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Top 16 Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Tools

Private information centers are losing content and apps, putting behind a layer of on-premises protection mechanisms that provide internet monitoring, accessibility, data loss prevention, advanced risk solutions, and intrusion tracking. Information has been migrated from personal, on-premises DCs to cloud-based processes as a result of the cloud's development of SaaS offerings. Hence, the Cloud Access Security Broker tools are a necessity.

Likewise, consumers have embraced cloud platforms since it is now simpler than ever to utilize these services beyond the workplace and online. Cloud Access Security Broker tools are critical for cloud-based privacy because of the increased threat to apps and information at the interface networks.

Here is a list of top tools that make data security an easy task.

1. Lookout

Lookout now has a variety of strong CASB functionalities. Beyond your zone, you no more have the knowledge and transparency you formerly did. You won't be able to notice fraudulent activities unless you know how your user interacts.

If you don't recognize who is viewing your data and how it's getting processed, you chance to reveal your intellectual property or break guidelines. Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) guards against new threats to your applications and information.

Key Features:

  • Examine previous cloud data for unsecured content, file system connections, and much more.

  • UEBA is a developed feature that analyses networks, endpoints, and participants.

  • Endpoint regulations can be integrated with EMM services.


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2. Forcepoint

Forcepoint CASB solutions cover everything including cloud Administration for app transparency and threat analysis, Cloud Audit and Defense for real-time event tracking and insights, and additional use scenarios. With technological purchases, Forcepoint has expanded its CASB services.

You can incorporate CASB data into current SIEM setups using the standard activity Structure. This cloud access security broker tool, by quickly differentiating between controlled and uncontrolled BYOD devices, may implement distinct accessibility and security protocols for every device.

Key Features:

  • Analyzing unique user behavior to profile application vulnerabilities and the company's performance

  • Adjustable and comprehensive risk indicators for assessing the danger position of cloud apps

  • Compatibility with IDaaS providers


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3. Broadcom

Broadcom helps you manage how visitors and applications acquire and handle information using a key policy mechanism. A robust integrated management engine provides quick, fine-grained management over how individuals and applications exchange, move and handle confidential material.

On-premises information security can be protected using the existing rules. It safeguards your sensitive data saved in the cloud against unintentional disclosure and malicious hacking. With this technology, you may get better cloud app protection with the most complete transparency, the strictest network security, and the most effective threat prevention.

Key Features:

  • For awareness of how confidential information travels, deep information checks and case studies are required.

  • Synchronous installation depending on APIs for quick risk rating, behavioral analysis, and recognition

  • Unauthorized applications, viruses, privacy regulations, and more are all constantly monitored.


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4. Iboss

Iboss offers functionalities and services for Cloud Platform that help you limit threats when users use cloud apps. With the migration of apps to the cloud, the option to implement fine-grained restrictions and obtain transparency into cloud program usage is crucial. The Iboss Cloud Platform serves as a cloud gateway, allowing it to manage web apps and offer insight into their usage.

Inside cloud apps, it offers gen 3 CASB privacy for information at rest. In addition, sophisticated real-time displays and drill-down analytics enable insight into programs. Because the iboss System is hosted in the cloud, all users, irrespective of place, have access to management and transparency.

Key Features:

  • Out-of-band installation alternatives.

  • Network protection strategy administration depending on individuals, organizations, and data accessibility

  • For continued transparency, an easy-to-use panel displays use and program files.


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5. Censornet

Censornet CASB helps you to find, monitor, protect, and control user engagement with cloud services. Safeguard your current mobile team by gaining comprehensive insight and controls with a full-featured CASB system.

Web Security is linked to providing transparency and defense at every phase of a threat. This cloud access security broker tool is part of the company's ASE solution, and it includes responsive multi verification, as well as email and online protection.

Key Features:

  • Cloud risks and viruses are protected by multiple layers of protection.

  • Cloud application risk evaluation, ranking, and classification

  • Flexibility over policy granularity

  • To acquire insight into a cloud system, identify all web apps in use.


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6. Netskope

Netskope has taken a leading role in CASB solutions, with ongoing vulnerability evaluation and adherence. Unmatched transparency and real-time information and risk prevention when using cloud services, sites, and private applications from wherever, on any gadget. The firm has also bundled a range of services into SASE services.

Utilize cloud apps and solutions with confidence without compromising protection. With Netskope CASB, a central feature of Netskope Security Service Edge, control the inadvertent or unauthorized transit of confidential info across cloud platform versions and in the perspective of app threat.

Key Features:

  • 40 vulnerability management streams are available to aid in the discovery of unusual activity.

  • A monitor combining all traffic, users, and units is available.

  • Manager, expert, and other user account jobs have network access depending on their positions.


