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Top 25 Client Onboarding Tools

A client onboarding tool is a platform that helps manage the tasks and services offered to your clients to simplify the end user experience.

Client onboarding tools help companies manage post-sales tasks related to the service delivery. It allows external and internal stakeholders to collaborate on important matters. It keeps all team members and clients on the same page by providing visibility into the onboarding process.

According to a research, 90% of the customers feel that companies could do better when onboarding new clients. So, if you are aiming for user satisfaction, you must include client onboarding tools into your business along with customer support software.

In this top tools list, we will take a look at some of the best client onboarding tools that can help you and your business.

1. GuideCX

The top-rated customer onboarding program, GuideCX, was established in 2017. Numerous customer onboarding solutions are offered, such as client interaction, engagement and visibility, service and training, and more. Its clients include companies from the SaaS, education, healthcare, and other sectors. The tool is loaded with potent features like an advanced time tracking system, advanced resource management, and a navigation reporting engine, among others.

Key Features:

  • Advanced time tracking to monitor employees' work.

  • Provides features like no customer login requirements, mobile app access, and more to guarantee improved client interaction, engagement, and visibility.

  • Provides features including a white-label project site, individual projects, and automatic emails sent from your domain that aid in effective branding.

  • To answer questions, it offers free onboarding training sessions.


Contact the company for the details.

2. Inline Manual

With no coding knowledge necessary, you can develop interactive walkthroughs, tool tips, and support articles with Inline Manual's client onboarding platform. It takes only a few minutes to build all onboarding guides and lessons, and they can all be managed from a single dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Provides tooltips and walkthroughs.

  • Provides content search and easy access buttons, among other in-app help features.

  • Assists in obtaining client input through NPS and immediate feedback.

  • Custom buttons and variables enable further CSS customisation.

  • Helps in effectively targeting the users by forming segments and launching the information on its own.


The Inline Manual package starts at 158 USD.

3. is a client onboarding tool for ongoing business growth. It assists in setting up workflows, monitoring client onboarding, fostering teamwork, integrating with other apps, and gathering and archiving customer data. Particularly for SaaS customers, numerous pre-made templates and checklists are accessible. This can be used for onboarding new employees, setting up new clients, monthly reporting, and other things.

Key Features:

  • Accessible from both a PC and a phone at all times and locations.

  • Aids in the development and management of the client onboarding procedure and decisions.

  • By giving assignments, adding columns, and other strategies, promote team collaboration for efficient onboarding.

  • Integrate more than a thousand applications to transmit crucial customer data every day.

  • Offers quick information via checklist dashboards.

Cost: package starts at $ 100/mo.


A flexible and user-friendly project management tool,, offers templates to track progress, manage tenure, and align the team. This enables effective client onboarding from beginning to end. It consists of emails, actions, automation, and editable dashboards or templates, to retain customer attention.

Key Features:

  • With tools like dashboards, sales forecasting, activity tracking, and others, you can easily keep track of performance.

  • Import data, combine duplicate data, and capture leads are just a few of the options available for data organization.

  • The purpose of the no-code automation feature is to speed up sales.

  • You can see the complete sales process with the several accessible templates.

Cost: package starts at $8 seat/month.

5. WalkMe

WalkMe offers narrated tutorials that explain how to use your product on your website or mobile app. With the help of Walkme's customer onboarding software, you can easily market new services to existing customers, increase customer engagement, lower drop-off rates, increase retention rates, increase the possibility of up- and cross-selling, and simplify the user experience.

Key Features:

  • Increases customer retention by streamlining operations.

  • Ensures that every customer receives a personalized onboarding experience.

  • Allows you to use WalkMe Analytics to review customer experiences.

  • Facilitates the creation, editing, and management of apps using the WalkMe editor.


Contact the company for the details.

6. Nickelled

Nickelled offers a "genuine" client onboarding experience since their interactive, self-paced, immersive experiences are just as simple to play as videos while still being fully immersive. Since Nickelled guided tours are supplied from the cloud, there is no need to install any software or other code.

Key Features:

  • UI is excellent.

  • Engaging interaction

  • No plugin installation, no code modifications.


Contact the company for the details.

7. UserGuiding

UserGuiding provides product engagement, feedback gathering, reporting, and targeting services for a realistic user onboarding process. This facilitates walkthroughs for the user and doesn't need any coding. Hotspots, goal monitoring, an onboarding checklist, and many other services are available.

Key Features:

  • Offers analytical tools to produce more useful products.

