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Top 16 Conversational AI Tools

The technology called conversational AI enables companies to communicate with customers automatically. Any messaging or voice-based communication tool is acceptable for these conversations, whether they are in text or audio format.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced to the point that it can faithfully mimic human speech. Natural language processing is the engine behind these human-like conversations (NLP). It helps AI understand speech, text, and intent as well as translate between different languages and react as a human would.

Let's take a look at the best conversational AI tools in this top tools list.

1. Amazon Lex

A division of Amazon's Alexa is called Amazon Lex. It is a service for creating conversational interfaces that use both speech and text. It works with every application. Given that Amazon Lex boasts one of the most potent NLP engines on the market, it is a major player in the conversational AI sector. Using speech and text, conversational interfaces may be built into any application with the help of Amazon Lex. You just pay for what you use while using Amazon Lex. There is no minimum charge or upfront commitment. A request-and-answer exchange or an ongoing discussion is what Amazon Lex bots are made for. Each user input—voice or text—processed throughout the request and response interaction is handled as a single API call. All user inputs from various turns of a streaming conversation are handled by a single streaming API call.

Key Features:

  • Amazon Lex instantly scales because it is a fully managed service. Concerning infrastructure management, there is none.

  • A straightforward user interface that leads you through the creation and design of chatbots.

  • One-click for bot deployment across all channels.


Amazon Lex package starts at $33.50.

2. MobileMonkey

Businesses can automate both inbound and outbound sales outreach at scale with MobileMonkey, the world's leading platform for influencer/creator +B2C data prospecting, across a variety of communication channels, including Web Chat, SMS, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Email. Over a million companies worldwide, in every industry and nation in the globe, use MobileMonkey Sales Outreach Automation as a Service.

Key Features:

  • Integrations that will help you produce leads

  • Tools for cooperation will be useful for teams operating various chatbot websites.

  • Facebook Ads and Analytics.


Contact the company for the details.


A cloud-based service called enables small and medium-sized businesses to build conversational websites, landing pages, and surveys, and lead-generating chatbots to connect with consumers and increase conversion rates. Users may develop lead-generating forms on the conversational user interface (UI)-based platform, and the data is sent straight to the customer relationship management systems of enterprises for additional processing. Additionally, has an integrated editor that enhances interaction with potential clients, keeps track of leads, and customizes messages based on visitor preferences.

Key Features:

  • Businesses may utilize's dashboard to evaluate and export information about chat-bot interactions with customers.

  • Businesses may add a click-to-call, email, or WhatsApp action to a message so that customers can communicate with agents directly.

  • Clients may set SEO for social media sharing on and add tracking codes for outside applications like Google Analytics IDs.

  • Developers may connect business tools with the platform and control bot chats directly from the Helpdesk thanks to the platform's built-in API.

  • Gives users access to tools for block-by-block and drop-off ratio conversion analysis, which shows how many users reached a certain block before leaving the flow at a particular point.

4. Cognigy

Dealing with clients from different demographics, speaking different languages, and needing different solutions is what Cognigy excels at.

Along with improving client encounters, this application may also direct consumers to the appropriate departments, help staff members solve challenging situations, and promote intelligent procedures.

Key Features:

  • Digital chatbots that converse with consumers in their native tongue.

  • Consistent, round-the-clock contact using all of your consumers' preferred channels.

  • Solutions that are scalable and secure all data.

  • You can raise customer satisfaction thanks to their comprehensive analytics feature.


Contact the company for the details.

5. Ideta

In order to react to new business, Ideta employs significant NLP training to scan client chats for context and purpose in real-time. Its analytics component also provides useful insights into customer data. This cloud-based conversational AI platform enables developers to construct several test scenarios or conversations to evaluate the functionality of the bot before deploying it, in addition to building AI chatbots.

Key Features:

  • Coding knowledge is not necessary to build bots. Ideta's integrated partners may be catered to with bots.

  • Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and more platforms allow you to host your bot.

  • Allows the use of NLP to create a chatbot.


Ideta package starts at $9/month.

6. Acquire

Enterprise teams are provided with the digital tools by Acquire so they can deliver the greatest customer experiences. with features like live chat, video calling, safe browsing, and AI chatbots. Purchasing a software package that is versatile and expandable fits the support and customer care requirements of any organization on any device.

With Acquire, customers may select whether or not they want to be visible to the support person while still being able to view them. Acquire also offers two-way video calling.

Key Features:

  • Customers may call for free using a one-click call button on users' websites.

