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Top 32 Cloud Compliance Tools

Moving to cloud computing reduces certain infrastructure management difficulties, but it does not absolve businesses of the responsibility of maintaining cloud compliance. Cloud compliance and governance, in both the cloud and the data center, are critical. Cloud compliance is a multi-faceted topic. There's the underlying cloud infrastructure's compliance, as well as the cloud provider's capacity to supply services that fulfill various criteria. In order to maintain compliance and industry best practices, enterprises must monitor their own use of cloud resources, as well as data consumption. It's vital to safeguard your company's data with cloud security tools. Cloud storage that includes automatic backup is scalable, adaptable, and secure. Hence, importance of cloud compliance tools cannot be overlooked.

Today, a variety of tools and services are available to assist businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance. Some of the technologies are similar to those used to manage cloud workload protection platforms, while others are designed expressly for compliance. Each of the leading public cloud suppliers has tools that may help businesses track their compliance efforts.

In the list of the top tools, we have mentioned the Top 32 Cloud Compliance Tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. Cavirin

Cavirin is a suitable solution for enterprises who want to better understand their total risk and cyber-position, as well as comply with regulations.

Key Features:

  • Multiple security frameworks, such as NIST, and guidelines, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, are all used to map compliance.

  • Can assist in identifying possible vulnerabilities in the cloud and on-premises systems.

  • CyberPosture is a rating system developed by Platform that gives a high-level overview of IT assets.


You may get an estimate for a package on their website.

2. CloudGuard Dome9 Compliance by Checkpoint

CloudGuard Dome9 is a suitable alternative for enterprises that want to safeguard cloud workloads while also enabling compliance.

Key Features:

  • Real-time visibility into cloud asset compliance as well as industry best practices alignment.

  • Another important component is remediation, which assists businesses in closing gaps and misconfigurations in order to achieve compliance.

  • Printable status reports that may be supplied to auditors facilitate compliance reporting.


You may get an estimate for a package on their website.

3. Lacework

Lacework is an excellent alternative for enterprises worried about compliance across many clouds as well as spotting potential outlier and malicious items.

Key Features:

  • Lacework can keep an eye on cloud workloads for secure configuration, as described by the CIS cloud benchmark.

  • The Lacework platform's continuous compliance allows customers to track compliance trends over time.

  • Controls for Host-Based Intrusion Detection (HIDs) and File Integrity Monitoring are provided through integrated security capabilities (FIM).


Lacework can provide you with the most up-to-date rates.

4. Halo CloudPassage

CloudPassage Halo is designed to assist businesses of all sizes in identifying and mitigating cloud risks.

Key Features:

  • For on-premises workloads, CloudPassage provides automatic security visibility and compliance monitoring.

  • Aids in the identification and monitoring of cloud assets for a variety of compliance frameworks.

  • The platform's major differentiators are cloud service management and software vulnerability assessment technologies.


On their website, you may get a package quote.

5. Nutanix's Xi Beam

Nutanix's Xi Beam is a high-performance storage system. Xi Beam is a natural fit for businesses that have already invested in other Nutanix cloud products, but it can also be used as a stand-alone solution.

Key Features:

  • You may use a compliance report to keep track of trends over time.

  • Python scripts may be used to define custom rules for evidence-based practices and settings.

  • On a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, compliance audit data can be delivered to stakeholders.


A pricing estimate can be provided by their sales team.

6. Qualys Cloud Platform

Qualys Cloud Platform is a cloud computing platform developed by Qualys. Compliance capabilities from Qualys are a modular aspect of the company's cloud platform, allowing businesses to pick and choose exactly the features they want.

Key Features:

  • As a very focused and complete solution, the PCI-DSS compliance module is a special strength and important differentiator.

  • While all compliance solutions generate reports, the PCI-DSS module goes a step further by including a PCI Executive Report that may be delivered to a financial institution to prove PCI compliance.

  • The compliance tests can be done to correspond with various best practices, such as the guidelines set by the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

  • The Out-of-Band Configuration (OCA) module for compliance monitoring is particularly noteworthy since it extends compliance monitoring to assets that would otherwise be difficult to detect or scan.


The pricing of the cost package may be obtained from the company's sales staff.

7. Sophos Cloud Optix

For enterprises searching for a compliance platform that can interact with ServiceNow or Jira for workflow and IT service management, Cloud Optix is an excellent choice.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Optix uses an agentless technique to find assets and assess security posture in a largely automated manner, saving time for businesses.

  • Best practices and compliance With templates and the flexibility to develop specific rules and procedures, monitoring may match CIS, SOC2, HIPAA, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and other standards.

