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Top 28 CPQ Software Tools For Sales Teams

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) software enables businesses to automate the whole lifecycle of the sales quotation and proposal process, from the minute a customer specifies their requirements in a product until the moment a complete quote is sent to the customer.

CPQ tools are particularly useful for companies that offer a range of complex, customizable products or services with multiple pricing options.

Sales departments employ CPQ tools to configure products or services according to the specific needs of each customer. The software can guide sales reps through a series of questions or prompts to help them create a customized solution that meets the customer's requirements.

The tool can also calculate the price of the customized solution, taking into account factors such as discounts, promotions, and special pricing agreements. Thus, it helps sales reps ensure that the final product offerring is profitable for the company.

By automating the configuration, pricing, and quoting process, sales teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on selling to customers.

In this top tools list, we will discuss some of the most comprehensive CPQ tools for sales teams.


IBM CPQ offers direct sales, client self-service, and partner sales in its multichannel engagements. IBM CPQ helps large businesses, especially those with distributed teams, to complete their tasks quickly and efficiently without having to duplicate pricing engine rules or deal with inheritances.

You can evaluate employee productivity and client satisfaction with IBM CPQ, which gives you more time to concentrate on the successful and underperforming areas of your business. Moreover, it enables the localization of the pricing engine to serve various geographical areas. Businesses that already use IBM solutions, particularly in the area of e-commerce, stand to gain a lot from the CPQ software from IBM.

Key Features:

  • Find answers quickly in its product documentation.

  • Get technical tips and insights from others who use the platform.

  • Automates and transforms configuration, pricing, and quoting of complex products and services.

  • Offers functionality to provision intricate sales transactions.

  • You can create user permission to limit accessibility.


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2. Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a sales tool that enables businesses to offer precise pricing for every situation involving a product configuration. Sales representatives can quickly and precisely quote costs using CPQ software since they take into account optional features, modifications, quantities, and discounts.

Salesforce CPQ offers your sales team simple-to-use software that is accessible on any device because of its cloud-based platform. You have a direct integration with your CRM, thanks to the hosting services within the Sales Cloud platform, enabling you to make the most effective sales decisions.

Key Features:

  • Helps you ask the right questions and conduct a comprehensive needs analysis.

  • Recognize the potential for upselling and cross-selling to increase the deal size.

  • Discover the features that make you stand out from the competitors.

  • Establish the anticipated ROI to reduce discounting.

  • Keep a record of the sales call's events.


Starts at $75 per month

3. Infor CPQ

Infor CPQ performs well in integrations with ERP solutions with a good selection of product features like custom pricing alternatives, a recommendation engine, and visualization. The main target markets for Infor are manufacturing industries and B2C businesses. Additionally, Infor CPQ fits perfectly into the wide range of enterprise management services that Infor offers.

You can generate price quotations using a list of available options when Infor CRM is connected with Infor CPQ Configurator. These choices are automatically filtered to only show the configurations that are legitimate.

Key Features:

  • Provides a powerful, dynamic, and aesthetically pleasing experience to bring product alternatives and final product configurations to life.

  • Make the decision and purchase process simple and error-free with the platform’s intelligent data-capturing feature.

  • Key requirements and procedures can be integrated right out of the box, including interest generation and capture, quoting, ordering, and creating a dynamic BOM and routing.

  • Automate the conversion of complete and accurate quotes into orders and create manufacturing data on the go.

  • Give your customers a visual shopping experience while they are doing their research and interacting with you.


Starts at $240 per month

4. Oracle CPQ Cloud

Oracle CPQ Cloud is ideal for enterprise-scale implementations with its powerful core functions. It is successful in providing a positive customer experience on both sides. It also offers machine learning capabilities that can be used with Oracle CPQ Cloud.

Give your channel partners and sales representatives the support they require to identify the ideal solution for each client. You can be guaranteed that this revenue channel is enterprise-grade, efficient, and secure thanks to the power of Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Automate the Configure, Price, and Quote procedure and get 100% correct quotations with Oracle CPQ Cloud.

