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Top 45 Data Loss Prevention Tools

For any business the most important asset is data. It often happens that a company loses access to its data due to certain factors and cyberattacks. Statistics reveal that more than 60% of organizations have faced cyberattacks in one form or the other. It becomes really important for a company to prevent data loss in order to ensure company growth. Data loss prevention or DLP is a technique to regain complete control or access over the lost data. And data loss prevention tools help with this.

Below is a top tool list summarized for you stating the Top 45 Data Loss Prevention Tools with their key features and other needed information.

1. Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP is a one-end platform that helps catering all your data protection needs. It assists with cloud management and provides a varied range of data protection software and appliances for your business.

Key Features:

  • Its advanced technology is competitive against ransomware and cyberattacks.

  • Is quick during the risk management time. In cases of emergency, it downtimes the retention procedure and provides efficient results.

  • Ensures full-time security of your cloud software and optimizes the data software with necessary solutions and amends.

  • Helps in reduction of IT work. It manages the IT work and its complexity productively.


You can contact their sales team to check out prices to avail of this tool.

2. Broadcom

Broadcom provides data loss prevention tools through its Symantec data loss prevention technology. Symantec Data Loss prevention is a market leader and is trusted by several organizations and businesses. It shows compatibility with all cloud software, namely, Mac, Windows, IOs or caters to hybrid environments

Key Features:

  • It becomes pretty difficult to detect the location of sensitive data and preserve it. Symantec's data loss prevention tool helps in providing complete visibility of sensitive data and helps protect it from leakage.

  • Symantec data loss prevention tools also help in managing cloud-based and on-premise mishaps. It reduces the IT complexity with a unified policy and framework. You can monitor the use of your data and its movement at all channels.

  • It is equipped with worldwide data protection laws and regulatory requirements and facilitates compliance


You can contact their sales rep to provide you with pricing quotes.

3. Mcafee protection for data loss prevention

Mcafee protection for data loss prevention provides complete protection for DLP cases. It helps in detecting and retaining data loss or leakage and finding solutions to regain protection.

Key Features:

  • Its core data loss prevention components include Mcafee DLP discover- for detection of sensitive data, Mcafee DLP prevent- to prevent data loss further by deploying DLP policies, Mcafee DLP monitor- to monitor data loss by scanning data traffic and optimizing solutions

  • Mcafee DLP endpoint helps to prevent data loss at the endpoint by monitoring and preventing the loss of confidential data

  • MVISION ePO helps in the management of all DLP violations and reporting regardless of their origin from corporate devices or cloud applications.

  • It helps in the synchronization of ON-premises and Cloud DLP policies and safeguards


You can avail there free demo and for further assistance, you can contact them by registering on the website.

4. Checkpoint

Checkpoint data loss prevention tools assist in the end-to-end data loss prevention process. With checkpoint, you can ensure to monitor data movement and assure compliance with DLP regulations.

Key Features:

  • You can choose from over 500 predefined data types and are able to create additional data, keywords, and RegEx combinations with checkpoints.

  • You can attain 360-degree visibility over data leakage accidents and can report significant data.

  • There are two DLP options you can choose to avail, yourself are content awareness and DLP and data owner audit.

  • It equips itself with the complete aim of data security and prevention.


You can avail free demo and for further assistance, you can contact their sales team and request pricing quotes. It also offers custom pricing.

5. Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP

Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP helps in tracking lost data and its prevention. It is compatible with all windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints. The digital guardian agent keeps a backlog of all your events at the system both user and data levels.

Key Features:

  • It is equipped with the security of data on Microsoft office 365, SharePoint, and one drive business.

  • It has both on-premise and SaaS deployment tools. It also helps in gaining analytical insights over your data and assists in cloud reporting.

  • Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP monitors user activity and behavior for suspicious activities to help prevent data loss.

  • The tool assists across all kinds of industries may it be technology, education, business services, healthcare, energy, manufacturing, retail or financial services.

  • The interface is user-friendly but sometimes it shows false alarms, which is one of its limitations, It is equipped with advanced analytical tools and provides useful insights.


You can request custom pricing quotes from their sales executive department.

6. Code42

Code42 is a data loss prevention tool launched by code 42 which detects and responds to risks, data theft, and IP theft.

Key Features:

  • Incydr helps you understand the risks that you are currently facing and helps you to devise a plan to combat them. It provides risk indicators and a risk dashboard.

  • Incydr possesses abilities to mitigate data exfiltration.

  • It carries out investigations in a comprehensive and speedy way to combat work loss from employees’ devices.

  • The tool resolves any detected activity using no-code automation with IAM, PAM, EDR/XDR, and other solutions.


You can avail of the free demo given on the website and for further assistance, you contact their sales team.

7. Endpoint protector

Endpoint protector is an industry-leading tool for Data loss prevention. It detects and monitors sensitive data across employee endpoints.

Key Features:

  • Endpoint protector controls data theft and leakage by gaining control over devices to combat the spread of data breaches.

  • It contextually scans for data and helps in removing devices like dropbox, skype outlook, etc

  • It helps in discovering, encrypting, and deleting sensitive data.

  • The tool helps in safeguarding data in transit and enforces encryption, management, and security of USB storage devices.

  • It is user-friendly and password automated.


You can request pricing by contacting their sales executive for quotes.

8. Secure trust data loss prevention

SecureTrust data evaluates the possible data threats to a business and improves it security system. It can assist large businesses to small ones and protects against any kind of breach of data and threats. Thus there are reduced risks and maximum utilization of the internal data only for your business purposes.

