community. These endearing animated characters were created from a pool of more than 200 qualities in various categories and rarities.

On Opensea, Wonderpals have been traded for more than 8.4K ETH ($21m), while on Rarible, they have been traded for more than $23 Million. Wonderpals' current floor price is 0.55 ETH ($1,400).

Key Features:

  • Ethereum blockchain

  • Various categories

  • High value

  • Great investment

19. Acrocalypse

Acrocalypse is an NFT collection that has 10,420 pixelated space racing crocodiles that have evolved into warriors. The NFTs serve as a PFP (Picture for Proof/Profile Pic) and a multiplier for staking rewards for their upcoming $PAPER cryptocurrency.

A website that monitors the statistics of your NFT transactions, paper, also uses Acrocalypse as its ecosystem NFT.

The Acrocalypse team is developing an invasion-themed Play-to-Earn (P2E) game for NFT holders. Future collections from the Acrocalypse ecosystem as well as Acrocalypse NFTs will be included in the game.

Key Features:


  • Reward multiplier

  • Invasion-themed

  • P2E game

20. Turtle Town

Turtle Town is a community-driven, narrative, and gameplay NFT project. Having a Turtle Town NFT entitles you to join the Street Turtles, the neighborhood troublemakers. Tiny Turtles valued at over 931 ETH ($2.4 million) have been traded on Opensea and Rarible.

These cartoon-like turtles will defend their town from the Crooked Crocs' invasion. Holders have a chance to randomly win new Turtle Town NFTs in the time-gated custom Discord games. Additionally, the Turtle Town team is producing 3D avatars, accessories, clothing, and bags for holders of the metaverse.

Key Features:

  • Community-driven narrative

  • Cartoon-like turtles

  • Time-gated

  • 3D avatars

Things to Consider While Buying NFTs

Seller Verification

Similar to Twitter or Instagram, official sellers on well-known digital asset marketplaces like OpenSea will have a blue verification checkmark next to their account name to demonstrate that they are legitimate users and not impostor accounts. Make sure the account has a verification checkmark if you're trying to purchase from a well-known merchant like World of Women or Cool Cats NFT.

Transaction Fees

You frequently pay a transaction fee when you swap cryptocurrency, purchase an NFT, or carry out a similar task on a market platform. The same is true for conventional e-commerce websites like eBay and Depop, albeit these costs differ by platform.

For instance, OpenSea charges sellers a transaction fee of 2.5% of the sale price, of which 2.5% goes to OpenSea. However, there are no transaction fees for buyers to pay. The majority of NFT marketplaces, including Known Origin and Axie, operate in this manner.

Project Timeline

It is a good indication that there is at least a wider strategy for the project when there is a reasonable schedule with some of the main developments anticipated for the future.

The majority of projects nowadays have fairly generic "copy and paste" roadmaps that lack depth or substance, thus it is better if it appears that at least some effort has been made to develop a distinctive long-term vision.

However, it's best to approach roadmaps with some skepticism because it may be a difficult process with numerous unexpected problems that can cause even the best-laid plans to fail.


This guide has examined some of the least expensive NFT initiatives that are most likely to succeed. Utility and buzz are the two most crucial aspects to consider when choosing strong NFT initiatives. Each of the NFT projects that we have examined today offers both plenty, but one stood out as the winner.


Are NFTs worth buying?

As is the case with all works of art and collectibles, an NFT's value is determined by the buyer and their community. And with time, an NFT grows more self-aware due to factors like who has owned it and how they have used it.

Can you make money on cheap NFTs?

You can make extra money by selling your creations as NFTs. Almost anything digital can be created and sold as NFTs. In the past, original audio samples, movies, memes, songs, digital artwork, and many other things have been sold for astronomical sums of money.

How can you start flipping NFTs?

NFT flipping is a straightforward technique. A Web3-compatible wallet is needed for flipping NFTs. You can use the in-app browser to access other NFT platforms after funding your account.

Where are NFTs sold and bought?

NFT marketplaces allow for the sale and purchase of NFTs. While some of these are open to everyone, others need an invitation. Others are simply for video games and other things, while others are just for art. Do some research to identify the finest NFT marketplace for you because there is one out there for everyone.

Can you exchange NFT for real money?

When a bitcoin asset is referred to as "non-fungible," it means it cannot be altered or replicated. These tokens can be compared to the digital representation of a piece from a private art collection. The collection's artwork consists of variously unique and prized works. A work of art known as an NFT can be traded for money or digital currency.

Top 20 Cheapest NFT Projects...

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