  • By using segmented product tours, a positive consumer experience is ensured.

  • The Net Promoter Survey can be used to gauge user happiness and insights.

  • Provides customers with goal tracking options so they may monitor their progress.

  • Allows you to create the onboarding process without needing to know any coding or technical terms.


UserGuiding package starts at $69/Mo.

8. Userpilot

By enabling teams to deliver the appropriate in-app experience to the appropriate persona at the appropriate point of their user journey, Userpilot—another code-free installation tool—helps teams increase user adoption.

Userpilot's highly personalized product experiences, which will meld perfectly with your product UI, are its best feature. Because every visitor to your website visits your website differently, Userpilot does an excellent job tailoring the in-app messages to the segment, buyer's path, or even the visitor's mouse clicks.

Key Features:

  • Testing A/B proceeds.

  • Modifying user interactions is simple.

  • Full UI customization.


The Userpilot package starts at $249/ mo.

9. Appcues

Appcues focuses on product-led growth. Bringing your business together around the product and delivering outstanding user experiences are made possible with Appcues.

Utilizing Appcues, you can get actionable insights into the user experience by capturing NPS scores, detailed product reviews, and user-declared data. The information will assist you in making better product decisions and greatly enhance your product experience.

Key Features:

  • Easily communicates with your analytics software.

  • Emails and in-product messages should be coordinated.

  • Provides user information to your CRM.


Appcues package starts at $ 249 /mo Paid annually.

10. Whatfix

Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that offers user onboarding, performance assistance, and employee onboarding solutions. It was introduced in 2014 and has more than 500 customers worldwide. It has locations in the UK, Melbourne, India, and the USA. The tool offers several services such as automation, connectivity, customisation, user feedback, and content production, to name a few. It also provides on-demand training, direction, and assistance.

Key Features:

  • Increase user adoption by emphasizing important software features.

  • Provides consumer self-service options to lower overhead costs.

  • Automates flow with a single click and instantly adjusts material.

  • Enhances user retention through the analysis of analytics data.

  • Personalized onboarding using segmentation functionality.

  • Engage new users with contextual guidance and interactive product tours.


Contact the company for the detail.

11. Auth0

Auth0 offers authentication and authorization as a service, reducing friction in the login process. Visitors to your website can easily and quickly sign up for your product using a regular email address and password or using their preferred third-party app, such as Google, Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter.

Developers may connect any application created in any zor stack using Auth0, and they can specify the integrations and external identity providers they want to utilize, decreasing resistance during the customer onboarding process.

Key Features:

  • User administration.

  • Detection of password breaches.

  • Integrations.


Auth0 package starts at $23/mo.

12. Userlist

A SaaS email automation platform called Userlist offers a variety of services, including user onboarding, lifecycle emails, marketing emails, in-app messages, segmentation, and more. It was established in 2017 to provide email marketing automation support for SaaS enterprises. It aids in tracking account-level actions, company segmentation, and the creation of effective email campaigns, among other things..

Key Features:

  • Uses a straightforward HTTP API to send behavior-based marketing.

  • For maximum impact, adds liquid tags and snippets to communications.

  • Helps send clients only pertinent information based on their behavior data.

  • Enables both client-side and server-side tracking.

  • Gives away free planning papers for a more simpler beginning.


Userlist package starts at $149/month.

13. Hopscotch

Programmers can easily add product tours to their websites by implementing the Hopscotch framework. The programmer may make use of an API offered by this tool. The developer can alter how the tour display is created and how the tour progress is handled using an API offered by Hopscotch. JSON objects are accepted for use in Hopscotch.

Key Features:

  • Prepared templates are available.

  • Highly adaptable.

  • Simple to use


Contact the company for the details.

14. Apty

Apty is a proactive digital adoption tool that helps create interesting onboarding processes, raise user acceptance, and lower onboarding and training expenses. All web and mobile applications can quickly and simply integrate with it. The tool was previously called LetzNav. However it changed to Apty in July 2019.

Key Features:

  • By using walkthroughs and guided tours, you can improve user onboarding.

  • Actionable user behavior insights are provided, which enhance the onboarding process.

  • To give users more control, it offers powerful product tours.

  • A segmentation option is offered to offer a customized onboarding process.

  • Aids in communicating with people, developing material rapidly, and increasing user engagement.


Contact the company for the details.

15. Jotform

Jotform allows you to use online forms to collect vital information about your clients, arrange the data in a table, and send customized emails based on the responses you receive. This way, you can design customized customer onboarding processes rather than forcing everyone to follow a predetermined path.

