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Top 20 Cloud Security Tools

Cloud computing is an undeniably fast-growing industry that offers a diverse range of benefits, including large-scale storage in virtual data centres known as clouds. Even though cloud storage is known for its availability and performance, businesses should also add security features to ensure that their data is not subjected to malicious activity. However, with so many cloud security options to choose from, finding the appropriate cloud security tools that fit your company's needs can be difficult.

We've put together a top tools list of the top 20 cloud security technologies that guarantee excellent security and reliability to ease your concerns.

1. CrowdStrike Falcon

CrowdStrike Falcon is a sophisticated cloud security platform that detects and prevents security attacks using modern artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. This solution, which is a pioneer in the cloud security field, can be used to secure cloud systems and a variety of other digital systems.

Key Features:

  • Drift prevention and behavioural profiling help to prevent harmful activity.

  • Deep AI and behavioural analysis can identify new and unique risks in real-time and take appropriate action, saving security teams the necessary time.

  • A deeper context is provided by market-leading threat intelligence, allowing for a faster and more effective response.

  • Falcon, which is built in the cloud, minimises the overhead, friction, and complexity of safeguarding cloud workloads and complying with regulations.


The pricing starts from $8.99 per month.

2. Pentera

Pentera is a well-known cloud security application that generates comprehensive information on various threats and vulnerabilities. Pentera offers reports based on extensive research and insights that might aid security teams in building strong resilience against threats.

Key Features:

  • Pentera, as an automated security platform, provides instructions for increased security, so the organisation does not need to be familiar with the technology.

  • Pentera provides a remediation priority, which means it shows users which vulnerabilities can be fixed in the correct sequence, saving time and money.

  • Organizations will be able to forecast any advanced miscellaneous activity and generate swift solutions to solve problems using its advanced technologies.


You can request a quote from the page.

3. Lookout

Lookout, formerly known as CipherCloud, is another cloud security application with a variety of security features. Lookout CASB gives businesses complete visibility into interactions between users' endpoints and cloud apps, allowing them to detect and respond to risks immediately.

Security teams will also be able to monitor and respond to insider threats and advanced cyberattacks with the help of User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA). To

Key Features:

  • Only authorised users will be allowed to access the data to prevent data loss.

  • Organisations can apply policies to categorise data across cloud applications using a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy.

  • Lookout Cloud and SaaS Security Posture Management (CSPM and SSPM) automatically identify and respond to misconfigurations, enforcing security guardrails to keep accounts safe.


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4. Centrify

Centrify safeguards data stored both in the cloud and on-premises. Cloud storage is convenient and versatile, but it is not without threats and risks, which is why businesses should invest in cloud security that offers a diverse range of services.

Companies will be able to secure their sensitive data from being compromised with Centrify cloud-ready Privileged Access Management (PAM) and MFA, which applies a least privilege access control approach.

Key Features:

  • You can use Centrify to set up security policies across on-premises and hybrid cloud systems to safeguard cloud-based assets.

  • Owners can manage privilege and approved access to cloud premises by applying Multi-factor authentication (MFA).

  • Every attempt to log in is authorised and monitored.


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5. Zerospam

Zerospam provides a robust cloud security solution for enterprises' crucial data held in cloud databases. The services include detecting vulnerabilities such as DOS assaults, malware, phishing, and ransomware across emails and hybrid cloud, which were recently bought by hornetsecurity group.

Zerospam provides a dynamic web interface where users can manage user access, allowlists and blocklists, and other information, making it easy for security managers to utilise the system.

Key Features:

  • To secure sensitive data, users have alternatives such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and single sign-on (SSO).

  • Because there is a considerable risk of emails containing hazardous malware, zerospam includes tools that allow you to quarantine email communications.

  • Managers are given statistical statistics that provide them with an overview of banned communications, emails, and quarantined messages.


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6. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud security service that offers physical, virtual, and cloud-based systems security. Barracuda provides a dedicated platform that allows customers to effortlessly manage their security, access controls, and upgrades since this tool was intended for managing security and boosting security performance across a distributed network.

