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Top 27 Corporate Sustainability Tools

Although environmental protection is essential to a sustainable business model, sustainability encompasses much more than that. A sustainable company is one that doesn't work against the interests of society and the environment. Sustainable business practices benefit both the company's bottom line and the planet's long-term health.

The rising prevalence of management instruments is indicative of the growing need for corporations to examine, evaluate, and communicate sustainability activities. Every one of these resources mirrors a unique facet of ethical behaviour, whether that be in terms of money, the environment, society, or even time and place. Awareness of the need to incorporate viewpoints on sustainability and establishing a good marketing tool mix are prerequisites for selecting appropriate tools for making sustainability management evaluations.

For your convenience, we have mentioned the top 27 corporate sustainability tools in this top tools list.

1. IntegrityNext

IntegrityNext allows businesses to immediately set up and integrate an end-to-end ESG risk management process in line with both mandatory and voluntary commitments, such as net-zero aims and international standards.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to gain access to 1,000,000 up-to-date sustainability profiles of your suppliers, covering all aspects of environmental, social, and governance.

  • It offers clients more than 25 pre-made evaluations that take into account all relevant regulations and criteria

  • They conduct an investigation, draft a report, and communicate with your vendors to urge changes.

  • Provides fast access to important supplier news from the last 12 months.


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2. Quentic

Quentic unifies all parties involved in EHSQ and ESG management. When it comes to workplace safety, environmental management, quality, and sustainability, this cloud-based software is all you need.

Key Features:

  • It helps you save time and make your processes more clear and more understandable by digitizing documentation, organizing, and evaluating.

  • Support and evaluate ESG-related metrics, initiatives, and progress.

  • Acquire information on ESG indicators that is standardized, comparable, and extremely helpful.

  • Build a streamlined network that connects all relevant divisions and offices.


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3. Planetly

In order to have a beneficial effect on society and the environment, it is important to establish goals, automate ESG reporting, and produce open benchmarking. Planetly uses an automated method to better understand, decrease, and offset carbon emissions; this will help your business reach its net zero goals.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to quickly and easily identify key reduction levers and establish a plan to implement those levers.

  • You can easily monitor and assess your environmental impact.

  • Get your individualized climate action portfolio and use certified climate initiatives to compensate for emissions that cannot be avoided.

  • Let your employees, customers, investors, and the rest of the world know about your climate action plan, your progress, and your successes. Motivate others to follow your lead and reach the goal of producing no emissions at all.


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4. Sustainabill

The Sustainabill cloud platform aids CSR and procurement teams in establishing future-proof sustainability components like due diligence and climate protection. The gathered information can be dissected in a number of ways, including by date range, product type, business function, and supply chain tier.

Key Features:

  • Their reporting tools allow you to easily develop qualified reports for top management and external reporting via custom questionnaires, extensive certificate management, and data searches.

  • Sustainable Application Programming Interface allows for simple system integration.

  • A global support team, a user-friendly interface, and a platform available in four languages (German, English, Mandarin, and Spanish)

  • It has maximum privacy and control over your data storage


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5. Sustain Lab

An automated and user-friendly sustainability management tool, SustainLab can help you organise your sustainability operations and visualise your data in clear charts and reports. Learn from experts on what to measure, how, and why it's important.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to determine your own key performance indicators, or use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide your reporting.

  • It can assist in data collection, and information can be uploaded in any format (Excel, PDF, or streamed from another system) and then visualised using key performance indicators and dashboards.

  • You can check out the numbers and charts, make as many custom dashboards as you like for your reporting needs, and look into some industry benchmarks to see how you stack up.

  • You can easily export your data, graphs, and dashboards with a press of a button.


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6. Sphera

Sphera offers a comprehensive answer for businesses of any size by drawing on extensive knowledge and a wide range of applicable case studies. You can simply comply with the new ESG reporting framework that is in line with rising investor interest. and

Key Features:

  • It allows businesses to present professional and transparent sustainability information as a supplement to financial reporting, building on insights to enhance corporate sustainability performance and implement a successful net-zero plan.

  • Delivers ESG and sustainability data in an open and dependable format for improved productivity in reporting.

  • Allows you to respond to a wide variety of reporting frameworks and stakeholder initiatives.


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7. Diligent ESG

Diligent ESG, a scalable ESG platform that can be audited while streamline data gathering, benchmarking, and reporting. It allows you to compare your ESG metrics to those established by organisations like the SASB, GRI, TCFD, CDP, and WEF.

Key Features:

  • Using workflows, reminders, and robotic automation, you can easily gather ESG data from across your organization's systems of record, surveys, and spreadsheets.