  • Oracle CPQ assists users in selecting the best items in accordance with the requirements of their clients, configuring all varieties of solutions.

  • Using automated pricing rules and validations, Oracle CPQ also offers pricing for goods, services, and contracts based on features and alternatives.

  • Users can automate workflow approvals to remove bottlenecks and choose the discount amount that maximizes their chances of closing the business without sacrificing additional margin.

  • Quickly and accurately produce professional-quality documents for their channel partners and sales representatives while also creating, customizing, and branding proposals for them.


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5. Conga CPQ

Conga CPQ is a configure, price, and quote application for multi-channel sales management systems that are hosted in the cloud. It was specifically developed by the Conga development team to assist manufacturing and service businesses in configuring products and creating price quotes using an up-to-date pricing database of your business.

It includes role-based tool access for efficient management of the CPQ workflow by top-level staff. In addition, when dealing with a potential customer, front-line salespeople feel more powerful.

Key Features:

  • Based on a predetermined price strategy of the organization, administrators can create templates for quote designing, product configuration summaries, and quotation renewals.

  • Sales team leaders can edit, build, copy, and delete bundled or solo goods in the sales pipeline.

  • The salespeople can modify the quote data by excluding, including, recommending, replacing, and verifying product configurations.

  • Configure cart, discounting, bundling, promotions, and more.


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6. FPX Intelliquip

You should consider FPX Intelliquip CPQ if you work in the equipment manufacturing sector and are searching for CPQ software that will enable easy integration of engineering requirements with pricing and client-requested settings.

Using this CPQ solution, you can easily produce complicated designed product/service solutions, updated price sheets, product structure drawings, and custom-configured product catalogs. The Configurator, Price Engine, and Selector are the three standout modules included with the FPX CPQ.

Key Features

  • Offers a very smooth purchasing experience, regardless of the channel and is highly adaptable and flexible for a company's unique needs.

  • Users can quickly and easily add comprehensive construction datasheets, general arrangement drawings, and final proposal documents to provide customers with the most accurate, timely, and responsive estimates.

  • FPX can work with a variety of backend and CRM systems.

  • FPZ’s pricing engine can stay updated with more complex scenarios.

  • The Configuration and Pricing Engine is closely integrated with the Selector to ensure quick and accurate quote generation.


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7. CallidusCloud CPQ

CPQ is one of best the sales performance management solutions offered by Callidus Cloud. The CallidusCloud CPQ is a fairly adaptable tool that generates quotations rather quickly. Considering that this CPQ software is solely dedicated to being as helpful to salespeople, reviews have generally been extremely positive.

CallidusCloud CPQ provides options for configuration, approval workflows, margin guidance, analytics, etc. Also, it is adding its CPQ tool machine learning capabilities. Overall, it's a fantastic CPQ product that places a focus on data.

Key Features:

  • You can boost sales effectiveness, optimise sales processes, and enhance the user experience for functional sales users using SAP Sales Cloud solutions.

  • Encourages up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and safeguards deal margins.

  • Efficiently configure, price, quote complex, and error-free estimates.

  • Use intelligent, dynamic pricing optimization tools to increase productivity, client satisfaction, and profits.


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SAP CPQ is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) software from SAP. The application was specifically created by the SAP development team to assist sales teams in formulating pricing, drafting customized sales quotations, and creating complex product configurations.

Many productive hours are needed to complete the manual quoting process. Use SAP CPQ's automated quotation system to prevent that. The technology works well for both complex and simple products and services.

Key Features:

  • When combined with SAP ERP, SAP CPQ offers a scalable configurator engine with a very user-friendly interface.

  • Give your sales team and partners access to the SAP CPQ solution to allow them to effortlessly offer complex product combinations, optimum pricing, and attractive proposals, resulting in a richer client experience.

  • Product, customer, and channel price controls can be used to safeguard the margin of every opportunity.