  • With peer-to-peer encryption and secure cloud storage, Acquire enables fast file sharing through chat windows, allowing for the exchange and viewing of critical information from any web-enabled device.

  • Speech recognition makes it possible for users to take notes or record calls while they are on the phone.

  • Users may interact directly with clients' web browsers using Acquire's co-browsing capability, marking up certain pages, clicking on links, and completing forms.

  • Calls can be recorded for record-keeping, performance evaluations, staff training, and error-reduction purposes.


Contact the company for the details.

7. Feedyou

One of the AI conversational systems that provides distinctive solutions for certain business demands is called Feedyou. Their three main business functions—HR, sales, and customer support—are built into a chatbot that is automated using powerful AI technologies. This platform's simple scalability without compromising data security is what makes it appealing. It is also well-equipped to support transactions and conduct staff surveys.

Key Features:

  • A complete no-code platform with a conversational designer for creating and managing virtual assistants.

  • One virtual assistant for all channels with complete data security.

  • There are more than 30 pre-built connectors for internal CRM, ERP, ATS, and eCommerce platforms, plus the option to add new ones.

  • Your virtual assistant may be set up to talk in many languages, and you can switch as required.

  • Everything is handled via the built-in designer, which you may use in your browser with ease.

  • Sign in and begin to create. Users may set up NLP models or integrations, construct messages, and monitor metrics. from the same location.

  • It has been challenging to create large-scale assistance up until now. Working with our platform is simple and effortless.


Contact the company for the details.

8. Sparkcentral

A SaaS platform called Sparkcentral by Hootsuite was created to assist organizations in managing customer support operations across multiple asynchronous messaging platforms including Facebook and Instagram as well as WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, email, and online chat.

An automated message distribution (AMD) engine is provided by the program, and it interfaces with contact centers and synchronizes all customer interactions with a number of CRM platforms, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Siebel. AMD's virtual agent technology enables real operators to cooperate with AI-based chatbots to respond to several client inquiries at once. Users may monitor the conversation history of clients and synchronize live chat on both websites and mobile applications thanks to its unified platform.

By redirecting phone calls to messaging channels, agents may manage customer queues with Sparkcentral's call-to-message deflection capability. Additionally, it enables team members to check up on the status of sent messages and learn about unsuccessful communications, as well as send proactive notifications to clients through SMS or WhatsApp.

Key Features:

  • Everything is handled via the Automated Message Distribution Platform. Your staff will be able to manage more messaging platform interactions quickly and effectively with the help of this solution's potential integration with AI chatbot systems.

  • Virtual agents and real support staff may even collaborate.

  • Autoresponders, skill-based routing, client segmentation, alerts, audit trails, single sign-on, priority, and reporting are among the features.


The sparkcentral package starts at 23.44 USD per month.

9. Intercom

Intercom is a platform for sales, marketing, and customer care that attracts, engages, and supports consumers using a bot-based algorithm, customized emails, push notifications, in-app messaging, and a built-in help desk. It helps sales teams in all sectors by enabling them to automatically deliver customized messages around-the-clock and to interact with prospects in order to finally convert them into customers.

Based on the location and account owner, Intercom automatically allocates leads through round-robin or directly. The program continually monitors surfing habits, Clearbit data, and referral URLs. Additionally, the program facilitates multi-channel talks' organization.

Key Features:

  • Intercom's Business Messenger offers more than simply chat with engaging applications and automatic responses, making it easier for you and your customers to complete tasks quickly.

  • By sending the correct messages at the right time, you can enhance engagement by 2X and the adoption of new features by creating segments and trigger-based auto messaging.

  • With an end-to-end support system, you can cut the time it takes to respond to support queries for the first time in half and use live chat to provide excellent, immediate customer service.

  • With more than 100 pre-built applications and connectors, a flexible API, and free developer workspaces, you may connect to your current tech stack. Intercom seamlessly integrates with what you and your team are currently doing well.

  • With Intercom, you'll receive assistance from a committed team of sales and support professionals that can help you scale your team with Intercom and provide best practices, industry insights, and support.


Contact the company for the details.

10. Drift

For sales and marketing teams, Drift is a cloud-based live chat, in-app messaging, and email management system. Drift provides a chatbot driven by AI, customized live chat widgets, email follow-ups for abandoned chats, conversation history, and email campaign automation.

When a visitor initiates a chat, Drift shows the page the visitor is on. If the visitor inputs their email address, their name, location, social media connections, company, and employment information are then made available to users through the side profile drawer. Users are alerted when a chat is allocated to them automatically, and typing indications appear when an agent or visitor is replying to the discussion. Conversations may be shared between agents.

