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Top 25 Commission Tools

Commission software is a cutting-edge, unique application solution that enables businesses to easily and quickly build commission plans and compute compensation. In addition, the program calculates the commission precisely by its business model, providing complete clarity and transparency.

The commission management software effectively gives the accounting and selling team a user-friendly dashboard to create real-time data, evaluate sales performance, and combine commission systems with other applications. All administrative tasks have been made simpler by the commission tool. The process is more flexible due to the management of incentive schemes. The prompt payment encourages workers to work harder and achieve their objectives.

Users may create metrics and compute the commission effectively using the best commission tools. Additionally, one may construct other programs utilizing the commission management software, such as sales competitions, bonuses, spiffs, etc.

Let's find out the top 25 commission tools in this top tools list.

1. Blitz

Create commission programs customized to your unique compensation schemes. Blitz adjusts as your company grows and your sales commission design changes. Full insurance of every comp plan is designed to guarantee that your team is selling to increase top-line revenue.

Key Features:

  • It includes powerful features, including real-time visibility & reporting, centralized commission dashboards, statistics, reports, the ability to export data to Excel, and connections with CRM/ERP.

  • There are mobile apps for iOS and Android available.

  • It is best for Innovative businesses worldwide that need customized enterprise-level commission tracking software. In Blitz, commission tracking is made simple, and sales teams collaborate as one.


Its pricing type is contract vendor, and the price of Blitz is $49.00 per month; no free trials and free versions are available.

2. Brokermint

With eSignature, commission estimates, bookkeeping, agent handling, brokerage reporting, and other features, brokermint's residential real estate system simplifies and streamlines transaction administration.

Key Features:

  • Utilize the mobile app or cloud-based platform from any device, anywhere, at any time, to take one's operations with oneself.

  • Brokermint has features like agent management which creates and oversees agent profiles and tasks such as onboarding, license information, sales, document management, etc.

  • It also has other features like listing management, which creates, modifies, and keeps an eye on the property details shown on listings sites, i.e., agency websites and third-party listing sites.


The prices of brokermint depend on the number of seats, the number of agents plus office employees, and the chosen plan.


The flexible commission system CaptivateIQ helps businesses match revenue teams with changing business objectives.

CaptivateIQ delivers a potent computation engine that saves customers' days each month processing commission payouts by fusing adaptability and simplicity.

Leading businesses like Gong, Hopin, and ClassPass depend on CaptivateIQ to translate their data, create any commission structure, and inspire sales representatives with real-time visibility.

Key Features:

  • With the help of CaptivateIQ, the finance, operations, and sales teams can better respond to change and more quickly customize plans to suit the demands of their organization.

  • CaptivateIQ enables these teams to have insights into and control their incentive pay programs.

  • It clarifies the compensations and helps readers comprehend what is compensated for and why. In addition, month-to-month comparisons are held, and accurate earnings potential tracking is.


Pricing depends on how many payees handle their compensation on their platform; they assess a monthly subscription fee.

4. Xactly

A cloud-based tool called Xactly enables companies to control commission expenditure accounting procedures. Status monitoring, workflow configuration, process automation, compliance management, and configurable reporting are essential.

Key Features:

  • Administrators can produce commission amortization schedules compliant with ASC 606.

  • Teams can view profitability reports, group-wise summarized roll forwards, and accounting models comparison using the included reporting interface.

  • Managers can also combine the system with currently operational CRIM, HRIS, CLM, and CPQ systems.


It has monthly and annual subscriptions, whereas free trials are unavailable.

5. QCommission

QCommission is a cloud-based and on-sales commission solution for small to medium businesses and big enterprises. Users can use it to figure out salespeople's remuneration.

Based on a salesperson's performance, commissions are determined. Supervisors can calculate partial and complete payments using an automated sales commission tool. In addition, users can create plans and minimize commission errors.

Key Features:

  • It permits the field to produce commission statements and keeps the data used to calculate commissions.

  • The solution offers report formats for data on sales commissions and an analysis module for deciphering data from graphs and tables.

  • Salesforce, Sage, Oracle Fusion, Microsoft Dynamics, and QuickBooks are all integrated with QCommission. In addition, regulations under Sarbanes-Oxley are followed by QCommission.


The system's quantity of payees/users determines QCommission's pricing. One of the lowest prices on the market, the recurring license cost starts at USD 15 per payee every month.

6. Commissionlyio

The comprehensive, fully automated compensation management platform Commissionlyio streamlines the sales commission procedures for various industries, including insurance, IT, and healthcare. Completely automated sales commission software increases productivity saves time and money, and eliminates errors.

Key Features:

  • A central interface allows users to control the sales territory, quotas, targets, and remuneration.

  • Many commission structures, sales splits, tax penalties, matrix/multistage commissions, multiple currencies, and other features are supported by Commission.