This product is appropriate for large organisations that need to manage security across several network infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • Organisations will be notified of potential threats and provided complete proof insight to secure their data with AI-based solutions.

  • Any unauthorised intrusion is immediately recognised and notified, and the system directly takes steps to eliminate the threat.

  • Malware protection is given at a high level.


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7. CyberArk

CyberArk provides not only high-level cloud security features, but also Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls for maximum protection across on-premises and virtual cloud storage centres. Unlike other cloud security tools, the access controls are easy to design and recognise while also being extremely secure. Least privilege is also implemented in this programme across cloud environments.

Key Features:

  • Consistent cloud identity and access management (IAM) controls are implemented by the programme.

  • All employee identities can be controlled and their level of security can be specified using Active Directory (AD).

  • Every user's connectivity is checked with Privileged Session Manager (PSM).

  • The password-related needs are handled by the Central Policy Manager (CPM).


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8. Silver Sky

Silver Sky is the most efficient and optimal security solution for small and medium-sized organisations. Because harmful emails are the leading cause of vulnerabilities in cloud-based systems, Silver Sky provides email protection services such as anti-spam and antivirus protection against phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and malware assaults.

Key Features:

  • Advanced threats are detected, researched, and disrupted on every device that uses cloud security.

  • Leading technologies are used to analyse, diagnose, and remediate vulnerabilities.

  • Every system where cloud security is deployed is monitored for threats using machine learning technologies with controlled EDR.

  • Silver Sky also provides email security services to safeguard systems from spam and other malicious email communications.


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9. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a compelling cloud-based security solution that secures against vulnerabilities, viruses, and unauthorised access. Trend Micro offers advanced protection features such as runtime security among physical, virtual, and cloud storage services, in addition to enhanced security protection tools. Popular environments such as Google Cloud, Azure, IBM Cloud, VMware, and AWS have effective protection mechanisms. Other features, such as an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), antivirus, and vulnerability management system, protect against threats.

Key Features:

  • You can protect servers throughout the data centre and the cloud with a single security package.

  • Intrusion prevention and firewall protection against network risks

  • Integrity monitoring and log inspection alerts prompted by unplanned system modifications

  • For automatic protection, global threat data is updated and correlated regularly.


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10. Cloudflare Web Application Firewall

Cloudflare Web Application Firewall is yet another company that provides well-known and reliable cloud security solutions to help to speed up and safeguard millions of websites, APIs, SaaS services, and Internet-connected devices. It is a multi-purpose organisation that has been trusted to defend anything from cloud servers and services to domain names and CMS installations.

Key Features:

  • Cloudflare's Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects your websites and applications against OWASP Top Ten CMS vulnerabilities.

  • Cloudflare speeds up the connectivity between online devices. It also secures and guarantees the dependability of publicly accessible resources such as websites, APIs, and cloud applications.

  • Cloudflare improves connection security and reliability with features like a reverse proxy that does load balancing, a firewall, and protection from DDoS assaults.

  • Complimentary services include CDN and DNS.


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TOPIA is a cutting-edge security programme that keeps you ahead of the game by predicting future attacks and providing increased defence against them. Topia's interactive web design makes it simple for security personnel to deal with it while appreciating its upgraded security mechanisms.

Key Features:

  • Vulnerabilities can be mitigated using a real-time contextual app vulnerability and asset-risk analysis combo.

  • Setup, integration, and use/administration are all quite simple.

  • If malicious content is found, the system promptly quarantines it.

  • For inexperienced users, the management console is simple to use and intuitive.

  • It's easy to integrate with Office 365 without sacrificing performance or security.

  • It prevents end-users from clicking on questionable links in emails.


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12. Rubrik

Rubrik provides superior security for cloud environments and effective backup and recovery solutions. Rubrik provides speedy and effective data recovery solutions in the event that data loss occurs due to unanticipated circumstances. Businesses can manage their backups, have access to on-demand restoration, and ensure a secure data storage system with the help of this solution – all they need to assure business continuity.

