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Top 18 Cloud Migration Tools

As your company expands your data multiplies. To preserve your information you choose to encrypt your data in the cloud so as for storage and privacy purposes. But have you ever thought about how much time it takes to migrate data into the cloud service? Transferring data can be vigorous and back-breaking, it can take a lot of time even by IT engineers and can result in a lot of junctures spent on the same. Here's where Cloud Migration Tools come into picture.

Cloud migration is the process of transferring your data to the cloud. The process to move a company’s digital operative data to a cloud or two is called Cloud migration. And what are cloud migration tools? Technological assistance that helps you perform cloud migration of your data in an easier and quicker way is cloud migration tools. Indeed you can say that cloud migration tools are the technology enabler of transforming lethal legacy infrastructure to cloud service.

Below is a top tool list stating the top 18 cloud migration tools with key features and other required information.

1. Flexera

Flexera is a cloud migration tool that helps companies in strategizing cloud transformation of their databases. It provides an understanding of the data and thus helps in devising the strategy to optimize it. The tool was established in 1988 and since then it has been aiding a lot of brands in their growth.

Key Features:

  • Provides a vision into cloud migration, instilling customized instant choices, buying types, and provisioning resources into account.

  • The tool provides insights for cost-saving opportunities and devises a risk strategy after discovering the risks through its planning and analytical tools.

  • It provides infrastructural lifecycle reports for the elimination of complexities during the phase of manual modeling.


You can request a quote from the sales team to know about the cost and plans equipped.

2. River meadow SaaS tools

River meadow is known to be a multi-cloud migration service wherein they focus on optimization, cost-effectiveness, and protection of work-load capabilities. It allows you to transfer your virtual and physical servers to the cloud in an agentless environment. River Meadow was established in 2009 by founder Sanjay Mazumdar

Key Features:

  • The feature of OS upgrades allows migrating the database to the upgraded OS version.

  • It also offers quick and easy deployment.

  • Flexible in terms of recovery.

  • The tool help in the deployment of cloud migration in less than an hour with two offered migration types - VM- based and OS-based.


You can contact their sales team to equip yourself with quotes of pricing offered.

3. Turbonomic

Turbonomic provides an application-driven cloud optimization service to assist you in achieving your business goals. The tool also automatically determines the best VM instance type for your cloud application workload. Thus if you’re looking for hybrid assistance, Turbonomic is your bet.

Key Features:

  • Provides visual tools for visibility in all workflows

  • Equipped at dealing with hybrid cloud complexities with intelligence operations.

  • The proprietary policy engine helps boost compliance


You can request pricing through the website’s assistance.

4. Cloud Endures

Cloud endure is a computing company that is entrusted with the function of simplifying, expediting, and automating migrations from physical, virtual, and cloud-based infrastructure. Since 2016, the company has been an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, thereby expanding its ability to provide innovative solutions.

Key Features:

  • Ensures synchronization of data in real-time

  • Provides continuity in data replication.

  • Helps in minimizing footprint staging area


For knowledge about pricing, you can request quotes from the sales team.

5. Google migration/Velostrata

Velostrata is popularly known for ensuring quick, safe, and flexible migration of databases to Google Cloud for computing engines. This tool provides any IT team with the power to migrate their workloads to Google Cloud very easily.

Key Features:

  • It is user-friendly and simple to operate as you can migrate a simple app with a few clicks

  • You can ensure a migration sprint of 100 systems using groups or cloud API

  • It is cost-effective and comes along with a staff providing a higher rate of productivity.

  • Provides on-premise rollbacks allowing teams the security of data in case of errors.


20+ products can be listed for free for a month and the new customers get $300 in free credits. You can request a quote from their website and the sales team will compute the pricing in accordance.

6. VM ware/Cloud health technologies

VM Ware or cloud health technologies helps in streamlining operations for cloud migration services by focusing on strengthening security and compliance. It streamlines the journey for the companies in becoming digital businesses.

Key Features:

  • Provides a quick assessment of market ground by tracking and reporting analysis, ensuring beneficiaries of migration

  • Has an alignment of reporting and metrics for fitting business objectives

  • Also helps in simplifying financial management for optimization of cloud spend


Pricing can be requested from the sales team and you can also avail a free trial and demo.

7. Carbonite Migrate

Carbonite migrate was acquired by OpenText in the year 2019. It offers advanced cloud solutions for professional use, enterprise, and home. They help in reducing downtime and preventing loss of data.