  • Use a uniform data model to engage clients and increase sales by integrating it with SAP Sales Cloud.


Starts at $62 per month

9. Cincom CPQ

The CPQ software from Cincom has an extremely sophisticated configurator and is very versatile and agile. Cincom CPQ was designed to be a small team's ideal CPQ tool, but it excels in intricate industries like manufacturing. Also, it features a powerful sales automation solution that smaller sales and partnership teams can employ.

The CPQ product from Cincom offers business intelligence features and may be used locally or in the cloud. Both on-premises and cloud-based deployment options are available with Cincom CPQ. So , stick to the web app if you require greater flexibility in your sales workflows and want to take account of remote workers.

Key Features:

  • Everything you require to sell successfully wherever your clients want to buy is centralized with Cincom CPQ.

  • The most recent information is available to your consumers, dealers, and reps thanks to centrally updated product information, including pricing.

  • With product information centralised and continuously updated, it is simple to confidently expand into dealers, distributors, and e-commerce.

  • Use automation to route approval requests to the appropriate team member for speedy choices so that your representatives can quickly provide bids and proposals to customers.

  • New sales reps have quick access to all product information, which enables them to carry out their duties without experiencing any learning curve.


Starts at $240 per month

10. Experlogix CPQ

Experlogix CPQ is a good choice if you're looking for a quick and simple configure, price, and quote cloud application that your employees can access from distant locations. You can control the ordering and quotation procedures with the help of its CPQ administration functionalities. Since it supports both business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales processes, Experlogix CPQ is unique.

Also, the application is appropriate for a variety of commercial activities including manufacturing, IT and IT-enabled technological services, transportation, and the manufacture of heavy equipment. So, whether your company operates in any or all of the aforementioned markets, one CPQ tool will be enough.

Key Features:

  • Offers a seamlessly integrated quote-to-manufacture solution, so you can create complex quotes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.

  • Your sales team can effectively communicate and remove bottlenecks with sales management and engineering with automated process clearance requests.

  • Experlogix offers a user-friendly, wizard-driven workbench for configuring pricing and discounts that enable non-technical users to develop and maintain complex rules and formulas without any programming knowledge.

  • You can use various colors and textures as well as build intricate compositions with layers and effects with Experlogix CPQ's Picture Compositing feature.

  • Experlogix checks each selection's accuracy in real-time as sales representatives build a quote or order and quickly deliver intelligent feedback.


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11. ServicePath CPQ

ServicePath CPQ helps you convert complex product configurations supplied to you by clients into clear quotes. Its automated CPQ procedures make sure that your company properly records the demands and requirements of clients.

The CPQ solution helps you match the unique product or service requirement with your inventory later in the sales process so that purchase orders can be fulfilled quickly. The tool is a cloud-based application that can be accessed from a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and cell phones.

Key Features:

  • Offers a comprehensive dashboard for deals that are open and closed.

  • Provides templates for ready-to-use quotations.

  • Customers can personalise their own products and services with the help of a self-service web app.

  • Includes integrations with third-party CRM and enterprise resource planning solutions.


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12. ConnectWise Sell

ConnectWise Sell is a quote and proposal automation platform hosted in the cloud for IT solution providers. It streamlines the quote-to-cash procedures so that sales representatives can quickly and accurately create quotations and proposals across a variety of devices. Additionally, it enables users to finish documents with e-signature and alter quotes in real-time.

Fast-paced IT companies can simply create and follow up on quotes with ConnectWise Sell's robust features, which make it possible for them to generate income. Despite having a small feature set, it is incredibly powerful.

Key Features:

  • The system at ConnectWise Sell is created in the cloud to save you time and hassle.

  • The quote and proposal process is freed from the restrictions of the traditional on-premises setup thanks to its cloud hosting.

  • Helps you identify significant occurrences during the workflow process. You have complete visibility into the quoting process and are aware of what is happening in the workflow structure.