Key Features:

  • Gather important information about your customers and use that knowledge to group them according to their needs
  • Collect, save, and organize customer data using Jotform's table templates.
  • Send personalized emails depending on a customer's responses with the customer onboarding form.
  • Jotform's client onboarding software offers checklist templates to make sure your onboarding procedure includes all the important elements.
  • Allows for automated data entry, which lowers errors, boosts productivity, and cuts down on time.


Jotform package starts at $34 /month.

16. ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is an effective customer onboarding tool and a fantastic reporting tool at its core. It facilitates simplicity and speed through integration with Gmail accounts, making all email threads with your clients instantly accessible to you.

Key Features:

  • Organize your client relationships after each sale.

  • Examine their lifecycle carefully and, ideally, make it longer.

  • Maximize client retention and growth.


Contact the company for the details.

17. Clientary

Clientary is a comprehensive tool for teams to handle every facet of a project. All of the most typical flows with client-facing businesses are handled by Clientary. The tool has you covered with everything from nurturing prospects with lovely proposals to monitoring time/expenses and invoicing clients with expert invoices.

Key Features:

  • Manage your business from anywhere: Because Clientary is hosted in the cloud, you can access your invoices, estimates, projects, and clients from any web browser on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet.

  • Track and re-bill expenses: Keep track of your charges in relation to your clients so you never forget to charge them for the fees you incur. Invoices can easily include expenses with only a few clicks.

  • Easy to use but effective: Clientary has a lot of functionality but not much complexity. You won't need to read a manual in order to utilise our programme.


Clientry pricing starts at $19/month.

18. Clustdoc

Clustdoc is a tool with an easy-to-use interface and all necessary features that can classify client data into designated folders in your account. This plugin is simple to use, and it allows you to allocate certain leads to your team members.

It also has a security feature that is bank-grade. It includes appealing features like live chat, e-signature, and simple integration that draw customers. It can generate interactive forms for your clients.

Key Features:

  • Assists teams in automating client-centric onboarding workflows, from the initial point of contact to electronic signatures.
  • Allows managers to expedite approval procedures, conduct entire processes remotely, and monitor the output of their teams in real time.
  • The form building module of Clustdoc allows professionals to create web forms for gathering client contact information.
  • Employees can make payments, review audit trails, and share papers with team members.
  • Clustdoc's white-labelling features allow companies to customize the user experience with unique logos, themes, and colors.


Clustdoc pricing starts at $100/month.

19. Rocketlane

Rocketlane is a comprehensive customer onboarding tool. It enables you to accelerate time-to-value, simplify installation tasks, and improve onboarding CX. Project management, real-time document collaboration, and communication features are all combined in one seamless experience with Rocketlane.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard: View all of your organization's projects. Slice and dice data to find trends and benchmarks for wise decision-making.

  • Projects: Gain insight into project phases, tasks, and statuses to understand where everything stands.

  • Build client trust by providing regular status updates and automatic reminders.


Rocketlane pricing starts at $19/month.

20. Kompassify

Small and midsize organisations may manage client onboarding using Kompassify, a cloud-based no-code solution, by using product tours, checklists, in-app walkthroughs, progress monitoring, real-time analytics, and other tools.

The platform provides a number of features, including user accounts, customer segmentation, notification widgets, and surveys for user feedback.

Key Features:

  • Announcement widget

  • User onboarding toolkit

  • Provides onboarding checklist

  • NPS & Surveys


Kompassify pricing starts at $37.88/month.

21. TaskRay

The cutting-edge project management tool for Salesforce is called TaskRay. With TaskRay, you and your team can work together more effectively, productively, and efficiently. TaskRay is a 100% native Salesforce application that lets you manage, track, and support your work across all departments of your company. TaskRay offers an easy, visual approach to execute tasks with drag-and-drop simplicity, total visibility across numerous projects and teams, and robust reporting and dashboards.

Key Features:

  • Even when working with teams spread out geographically, swiftly and efficiently plan your job.

  • With simple modification and interaction with other Salesforce objects, support any business process.

  • Utilize Chatter groups, feeds, and file sharing to collaborate easily.


TaskRay pricing starts at $25/month.

22. Atlas

Atlas is a SaaS platform that makes it possible for businesses of all sizes and across all sectors to employ talent abroad. It provides data analytics and insights to assist employers in managing their workforce.