There's no need to be concerned about data loss or theft because Rubrik uses immutable storage to safeguard data from ransomware assaults, even after it's been backed up.

Key Features:

  • Secure data backup ensures that nothing is lost and that data can be restored swiftly in the event of a disaster.

  • Backups are protected, making it pointless to try to destroy them due to immutable storage.

  • Compatibility with complicated cloud architecture as well as legacy and next-generation application environments


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13. Cloudian

Cloudian is the most refined cloud security product since it provides excellent protection at a minimal price. Small businesses will benefit the most. Cloudian has a vast storage capacity that can be increased for a minimal cost. Cloudian makes it simple to exchange files with only one click. It's simple to use and provides excellent file management and organisation.

Key Features:

  • It also allows for automatic backups in the event of a catastrophic data loss.

  • It is simple to integrate with Microsoft Office.

  • It saves a variety of file kinds and allows for quick access.

  • SSL encryption is available, a more advanced security feature that keeps data safe.


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14. Qualys

Qualys ensures maximum cloud security features for both cloud and on-premises systems. Vulnerabilities that provide a high risk are promptly recognised, and corrective measures are also presented, thanks to its expanded testing features. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, organisations can quickly manage security features and set access controls.

Key Features:

  • For complete visibility, Qualys also offers native interfaces with third-party cloud systems.

  • Qualys Cloud Platform is an end-to-end security solution that eliminates the costs and complexities of managing many security vendors.

  • Suspicious activities are promptly recognised and warned when using a continuous monitoring service.


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15. WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security is a veteran leader in the security services industry. It's a cloud-based solution that specialises in application security screening constantly. Using safe production scanning, their tool suite runs continually to find vulnerabilities. The scan is more time consuming, but it is pretty thorough. Human testers at WhiteHat additionally manually evaluate all results, ensuring no false positives.

Key Features:

  • Security specialists identify and analyse high-risk vulnerabilities.

  • It guarantees that the number of false positives is kept to a minimum.

  • When new vulnerabilities are discovered, alerts are sent out immediately.

  • It compares your company's security to other businesses in the industry.


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16. Orca Security

Orca Security is a SaaS product that provides comprehensive visibility into AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. Legacy vulnerability assessment tools, Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), and Cloud Workload Protection Platforms are all being replaced by it (CWPP). Large corporations and companies in SaaS, FinTech, Internet, media, ad tech, and pure-cloud service delivery would benefit from this solution.

Key Features:

  • No installation is required.

  • The intrusion detection system, threat intelligence, vulnerability management, encryption, and antivirus are among the services offered.

  • When vulnerabilities are discovered, instant alerts are sent out.

  • The finest tool for businesses that struggle to manage different cloud assets.


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17. McAfee

McAfee offers a variety of services to secure information against malicious activity. The software's Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) functionality monitors threats across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and provides data loss prevention tools to reduce the risk of data loss.

Key Features:

  • The security tools are easy to set up and install.

  • It provides zero hindrance to the system's performance even though it always runs in the background.

  • Offers excellent security against malware assaults and other malicious activity.

  • Hybrid cloud visibility and protection provide countermeasures for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid workloads.


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VIPRE Cloud offers organisations of all sizes quick, powerful, and easy-to-manage endpoint protection, as well as a wide range of security and encryption services. It enables you to manage threats from anywhere on your mobile device by utilising VIPRE Cloud. Dynamic Dashboards with Interactive Visualization and Powerful Timeline Views are available.

Key Features:

  • No hardware is necessary because the security management is hosted in the cloud.

  • Powered by complete AWS SaaS services, this platform is designed to provide the most reliable and secure cloud-based endpoint security platform.

  • Provides various services, including email protection, navigation, and cloud and web-based apps.

  • identifying and removing malware in real-time.


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19. Zscaler

Zscaler offers a comprehensive suite of security services, all of which are supplied via the cloud. It's the ultimate platform for safeguarding individuals who use cloud apps, such as those who are On-Demand Software customers. The company's direct-to-cloud infrastructure connects customers to the closest data centre, resulting in a speedier overall user experience.

