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Top 20 Corporate Wellness Tools

Business leaders are being called upon to show greater empathy and support, especially in light of the pandemic's occurrences. Companies are becoming more and more aware of how crucial it is to safeguard the health and wellness of their employees to guarantee engagement and long-term productivity through corporate wellness tools.

Platforms for monitoring and enhancing the general wellness of a team's members are wonderful tools for business leaders. Products for corporate wellness can aid employees in maintaining good emotional, physical, and mental health. Long-term benefits of these items include less stress, cheaper healthcare costs, higher work productivity, higher morale, and improved relationships within teams.

The list curated below will provide the top tools for corporate wellness that you can implement for your employees at the workplace.

1. Wellness 360

Wellness 360 employs Modern corporate wellness technologies used in the development of employee wellness programs, allowing for scalability and significant evolution by emerging corporate wellness trends. Their workplace wellness programs help your team and business succeed by providing a white-label health platform with the company's branding aspects and integrating with well-known workout equipment and apps.

Key Features:

  • To make it simpler for participants to take part in the challenges, receive guidance from a fitness trainer, earn incentives for taking an active role in their health, and maintain all of these on the go, they integrate with all popular fitness devices and applications.

  • The program offers access to health coaches for support in creating appropriate fitness goals and advice on matters relating to health.

2. Unmind

Unmind can be used to track how various activities and events affect their mental health and to unlock tools that make it simpler to get the appropriate help when they need it. Business leaders can create tailored programs to unite teams with the goal of mental wellness.

Key Features:

  • Discover insights on human and organizational well-being that are supported by science. This implies that you may identify patterns before they develop into issues, use data to inform your strategy, and demonstrate the effectiveness of your investment outside of the spreadsheet's cell boundaries.

  • Leaders can get the self-assurance they need to create performance environments that are psychologically secure with the help of developing, expert-led instruction in the art of empathic management.

3. Wellable

Wellable's solutions have been giving employers and employees holistic solutions to improve overall well-being in the workplace for years. Users of Wellable get access to a fully integrated wellness platform where they can track their progress and find on-demand classes and specialized health material.

Key Features:

  • There are built-in wellness services, such as virtual counseling alternatives, so you can support company team members by giving them access to professionals. Additionally, you can create a special health savings account for each member of your team.

  • Leading fitness professionals from around the world provide unique information for all levels of fitness. Well over 400 classes are available, and new material is added each month.

  • The educational lectures in the webinar series are interactive and specially made to engage the audience.

Cost: The monthly cost for the wellness platform from Wellable is $3 per user. The business has two pricing tiers: self-directed and full-service.

4. Burnalong

Burnalong provides the opportunity for businesses to take advantage of a tonne of pre-existing content, and executives have the option to post their original content for added value. Additionally, team members have access to the solution from any location.

Key Features:

  • With Burnalong, team members have access to a wealth of materials and content that will enhance their interactions with coworkers. There is specialized content, individualized assistance alternatives, or even access to financial well-being advice.

  • To prevent and treat chronic illnesses, they collaborate with qualified specialists and healthcare professionals.

  • Hundreds of programs are available, live as well as on-demand classes you may take with friends and family.

  • AI-powered suggestions to support healthy behaviors and journeys.

  • All ages, genders, and wellness levels are welcome to interact and participate.

Cost: The pricing structure for BurnAlong's corporate wellness platform is opaque. The monthly fee for a lone user who is not connected to an employer is $14.99.

5. Headspace for Work

Headspace for Work builds on the success of the outstanding mental health application and aids organizations looking to foster happier and healthier workforces. With a focus on the modern workplace, Headspace for Work helps organizations like Adobe create cutting-edge approaches to managing mental health.

Key Features:

  • Employees who use this product get access to a program with numerous exercises including meditations that can help with everything from stress to focus. Community meditations can be used to keep teams interested, and reporting makes it simple to gauge the program's success.