Key Features:

  • A single technological platform for your human experience management (HXM).

  • There are integrations with APIs and other systems available.

  • The software ecosystem is open and highly scalable, allowing us to swiftly and seamlessly introduce new products and services.


Atlas pricing start at $49/month.

23. Fullview

The session replays and cobrowsing features of the customer experience platform Fullview may aid teams in producing better experiences. With Fullview, you can instantly gain context thanks to console and user path data, jump to faults or significant events, and even handle issues before they arise. Your customers' actions prior to submitting a support request can also be quickly ascertained. Your users can be identified because all user sessions are recorded. Using Fullview's cobrowsing technology, you may begin in-app calls with your clients without having to request that they leave your product.

Key Features:

  • Sync your client database with Fullview

  • Note each and every customer session

  • Observe user sessions and respond quickly to faults and incidents

  • Discover who is online and begin a live cobrowsing session immediately.

  • View what your clients see, select objects and forms, and navigate in team mode.


Fullview pricing starts at $63.86/month.

24. OnRamp

With the help of the cloud-based project management platform OnRamp, you can easily onboard new clients instead of using the standard spreadsheet and email. OnRamp makes it simple to share files, receive task notifications and summary emails, collaborate on dashboards, and more.

Key Features:

  • Reduce the amount of work required from consumers to complete independent onboarding procedures.

  • You can free up time for your team by eliminating manual processes.

  • Improve your processes for scalable, predictable customer onboarding.

  • Faster customer onboarding and scaling without adding employees.


OnRamp pricing start at $215.39/month.

25. NinjaOnboarding

An application for managing onboarding is NinjaOnboarding. It assists users in developing processes and wizard popups for the user's Self Onboarding. It contributes to lower support costs, better user experiences, and greater customer loyalty. With its unique method of customer onboarding, NinjaOnboarding, the procedure is made quick and simple.

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Support Suite: NinjaOnboarding is a component of the 500apps all-in-one suite, which includes more than 50 apps and enables companies to manage their whole workforce—from tiny businesses to giant corporations—from a single platform.

  • Customer Onboarding: Lower support expenses for customers by streamlining and displaying website walkthroughs. This will enhance user adaption and boost website engagement.

  • By targeting customers with online campaigns tailored to their location and activity, geo-location targeting can boost website conversion rates and produce more leads.


NinjaOnboarding pricing starts at $14.99/month.

Things to consider while choosing a Client Onboarding tool

  • Customization: The tool should allow for customization to match your company's branding, tone, and values.

  • Ease of use: The tool should be user-friendly and easy for both clients and staff to use, with clear instructions and a streamlined process.

  • Automation: The tool should have automated features to help streamline the onboarding process and reduce the workload on staff.

  • Data security: Make sure the tool has strong data security measures in place, including encryption and secure storage, to protect sensitive client information.

  • Integration: Consider if the tool integrates with your existing systems, such as your CRM or project management tools, to minimize the need for manual data entry and improve efficiency.

  • Reporting and analytics: The tool should have reporting and analytics features that allow you to track progress and make informed decisions based on the data collected.

  • Scalability: The tool should be scalable to accommodate growth and changes in your business, with options for adding users or customizing features as needed.

  • Customer support: Consider the level of customer support offered by the vendor, including response time, knowledge, and availability.

  • Cost: Consider the cost of the tool and ensure it fits within your budget, taking into account any additional costs for customization, integration, or training.


What is a client onboarding tool and how does it work?

A client onboarding tool is a software that helps businesses streamline and automate the process of onboarding new clients. The tool guides clients through the process of providing necessary information, completing paperwork, and setting up accounts, while allowing businesses to keep track of progress and manage data securely.

What are the benefits of using a client onboarding tool?

Some benefits of using a client onboarding tool include reduced workload for staff, improved efficiency and accuracy, increased data security, and a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for clients.

What features should I look for in a client onboarding tool?

When choosing a client onboarding tool, look for features such as customization options, automation, data security, integration with existing systems, reporting and analytics, scalability, and customer support.

Can a client onboarding tool integrate with my existing systems?

Some client onboarding tools can integrate with other systems such as CRMs or project management tools, making it easier to transfer data and minimize manual data entry. Be sure to check if the tool you are considering integrates with your existing systems.

Is a client onboarding tool suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, client onboarding tools can be used by businesses of all sizes, as they can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of any business. Some tools also offer scalability options to accommodate growth and changes in the business.

Top 25 Client Onboarding Tools

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