  • One can use Commission to determine commissions based on the Gas system's terms, and Electricity kWhrovide a monthly option and a discounted annual option.

Free trials: Yes,

$10.00 per month/user


For life and health insurance companies, AgencyBloc is a management tool that aids in the expansion and security of their operations. A particular CRM, commission processing, and linked business and sales efficiency are all included.

AgencyBloc provides your life and health insurance. It provides all the tools required to run your agency, interact with clients and prospects, and expand your business.

Key Features:

  • Performance metrics: A bundle of measures used to gauge how well a company, a division, or a specific project is doing.

  • Users can quickly view ongoing operations using the program dashboard, such as individual tasks and company-wide announcements.

  • Using commission tracking, you may verify that you received a commission payment based on the carrier agreement for a particular product.


Plans start at $70.00 per month per user and are individually tailored for each agency.

The monthly fee for the Commission Module is $100.

Free trial: Yes


NextAgency is a commission tracking and processing software tailored to insurance professionals. Users can upload and review commissions, bonus payments, service charges, and overrides. It syncs with users' emails and leads agents to agents.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to track various compensation types, such as commissions, overrides, fees, and bonuses.

  • Syncs with sales reps' email accounts, routing emails sent to or received from prospects and clients to their records.

  • Users can use chronological reports to identify patterns, forecast the future and track their compensation by the provider, customer, product line, broker, rep, and sub-agent.


NextAgency has one pricing option, with a starting price of $93.75 for one user and $42.25 for every additional user.

9. Performio

Performio provides users with the tools they need to determine commission-based compensation. It enables them to create their own sales compensation plans and commission calculations. It also offers its users a compensation table, which displays a complete history of all payments and their correlating recipients.

Key Features:

  • On desktop and mobile, brokers can access their performance measures, actual time leaderboards, compensation payouts, and commission estimates.

  • It provides commission updates and in-depth transaction data to sales managers for all agents.

  • These have robust reporting capabilities that provide data-driven insights into incentive plans' efficiency and sales team performance.


Beginner: $20 per month (up to 30 users)

Regular: $25 per month (up to 300 users)

Professionals:$30 per month (up to 300 users)

10. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a CRM system with goal tracking that allows users to quantify bonus compensation based on their individual or organizational work. In addition, its Analysis feature will provide consumers with contract reports showing how many sales reps lost or won prospects and why. It is an excellent choice for organizations that want to reimburse their sales representatives based on performance-to-goal calculations monitored in their CRM.

Key Features:

  • Reports on cycle time duration and earn rates help users improve their sales processes.

  • Users can set themselves, group, and business goals and track progress with real-time performance measures on configurable dashboards and CRM reports.

  • Pipelines are simple and highly visual, making it simple for representatives to keep records of one‘s leads and set sales.


Vital: $14.90 per month per consumer.

Advanced: $24.90 per month per consumer.

Expert: $49.90 per month per consumer.

Firm: $99 per month per consumer.

14-day free trial.

11. Iconixx

Iconixx has a transparent sales commission platform that assists teams and management in understanding current sales practices and planning to meet goals. For example, one group could set up complicated rules while maintaining visibility using automated commission calculations.

Key Features:

  • The Iconixx Sales platform integrates commission calculations, internal custom workflows, reporting, and the ability to forecast hypothetical scenarios.

  • These tools eliminate complex spreadsheet disclosure and innovative calculations, enabling your sales team and managers to devote more time to selling and clarifying goals.

  • The sales commission software from Iconixx enables managers to monitor staff development. Employees may also watch their personal growth and pinpoint their strong and weak points.


Free trials are available.

12. Joopy

Joopy, a cloud-based Sales Performance Management (SPM) platform, is a market leader in assisting global sales organizations in increasing sales and profitability. Tier 1 sales teams can handle all product lines on a unified platform with JOOPY.

Key Features:

  • It combines equivalent operational policies and procedures and provides a web portal to a company's current retail channels to boost engagement.

  • To encourage its entire distribution system to achieve its goals and objectives, JOOPY employs a 'Sales Channel' approach.

  • It enables the global sales organization to translate strategic objectives into measurable sales objectives and targets.


Joopy has not provided this commodity or service's pricing. The standard procedure for software vendors and service providers. For current pricing, users need to contact Joopy.

13. Amalia

Amalia is a real-time commission tool where you can centralize information from numerous sources and utilize it to make sales-optimizing decisions. Admins can describe plans, brief rewards, and commission rules regardless of how complex your commission structure is.

Key Features:

  • Create team structures allowing you to audit, modify, and rail commissions across your Reps.

  • It has a commission calculator for calculating the commitment required to pay each employee.

  • Administrators may set strategies, provide temporary incentives, and establish commission regulations regardless of how complicated your commission system is.


Amalia hasn't yet offered pricing information.