Key Features:

  • Replication of data, files, and system with reliability offered

  • Performance in unlimited testing of a new environment with no disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Provides all home backup, professional backup, and business solutions.


They offer monthly plans starting from $6/ month for home requisites, $24/month for business for up to 25 computers, and $50/month for both computers and servers, all billed annually.

8. Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate supports cloud migration ranging from virtual machines to physical servers to cloud-to-cloud implementations. There are no hidden charges or startup fees, you have to pay for the services you wish to be provided.

Key Features:

  • The dashboard from Azure migrate and the integrated partner tools offer performance insights.

  • Through Azure Migration Hub you can ensure assessment of on-premises servers.

  • Helps in migrating a huge amount of data to the cloud in a quick and cost-efficient way.


Azure Migrate tools are available for no additional prices but you may incur charges for the third-party ISV tools

9. Corent Surpass

Corent Surpass helps in the automation of all the complex and vigorous tasks related to cloud migration. It offers migration, modernization, and continuous optimization alongside efficient SaaS tools.

Key Features:

  • Efficient and attentive customer service

  • Equipped with the quick transformation of applications in SaaS applications.

  • Consists of Tenancy models to gauge the environment of each application


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

10. App Dynamics

App dynamics provides an overview of cloud monitoring, cloud migration, and AWS monitoring by correlating full-stack performance along with business key metrics. It is a great tool if your major focus is on monitoring the performance of your applications.

Key Features:

  • With assistance from infrastructure visibility App dynamics helps in managing your containers and network

  • Helps in scaling elasticity of applications based on insights from business performance.


The enterprise edition plan costs $90/ month per CPU core. You can also get a custom quote from the sales executives.

11. Ave point Migration

Ave point is one of Microsoft’s very first Microsoft share point independent vendors (ISVs). Ave point migration helps in discovering, migrating, and monitoring legacy systems, mail files, and data into Microsoft office 365 and SharePoint. It ensures the maintenance of data integrity and security.

Key Features:

  • At Ave point, migration is offered as a service starting from discovering, to assistance and resulting in inefficient execution.

  • Helps in identifying and bridging governance and hardware gaps

  • Reviews ongoing content production and business needs

  • Offers simplification of cloud-based modernization with a service level approach


It is custom -priced thus you can request pricing from the sales team at Ave point.

12. Science logic

Science Logic provides and aims for data-driven automation. With Science logic, you can manage IT environments and cloud computing at a great speed and scale. It also helps in scanning your data for stating and evaluating forthcoming risks.

Key Features:

  • Monitoring the health of the application for users to ensure having calculated risk

  • Ensures IT workflow automation along with network management

  • Exposure to resources such as analyst reports and datasheets with informative webinars.


You can request pricing by availing quotes from the sales rep

13. Dynatrace

Dynatrace is an amalgamation of tools that helps simplify cloud complexity with automation and cloud-native application security all in one platform. Dynatrace is a SaaS solution that will provide flexibility in your data needs.

Key Features:

  • Ensures end-to-end transparency for analysis of application performance

  • For the implementation of dynamic architecture, Dynatrace assists in automated deployments

  • Works on multi, hybrid, and native cloud software forms. The ‘2021 Dev ops report’ helps through financial services


Custom prices are available on the Dynatrace website.

14. Micro Focus PlateSpin Migration Factory

Platespin migration ensures data transformation across cloud, virtual and physical environments and performs integrated testing for safer migration. It is a highly automated migration tool that performs quick server migration while showing a reduction in errors.

Key Features:

  • Helps in reducing server errors with par level of automation freeing up IT resources for different tasks

  • Recognizes the need for testing and inclusion of testing in server migration

  • Ensures live transfer of databases to the cloud


You can avail free trial that is available and then requests quotes from their sales team.

15. Densify

Densify is a cloud and container optimizer that helps in optimizing with integration to Intel. It is a precise, unifying, and integrated tool to help you perform cloud migration in a rather easier way.

Key Features:

  • Densify’s machine learning helps in analyzing the workload patterns in determining the optimal size of computing for your data.

  • Helps in achieving fulls vision across your cloud infrastructure

  • Densify equips impact analysis and recommendation reports for deciding execution plan


You can schedule your demo and request the trial before demanding quotes from the sales team

16. Cloud M

CloudM is an award-winning Saas Data Management platform. It helps transform infrastructural applications into SaaS applications through migration, automation, and archive services.