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7. Proofpoint

Proofpoint CASB solution lets you protect all your applications. This technology provides you with people-centric transparency and management over your cloud resources, allowing you to confidently implement cloud solutions.

Depending on the security variables that are important to you, our advanced statistics let you offer the appropriate degrees of accessibility to users and third-party incorporate applications. It offers threat identification according to the last advanced threat and relevant information particular to the user.

Key Features:

  • An expanding library of 46,000+ applications with category and threat classification criteria.

  • For critical accessibility, locate VAPs and provide necessary credentials.

  • Integration setup alternatives


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8. Mcafee

Mcafee’s Mvision cloud helps businesses get things done faster. It allows you to get a comprehensive picture of content, information, and user activity throughout all cloud computing, users, and platforms.

MVISION Cloud (CASB) delivers continuous security to confidential material everywhere it moves within the cloud because it was built entirely for the cloud. It corrects regulatory breaches and eliminates potential risks in real-time down under cloud services. It has 261-point threat evaluations and recommendations of relevant cloud apps are available.

Key Features:

  • Patterns, imports, and custom strategy generation are all available through the key policy system.

  • Machine learning can be used to examine user activity and detect harmful or careless activities.

  • Standard protection software can be integrated.


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9. Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a CASB tool that works across various platforms. To detect and fight cyberattacks throughout your cloud computing, it delivers comprehensive transparency, management over network movement, and actionable insights, DLP, adherence, detection, authorization, as well as other protection mechanisms, are addressed by Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps spanning social media, and more. This cloud access security broker tool centralized overview of online safety setup flaws with suggestions for fixing them

Key Features:

  • Assess cloud networks for errant applications, corrupted users, and identified threats.

  • Filters in real-time for resolving threat activity detected at network nodes

  • Over 90 risk criteria and 26,000+ application security and commercial analyses are accessible.


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10. Paloalto Networks

Paloalto Networks has entered the CASB security solutions market with a product that covers SaaS tracking, adherence, DLP, and risk prevention, as well as excellent compatibility with Palo Alto gateways and accessibility services.

Conventional CASB is insufficient to secure SaaS applications and collaborative applications in widely dispersed staffs, as they continue to multiply. Conventional methods restrict application transparency and scalability, are expensive, and provide inadequate data security. Nevertheless, this cloud access security broker tool has got you covered.

Key Features:

  • There are almost 400 different app types for defining risk factors, constraints, and policies.

  • Constructed information integrity monitoring for conformity audits

  • Deep learning, natural language processing, and machine vision are all used to enhance DLP capabilities


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11. Bitglass

Bitglass does not need operators and hence it can secure any system. This cloud access security broker tool protects and secures confidential information from beginning to end. Establish access controls, restrict sharing, protect against malware, and avoid data leaks, among other things.

Bitglass is a routing cybersecurity solution that protects against zero-day issues. User activity insights, automated vulnerability scanning, and API management are all included, as well as DLP and remote access.

Key Features:

  • Single window dashboard

  • Encryption, redaction, and watermarking

  • New cloud applications, threats, and endpoints are acquired and modified constantly.


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12. Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella Cisco Cloudlock is an API-based CASB tool that aids in the rapid adoption of cloud computing. Cloudlock protects your credentials, information, and applications from identity breaches, hacks, and cloud application environment hazards by safeguarding your histories, information, and applications.

Its API-driven strategy enables sustainable cloud uptake in a straightforward and transparent manner. With a completely flexible DLP engine and automatic, strategic responsive behavior, it guards against vulnerabilities and data protection breaches. Its firewall detects and blocks harmful cloud apps linked to your workplace network, as well as provides a community-sourced ranking to assess specific application threats.

Key Features:

  • Protection from compromised accounts and malicious insiders

  • User and Entity Behavior Analytics

  • Better transparency and identification

  • 14 days free trial


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13. Menlo Security

Menlo Security gives uninterrupted straight and encrypted connectivity to SaaS systems to the distant population. Utilizing persistent internet connections, all original email data is deleted in temporary receptacles, providing workers with only the positive points.

Data Loss Prevention capabilities with built-in information analyzers and transfer restrictions for SaaS apps are completely incorporated. The aim is to keep staff productive, thus the tool functions in the background and out of sight, preserving the natural user experience.

Key Features:

  • Delivers only secure data to endpoints

  • Offers enhanced information security

  • Enhancing the user experience


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14. Fortinet

Fortinet is a cloud-native CASB membership solution that provides transparency, accountability, information security, and risk prevention for a group's cloud-based applications. Fortinet's CASB Security delivers extensive monitoring capabilities and visibility into assets, users, activities, and information kept in the cloud, with compatibility for key SaaS application operators. It provides data loss protection capabilities that can be adapted as well as preset accrual accounting choices. It provides on-network and distant protection by providing immediate access to information saved in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Security Fabric Integration

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Compliance and DLP


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15. Zscaler

Zscaler CASB protects SaaS applications as well as IaaS services. This is critical since unprotected cloud services can lead to information leakage, virus spread, lack of transparency, and violation. To prevent unintentional or dangerous file sharing, as well as hostile domestic risks like intellectual property piracy, information security measures are applied uniformly throughout cloud services. Unified transparency and comprehensive analytics throughout all SaaS applications and IaaS systems provide streamlined convenience of use, improved intelligence, and traceability.