  • Check how you're doing ESG-wise in comparison to the rest of the industry.

  • Gather all of your ESG information in one place, without any gaps or repetitions.

  • You may automate the integration and analysis of your ESG data to conduct continuous risk assessments, test your controls, and ensure compliance.


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The CONVIEN Meeting Place Finder Outlook is a lightweight but effective solution that allows you to discover the best place for your meeting based on the carbon footprint of the attendees upon arrival and departure. Enter where your attendees are coming from and it can generally figure it out from their contact information and how long you'll be there.

Key Features:

  • Meetings can be planned in a carbon-neutral way, as 70% of an event's total CO2 consumption is often attributable to participant travel.

  • Save as much as 30% on meeting and event travel expenses. Taking into account all criteria and preferences, their algorithms determine the best possible spot.

  • It determines the mean travel time for all attendees and pick the shorter of the two.

  • It will maximize your time spent in transit to the office and get more done.


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9. Goby

When it comes to managing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, no other platform compares to Goby in terms of intelligence, breadth, and ease of use. In order to attract and retain capital, speed up sustainable and responsible growth, and lessen business risk, they assist portfolios in creating and implementing ESG strategies.

Key Features:

  • It will help you make better choices by digitising your portfolio with the help of AI-enhanced tools.

  • Its SaaS and strategic knowledge hybrid platform offers a complete answer to the problem of ethical and environmentally friendly expansion.

  • The platform easily compiles information from multiple sources across a company or portfolio to speed up analysis and cut down on paperwork.


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10. Ecochain

Ecochain can help you determine how to reduce the environmental impact of individual goods or the complete product line. While it appreciates the value of academic research, the purpose of the simple footprint tools is to provide strategic, sustainable business insights.

Key Features:

  • It helps you to put all of your changes into effect, and get instant access to the most up-to-date information.

  • Designed to facilitate communication and cooperation between teams and vendors.

  • Top-down and bottom-up approaches are both viable for estimating environmental impacts.

  • Top-down analysis is useful for gaining perspective on comprehensive product lines. Bottom-up allows you to focus on a single product at a time.


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11. Velocity EHS

Velocity EHS helps you solve your toughest EHS&ESG problems, streamline your processes, cut your costs, and boost the longevity of your results with the use of foresightful technological tools. It will assist you in developing the information, abilities, and self-assurance necessary to guarantee your company's long-term success. Furthermore the platform is backed by the largest panel of qualified EHS & ESG professionals in the field.

Key Features:

  • Drive continuous improvement across teams and time zones with complete transparency into your EHS and ESG performance on a global scale, all from a single, centralised platform.

  • Rapidly modify to fit your specific environment, management style, and staffing needs.

  • Its EHS and ESG solutions, powered by AI and machine learning, allow you to get ahead of the curve and stop worrying about today by predicting barriers, preventing costly mistakes, and safeguarding your bottom line.


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Digitally capturing, aggregating, and publishing company-wide sustainability information is made possible by GLOSUS. It keeps an eye on how different companies are doing in terms of sustainability and creates reports that are specific to the demands of different stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • Corporate sustainability actions are planned and tailored publications.

  • It allows you to demonstrate to your target demographics that your business is environmentally responsible using numerous online mediums.

  • Allows you to have easy access to pertinent sustainability data just when they need it to make a choice.


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GRITS is a robust and efficient system for managing and communicating information about energy, financial, and carbon-related projects. You can easily do the math on the money you'll save, the amount of carbon dioxide you'll avoid emitting, and the return on investment.

Key Features:

  • Its easy-to-use navigation and a clean layout make entering projects and creating reports a breeze.

  • Continual enhancement with additional functions in response to user feedback.

  • Assist interested parties in organising and monitoring environmental initiatives. Inform the decision-makers of the findings.


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14. Intelligent Communities Lifecycle

The Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) connects the real world and simulation, allowing for the construction of energy-efficient individual buildings as well as the continual optimization of their operations.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to develop and carry out a comprehensive strategy for reducing carbon emissions from the built environment.

  • It uses a mixture of physics-based modelling in three dimensions, operational data in real time, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

  • You can bring all of your data into one platform to check the performance on any level,

  • Data and analysis findings can be simply transferred across the platform thanks to the centralised database and integrated tools.


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15. Measurabl

To better serve the rapidly expanding ESG needs of single-family and multi-family real estate, Measurabl will integrate a mature, scalable utility automation backbone and residential real estate software application into its overall ESG platform.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of utilities' data on power, water, gasoline, district, and garbage may be gathered automatically.

  • Along with environmental records, you should have social and governance records. Maintain current certifications for environmentally responsible construction.