  • Their Resource Toolkit will assist you in introducing Headspace to the company employees, and our Admin Portal offers insightful information on employee engagement so you can decide what is best for the mental health of your team.

  • Each step of the way, your devoted Partner Success as well as Engagement Teams are going to support you in integrating Headspace within your culture and motivating your workforce.

6. Virgin Pulse

Virgin Pulse is a cutting-edge platform for measuring well-being and health for business executives that was developed by the specialists at Virgin. The technology, which is among the most widely used worldwide, enables team leaders to quickly and easily keep an eye on the health of their workers.

Key Features:

  • Designed specifically to encourage members to adopt healthy habits through achievement and competition, motivating and inspiring each employee to forge their path to success in their health and wellbeing.

  • The application includes resources to help employees work on increasing their levels of productivity as well as methods for tracking information regarding benefits. The total solution also promotes a culturally empowering experience.

7. Limeade

Limeade offers a mobile-first wellness solution that makes it easier to increase well-being, inclusivity, and engagement at work. With the help of Limeade, businesses can finally gain insight into the pulse of their organization through routinely distributed, science-based surveys, quizzes, and surveys.

Key Features:

  • With personalized dashboards for burnout, turnover, and more, identify hot spots and useful insights into the well-being of employees.

  • Having access to a variety of solutions for smartphone applications and app support, Limeade also allows quick and simple contact with employees wherever they are.

  • With a strong solution created to meet the customer experience that employees demand, you can connect with your people anytime, in numerous languages.

8. Navigate

Navigate is an industry leader in wellness solutions and was developed by a digital business dedicated to assisting organizations in fostering employee happiness and health. The platform combines many health and engagement ideas into a single setting where team members may interact and business management can monitor crucial indicators.

Key Features:

  • Through their software, wearables, and other health apps, users may monitor their progress.

  • Business leaders benefit from Navigate as well since it allows them to gather all of the tools they use to empower and support their employees in one place. You may even utilize gamification and tournaments to further boost team engagement.

  • Instead of the standard off-the-shelf options, they create wellness programs around the objectives of your clientele. By treating your clients with the same level of care that you do, you help businesses preserve relationships and trust.

9. Woliba

Woliba is an innovative employee wellness platform that is packed with helpful information and social experiences that are intended to keep people engaged, making it the ideal choice for businesses wishing to refresh their well-being approach at a time when corporate culture is being reinvented. Woliba, a pioneer in its industry, excels at creating bespoke campaigns from the start.

Key Features:

  • Access a database of challenges that may be started in 90 seconds or fewer thanks to email notifications and push notifications. To encourage groups to be more healthy, work toward a team objective to support a cause, and foster friendly rivalry, build your tasks locally or internationally.

  • Business executives may use Woliba to create challenges that foster virtual connections and boost engagement through gamification. In addition to strong social Key Features for connecting team members, there is access to a variety of educational resources and exams for educating team members on new skills.

Cost: Woliba platform has a beginning pricing of $3 per user each month. Three pricing options are available to customers: Starter costs $75 per month for 25 users, Core costs $350 per month for 100 customers, and Premium costs $800 per month for 200+ users.

10. Sprout

Sprout has been a well-liked tool for workplace wellness. Sprout was created by a professional health technology company to assist businesses in embracing well-being from a variety of perspectives, including both physical and emotional health.

Key Features:

  • They offer a flexible, modular toolset that you can use to add industry-leading fitness & well-being Key Features to your current infrastructure stack to engage clients and collect behavioral, lifestyle, and health data.

  • A full-service platform for employee health and engagement that is simple to use and was created to satisfy the demands of your multicultural workplace.

  • With Sprout, you can set gamified goals, prizes, and incentives for your teams, as well as an extensive learning library. Wearable device connections, gamification leaderboards, unique events, and challenges are all supported by Sprout at Work. Additionally, you can create incentives and rewards.

11. Wellics

Wellics' seamless employee wellness platform supports enterprises of all sizes in inspiring and motivating their staff to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

Key Features:

  • Provide your staff with tools from their trusted toolkit, including brief, targeted videos.