Key Features:

  • When a visitor enters their email address, Drift immediately makes their name, location, social network connections, company and career information, and more available to users. It also offers users insight into the page a visitor is on when their discussion begins.

  • Transferring conversations across agents is possible, and typing indications let you know when a user is joining the chat.

  • Drift emails a visitor the entire chat with the option to react later if they haven't seen a message after 15 minutes.

  • Different groups can get targeted messages depending on a URL, scroll percentage, or predefined segments.


Drift package starts at $2,500/month.

11. Infobip

For customer assistance and engagement, Infobip is an omni-channel communications platform that makes use of SMS, voicemail, email, and mobile app messaging. The platform's features include event-triggered activities, geolocation, chatbots, custom payload tools, consumer profiling, and more.

By automatically establishing the necessary code to assure compatibility and readability on each device, regardless of message length, Infobip allows SMS messages to be seen on any device. To determine the quickest route for each SMS, Infobip uses intelligent routing to examine a variety of route characteristics in real-time. Users may send communications to clients in any country using the global compliance engine, ensuring that local laws are followed.

Key Features:

  • The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service offered by Infobip allows users to communicate with more people via a variety of messaging apps.

  • Users may transform text into phone calls using the text-to-speech feature, and consumers can receive audio messages that are conveyed in a variety of dialects thanks to pre-recorded voice files.

  • In order to protect the confidentiality and security of client phone numbers, Infobip provides a number masking option.

  • The platform shows message delivery and read statuses and records user statuses in real-time.

  • The platform analyzes replies to communications using AI and chatbots, and if necessary, automatically initiates follow-up action.


Contact the company for the details.

12. Appy Pie Chatbot

A well-known chatbot building platform, Appy Pie Chatbot, aids customers in creating extremely user-friendly chatbots that are outfitted with a variety of conversational marketing capabilities. As a no-code chatbot creator, Appy Pie is very user-friendly. No of their level of technological expertise, anybody can develop conversational bots for their website, app, or social media accounts using an accessible bot creator. Appy Pie-based chatbots are extremely scalable and have a wide range of applications. For instance, you may utilize Appy Pie to help your customer service or to increase sales and income by speeding up inquiry response and improving client happiness.

Key Features:

  • With the help of the application development platform Appy Pie, users may build mobile applications that are compatible with platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows mobile OS.

  • A wide range of sectors, including casinos, gyms, small enterprises, and religious groups, may construct apps using the technologies.

  • On the basis of pre-existing application frameworks, businesses may build a variety of applications, including games, business apps, shopping carts, CRM apps, and more.

  • Applications may be shared with prospective clients on a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the Appy Pie app store.


Appy Pie Chatbot package starts at $8/bot/month.

13. Mindsay

Anyone may create a bot using the simple, low-code Mindsay conversational AI platform. You may quickly and simply increase team output and the caliber of your client care.

If you utilize Mindsay, you may customize conversational AI to any business needs thanks to the company's experience working with top brands across sectors. Regardless of technical proficiency, you can rapidly have a chatbot ready to use with our personalized customer care automation platform.

Key Features:

  • Automate a lot of the client demands

  • Get rid of laborious procedures

  • Make the best use of available personnel

  • Deliver incredible client experiences


Contact the company for the details.

14. ProProfs ChatBot

ProProfs chat is a quick and effective online chat tool that enables various company websites to provide prompt assistance to their esteemed clients and website visitors. With the help of ProProfs live chat software, your customer service team can respond to multiple customers without interfering with their browsing experience, answer a variety of questions in real time, and resolve issues more quickly.

Key Features:

  • When operators are not available, permit call-back requests.

  • Pre-chat forms are used to gather leads while post-chat surveys are used to get feedback.

  • Chat more quickly by using preset replies.

  • Up to 80% faster response of incoming consumer inquiries.

  • Knowledge base integration can assist clients in finding solutions to their questions.

  • Detailed reports may be used to track the performance of support operators.


ProProfs ChatBot package start at $15/Month

15. Salesforce Einstein

A firm may use Salesforce Einstein, an AI-enabled technology, to manage customer interactions, data analysis, report production, and productivity across departments through a single interface. The platform enables businesses to create, educate, and deploy autonomous bots to communicate with prospects and consumers, answer questions automatically, and collect and store data across many digital channels.

Key Features:

  • Faster ROI may be attained by spending less time cleaning up data and more time converting leads and selling things.

  • Native Salesforce Integration: Establishes a secure connection with Salesforce and adds vital BI to the CRM platform.