  • Use reliable ESG data at the asset level to develop strategies for managing physical climate risk, boost efficiency in daily operations, and broaden your company's access to financing.


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16. SupplyShift

SupplyShift protects your company, your employees, and the environment with cutting-edge for supply chain transparency and accountability that will help you uncover the insights you need to manage risk and improve supplier performance. It will allow you to get familiar with the supply chain, deal with supplier risk, and work together to enhance the process from raw materials to finished goods.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to participate actively in your supplier chain. Gain an understanding that will help you lessen your vulnerability to risk, move you closer to your sustainability objectives, and make you more resilient.

  • Distribute timely, relevant, and valuable intelligence.

  • Engage suppliers, keep critical departments informed, and push for effective supplier improvement with a tool made for the specific purpose.


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17. Sametrica

Sametrica simplify things so that ESG/impact investing, community programmes, and diversity/inclusion (DE&I) activities can all have measurable outcomes. It is an investment management tool that helps you track and improve your portfolio's positive environmental and social effect across a variety of asset classes.

Key Features:

  • Collect data automatically and let its proprietary AI system interpret it into appropriate metrics for your ESG investments.

  • It has dashboards and reports that can be adjusted to suit your needs, along with data gathering and integration that takes few minutes.

  • Using privacy-compliant data gathering and real-time dashboards to get an insight into the performance of your programmes over time, you may enhance the diversity of your workforce and strengthen your business results.


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18. Convene ESG

With the help of Convene ESG digital platform, reporting can be streamlined across data collection, governance, strategy, and goal monitoring, and made future-proof.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to automate as much of the ESG reporting process as possible to save time and effort.

  • Automated data collection workflows allow you to gather information over time and store it in a centralised location, guaranteeing that your records are complete and accurate.

  • You may ensure full compliance with all regulations by consulting with experts in the field and defining the scope of your report as you prepare utilising adaptable reporting templates.


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19. Cority

Cority provides your company with a robust, real SaaS platform developed by EHS specialists, allowing everyone to make a difference. It has more precise control means you can achieve your environmental goals and motivate more productivity across your enterprise..

Key Features:

  • Allows you to keep an eye on quality and make sure it's consistent throughout your company.

  • By anticipating potential dangers, you can ensure the security of your personnel.

  • Maintain precise records and give concise reports on your sustainability efforts.


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20. EnergyCAP

EnergyCAP provides real-time access to reliable information that can be used to optimize the management of scarce resources, cut down on emissions, and provide substantial cost savings.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to instantly see how well your energy-saving initiatives are working. To determine ongoing cost savings, EnergyCAP compares your data to a standard time period.

  • Recoup energy expenses from tenants and departments with minimal effort using simple submeter splits and allocation formulae.

  • Integrating automatically with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager takes the guesswork out of complying with state and local regulations. EnergyCAP makes it easy to see your ratings and metrics.

  • It automatically conducts checks to verify your consumption and raises red flags for any discrepancies.


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21. EHS Insight

By using EHS Insight, businesses may improve their compliance management efficiency. Get connected to all of your data with a full set of modules for governance and data management, analytics, complex workflows, and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • It allows you to conduct safer, more sustainable operations.

  • Allows you to guarantee company-wide conformity with all applicable regulations and other standards.

  • Collect data on energy used, materials thrown away, recycled, carbon released, and other pollution and sustainability indicators.


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22. SmartHead

With the help of SmartHead, businesses can efficiently manage their ESG and sustainability data while storing it in a format that is accessible to their stakeholders.

Key Features:

  • It assist you in sharing your achievements with stakeholders and customers; sustainability is one area where bragging is acceptable.

  • It determines where your efforts are succeeding and where they require improvement by tracking your company's development toward sustainability.

  • Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage all the data easily.


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23. myConsole

Integrating all ESG techniques and activities into a single platform, myConsole propels ESG initiatives forward to become your integrated core culture and gives your organisation a common sense of direction and directionality.

Key Features:

  • Determine which Purpose & ESG projects provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) within the constraints of your budget.

  • Implement ESG throughout all workflows in the whole lifespan, and do so effectively.

  • Key stakeholder and supply chain management surveys, analyses, and facilitation


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24. Selflessly

Selflessly has built a culture that is motivated by your company's mission and then expand it. It gives you access to all the tools you need, as well as the information you need to put it to use, without expecting anything in return from your employees. Join forces to make a difference in your community through giving and service.

Key Features:

  • Locate and link employees with thousands of online and in-person volunteer opportunities.

  • It allows you to organise and automate a matching gift programme for employees, you will need the following.

