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Top 10 Crypto STOs: Best of 2023

Security Token Offerings, often known as crypto STOs, are currently one of the most popular methods for launching new crypto businesses. STOs (Secure Token Offerings) are more regulated and less susceptible to fraud than ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

In 2022, hundreds of new crypto STOs will go live, bringing with them play-to-earn games, metaverse initiatives, DeFi applications, and more. We'll list the top 10 cryptocurrency STOs in this guide and discuss what makes them so intriguing.

1. Tamadoge

It is clear that the developers of Tamadoge are committed to the endeavor and aim to make it impenetrable. The Tamaverse project was first audited by Solid Proof, and CoinSniper has even confirmed it. Additionally, the game will be connected to the Metaverse.

Key Features:

  • Because 5% of all TAMA tokens spent are burned, Tamadoge (TAMA), a deflationary coin, regularly sees its 2 billion supply decline.

  • The intention of the Tamadoge developers is to sell half of the coins during the presale, making the coin even rarer. It will then be listed on controlled exchanges after that. The coin will then be in even greater demand, but there will be less of it available.

  • Players can receive rewards playing this cryptocurrency game. Each player's ranking determines how much they will receive in incentives. Players breed, mint, and take care of their virtual pets in a bid to gain leadership. TAMA coins are used to pay out rewards.

2. Battle Infinity

One of the top candidates for the finest security token offering in 2022 is Battle Infinity. A "multiverse of metaverse" is what this project, which is being developed in India, wants to produce. Users will have access to unique games, a decentralized exchange and marketplace, tools to build their own games, and much more within the Battle Infinity ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • IBAT Premier League, a fantasy sports game, will serve as the starting point for Battle Infinity's metaverse.

  • Players can create their own fantasy teams, manage their team's budget, and compete with other players for the most points.

  • The first fantasy sports league will center around cricket's well-known Premier League in India, but other sports leagues are anticipated to appear soon.

3. Djed

After what happened to Terra, cryptocurrency investors might be hesitant to invest in an algorithmic stablecoin. Investors shouldn't abandon algorithmic stablecoins altogether despite Terra's failure. In theory, the new stablecoin Djed operates similarly to Terra, but it has important safety measures in place to prevent rapid inflation and panic.

Key Features:

  • The Djed's peg to the US dollar is based on the SHEN, its sister coin.

  • SHEN contains minting constraints that take effect when coin inflation spirals out of control, in contrast to LUNA, which may be created and burnt without restrictions.

  • Djed has also implemented SHEN bonuses to encourage cryptocurrency investors to safeguard the currency's peg to the dollar when volatility rises.

4. Fantom

Fantom is an extremely quick blockchain with a companion STO that is made to rival Ethereum. Fantom (FTM), an established altcoin, promises quicker transaction times, lower fees, and more opportunities for developers to expand their projects.

Key Features:

  • Theoretically, Fantom can handle transactions that the Ethereum blockchain requires several minutes to validate in just a few seconds.

  • The key to this speed is the distinct hashgraph-style methodology used by Fantom. Nodes on the network can individually validate transactions and then put them back together into a block rather than requiring the blockchain to handle all queued transactions at once.

  • Since the Fantom blockchain and Ethereum dApps are backward compatible, developers can easily swap chains.

5. MapMetrics

A clever new security token offering called MapMetrics aims to unseat Google Maps. MapMetrics, like Google Maps, is made to assist drivers in finding the most efficient route from point A to point B. With MapMetrics, which is different from Google Maps, drivers are encouraged to contribute detailed information as they travel, improving the quality of real-time data on traffic patterns, road conditions, and other factors.

Key Features:

  • The Special Position Tracker mechanism is the heart of MapMetrics. This hardware component is installed in the user's car and gathers GPS data while the user is driving.

  • Each Special Position Tracker is an NFT, which means that people own them and can only couple them with specific vehicles.

  • The MapMetrics MMAP token is given to anyone who has a Special Position Tracker and utilizes it while they are driving.

6. ApeCoin

The makers of the NFT collections Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Yuga Labs, have launched a new STO called ApeCoin. Investors are thrilled about the creation of a new token that heralds the beginning of the next phase of development surrounding these NFTs, which continue to be among the most well-liked NFT collections in the entire world.