  • Continuous asset scanning is a key feature, with visibility into status via an accessible dashboard that gives a high-level summary of compliance status with the opportunity to drill down to understand what's really going on.

  • Ability to install 'guardrails' to prohibit changes to crucial settings that might expose the business to a potential compliance breach is one of the significant differentiators.


The cost of the bundle may be found on the company's website.

8. Symantec Control Compliance Suite

Symantec Control Compliance Suite is one of the finest solutions for mid to large-sized businesses searching for a comprehensive collection of compliance and best practices monitoring and analysis tools.

Key Features:

  • The ability to identify cloud, mobile, internet of things (IoT), and network assets is a key differentiator, as is the ability to cover a wide range of IT assets.

  • The integrated vulnerability management capabilities leverage threat analytics to discover and isolate higher-risk assets in addition to ensuring that objects are correctly installed and patched.

  • Compliance coverage is unrivaled, with integrated reporting capabilities for OBIT, GLBA, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO, ITIL, NERC-FERC, NIST, PCI, SOX, and others.


You can ask the company's sales team about the package pricing.

9. Vanta

Vanta enables managers to create strategies for analyzing company risks, managing industry compliance operations, and keeping financial transaction data in a single repository.

Key Features:

  • User access privileges can be created, edited, and relinquished by users.

  • User access management, data lineage, and data encryption are all ensured.

  • Supports PII, GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, and other regulatory standards compliance.


You can inquire about the bundle pricing with the company's sales staff.

10. Drata

Drata assists hundreds of businesses in streamlining their compliance activities by automating control monitoring and evidence gathering, resulting in decreased costs and time spent preparing for yearly audits, as well as a stronger overall security posture.

Key Features:

  • Drata automatically collects evidence.

  • The monotonous manual effort of compliance is eliminated by continuous, automated monitoring of the compliance status of firm assets.


You may talk to their sales team about it and get a quote.

11. Orca Security

Orca Security is a cloud security platform that detects and identifies vulnerabilities, malware, misconfigurations, weak and leaked passwords, lateral movement risk, and high-risk data in AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform settings.

Key Features:

  • In minutes, it integrates with any cloud environment without affecting performance or availability.

  • Prioritizes notifications based on all available data, limiting the number of alerts displayed.


You may inquire about the bundle price by contacting Orca Security's sales team.

12. Sprinto

Sprinto assists businesses in achieving compliance (SOC2, ISO27001, HIPPA, GDPR). It's designed specifically for cloud-hosted B2B SaaS businesses.

Key Features:

  • Sprinto automatically gathers and catalogs audit evidence.

  • There is complete compliance coverage. Audits that are efficient and error-free.

  • Audit management is not a concern for the Head of Engineering.


You can discuss it with their sales team and acquire a price.

13. Laika

In a single, collaborative environment, Laika automates audits, information security monitoring, and vendor diligence activities.

Key Features:

  • Using important features, your audits are coordinated and aggregated into a cohesive knowledge base.

  • Create programs faster to meet the specifications that are consumer-focused.

  • You may monitor the status of any audit in real-time from the dashboard.


On the company's website, you can find out how much the package costs.

14. Wiz

Companies of various sizes and industries use Wiz to swiftly discover and eliminate the most critical vulnerabilities in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI, and Kubernetes, helping them to build faster and more securely.

Key Features:

  • Wiz scales without losing resources or job performance and connects to any cloud environment in minutes.

  • Wiz provides cross-functional teams with the resources they need to solve problems and avoid them in the first place.

  • Wiz gives you actionable information about your most pressing threats.


You can ask the company's sales team about bundle prices.

15. Hyperproof

Hyperproof can help you create industry-leading security compliance frameworks, data privacy standards, and regulatory compliance policies.

Key Features:

  • For audits, gather and maintain evidence, and keep track of all versions.

  • Hyperproof suggests controls you may use to automatically meet new requirements.

  • Automated evidence collecting, testing, and control monitoring are all possible.


You may acquire a quote by visiting their website and filling out the form.

16. VGS Platform

The VGS Platform safeguards sensitive data collected, stored, and exchanged in a secure data vault, allowing companies to de-risk their technological environment and acquire compliance certifications such as PCI DSS.

Key Features:

  • Enhance the protection of critical payment information and turn it into a resource.

  • The Zero DataTM strategy allows you to get the most out of sensitive payment data while removing the risk.

  • Reduce the time it takes to comply with PCI Level 1 or SOC 2 by up to 94 percent.


The company's sales team can provide you with the package pricing.

17. Apptega

Apptega is a cybersecurity and compliance management platform that makes assessing, building, managing, and reporting your security and compliance program simple.

Key Features:

  • Construct a robust cyber-security infrastructure. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Assess and minimize dangers as part of a living program. You may confidently report with only one click.