  • Recognize best performers and wellness advocates, and honor them for accomplishment, reliability, or both. The Wellics platform, which is based on the unique Wellness Index, offers concrete insight into employees' well-being so that they can link their routines with their health and promote better results.

  • Each module includes videos with expert instruction that focus on a single core behavior or aspect of wellbeing. Your staff members will get a 1-3 minute clip in their inbox every week.

Cost: With no minimum user requirement, Wellics platform cost starts at $2 per user per month.

12. Metta

Metta emphasizes on habit tracking and behavior change to provide users with a sense of empowerment in their wellness journeys. Metta offers a fun and successful method of delivering corporate wellness to HR departments, with a big focus on team development through physical activities.

Key Features:

  • Daily habit is the foundational element of the Metta platform. Users may create and track daily behaviors like the number of steps they take or whether they take their vitamins, which will help them develop healthy habits over time.

  • Each enrolled employee is entitled to up to four family accounts, which users can utilize to influence the most significant individuals in their lives.

Cost: For businesses with more than 500 users, the monthly cost for Metta's paid edition is $2.88 per user. There is a 50-user minimum requirement, and monthly pricing for those who pay annually begins at $4.80/user. If not, a monthly package for 50 users starts at $6 per user per month.

13. Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit is a physical exercise monitoring wellness platform that emphasizes fitness, diet, and other lifestyle behaviors. Vantage Fit encourages customers to lead more active lifestyles through a network of challenges and incentives, which lowers healthcare expenditures at work and increases employee engagement.

Key Features:

  • Administrators can design challenges and contests for the workplace that use the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard. Managers can get useful, actual insight into the success of their health programs by using analytics Key Features.

  • Vantage Fit provides a library of ready-made and adaptable challenges, giving HR managers an easy method to promote engagement. Depending on internal healthy workplace objectives, administrators might plan a range of various health campaigns.

Cost: Vantage Fit has a minimum of 10 users and prices start at $4 per user per month. The free edition, Premium, or Enterprise, which starts at $5 per user per month, are the three pricing tiers that customers can select from.

14. Optimity

Optimity uses the idea of tracking health and fitness challenges, rewards and incentives programs to encourage staff members to adopt better wellness practices. Optimity serves large enterprises that aim to increase widely used in the industrial sector through healthy, better, and more engaged employees by placing a strong emphasis on social connection.

Key Features:

  • The community building and team engagement components of the Optimity platform. Optimity offers an incentive for workers to contribute to personal wellness journeys while simultaneously earning group benefits with a variety of training challenges for teams.

  • The Optimity platform's affiliation with globally renowned businesses, which provide incentives and prizes for reaching health goals, is one of its key characteristics.

15. Vitality

Vitality places a strong emphasis on employee participation. Elevate, a corporate wellness platform from Vitality, is made to monitor, promote, and reward wellness behavior, particularly physical exercise. The platform's extensive library of activities offers a variety of tasks that members are motivated to embark on.

Key Features:

  • Based on the outcomes of their in-house developed health risk assessment, Vitality can provide members with a personalized health journey. The examination determines the clinical age of each employee and generates a personalized fitness & well-being plan based on the results.

  • The Vitality platform places a lot of emphasis on using rewards and gamification to encourage behavior change. For achieving their weekly goals, employees receive wheel spins, which might result in recognition or rewards like gift cards.

16. Move Spring

MoveSpring focuses on unusual challenges to increase physical activity and foster friendly competition among staff members of different fitness levels. MoveSpring, which also offers Virtual Races, recognizes the remote work economy and offers solutions for work-from-home groups to remain connected through physical activity.

Key Features:

  • Participants can track their achievements as they strive toward their fitness objectives with the help of actionable insights.

  • The MoveSpring platform has a strong emphasis on teamwork and community building, and it provides team chats to boost engagement and connection.