14. Bsuperior

Users at Bsuperior Systems are intensely interested in business, software, and technology. They have merged these elements to create one-of-a-kind cooperation among our team members and customers, likely to result in a superior solution that aids their clients solve even the most challenging problems.

Key Features:

  • The web application can calculate simple and complicated tiered commission frameworks.

  • The software is configured to save user time and money while also increasing sales efficiency through integrating personalized reports and a sales tracking system.

  • It gives user data about the payment status, pipelines, and managing staff and allows users to customize and track data.


Users must contact vendors for prices; no accessible trails are available.

15.AgencySmart Information

AgencySmart is a cloud-based "all-in-one" solution for agents and retail brokerage firms who sell employee benefits, insurance products, financial services, and other industry-related products (payroll, HR, and consulting) to advertising and individual clients. From data management to onboarding to benefit enrollment.

Key Features:

  • AgencySmart eliminates the need to handle your business using multiple systems.

  • AgencySmart saves time, lowers labor costs, and increases efficiencies, which can help your agency become more profitable.

  • Typos and inconsistent naming standards between systems won't be an issue with a single integrated system.


The starting price is $49.00 per month.

A free trial is available.

There is no free version.

16. NetCommission

NetCommissions assists businesses in increasing sales force productivity by offering online business sales and management solutions. They have a demonstrated track record of creating and supplying innovative solutions that not only offer clients timely and precise payments.

Key Features:

  • NetCommissions offers a comprehensive, on-demand sales performance management software solution for businesses of all sizes and industries.

  • Unlike one-to-many cookie-cutter software that supports a product-centric 'one-size-fits-all' company strategy, NetCommissions' different consumer approach empowers clients to dictate the scope, working process, and customer experience.

  • By offering industry-leading online Sales Performance Management Solutions, NetCommissions assists businesses in increasing the productivity of their sales forces.


For the prices, users need to contact vendors.

Free trials are not available.

17. Commission Pay Pro

Commission Pay Pro is a compensation management tool that enables real estate companies to consolidate sales calculations, expenditure tracking, employee performance analysis, and more.

Key Features:

  • It allows administrators to disburse commission payouts based on a set amount or percentage of total sales.

  • Supervisors may handle recurring incentive payment operations with Commission Pay Pro by developing and maintaining a centralized employee and subcontractors database.

  • Employees may use the worker website to track commission payouts and upload reimbursement amounts from a single platform.


$4.95 per month.

There is no free trial available.

However, a free version is accessible.

18. Sales cookies

Sales Cookie is a robust sales commission management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Our cloud-based technology makes creating and administering even the most complicated sales incentive programs simple.

Key Features:

  • Every sales professional has a customized dashboard that includes their objectives, credits, and incentives.

  • All computations are quick and accurate, allowing you to pay reps on time. The admin panel and rep dashboards are shown below.

  • You may instantly sync sales transactions with CRM or exchange currencies.


Pricing Starts At $19.99 per month.

Free Version: Available.

Free Trial: Available.

19. One bill

OneBill is a cloud-based service that helps businesses to consolidate subscription management and billing procedures.

Key Features:

  • The key features are billing and invoicing, CPQ, purchase provisioning, analytics, workflow automation, approval process management, and configurable templates.

  • Businesses may link OneBill with third-party payment processing solutions, including Stripe, Authorize.Net, Paypal, Bambora, DIGITS, and others.

  • Support several settlement methods, including margin-based, fixed-cost-based, and revenue-share-based models.


Starting price:349$ per month.

Accessible trails: Not available.

Free version: Not available.

20. Easy commission

Easy-Commission is a simple sales commission program. It can compute sales commissions quickly and easily. It takes the sales data you submit and uses the commission formulas you choose to generate commission statements.

Key Features:

  • It is entirely web-based and gives your sales representatives instant access to their compensation statements.

  • Easy-Commission eliminates most firms' primary problems with calculating and paying sales commissions.

  • Given the complexity of commissions, Easy-Commission is a straightforward and easy-to-use program.


Starting price: $2.95 per user.

Accessible trails: Available.

21. Vue software

The insurance distribution management platform VUE Software is created to satisfy the pay standards of the insurance sector. It assists users in developing a personalized incentive and commission scheme that meets the organization's specific requirements.

Key Features:

  • For carriers, it offers the VUE Distribution Management Suite, and for MGAs, IMOs, and distributors, it offers the VUE Distribution Accelerator Suite.

  • Users that utilize VUE Distribution Compensation tools can improve their distribution and compensation procedures.

  • Manages several insurance policies and contracts with features specific to each line.

  • It allows chargebacks, renewals, and other user-defined commission-based programs.


Request a quote or more details about pricing from Vue.

Unfortunately, free versions are not available.