Key Features:

  • Initially distributed as an airdrop to current owners of BAYC and MAYC NFT, ApeCoin is now available for purchase on the majority of the top cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Recently, the prospect of ApeCoin becoming the official cryptocurrency of the Otherside metaverse, another project currently under development by Yuga Labs, has investors buzzing.

7. Ankr

Web3 is being built on the enormous crypto infrastructure project known as Ankr. With Ankr, Web2 websites may transition to Web3 by integrating crypto wallets, setting up crypto staking, launching NFTs, and more. The Ankr platform currently receives more than 7 billion daily API requests, demonstrating the strength of this network.

Key Features:

  • Additionally, Ankr offers resources for dApp creators and individual investors.

  • Comprehensive cross-chain compatibility is available for developers, making it simple to move apps between blockchains or build interoperable dApps.

  • The same interoperability can be used by investors to stake coins across many blockchains and maximize interest.

  • Additionally, this platform provides a node service that enables programmers and other users to set up their own nodes and access them from a distance.

8. Colony

A new form of cryptocurrency accelerator called Colony Lab is created to assist developers in launching Avalanche blockchain-based enterprises. The idea is that by making it simpler for all cryptocurrency investors to fund brand-new businesses, investors will profit from having a jump on lucrative ventures.

Key Features:

  • Everyone who owns CLY, Colony Lab's native token, receives a reward in the startup's native tokens when Colony invests in a project. Investors can make money by reselling the tokens if those firms are successful and the value of their tokens increases.

  • Additionally serving as Colony Lab's governance token, CLY will eventually allow token holders to influence which firms Colony Lab chooses to fund.

9. Theta

A cryptocurrency STO called Theta seeks to challenge the centralized mechanism that currently rules internet video streaming. Theta's objective is to reward and compensate content producers for their labor while building a decentralized network of nodes for hosting video content.

Key Features:

  • The Theta project is composed of 2 tokens. THETA, the platform's governance token, comes first.

  • The other is TFUEL, a cryptocurrency used to pay content producers who upload movies to Theta.

  • By staking their governance tokens to speed up transaction processing and validation, THETA owners can also earn TFUEL.

10. Lucky Block

The best platform for NFT competitions is Lucky Block. By purchasing NFTs, users can participate in competitions, receive rewards, and get paid for holding Lucky Block NFTs. A Lamborghini, Fifa world cup tickets, $1 million in Bitcoin, and other items are a few examples of competition rewards. Holders of Lucky Block NFT will continue to receive daily rewards in the amount of 1% of the contest's profit pool even after the competition has ended.

Key Features:

  • LBLOCK was only introduced at the beginning of 2022, but the Coinmarketcap chart above shows that it managed to post some sizable gains in its first month. By the conclusion of the first month, the coin had reached an all-time high of $0.009 from its January launch price of $0.002.

  • Although LBLOCK fell due to the general crypto market decline, the subsequent surge higher has attracted the interest of the greatest crypto investors. Over 50,000 new holders joined LBLOCK in the first four months.

  • Boxing legends Dillian Whyte and Florian Marku are two well-known brand advocates for LBLOCK. This may contribute to raising interest in LBLOCK and, thus, the token's demand.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Crypto STO

What is Tokenization?

As we've previously indicated, security tokens can represent a range of assets and interests, including debt, equity, and physical assets. As a result, the sort of asset being tokenized will not only need a variety of legal attachments but also have a range of investor attractiveness. Therefore, when starting a STO, it's crucial to take the type of interest into account.

The Token's Country of Origin

The STO structure of a token is significantly influenced by the jurisdiction of incorporation. As a result, based on the following, the appropriate jurisdiction must be considered:

  • The location of the physical asset.

  • restrictions on security and other local legislation.

  • the category of interest that is being tokenized.

  • the nations of origin of the founders for tax purposes.

  • Marketing plan and initiatives that are effective in that area.

Sound Company Governance And Structure

This is a crucial factor to take into account before establishing a STO. For instance, if the tokens resemble conventional stock instruments, the issuer's corporate filings should also permit their issuance.

As required by law, further restrictions and guidelines can be in place. There may be restrictions on certain factors, such as the total number of token holders. The majority of tokenized assets in the US are only available to 99 investors who live in the country.