Key Features:

  • Unified compliance

  • Cloud browser isolation

  • DLP measures


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16. Oracle

Oracle has set safety baselines, study user activity patterns, and spot risks to the cloud stack using real-time risk understanding and machine learning methodologies. It assists you in obtaining total insight and doing extensive analyses for cloud apps and equipment. Detect irregularities and fraudulent practices to recognize, anticipate, and quantify risks.

It enhances the safe deployment of apps and issues management by employing prediction models, associated metadata, and authorized user interactions given by internet traffic monitoring. Connect with top IDaaS systems to do a deep comparison and risk identification throughout all applications depending on user actions.

Key Features:

  • Secure configuration and monitoring of apps

  • Accurate and efficient analytics

  • Real-time intelligence


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Things to Consider While Selecting Cloud Access Security Broker Tools

Integration with Existing Tools

You must also decide whether you wish to link the CASB system with current solutions such as IDaas or SSO solutions.

Verifying cloud connectivity is not a straightforward "yes" or "no" operation. You must have a better knowledge of when and how advanced risk-based identification will be required. If this is the case, you should request that your CASB incorporate this feature into the cloud-based services.

Compliance and Data Security

Added thereat protection and adherence to data security is the most crucial thing a CASB tool must accomplish. You must definitely evaluate a CASB fortis data security accomplishment before getting one. You must also determine whether and how the various products improve data acquisition protection and verification.

Multi Modes

Look into multimode CASBs. This allows you to arrange yourself in a way that allows you to handle a variety of scenarios. This also guarantees that the company's capabilities are not affected by the various working modes. You must also determine whether the solutions work well with various protection technologies. You should extensively investigate the solutions provided by your CASB provider. Examine the capabilities in relation to what you actually possess in place at your firm.


These were a few suggestions of Cloud Access Security Broker tools for you to choose from. All CASB tools provide almost similar functions. However, there are a few factors to be considered before you get one, and you are good to go in choosing one based on your requirements.


What is a Cloud Access Security Broker tool?

Cloud Access Security Brokers are used to monitor the security and safety of a group's applications. Among cloud users operators, it serves as a transparency and regulatory component. They give system administrators insights into unauthorized individuals and prevent malicious players from obtaining entry to system assets.

Users can also regulate what information exists and accesses the cloud with the appropriate CASB. By recognizing prohibited connectivity to libraries, recognizing dangerous user behaviors, and producing warnings to alert the computer protection department of possible concerns, a CASB can also offer preemptive measures to reduce cloud-based protection thefts.

What should you consider while using Cloud Access Security Broker tools?

Begin with the most critical cloud service in your company when adopting CASB. To access the API of a cloud program, you will have to find a CASB that supports that cloud platform's API.

Firewalls are used to detect viruses and stop them from accessing an organization's system. Identification checks users' credentials to verify they only receive company information that is authorized for them. WAFs are used to prevent malware from breaching program protection.

Why is a Cloud Access Security Broker tool important?

Companies may benefit from cloud security providers for a variety of factors. One is that they give the level of dependability that is demanded in today's cloud technology environment. For example, if you use the internet to administer your company's inventory system, the cloud operator will oversee the protected collection and keeping of that information without you needing to add any new equipment, application.

A CASB enables a company to employ SaaS apps without fear of risking its IT integrity. Cloud security traders provide the benefits of guaranteeing adherence to guidelines, as well as enhanced inspection paths and lower expenses.

How does a Cloud Access Security Broker tool work?

An advanced gateway may handle a smart system, whereas a reverse gateway can handle uncontrolled devices. A CASB tool can be API-based or proxy-based. The capacity of a CASB to discover shadow IT i.e. unauthorized cloud apps, secure communication, and recognize important traffic is critical to information security.

Today's SaaS programs have particular APIs that necessitate the use of a suitable CASB to secure the application's unique data. To handle the network's cloud application flow, business enterprises might use a range of CASB solutions.

What is the need for getting a CASB tool?

The rapid progress of internet-enabled innovation has resulted in the importance of digital innovations such as cloud computing. Nevertheless, the expansion in internet-accessible assets comes with the worldwide web's fundamental cybersecurity issues.

Corporate gateways, internet access points, and WAFs all improved security posture for enterprises, but none of them provided cloud-specific protection.

Top 16 Cloud Access Security...

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