  • It offers polished templates that can be quickly customized to create clear quotes and proposals.


Starts at $200 per month

13. Odoo Code CPQ

With the help of the open-source ERP and CRM platform Odoo, business owners can manage their operations without the need for additional systems. It works best for successful, long-running companies with a focus on things like operations, finance, client management, human resources, and more.

To create solutions for the Odoo environment, its open-source framework makes use of the expertise of thousands of industry professionals. Additionally, it ensures excellent serviceability for all Odoo applications.

Key Features:

  • Odoo can present an application for you, whether you require a single CRM application or a whole set of interconnected systems.

  • You can use apps as your company expands without going through the tiresome onboarding procedure. Each app seamlessly integrates with the other Odoo apps.

  • Include timesheets, communication apps, planning tools, and marketing solutions.

  • As business solutions are designed to be modular, you can combine and contrast key apps. Odoo enables you to run different programs without hurting the system's overall speed.


Starts at $6 per user per month

14. Apptivo Estimates Apps

Apptivo Estimates App is a powerful sales quote life cycle management solution. It simplifies the process of giving sales quotes to clients. It enables users to keep track of every sales opportunity, estimate it, and when the goal is met, turn it into a work order, an invoice, or a bill.

Apptivo simplifies the procedure of online approvals and establishes more effective contact between the service provider and the client. It also has an automated workflow for generating quotes, which begins with a quotation request, finishes with a quote acceptance or rejection, and then initiates a project.

Key Features:

  • You can look at data and updates about estimates.

  • You can filter the data you want to see to take prompt action when required.

  • The resources you require can be quickly located, helping you complete your estimates far more quickly. Moreover, Apptivo enables a custom interface.

  • Work orders, invoices, work kits, and project files can all be created from a finished quote.

  • Customers can easily view their desired quotes in a PDF format and move on to the next step.


Starts at $10 per month

15. Quoter

Quoter is a quoting system that promotes quicker payments, reduces errors, and saves time. Users can benefit from widespread enterprise adoption with this cloud-hosted software because of its usability and affordable pricing options.

Users can also abstract extremely complicated spreadsheets and versioned papers because Quoter gathers all relevant materials in one place. The details of proposals, normal prices, special discounts, service and product combinations, and even reusable templates are among them.

Key Features:

  • You can instantly settle payments via Quoter rather than handling quote payments on a third-party platform.

  • Each proposal you submit using this site includes a secure payment link that customers can access after placing an order.

  • Quoter is a versatile software program that includes lead management functions.

  • You can track your quotes and sales performance with Quoter.


Starts at $99 per month

16. DealHub CPQ

DealHub CPQ is one of the most popular and well-known CPQ and sales interaction applications available today. In order to speed up the quote process, it uses a very unique collaborative sales engagement process. It evaluates a user's prospects, engagements, and interests to generate real-time insights.

DealHub CPQ will handle everything. All users need to do is enter the product information and specify their business policies. Additionally, it streamlines the process of requesting quotes based on policies and specifications, generating quotes that are in line with the user's workflows, requirements, and standards.

Key Features:

  • DealHub CPQ enables you to create and implement a customized buying path for each consumer at each stage of the contract.

  • Your sales team can interact and work together with customers, giving them access to dynamic and pertinent content.

  • You can directly integrate customized ROI, margin, and size calculators into your guided selling process.

  • You can provide appropriate solutions at reasonable pricing points for your sales force and channel partners.

  • With just a few clicks, sales representatives can quickly and easily create quotes, contracts, and other sales content using an integrated dynamic quote generator.


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17. Verenia CPQ

Verenia CPQ is a fully functional, cloud-based CPQ and self-service solution created to assist businesses increase their income by improving the effectiveness of their sales process. You can easily, quickly, and accurately configure quotes with the help of this award-winning tool.

Verenia CPQ stands apart from rivals, thanks to its guided selling module, which increases your front-end productivity. With the help of this tool, you can sell your products more rapidly and profitably.