Key Features:

  • Helps migrate data to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

  • Provides pre-migration assessment and multiple deployment options

  • CloudM consists of a larger user group


It offers user-based pricing, you can connect to the sales team and ask them to mail you the plan and pricing quotes.

17. Unifycloud cloudatlas

Unifycloud is the suite of tools that assist in the automation of data by cloud migration and helps in accelerating and simplifying the cloud journey. It is designed for Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Key Features:

  • Unifycloud’s Cloud Recon helps in the creation of cloud migration strategy and ensures cybersecurity equipped with a deep scan of IT infrastructure.

  • Provides detailed code changes that need to be made

  • Makes you equipped with detailed monitoring and reporting across cost, security, and compliance


You can schedule a consult with the sales team for pricing purposes.

18. AWS Migration services

AWS or Amazon Web servers migration services are one of the best when it comes to the migration of databases into the cloud services. It provides a suite of tools for assistance in migration to the AWS cloud environment.

Key Features:

  • Pre-migration assessments are provided through AWS’s Management console tool.

  • It can help in transferring data to the cloud and out of it in a quick space.

  • Manages performance of heterogeneous and homogeneous data migration


AWS allows custom pricing, so you can contact their sales executives and request pricing quotes.

Things To Consider While Selecting Cloud Migration Tools

Before you choose a cloud migration tool, you must consider the following points:

  • Compatibility to the server - The tool should be compatible with your cloud server.

  • Cost of the tool- The motive of the tools is to cut out the extra cost of hiring a cloud engineer, thus the pricing of the tool should be flexible to the company.

  • The cloud migration tool should allow all the basic UX and UI developments.

  • The tool should ensure supporting end-to-end migration path from strategizing to execution.

  • Pre-migration assessment- It is a significant feature of cloud migration. Several tools ensure pre-migration assessment as an ancillary service.


Automation tools exist to make the workload easier and quicker without losing efficiency. The use of suitable cloud migration tools can help you cut down the pricing to hire a cloud engineer and can strengthen the IT optimization of a company. Purchasing a cloud migration tool won't only help you in optimizing the process but will also reduce your workload of monitoring each and every application. The demand for cloud migration tools are thus been skyrocketing as the movement from an on-premise architecture to a cloud-based architecture is a complex procedure. The cloud migration tools help simplify such processes and ensure end-to-end encryption of data to cloud servers.


What is cloud migration?

Cloud Migration is an optimization procedure that converts your virtual or physical data into cloud servers. By Cloud Migration, the data can grow without disrupting the business. Cloud Migration helps you at managing costs with its pay-as-you-go model in comparison to the hardware. You can rehost, re-platform, repurchase, and refactor to strategize cloud migration.

What are Cloud Migration tools?

Cloud Migration is a lucrative and long procedure. Thus to simplify and time-manage the task of cloud migration, cloud migration tools are used. These tools also include exclusive technology and performance reports and AI models. All this helps to plan, mitigate, assess and execute cloud migration. Cloud Migration tool is a technology enabler. The vendor company supports and ensures availability and assistance to their client’s complete journey of end-to-end cloud encryption.

How should one choose the correct cloud migration tool?

You can choose the apt cloud migration by checking the following service requirements -

  • The server equipped with the tool- You must check which server is the tool designed for, it can be a multi, hybrid, or native server. The tool should be compatible with your cloud server

  • The pricing - The motive of the tools is to cut out the extra cost of hiring a cloud engineer, thus the pricing of the tool should be flexible to the company.

  • The cloud migration tool should allow all the basics UX and UI developments.

  • The tool should ensure supporting end-to-end migration path from strategizing to execution.

  • Pre-migration assessment is a significant feature of cloud migration. Several tools ensure pre-migration assessment as an ancillary service.

When should a company start strategizing about Cloud migration?

A company should start to strategize cloud migration assistance once its hardware is three to four years old, as the cost of the replacement of hardware can be assisted through cloud migration. It helps not only in cutting the cost of depreciation but also helps in reducing the cost of hiring new hardware.

How can one secure data in cloud migration?

When your data is on the cloud or internet it is prone to attacks and theft. This doesn't mean that you can not secure your data on the cloud, you can encrypt your data both at rest and in transit and then decrypt the essential amount at the time of need.

Top 18 Cloud Migration Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.