  • Pass Audits Faster than any other way with Ease, and achieve compliance for auditors, stakeholders, and the Board of Directors.

  • You'll be able to compare all of your cybersecurity frameworks in a couple of seconds. The way administration, audit, and reporting are done will never be the same.


You may request a quote directly from their website.

18. Sysdig

This platform may be used by teams to find and prioritize software defects, detect and respond to assaults, and manage cloud configurations, rights, and compliance.

Key Features:

  • With a uniform policy, detect misconfigurations from IaC source files to cloud services.

  • Anomaly activity may be detected across containers, hosts, and the cloud.

  • Vulnerability management should be unified across containers and hosts. Prioritize more efficiently by utilizing runtime context.


To get the most up-to-date price, contact Sysdig Secure.

19. Runecast Analyzer

Runecast Analyzer is a comprehensive tool that automates the alignment of hybrid cloud infrastructures with recommended best practices and security standards. It contributes to the reduction of risks and the achievement of compliance objectives.

Key Features:

  • Runecast allows you to keep track of your ESXi host and VM log files.

  • Provides a continuous, automated check for configuration issues relating to known issues, best practices, and security and compliance requirements.

  • Runecast offers a variety of installation options, including on-premises installations in VMware vSphere setups.


You can get a pricing quotation from their sales staff.

20. Horangi Warden

Horangi Warden delivers continuous vulnerability and compliance monitoring, allowing you to see and control your main cloud risks.

Key Features:

  • Horangi Warden may be smoothly weaved into your existing IT infrastructure thanks to a variety of product connectors.

  • Comprehensive scanning capabilities are included in the programme, allowing for entire system visibility.

  • Using multi-factor authentication (MFA), the system fosters data security.


On their website, you may estimate the cost of a package.

21. Secureframe

Secureframe compliance automation software makes SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance quick and easy.

Key Features:

  • Infrastructure scanning and monitoring

  • Management of vendor risk

  • It's possible to customize the security policy generator.

  • Over a hundred tools and services are connected in a seamless manner.


You can ask the company's sales team about the package pricing.

22. Microsoft Cloud Defende

Microsoft Cloud Defender is a software that protects your computer from

Microsoft Defender for Cloud is indeed a cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection (CWP) product that scans your cloud environment for vulnerabilities.

Key Features:

  • Ascertain compliance with crucial industry and regulatory standards.

  • By discovering vulnerabilities, you can protect your multi-cloud and hybrid workloads from malicious attacks.

  • For Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and on-premises workloads enable threat prevention.


You may request a quote directly from their website.

23. Trend Micro Cloud One

Trend Micro is a software company that specializes in Cloud One, a cloud security platform, that offers the most complete and comprehensive cloud security offering in a single package, allowing you to protect your cloud infrastructure with clarity and simplicity.

Key Features:

  • To identify and prevent assaults in real-time, it employs cutting-edge technologies such as virtual patching and integrity monitoring, as well as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and threat intelligence.

  • Integrate automatic compliance scanning into your development cycle to catch any problems before they go live.

  • It removes blind spots by offering a single source of truth across your hybrid and multi-cloud systems, thanks to extensive security controls and integration.


You may find out more about the package by contacting Trend Micro.

24. Fugue

Fugue is a cloud security and compliance platform that allows cloud engineering and security teams to work faster while preserving cloud security confidence.

Key Features:

  • Using a single policy engine to manage rules throughout the SDLC

  • In one area, you'll find all of your cloud resources and connections.

  • Everyone should be aware of your compliance posture.


You can discuss it with their sales team and acquire a price.

25. Strike Graph

Businesses may use the Strike Graph cybersecurity compliance platform to help them grow and progress faster in terms of technology and digitalization.

Key Features:

  • You may stay compliant with automated expiration tracking and proof collection.

  • Support all compliance frameworks such as SOC 2 Type I/II or ISO 27001 with a certification-agnostic approach.

  • All proofing requirements may be monitored and managed in one place.


You may estimate the cost of a bundle on their website.

26. Amazon Web Services (AWS) artifact

AWS Artifact allows you to quickly access AWS security and compliance information, as well as a few online agreements.

Key Features:

  • Access all AWS audit reports, certifications, accreditations, and other third-party attestations.

  • Examine, accept, and manage your Amazon Web Services (AWS) agreements.

  • Continuously monitor AWS security and compliance with instant access to fresh information.


The bundle pricing may be obtained from the company's sales staff.

27. Proofpoint Secure Share

Proofpoint Secure Share is a cloud-based solution that enables employees to securely share large files while conforming to company policies.

