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Best CivicGov Alternatives From Around The Web

This tool enables firms to conduct and schedule one-time inspections as well as cyclical inspections that occur repeatedly throughout their organisation. 

The solution that CivicPlus offers, known as CivicGov, is an all-encompassing application that gives you the ability to handle all facets of the planning, permitting, code enforcement, and licencing procedures that you carry out. Because of their extensive community development tools, your employees will be able to improve internal workflows, and residents will be able to self-service their needs, which will allow you and your team to ensure that your community grows and scales in a responsible manner.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as CivicGov. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Administrators have the ability to make permit requests and manage work orders for a number of different facilities. The platform's ability to support many languages gives managers the ability to revalidate work permits and conduct environmental testing in between shifts. On a uniform interface, stakeholders can monitor the progression of many projects in line with key performance indicators (KPIs).

GovPilot helps save manual work and increase efficiency by centralising information on a consistent platform that can be accessed by all employees and departments. Data can be accessed and managed remotely via tablet and smartphone apps. It also provides process automation, reporting and analytics, constituent engagement capabilities, and more. Online administration of animal shelters, barber and beauty shop licences, child care facilities, dry cleaners, emergency responses, andmosquito control.

The platform includes native Android and iOS apps for residents, administration, and enforcement, in addition to a web portal for managing parking and permits online. Permit management for visitors, different sorts of permits, updates in real-time, monitoring of permit expiration dates, online buying of permits, and more are all available through Reliant Parking. Reliant Parking can be used to issue parking permits to inhabitants of apartment complexes and student accommodations.

Citizens can use the built-in customer service portal to create, submit, and view community development applications, as well as pay online fees. Staff members can build digital application workflows in OpenGov Citizen Services to visualise progress across licencing and permit approval processes. The dashboard provides team members with information about fees, licencing revenues, inspections, trends, and other relevant variables.

SmartGov's scalable, the modular design combines back-office dashboard administration with a Citizen Portal to provide 24/7 web access to different services, making it ideal for officials, agencies, contractors, business operators, and local citizens. Application lodging, application progress tracking, fee payment processing, applicant letter production, and applicant letter issuance are all tasks that SMARTGov takes care of to support the building permit and business licence operations.

Elements XS is an all-encompassing web-based software that can be used from anywhere on any device, and it was developed with smart utilities and governments in mind. To help businesses make the most of their existing IT infrastructure, Elements XS is fully compatible with the ArcGIS platform from ESRI as well as popular utility billing, finance, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The tool helps in the creation of individualised to-do lists as well as the scheduling of multiple inspections. Email and text message notifications can be sent to clients with real-time evaluation results by administrators. The platform offers functionality that works even when it is not connected to the internet, which enables managers to use mobile applications to capture data on field inspections. The technology can be connected to any current geographic information system (GIS).

Features such as inspection tracking, safety programme planning, budgeting, record-keeping, timesheets, and project management are available inside the solution's modular framework. In addition to issuing permits, the software can also keep track of any infractions of building codes that may have occurred. It can be used in real-time by controllers to detect unfinished inspections and create reports.

Permits, company licences, planning and zoning, work orders, fleets, assets, facilities, projects, workers, and more may all be managed on the platform. At iWorQ, they have developed a suite of tools that are ideal for municipal administration and urban renewal. Building, zoning, encroachment, and other permits can be managed and issued more efficiently by community development agencies using iWorQ. Cases involving code enforcement, planning and zoning, business licencing.

Permits by CityTech Solutions is a cloud-based permit management solution that provides a variety of functions, some of which include the issue of permits, the administration of approval workflows, the estimation of permission fees, and the management of contracts. The platform was developed with building officials, building managers, and building workers in mind. With the use of technologies like plan check tracking, department-specific approvals, permit price estimations, permit duplication.

These elements of e-permits are designed to guarantee that the right persons with the proper abilities are using the right method statement at the right time. E-permits are a land-based business solution used by a wide range of industries, including government, banking, healthcare, property management, and more. Users can monitor all building activity with the help of contractor management software.

Complaint and request tracking, licence and permit issuance, code enforcement, zoning appeals, and real estate tax collection are some of the features of this tool. Large corporations specialising in asset management and local governments & authorities are the target markets for this solution. Users can choose to deploy specific components of MuniLogic or the entire suite for a fully integrated experience.

The primary user interface of My Guest Spot contains a variety of data that can assist in recognising unlawful vehicles. Property managers have the ability to search and sort through resident and guest parking permits by using licence plate numbers, the state of the permit, the time range, and the name of the property. Other accessible data includes the date of permit issuance, visitor name, arrival/departure timings, unit details, plus more.

Users are able to log infrastructure information in a geodatabase, keep tabs on past projects, calculate the whole cost of any necessary upkeep, and plan for regular inspections and repairs with the help of this GIS-based platform. Among CityWorks' most important functions are those of managing work orders, allocating funds, issuing permits, enforcing regulations, maintaining equipment, and monitoring compliance.

Permit seekers can apply for and pay for permits, upload drawings, insurance documents, and site plans, have conversations with municipal inspectors, monitor the status of inspections, and get automated updates all through the platform. Using Cloudpermit, planning agencies may retain approvals, manage pre-consultation processes, keep tabs on legislative timetables, analyse papers, offer input, and engage with internal and external stakeholders in a streamlined digital environment.

The platform assists users in maintaining and issuing building permits, as well as in code enforcement, land use applications, and requests for public documents, among other things. The platform may be hosted either on-premise or in the cloud, and it also includes an iPad application for managing permits while the user is on the move.

Approval processes, audits of performance, standardised templates, portability, and root-cause analysis are just some of the services this platform provides. Single Sign-On (SSO) login is also a part of the solution that guarantees the safety and security of your data. For more efficient, well-coordinated, and secure workplace activities, try this user-friendly Permit to Work programme. You may save over 70% of the time normally spent on spreadsheets or paperwork by using Safetymint.

Residents can use the citizen portal to check on the progress of ongoing projects from anywhere in the world, submit applications for new permits and renewals, verify the credentials of contractors, make payments, and submit petitions for code enforcement. MaintStar Land Management is a tool that helps businesses keep tabs on information related to commercial and residential development licences.

Real-time access to the entirety of the permitting process is provided to contractors, citizens, inspectors, and other staff members. This includes the procedure from start to finish. Through the usage of Citizenserve Permitting, businesses are given the ability to direct permit applications to particular departments, as well as employ inspection checklists and commenting features to ensure that reports are kept current and accurate.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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