22. Benelinx

Benelinx is a cloud-based agency management system created specifically for the insurance industry. It allows users to track commissions, administer staff benefits, and consolidate data from a single location.

Key Features:

  • It enables employees to send proposals, manage projects, prepare papers, and automate data input procedures.

  • Businesses may combine the platform with several third-party programs thanks to Benelinx, including Salesforce and Conga Composer.

  • They provide a superior management system for your business that eliminates inefficiencies, time-consuming administrative duties, and manual data entry.


Monthly subscriptions govern pricing, and assistance is provided by documents, email, phones, and other means.

23. Software Millennium

Software Millennium is a solution that enables you to handle all the activities associated with Direct Sales, MLM, and Multilevel businesses.

Key Features:

  • With the help of this software, you can streamline all the operations of your direct sales company, establish qualifications, and include several pay schemes or a particular plan.

  • Additionally, it allows you to combine various payment channels, including cryptocurrency ones, and build your virtual academy.

  • With Millennium, digitalize your Direct Sales business.


For the price, users need to contact vendors.

No accessible trails are available.


Users are powered by top-notch checkout tools, tools to keep customers and decrease churn, tools to increase conversions and revenue, and tools to automate processes and cut costs. Integrate third-party products seamlessly to improve efficiency and customer interactions. Work with PayKickstart to get the technical obstacles out of the way so you can concentrate on your product.

Key Features:

  • Supports interfaces with MailChimp, Paypal, Stripe, and other services for membership, email, and payments.

  • A growing collection of editable one-step and multi-step checkout templates is available.

  • Increase conversions using order spikes, promotional codes, and 1-click upsells.


Pricing Starts: at $29 per month.

Free Trial: Yes


The brokerage and back office can work together online, and users can control it anywhere. As a result, the only platform that enables you to manage all aspects of your business, including the deal pipeline, chances, and commission payments, is CommissionTrac.

Key Features:

  • The agents, principals, and back office will be equipped with the resources required to run a successful and efficient firm without having to go through spreadsheets or paper files.

  • One may forget about using paper forms and spreadsheets for your pipeline and new deals. Everything is centralized in CommissionTrac.

  • No more double-entry of data. Simple processes are available from CommissionTrac for your back office and agents.


Pricing Starts: at $60 per month.


How do Commission Tools work?

For improving sales and accounting efficiency, commission technologies offer automated and secure commission administration. Let's rapidly respond with the following to comprehend this in depth: What does accounting commission mean?

When a sale is made, a person or company may get or be required to pay a commission. The purpose of commissions is to encourage sales.

When businesses use commissions, the accounting procedures typically get more intricate as sales increase. Fortunately, a commission solution can assist with commission calculation and tracking, offer bespoke reports, produce analyses, and automate accounting procedures so that no one has to deal with manual or repetitive activities.

What Varieties of Individuals Buy Commission Tools?

Your demands as a buyer will determine what features you search for when selecting a commission tool. Sub-categories are created for it.

Multiple Commission Models: The procedure rapidly becomes complicated if you work for a company that employs a variety of commission models. Your accounting and sales teams may use a commission tool to compute commissions with maximum precision.

Commission Control: The customer relationship management (CRM) software used by many sales teams will be used to manage their workflow. These tools often lack commission management features, as you are fully aware. You want a commission solution that can interact with your CRM tool to handle commissions.

What Advantages Do Commission Tools Offer?

  1. Automatism

Eliminate the need for inconsistent data, laborious computations, and onerous tracking procedures.

  1. Transparency

Everyone will want to know the latest information on how sales and commissions are doing, from sales representatives to management teams. A live dashboard is accessible to users with a sales commission tool, and so many tools enable the customization of reports.

  1. Exactness

Manual mistakes can significantly impede the process and results since precision is essential for sales commission and commission accounting. Your team can feel secure knowing that data is being appropriately collected, tracked, and paid out using a commission tool.

  1. Analytics

The team undoubtedly wishes to examine commission structure success rates to optimize it beyond increasing sales. One may adjust and obtain reports from a commission tool to evaluate your commission structure.

Can the tools overcome certain obstacles?

It's critical to glean as much information as you can from any demo a business gives. Make sure you ask the demo administrator to lead you through a specific situation that is relevant to your company or, at the very least, applies to your staff. It's probable that their programme can't handle that task without some significant, maybe expensive, improvements if they can't demonstrate how to achieve it in detail during the demo. We will always offer to take care of this for you during any demo using Core.

How much automation is provided by the software?

To various people, automation might imply different things. Some businesses only have a very little amount of automation, thus additional procedures are still necessary. For instance, to verify that certain commission rules and percentages are reflected accurately, a user could be needed to export data, edit it, and then input it back into the application. With Core, none of it is necessary. The programme actually satisfies whatever amount of automation is practical for your business.

Top 25 Commission Tools

The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.