The investment may appear to be more difficult and time-consuming as a result of the aforementioned rules and restrictions. Additionally, there may be geo-restrictions imposed by the rules, and KYC requires you to verify your identity. However, all STOs must follow KYC and AML protocols. They attest to the project's transparency, provide assurance that the money is genuine and pure, and shield both investors and the business from fraud and any negative effects brought on by negligence. Nevertheless, rules can permit investing in some areas where regulations are strong and harmful crowdfunding initiatives like ICOs are prohibited.

We wish you well and success if you have already given everything some thought, chosen and analyzed the project, and collected your ID for the KYC.

Platform for Tokenization

There are many online platforms for tokenization, including Securitize, Tokensoft, and Token IQ, among others. Choosing a platform is crucial because they all take a different approach. Additionally, you should consider the cost of partnering, post-launch support, and the proportion of commission on the money raised.

Before choosing a platform, it is a good idea to research its history of successful token launches, if it has resources for KYC and AML checks, and how it manages secondary trading.

Assess the Risk

An STO investment has risk, just like any other investment. Strict restrictions guard you against fraud. Working MVPs (minimum viable products) demonstrate the team's commitment to excellence and the caliber of their work. The company's ideas, analysis of the market, focus on the issues they wish to address, and future plans are all introduced in the white paper. The project's or its STO's success, however, cannot be guaranteed. Learn about the project, assess the business, comprehend the issue their product will address, and have faith in their ability to succeed.

STO Does Not Guarantee An Instant Profit

It is a long-term investment strategy like any other in a developing business. The project is funded through crowdfunding, and after it is completed, the creators will benefit from it and split that profit with the investors in accordance with the terms of the investment agreement.

Different payment intervals are available, including quarterly, biannually, and annually. You must also confirm the details of what you will receive in the future.


A security token typically reflects a stake in a resource or outside the company. Technically, a token is considered a security token if it is governed by federal law and gets its value from outside marketable assets or businesses.

Security tokens may be released by organizations or governments. These tokens, therefore, have similar functions to stocks or bonds. Because they represent the right of ownership to an asset, security tokens differ from utility tokens, for instance. In our list we have mentioned the best crypto STOs, hopefully, that information will help you.


What are Crypto STOs?

A security token offering, also known as an STO, is a method for new cryptocurrency ventures to publicly launch their native token. An STO and an ICO are very similar to one another (ICO). Both lead to the ability of the general public to acquire or trade a project's blockchain-based token. The distinction is that an STO uses security as opposed to a coin.

How Do STOs Function?

STOs operate similarly to ICOs or IDOs on a DEX. A blockchain, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or another chain, is used to build the security token. Additionally, it is backed by a type of asset, the ownership history of which is stored on that blockchain.

Investors are free to acquire and sell security tokens after an STO has been started. This may be performed through the project's website or through a cryptocurrency exchange, depending on the STO's structure. Many projects impose restrictions on the sort of cryptocurrency wallet or token that investors can use to participate in the STO.

Is Investing in New STO Cryptos a Good Idea?

Does it make sense to invest in a new crypto STO? STOs generally has certain potential advantages for investors, albeit much depends on the particular project in question. Here are some characteristics of crypto STOs.

  • STOs are backed by assets.

  • Greater Regulation Than ICOs

  • Possibility of Price Appreciation

  • High Chance, High Gain.

How to Find New Upcoming STOs?

Finding the top crypto STOs to invest in is one of the most difficult tasks. It might be challenging to determine when a new STO is starting, particularly for investors who aren't closely following the most recent developments in the cryptocurrency sector.

The good news is that finding crypto security token offerings is possible. Social media is the greatest place to look, as this is where many new cryptocurrency companies first announce their STOs. Verify websites and apps including Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Joining a Discord channel can be a helpful way to learn when an STO will take place and how to become engaged. Many projects also open Discord channels prior to an STO.

What Distinguishes An ICO From An STO?

Initial coin offerings, or ICOs, include the first sale of a fresh utility token. An ICO token is not a security, and it is not backed by any assets. A new asset-backed token is sold in an STO, or security token offering. In an STO, tokens stand in for investments in certain assets.

Top 10 Crypto STOs: Best...

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