  • Streamline Your Systems With data connectivity to any platform, including external systems, you can consolidate all the data onto a single screen to obtain the whole picture.

  • Utilization Ease: Create understandable data visualizations without the need for technical expertise by using ready-to-use, customisable templates.


Contact the company for the details.

16. ChatGPT

Open AI has newly launched its AI-powered chatbot, called ChatGPT for public testing. The bot is developed to interact with users in a conversational tone, making it accessible to a wide target audience.

ChatGPT helps with writing code within seconds in an easy way. It can also solve complex code-related issues in a matter of minutes. The model is used to develop human-like responses thay act like a virtual assistant to users.

Key Features:

  • Engages with users in a human-like conversation.

  • Integrates with a variety of platforms to enhance customer experience.

  • Known to handle a wide range of human conversations and scenarios.

  • Automatically learns to adapt to new situations.

  • Helps generate bedtime stories.


Pay as you go

Things to consider while choosing conversational AI tools

Knowing AI and its Applications

Become well-versed in how AI may assist you by utilizing the extensive online tools and knowledge. Online courses are also being provided by a number of companies to educate you the fundamentals of AI, as well as other crucial business topics like machine learning and predictive analytics.

Determine the problems that AI must resolve

Start looking at different possibilities for incorporating AI capabilities into your goods and services. You should also take into account some use cases where AI can be able to resolve business problems or provide real benefits, as in brand marketing.

Teams at the help desk are frequently swamped with a backlog of support tickets. Even if some of them are repeated and not urgent, they must be handled. As a result, the more significant and urgent consumer complaints are pushed to the back. You may provide your support crew with an AI-powered digital assistant to increase their productivity and efficiency. You can also utilize AI and automation to divert calls, which will save your help desk costs dramatically.

Prioritize tangible value

The cost of AI software varies depending on the product. Generally speaking, it is not always inexpensive. While it is very simple to get off topic in AI talks, you may prevent this by explicitly connecting your objectives to observable data. Keep in mind your company objectives because it's easy to get distracted by all the appealing extras. You can find yourself purchasing instruments that can handle a variety of tasks but may not be the ideal for what you intended to achieve.

The Internal Capability Gap should be avoided.

Before deploying AI platforms, you should be aware of what your company can and cannot do from a commercial and technological standpoint. The gap between what you want to do and what your business can really achieve within a certain time frame is apparent.

You must first determine your acquisition needs and any internal process evolutions you need to make in order to meet your internal capacity gap. Look at current teams or initiatives that might assist you in achieving it naturally for a certain company element. Determine which of your procedures can be automated, then look into the products that provide those characteristics.

Examine the Vendor's Entire Ecosystem

The majority of firms often do not purchase even one piece of AI software. You'll probably use a variety of machine learning tools and perhaps APIs to provide your current apps new functionality like recommendation engines, concept maps, and natural language processing. Although there are several software applications that offer support for open-source, many firms find it more practical and affordable to buy all of these features from a single vendor.

Execute the software test

When you're beginning to construct and integrate, it's crucial to start small, define goals, and be explicit about what you already know about AI. Consider signing up for a demo before purchasing a tool. This enables you to fully understand the product and assess whether it truly aligns with your particular company procedures. If a free trial is offered, you should take advantage of it to use the program for free while exploring all of its capabilities.


What are conversational AI tools?

Machine learning is used by conversational AI as a communication tool. With each usage, the technology "learns" and gets better. It gathers data from encounters with itself. The company then applies that knowledge over time to develop both itself and its customer-talking abilities.

What categories of conversational AI exist?

The two primary categories of conversational AI technology are as follows.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Machine learning (ML)

What distinguishes conversational AI from chatbots?

Machine learning is used by conversational AI as a communication tool. With each usage, the technology "learns" and gets better. It gathers data from encounters with itself. The company then applies that knowledge over time to develop both itself and its customer-talking abilities.

A chatbot is a computer software that converses with users using conversational AI. However, it is not always necessary. Some chatbots just have basic functions and buttons to click for FAQs, shipping details, or customer service.

How is conversational AI implemented?

Conversational AI mainly performs in two ways. The first is artificial intelligence. Simply explained, machine learning is the concept that a piece of technology "learns" and gets better with usage. It gathers data from encounters with itself. It then makes use of that knowledge to get better over time.

As a consequence, your website's system will function better six months after you implement it and even better a year from now. Natural language processing, or NLP for short, is the second. This is how language is comprehended by artificial intelligence. It can then begin to generate genuine language after it has mastered word and phrase recognition.

Top 16 Conversational AI Tools

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