Key Features:

  • Verenia CPQ reduces errors caused by manual pricing configuration and quoting by 93%.

  • The quotation and pricing processes are streamlined by dynamic pricing click-by-click capability.

  • It enables you to create unique BOMs and routings.

  • Since you don't need to double-check purchases for accuracy, you may use your time and resources more effectively on things that are more crucial.


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18. PROS Smart CPQ

PROS Smart CPQ was developed to assist salespeople in improving revenue and margin performance. In order to navigate the present commerce experience, it combines dynamic pricing technology with its CPQ functionalities.

It improves the sales representatives' ability to respond to consumer needs, creating a valuable and satisfying customer experience. Enterprise-class enterprises, such as B2B services, high-tech, consumer products, foods and drinks, health care, tourism, and insurance, can benefit greatly from using this platform.

Key Features:

  • This program targets the products that customers are most likely to buy using scientific algorithms.

  • PROS Smart CPQ uses a constraint satisfaction programming engine to assist sales teams in offering unique configurations based on a customer's attributes.

  • Systems for ERP, CRM, and PLM integration are included into PROS Smart CPQ.

  • It works well with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.


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19. Price f(x)

Price f(X) is an all-encompassing price management and CPQ solution that helps users streamline the complete pricing process for B2C and B2B customers. It is a scalable, hosted platform that supports the pricing strategy, setting, managing, and realization phases of the price management loop cycle.

The platform is founded on five guiding principles, including flexibility, speed, cleanliness, adaptability, and passion. It is designed for companies facing both common and particularly unique price-centric difficulties.

Key Features:

  • Pricing f(X) is built on technology and architecture that are incredibly adaptable, allowing entrepreneurs to innovate more quickly and roll out new features in short, updated cycles.

  • The solution is fundamentally a SaaS, so organizations can launch and use the application right away.

  • It provides for quick and flexible deployment and makes it simple for users to determine what works and doesn't for them.

  • The module makes use of a number of analytical functions to identify price and/or margin possibilities.

  • It helps in the computation and simulation of a product's gross, net, and special price as well as the full process of defining price policies.


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20. Sigma CPQ

Sigma CPQ is an intuitive quote and order-capturing software for suppliers of digital and communication services. The software helps the front end of the omnichannel quote and order-capturing process to empower organizations in the contemporary customer-centric world. It gives your sales team access to the power of your product catalog, enabling them to easily design and personalize offers.

Sigma CPQ offers a guided selling environment wherein important product information is creatively revealed when it is required. It guarantees that the appropriate items are recommended to the appropriate clients and promotes the revenue-centric, order-to-activation process.

Key Features:

  • The solution makes sure that each product is appropriately tailored and priced for seamless delivery.

  • Ensures that the omnichannel experience is provided uniformly across all channels.

  • It provides the agility needed by the communications and digital service industries to handle product lifecycles.

  • The platform allows consumers to quickly navigate the catalog and gives unified control of products and services.

  • It supports the creation of workable orders for timely delivery and assists the sales team in precisely matching the right product or service to the unique needs of the customer.


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21. iQouteXpress

iQuoteXpress, a cloud-based quote and proposal tool, enables companies to streamline their operations for predicting sales. It makes it simple for sellers to create detailed and accurate proposals without taking up a lot of their time.

The CPQ solution provides strong sales enablement services, which is what organisations need to enhance and simplify their quote- and proposal-related procedures. It provides tools such as analytics and reporting, advanced cataloging, interaction with existing systems, and proposal automation.

Key Features:

  • The software's personalized proposal templates allow you to reflect your values with a more accurate representation of your business.

  • Customers can store the service and product materials you provide in the customized dashboard.

  • The back-end tracking features of iQuoteXpress give you complete information.

  • It helps complete proposal building in 75% less time, freeing up sales representatives' time to concentrate more on closing deals.