  • Reporting and analytics tools that help you see the participation and effect of your organization's giving programmes, which can be shared internally and internationally.


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25. Energy Elephant

Energy Elephant, platform for energy and sustainability management may help businesses around the world cut costs, save time, and do better by the environment. It can automatically collect data from various sources, including smart metres and sensors, supplier portals, business intelligence systems, and application programming interfaces.

Key Features:

  • It removes tedious data entry from invoices.

  • Estimated costs can be flagged and alerts can be sent out when problems are detected by the system, all of which are benefits of using an automated system.

  • Incoming information is thoroughly cleansed and standardised by the data analytics pipeline before being stored in private cloud repositories.

  • A data analytics pipeline thoroughly cleans and standardises incoming data before storing it in private cloud registries.


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26. WatchWire

By furnishing your team with cutting-edge analytics for all commodities and a straightforward, user-friendly interface, Watchwire, a cloud-based platform streamlines energy and sustainability data management.

Key Features:

  • It integrates seamlessly with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, LEED Arc, GRESB, CDP, and more to expedite, automate, and standardise your sustainability reporting.

  • The audit function keeps a constant eye on your ESG data, looking for any signs of trouble.

  • Focus on reaching a net-zero or sustainability target. To make sure your company is on pace to achieve its objectives, it will examine its energy, water, waste, and emissions data.

27. The Impact Canvas

In order to generate the first input for a realistic impact assessment, the Impact Canvas makes users consider both the positive and negative effects of their product or business idea.

Key Features:

  • It has a three-tiered framework that considers every conceivable type of effect that a product or company could have.

  • It's a comprehensive approach that's nevertheless simple to implement.

  • It supports the conversations of social entrepreneurs with (impact) investors.


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Things to consider before purchasing corporate sustainability tools

Finding out the best corporate sustainability tool can be a difficult task. Thus, it is important to consider certain things before purchasing them for your business.


It is crucial to have an approachable and straightforward sustainability and ESG reporting tool, especially for first-time customers. People are more likely to participate in your sustainability efforts if they find your system simple to use. Limitless profile constraints will guarantee that everyone has exactly the information they need.

Implementation process

It is crucial to know how long it will take to set up your chosen sustainability and ESG reporting tool. Make sure your chosen software vendor has enough training and roll-out procedures in place, and that you know what to expect and how to get ready.

Efficient Customer support

It's crucial to have access to continuing assistance after deciding on and implementing your ESG reporting software solution. Too often, businesses discover after implementing new software that they lack access to the necessary customer assistance. If you want your larger sustainability reporting plan to succeed, you should consider about how confident you are in receiving subject matter help and best practise recommendations.


Using sustainability and ESG reporting tools can help to automate and streamline the handling of sustainability and ESG data. Yet, it's not always easy to find the best tool option for your company. You need to be certain that the software you chose will meet your current and future non-financial, sustainability, supply chain, and ESG reporting needs in light of the ever-changing sustainability and ESG reporting landscape.


What are the three elements of corporate sustainability?

Investors that care about doing good for society as much as making money are becoming more interested in companies' commitment to sustainability. Sustainable investing is built on three principles: environmental, socially responsible, and governance. Business sustainability can be increased by cutting down on carbon emissions and other forms of waste.

The social responsibility tenet of a business is its commitment to doing the right thing by its employees, customers, and the community at large. Financial integrity and conformity with applicable laws and rules make up the "economic" or "governance" pillar.

What is a sustainability indicator?

Sustainability indicators are quantitative measures of ecological, economic, or social systems that can be used to track shifts in conditions crucial to future generations' quality of life while also preserving the health of those systems.

How to measure a company’s sustainability?

One of the most important things a company can do is keep tabs on its most important metrics or KPIs. These help you monitor your sustainability efforts and identify areas for growth. Here are some of the most crucial key performance indicators to monitor while thinking about sustainability.

Product Recycling Rate

Saving Levels due to conservation and improvement efforts

Water Footprint

Energy Consumption

Supplier Environmental Sustainability Index

Waste Recycling Rate

Carbon Footprint

Supply Chain Miles

What is corporate sustainable model?

An organization's ability to produce, deliver, and capture value in economic, social, cultural, or other contexts is described by the notion of the sustainable business model. The development of a sustainable business model is a cutting-edge component of any successful company's overall strategy.

Why is it important to focus on sustainability?

Up to 60% of an organization's operating profit can be attributed to cost savings realised through sustainability initiatives. According to research conducted by Deloitte, businesses with an open-door policy and other sustainability practises report 27% higher profits and 22% higher productivity.

Top 27 Corporate Sustainability Tools

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