Key Features:

  • Authentication, encryption, virus detection, and data management feature all provide enterprise-grade security.

  • Customized corporate rules for data retention, file management, and data loss prevention are enabled through administrative setup.

  • Focuses on providing a consistent and clear user experience that keeps the user's workflow intact.


The cost of the bundle may be found on the company's website.

28. AlienVault USM

AlienVault USM Anywhere is a cloud-based security management solution for cloud, hybrid cloud, and on-premises settings that accelerates and centralizes threat detection, incident response, and compliance management.

Key Features:

  • Gather vital information from your on-premises and cloud infrastructure, as well as cloud services.

  • Using the most latest AlienVault Threat Intelligence, enrich and analyze your data.

  • Organize and automate your investigation and reaction to incidents.


The cost of the bundle may be found on the company's website.

29. Coro Cybersecurity

Coro Cybersecurity is a cybersecurity firm that specializes in the field. Coronet protects organizations of all sizes with cyber protection for email, cloud apps, any endpoint, and data loss prevention.

Key Features:

  • The AI engine is pre-programmed with the best security strategies for your company. If required, you may change it with a few clicks to better fit your own rules.

  • Our data loss prevention engine scans cloud apps and files for personally identifiable information (PII) and ensures that it does not fall into the wrong hands.

  • Our advanced Coronet program monitors the security of your employees' smartphones, laptops, and desktops, ensuring that malware does not infiltrate your cloud apps through unprotected devices.


You might discuss it with their sales team and receive a quote.

30. Securiti

Securiti enables firms to find and safeguard sensitive information across multi-cloud, SaaS, and on-premise systems, as well as automate all privacy operations.

Key Features:

  • Identify any sensitive data in both organized and unstructured systems within your firm.

  • Data privacy, security, and governance may all be automated.


The company's sales team can provide you with the package pricing.

31. JupiterOne

JupiterOne serves as a knowledge base for all of your cyber assets and connections, as well as a platform for security engineering and automation, a virtual assistant for the security operations team, and a lightweight solution for achieving compliance and comprehensive cyber governance.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with your DevSecOps pipeline and fits into your existing workflows. Scales up to new use cases.

  • SOC2, NIST, CIS, PCI, and HPAA compliance frameworks are all built-in.

  • AWS, GCP, and Azure provide deep connections with the business-critical products you use the most.


You may get a pricing quotation directly from their website.

32. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian delivers security that firewalls can't, such as end-to-end visibility of your security posture in public-cloud installations and continuous, automated compliance monitoring and control remediation.

Key Features:

  • From a network, application, and access standpoint, it's simple to view all of your cloud assets and their interrelationships.

  • Checks your complete cloud infrastructure for policy infractions on a regular basis.

  • Alert, repair, and show activity report for that user automatically, all while quarantining the program to prevent additional changes that might compromise your security.


The pricing of the cost package may be obtained from the company's sales staff.

Things to consider before choosing Cloud Compliance software

Coverage for regulatory compliance. There are several compliance standards, so determining which ones apply to your firm and then finding a solution that meets those needs is crucial.

Integration with on-premises systems is also possible. Many firms have cloud and on-premises assets, resulting in a true hybrid cloud that must be managed for compliance. If you have both on-premises and cloud IT assets, look for a solution that can manage them both.

Integrated security is a concept that refers to a collection of security measures. Some of the solutions are stand-alone compliance solutions, while others integrate security into cloud workload management directly. If you don't already have cloud security, look into a solution with integrated security. For better or worse, reporting is a crucial aspect of every compliance program. Check for the reporting features that your auditors demand while comparing technologies.


In this article, we looked at the various cloud compliance technologies. I hope this article has helped you better understand how to choose your favorite Cloud compliance tools.


What exactly is cloud compliance, and why is it so crucial?

The art and science of conforming to cloud usage regulatory requirements in line with industry rules as well as local, national, and international legislation is known as cloud compliance.

What's the difference between the three cloud computing systems?

The three main types of cloud computing services are infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platforms-as-a-service (PaaS), and software-as-a-service (SaaS).

In cloud computing, what is a service level agreement (SLA)?

A cloud SLA (cloud service-level agreement) is a contract that assures a particular level of service between a cloud service provider and a client.

What does the term "internal compliance" mean?

An internal compliance system is a way for a company to ensure that it is conducting lawful business, obeying government regulations, and complying with corporate export policies. Internal compliance systems are often made up of a set of procedures that workers must adhere to.

What are the standards for regulatory compliance?

The adherence of an organization to applicable laws, regulations, standards, and specifications is referred to as regulatory compliance. Legal action, including fines from the federal government, is usually taken in response to regulatory infractions.

Top 32 Cloud Compliance Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.