Starts at $39 per month


ASC CPQ is a CPQ management tool that helps firms manage quotes, bids, and proposals more effectively and shortens the time to close. It offers several benefits such as stronger client relationships, reduced procurement costs, and simplified processes for tender management.

The CPQ solution offers a reliable platform for the creation and management of Request for Proposals, Request for Quotes, and Request for Information for both buy-side and sell-side enterprises.

Key Features:

  • The system includes configurable pricing and quoting, evaluation, tender posting and editing, and awards. It also addresses the complete bidding process.

  • It includes Quote to Cash and Quote to Order and spans the whole buy and sell side contract management lifecycle.

  • ASC CPQ's seamless integration with popular systems like Salesforce, SAP, and Oracle makes data entry simple and encourages centralized processes.

  • Customized solutions, which may be adjusted to meet industry-specific criteria, are an option for businesses with special demands.

  • It decreases manual data entry and makes the data portable.


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23. Configure One

Another CPQ tool that salespeople can use to generate customized configurations, determine pricing, include production data, issue quotes to clients, and secure orders is Configure One. The essential benefits of this CPQ software include managing clients, creating dynamic quote papers, and viewing and changing bills of material from the quoting interface.

Key Features:

  • You can streamline your business by quickly converting quotes into orders with the click of a button.

  • You can either let your customers order through a credit card checkout or have orders handled through your linked ERP/CRM system.

  • Regardless of the industry, Configure One CPQ can handle the trickiest setup issues. Every product is instantly configured, and consumers can view real-time visualisations of the options they have chosen.

  • Every product variation generates automated pricing. You can choose whether to base prices on items or options.


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24. Model N CPQ

Model N CPQ is used by businesses to configure and price their most complicated items. Additionally, it connects with SAP Variable Configurator, allowing sales representatives to provide quotes that are identical in terms of configuration and cost to those produced in SAP.

Model N CPQ shortens sales and quote cycles, improves sales productivity and response to sales opportunities, and eliminates quoting errors.

Key Features:

  • Create quotes with SAP's master data and business logic.

  • Offers a user-friendly Interface for SAP KMAT product settings.

  • Allows users to set prices in accordance with the business logic and data set out in SAP Pricing.

  • Offers flexibility to change quotes' rates in accordance with SAP pricing requirements.

  • Use a single quote for both SAP and non-SAP products and services.


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25..CloudSense CPQ

CloudSense CPQ is a CPQ platform that automates the complete sales and order process, from estimates to contracts, orders, and billing. It is designed for ongoing high-volume or complicated services in the communications, media, and utility industries.

You can expect to reduce order errors, accelerate sales cycles, and increase order value by using CloudSense. The CloudSense CPQ engine drives higher productivity and revenues for ambitious businesses.

Key Features:

  • With quick, precise quotations, you can increase sales productivity and engage customers right away.

  • Personalized offers can increase average order values and also speed up, automate, and streamline every transaction.

  • Using the platform designed for innovation, you can easily launch new products and diversify your sources of income.

  • Helps organizations in growing sales, launching products quickly, and providing flawless customer service.


Starts at $60 per month

26. Zimit CPQ

Zimit CPQ is developed for pricing enterprise technology and services, such as managed services, bundled solutions, professional services, and XaaS. It enables customers to replace spreadsheets with a central solution catalog that manages automated document content, guided selling, approvals, and a pricing engine designed for the technology and services sector.

Key Features:

  • Zimit's straightforward, user-friendly rules engine reimagines selling. Simply provide answers to the questions and dynamically generate your quote using any of your catalog's products, services, or subscriptions.

  • Create proposals, SOWs, orders, and other documents linked to quotes.

  • Automatic alerts will notify you if essential measures, like margin drop below permitted levels.

  • Get rid of unnecessary, labor-intensive procedures like manually updating customer information in your CRM after sending bids.

  • Receive system-wide changes in real-time with Workday and Salesforce.