Key Features:

  • Distributed cloud-based security is available for web, email, and mobile computing.

  • Regardless of where their clients are located, distributed cloud security functions as the primary data centre from their data centres.

  • Zscaler Private Access (ZPA) allows authorised users to access internally controlled applications housed in enterprise data centres or the cloud quickly and securely.

  • ZPA establishes a connection between a user and an application without using a network, resulting in more secure connections.


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20. Splunk

Splunk is a security platform that enables administrators to optimize their security operations while minimizing risks. They may streamline their whole security stack, reduce unnecessary downtime, and investigate and visualise business processes for more transparency with this platform. Splunk is a threat-fighting analytics-driven Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution that employs actionable intelligence and advanced analytics.

Key Features:

  • Splunk's Advanced Threat Investigation functionality is intriguing because it employs advanced detection and investigative procedures to detect and probe aberrant activity typically associated with compromised systems.

  • Machine data from multi-cloud or on-premises installations is aggregated and displayed in one unified view for faster reaction.

  • Splunk Enterprise Security is a machine data analysis software platform that allows businesses to get real-time operational intelligence on their digital investments.


You can request a quote from the page.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Cloud Security Tool

They Provide Security Solutions

You must invest in a cloud security platform that is staffed by active security experts. Constant research and analytics are required for the software to function properly. So keep an eye out for the cloud security firm's blogs. Is there a regular publication of security advice? If so, make an investment in them.

They’re Enough Experience in Your Industry

Though there are numerous cloud security products available, you should first check whether their services are beneficial to your company and whether they have expertise in dealing with businesses in your area.

Look for testimonials on the company websites to see if similar businesses have used cloud security technologies and solved any security problems.

They provide API integrations

API functionalities must be available in the cloud security tools you use. Thanks to API functionality, the cloud security tools will communicate with other devices and applications that the security team is already using.


As secure and valuable as cloud storage is, it's nevertheless a good idea to take extra security precautions. We hope you have gained clarity over choosing and selecting the right cloud security tools for your organisation.


What Is Cloud Security?

Cloud security, also known as cloud computing security, is a collection of rules and methodologies that safeguards cloud-based systems, data and information.

Cloud security can be customised to meet the organisation's particular needs, from granting access to screening traffic. Organisations create security methods to protect cloud data, such as company and customer data and devices.

What Are Cloud Security Tools?

Security for on-premises and cloud-based systems is provided through Cloud Access Security technologies. Cloud Access Security tools can be physical or digital solutions that link users and cloud service providers.

This applies to environments such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Data protection, threat protection, and other services are available through Cloud Access Security technologies. Cloud Access Security detects security issues and provides superior solutions using AI and machine learning technology.

When Should You Consider Using Cloud Security Tools?

When a company decides to store data in the cloud, it is essential that they adopt cloud security. This is because, as valuable and advanced as cloud storage is, it also serves as a breeding ground for security threats. Although cloud storage systems such as AWS provide excellent security features, your company must additionally offer additional security.

As a result, every well-known company invests in cloud security services to guarantee increased data and email security. Along with cloud security, numerous software packages also offer on-premises services, beneficial to businesses looking for comprehensive data protection.

What Are Some Common Cloud Security Risks?

As beneficial as it is, Cloud computing is not without its drawbacks. They are as follows:

  • Data loss is deleted, corrupted, and unreadable by a user, software, or application.

  • Hacked APIs, in which APIs come with malicious codes

  • Data Breach did by third-party organisations or hackers.

  • Denial of service (DoS) attacks

Some of the most frequent cloud security threats are listed above. To avoid this, businesses should invest in cloud security software.

What Is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security feature that utilises encryption features to secure webpage data. SSL encrypts data which is transferred across the internet to guarantee security and prohibit third-party access. As a result, anyone attempting to meddle in this data will be greeted with unintelligible characters, preventing data leakage.

SSL is the forerunner of the TLS encryption standard. SSL of a website is represented through a certificate to ensure the website’s data integrity, ensuring that it has not been tampered with before reaching the user.

Top 20 Cloud Security Tools

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