  • MoveSpring's Key Features are constrained in their capacity to provide a greater context regarding a person's overall fitness because the platform solely focuses on activity statistics collected by devices, such as daily steps and calories burned.

Cost: Using MoveSpring costs $2 per user each month with a minimum of 10 users. Three pricing tiers are available from the business: One-time, Pro, as well as Ultimate.

17. Headversity

Headversity is a platform for building the resilience and mental health of the workforce. Employers all around the world are using our preventative solution to create a psychologically safe work environment and prepare their workers for adversity.

Key Features:

  • Useful insights to gauge the training's effect on your staff. To make sure that the right training has been provided to the right audience at the right time, skill scores, psychological data, heart data, and interaction trends have been brought together.

  • Wherever your workers are located – in the office, at home, or at job sites – Headversity's range of training tools may assist in helping your team develop fundamental abilities that can be used in any circumstance.

18. League

League healthcare uses the CX platform to provide individualized, integrated experiences that customers appreciate. Consumers are frequently irritated and uninterested in their health as a result of outdated infrastructure and solution fragmentation.

Key Features:

  • Utilize current health data and insights to guide future HR spending.

  • Bring all services together to provide a seamless user experience that will increase access and usage.

  • Wherever they are, League helps you to direct employees to the appropriate care at the appropriate time.

19. SYD

SYD, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, organizations may monitor their employees' wellness using corporate wellness. Through its user interface (UI), HR professionals may see how their staff members are doing in terms of stress, obesity, and other health-related issues.

Key Features:

  • From a uniform platform, supervisors can use SYD to retrieve information about staff members. The platform communicates with several outside programs, such as Google Fit and Apple Health, to monitor the biological development of its users.

  • The very potent tool rapidly gets more pertinent to individual areas of interest. very thorough access to the information and concentrates attention on one's state of wellness and health.

20. Go Vida

GoVida was developed with the well-being of people at its core, based on the research of performance and potential. They fervently believe that everyone can be the absolute best of themselves, performing at their peak, and even surpassing their potential, given the proper resources, encouragement, and motivation.

Key Features:

  • GoVida uses goal-setting strategies to promote healthy living. Users gain points for their physical, mental, and self-growth activities as part of their gamification, which is intended to be inclusive.

  • With content from therapists, coaches, and psychologists on topics like meditation and mindfulness to emotional maturity and resilience, they offer consumers daily skills and evidence to help their continued well-being.


The sustainability of a company can be determined by the figures, but there is a sometimes overlooked drawback to this way of thinking. Many well-to-do workers frequently neglect to maintain good health.

This results in issues and difficulties like chronic lifestyle diseases, an increase in doctor visits, absenteeism, and much more. As a result of the team members' declining health, this also results in organizations missing out on prospective possibilities.


What are corporate wellness tools?

Platforms, software tools, and eLearning materials are examples of corporate wellness tools that assist administrators in planning, managing, and implementing wellness initiatives for their staff. They frequently work with HR management platforms and benefit administration software, or they are included in them.

Why are Corporate wellness tools important?

Its purpose is to support the employees in achieving their objectives and their highest state of general health and well-being. An effective company wellness program can lower healthcare expenses while also enhancing employee behavior.

What are wellness programs?

Any action intended to promote better work-life balance and enhance health outcomes is included in an employee wellness program. These programs frequently incorporate health examinations, rewards, interventions to modify behavior, fitness programs, social support, or contests. Wellness initiatives are more well-liked than ever.

Can wellness programs fail?

Yes, wellness programs can also fail sometimes. Employees might believe the program won't provide them with many benefits and that the reward isn't worthwhile. Because the programs are so generic and the administration is nowhere to be located, they might believe that they aren't sincere. Employees may experience anxiety while divulging knowledge that could jeopardize their employment.

What are the main factors that influence well-being?

The environmental, financial, cultural, and social surroundings in which we live have a significant impact on our health. This includes it all from wherever we work and reside to our education level and our availability of nutritious food and water.

Top 20 Corporate Wellness Tools

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