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27. Tacton CPQ

B2B producers can manage and market highly customised products with Tacton CPQ as if they were standard. The highly regarded configuration and pricing engine makes it simpler to increase productivity by automating business processes for quick, error-free quotes and orders. Customers using self-service, resellers, or direct sales teams can all use Tacton CPQ in a multi-channel setting.

Key Features:

  • Offers a best-in-class, reliable configuration system for discrete, complicated manufacturing that can express millions of commercially successful product variants with minimal maintenance.

  • Provides a powerful price execution engine for any price model and sales channel.

  • Document generation for quotations, tech specs, certifications, etc that is quick and data-driven.

  • Provide your front- and back-office teams the tools they need to operate together, including workflows, approvals, and product data management tools.

  • Use the same product and pricing definitions for all sales channels, bringing the power of CPQ self-service to your end-customers and partners.


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28. CIS Configurator

CIS Configurator is a cloud-based software for large and mid-size manufacturing companies that want to automate the quotation process for internal and external sales teams, distributors, dealers, and customers. It helps users create, edit, revise, and copy quotes with configurable items and stock data.

The rule-based configurator can run independently or be integrated with other applications like your ERP or CRM so that users can make quotations and orders with customizable items in them.

Key Features:

  • The sales tool helps users may quickly and reliably prepare quotes for orders using CPQ.

  • It works with CRM systems, ERP systems, and other company technology, ensuring accurate data integration.

  • Generates automated in accordance with a preprogrammed set of criteria.

  • Provides error-free pricing that considers quantities, discounts, modifications, and optional features of products.


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Things to consider while choosing CPQ Software Tools For Sales Teams

  • Integration with other systems: Consider how well the CPQ tool integrates with other systems your sales team uses, such as your CRM and ERP. Seamless integration can make it easier for your sales team to use the CPQ tool and provide more accurate quotes.

  • User-friendly interface: A user-friendly interface can make a big difference in how well your sales team can use the CPQ tool. Look for a tool with a well-designed interface that is easy to use and navigate.

  • Customization options: Consider the level of customization the CPQ tool offers. Some tools may only offer basic customization, while others allow for more complex customization to meet the specific needs of your sales team.

  • Price: The cost of CPQ tools can vary greatly, so it is important to consider your budget when choosing a tool. Some tools are free, while others can be quite expensive.

  • Features: Consider the features offered by the CPQ tool, including the ability to configure complex products, generate quotes, and manage discounts and promotions. Choose a tool that provides the features your sales team needs to be successful.

  • Data security: Consider the level of security offered by the CPQ tool. Make sure the tool you choose uses secure methods to store and transmit sensitive customer information.


What is CPQ software?

CPQ software is a type of software that helps sales teams configure, price, and quote products and services more accurately and efficiently. It helps streamline the sales process by automating many of the manual steps involved in generating quotes and provides a more accurate and consistent pricing process.

Why do sales teams need CPQ software?

Sales teams need CPQ software because it helps them generate quotes more quickly and accurately. It reduces the risk of errors and helps ensure that quotes are consistent and in line with company pricing policies. CPQ software can also help sales teams close deals more quickly by streamlining the sales process and reducing the time it takes to generate quotes.

What features should CPQ software have?

CPQ software should have features that make it easy for sales teams to configure, price, and quote products and services. Key features to look for include the ability to configure complex products, generate quotes, manage discounts and promotions, and integrate with other systems such as CRM and ERP.

How much does CPQ software cost?

The cost of CPQ software can vary greatly, with some tools being free and others being quite expensive. The cost will depend on the features and capabilities of the tool, as well as the size of your sales team. It is important to consider your budget when choosing a CPQ software tool and to choose a tool that provides the features and capabilities you need at a price you can afford.

What are the benefits of using CPQ software for sales teams?

The benefits of using CPQ software for sales teams include increased accuracy and efficiency in generating quotes, reduced errors, improved consistency in pricing, and the ability to close deals more quickly. CPQ software can also help sales teams better understand the impact of discounts and promotions on pricing, which can lead to more informed decision-making.

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