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Best Complysci Alternatives From Around The Web

ComplySci is the hedge fund management used by empowering compliance professionals to monitor, investigate, and report on employee trading.

Hedge funds can have confidence in ComplySci to handle risk and compliance management in the face of increasingly complicated regulatory requirements. ComplySci helps compliance officers evaluate data and draw insights to boost the effectiveness of their compliance program by streamlining and automating compliance activities that would otherwise reside in spreadsheets.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Complysci. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

This user-friendly program gives architects and designers a graphical environment in which to construct 3D design models. The Dynamo Studio is a one-of-a-kind component of the program that allows architects and designers to evaluate the acoustic properties of a potential building or room. When architects have access to extensive primary data insights and analysis, they are able to create more sophisticated designs.

Efficiency gains can be realized through the use of a unified multicurrency G/L and automated workflow solutions, such as direct feeds with brokers/custodians. There is a large variety of assets and portfolio valuation techniques that can be used with the software. FundCount combines swiftness, accuracy, and analytical insight with flexible, on-demand reporting for clients. FundCount removes all barriers to entry by providing accurate accounting for onshore and offshore funds.

HedgeGuard PMS was developed by experts that grew up in the Hedge Fund business and have a deep understanding of your goals and the stakes involved. Asset managers, fund managers, family officers, and crypto-fund managers will find the portfolio management system particularly useful. Position-keeping, reporting, and other tools for managing orders, risks, and compliance are all part of HedgeGuard's end-to-end software suite.

Portfolio System equips both new and seasoned hedge fund managers with streamlined, real-time trade order, portfolio, and operational management tools. The software provides a unified platform for managing assets across numerous portfolios, strategies, asset classes, currencies, and custodians. The majority of the main prime brokers, as well as hundreds of dealers and trading systems, are all linked to the platform.

It is designed to meet the most sophisticated accounting requirements of investors. It keeps tabs on investor accounts, computes fees in a wide range of structures (including Master Feeders) for monetized, unitized, and private equity funds, and creates performance statements for both partners and funds. With HedgeTek's simple integration tool, data can be downloaded and imported between systems, doing away with time-consuming manual entry and boosting efficiencies in the back-office functions.

It includes but is not limited to hedge funds, private equity funds, mutual funds, UCITS, ETFs, equities, real estate, etc. In order to improve the investment decision and management processes, PackHedge offers full portfolio design, simulation, what-if modeling, tracking, and management tools of mixed asset kinds. The hypothetical investment portfolio used in what-if analyses and simulations, complete with rebalancing, asset allocation, exposures, and other variables.

This tool simplifies fundamental operations and established procedures. They provide investment professionals with an advantage in terms of performance by providing them with insightful information, workflow solutions for the whole portfolio lifecycle, and the best support team in the business. If you want to increase your efficiency and output, go no further than FactSet. Research and investment workflows can be streamlined with the help of solutions that help with idea generation.

ProFundCom provides a methodical strategy for promoting hedge funds and other asset managers. All CRM systems are compatible with ProFundCom. To disseminate investor communications in a way that is both safe and compliant, and to guarantee the papers' authenticity, use this technology. Investor relations can be more focused and personalised if you monitor engagement on your website and social media platforms.

Its strongest points are in the areas of cash management, margin management, collateral management, and secure financing. Companies can better manage their cash flow and liquidity with the aid of treasury management software. In addition to managing liquidity concerns, tracking investments and debt, and making projections, this tool has many more potential applications in the realm of finance. It allows accountants and finance managers to monitor the company's liquidity.

NAVs, returns, exposures, performance contributions, transactions, and financial statements are only some of the time series data Allocator provides. Information seen in PDFs and portals is presented in a more streamlined and straightforward way. You can also use their analysis, fund selection, portfolio management, and reporting tools. Pre-investment research and manager due diligence can be conducted with the use of the platform's tools, which draw information from a variety of sources.

Hedge fund investors ranging from family offices to investment banks can take use of this comprehensive analytical platform and its advanced risk and portfolio management tools. It can be easily integrated with internal database systems. Analytics based on both returns and holdings, with an unlimited number of data points for holdings snapshots. Risk Shell is the go-to platform because of its superior scalability, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness.

It's a unified environment that provides a solid foundation and fully automated processes. Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager is equipped to manage even the most intricate products, enhancing position management through automated tracking of positions and real-time P&L reporting. In order to concentrate on expanding your business, you can utilise this application to efficiently manage your complete portfolio through simplified processes and comprehensive asset class coverage.

The software assists in meeting the ever-increasing regulatory and customer demands for reporting, operational rigor, and transparency. It deals with the need to speed up time-to-market in addition to large up-front and ongoing investments in personnel and infrastructure. The tool establishes the proper foundation to bring in and sustain rising AUM without surpassing the scalability of the foundation's design.

The tool will allow you au­to­mat­i­cally cal­cu­late and ap­ply shar­ing per­cent­ages solely to funds el­i­gi­ble to take an ex­pense. All accounts payable may be consolidated, and accurate expense reporting is simple to access. In order to expedite payment processing and management company reimbursement, EAS instantly allots and integrates with your accounting systems to automatically record expenses to the general ledger.

Using DealCloud, businesses can manage their complete investor relation strategies in one location. DealCloud provides relationship intelligence dashboards and reports for hedge fund managers, which display detailed relationship scores based on data across all communications (inbound and outgoing emails, phone calls, and meetings) between your firm and its network.

The ability to easily examine deal information with real-time insights is only one of the many benefits of using DealCloud.

Their OMS, PMS, EMS, and CRM applications provide the most intuitive interfaces available. Pinnakl is an all-inclusive investment management platform with features including real-time order processing, portfolio analytics, and risk management. In addition, it provides managers with analytics for gauging risk exposure and real-time profit and loss computations, data sorted by asset class.

Northstar's platform is built to work in tandem with other business applications, such as back office and order management systems, to deliver comprehensive, real-time risk and performance insights. This tool will help you import, export, and save data with competing providers, you must develop and maintain intricate systems. Professionals at Northstar will connect your existing back-end systems to our risk and performance management system.

Allocators, consultants, fund managers, and third-party fund marketers can all benefit from using AlternativeSoft. Teams can create fact sheets and portfolio reports with the help of AlternativeSoft's pre-made templates. Businesses can also handle private equity fund accounting, establish compliance standards, monitor portfolio liquidity, and measure profit and loss. AlternativeSoft is a useful tool for managing a hedge fund, as it provides thorough, reliable, and up-to-date information.

Instead of spending time learning a new and complicated system, you can get started using FINCAD right away thanks to its straightforward and intuitive user interface. Excel, CSV, and PDF exports are all available for your convenience.

The results from FINCAD are concentrated on hedge effectiveness metrics for all of your hedging instruments and their derivatives. You can take preventative measures against potential risks if you know that a particular hedge is about to lose its effectiveness.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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