Key Features:

  • It can help you in understanding the company's security profile and provide information about the weakness and strengths that lie in the system

  • Its advanced technology allows smooth functioning of the business operations and also keeps the sensitive data secured.

  • Secure Trust also relieves the customer in the Payment Card Industry and assists them in getting rid of sudden fees or charges.

  • Their cloud-based URL monitoring service reduces the risk of illegal online marketing and sales.

  • It also provides digital certificates in terms of the security of your business.

  • The tool also provides an insight into the possible risks, after the assessment of your historical data.


You can enquire about the cost details from the sales team.

9. Kogni

Kogni has three main functions when it comes to cyber threats or data loss: discover, secure, and monitor. By discovering where the sensitive data of your business lies, it could easily secure and monitor that data.

Key Features:

  • It complies with the CCPA, HIPAA, and other regulations. Thus, even with the discovery of the most significant data, Kogni is a trusted platform.

  • In terms of discovery, it has features like custom data classifications and out-of-the-box.

  • Its monitoring tool is has been designed in a way that it provides data alerts and easily manages the violation policies.

  • It provides advanced threat protection when it comes to the security of the data.


You can sign-up for a 90-day free trial and then request different pricing options.

10. Solar winds

Solarwinds is an advanced solution to the most difficult IT problems. Designed with advanced technologies it can easily assist you in monitoring the performance network performance and prevents any sorts of risks involved.

Key Features:

  • Provides full-stack observability to all.

  • Its router traffic monitor instantly and automatically discovers the display connections and network routers.

  • Wi-fi network monitoring can also be done with it to get a better performance analysis.

  • You can discover and map out the network devices.


The subscription to the tool begins from $1638

11. Spirion

Spirion can get the most sensitive data under control by interpreting the data-a-risk and migrating it to the cloud for security. You can get a clear vision of what the sensitivity is and where is it present in the system.

Key Features:

  • It has a 98.5% accuracy in discovering the most sensitive data.

  • Its automated workflows allow you to get the results instantly.

  • Spirion classifies the data to mark out the sensitive ones from the basic data.

  • It efficiently controls your data through file shredding, quarantine, third-party controls, reduction of access rights, and redaction.


You can simply request the pricing of the tool from the official site.

12. Cloud codes

Cloud codes allow you to work safely across cloud services on any of the devices. It provides complete cloud data security. It possesses the control point for cloud security services, protection against threats, and visibility.

Key Features:

  • It helps you to restrict the data access with the help of a specific browser, IP address, and devices and within a specified time period.

  • The tool gives you the control to protect the data that might be leaked by any user intentionally or unintentionally.

  • Its advanced technology can also secure email messages and initiate the monitoring of corporate documents on mobile devices. It can maintain the safety of the data in a single console.

  • The shared-drive feature can ease the sharing of documents within the team. It further saves the user from driving the space as there is singular ownership.


The advanced pricing starts from $24 whereas the Enterprise pricing starts from $48.

13. Comvault complete backup and recovery

Comvault is a one-step and affordable solution to data loss and data recovery. You can simply recover even the smallest of data without worrying about it being leaked or lost.

Key Features:

  • It has automated tiering that can help in long-lasting archive and retention.

  • The advanced storage integrations provide high backup performances.

  • The data security is ensured through built-in ransomware protection that also includes reporting and can detect anomalies.

  • It has high-end encryption including data-in-flight and data-at-rest encryption.


You can enquire about the price-related questions on the official website.

14. Barracuda Backup

Barracuda Backup provides a peaceful solution for data protection. Its advanced backup strategy protects the data from almost anywhere in the system be it in the cloud or on-premises.

Key Features:

  • Initiates fast recovery and protection of the data irrespective of its location

  • You can recover the data from anywhere as it supports virtual and physical restores.

  • It keeps the data backed up in the Barracuda Backup from where you can access it in case you lose your data or delete a certain file.

  • The backup alliance plays a significant role in the onsite data protection

  • It also provides email security, firewall, archiving, and content security.


For the correct price, you can contact the expert on the official website.

15. Google cloud data loss prevention

Google cloud data loss prevention helps you to discover, classify and secure the most sensitive data. You can now have complete control over your data be it on or off the cloud. Moreover, you can also get insight into the data risks across the company.

Key Features:

  • You can utilize the Cloud DLP from anywhere virtually.

  • It has features like masking and tokenizing that can manage, collect and store the data for a better analysis.

  • Helps you in interpreting the various risks of data privacy by measuring the statistical properties.

  • Enables you to preserve the data utility while reducing the risks of raw data identifiers and data loss.


The new users get a $300 credit to run and test it. All users have the privilege to use 20+ products for free unless they reach the monthly usage limits. As per the pricing structure, you pay only for the service you utilize.

16. picks up a modern approach toward data protection. It allows easy and comprehensive coverage of cloud data without disturbing data alerts of any kind. Its integration with the APIs allows you to set up cloud-native data loss prevention without the involvement of any agents or end-user impacts.

Key Features:

  • Automatic scanning and machine learning ensure that the data security goals of the entire organization are met efficiently.

  • You can simply skip the alert fatigues and get an insight into the data flowing in and out of the cloud environments.

  • It instantly alerts you in case your data is present somewhere it should not be.

  • Allows you to secure the data in any of the applications.


Enquire about the pricing details on the official website.

17. Sophos

Sophos enables you to manage your cloud security needs in an efficient way, thereby preventing any data loss. The tool scans into the threat detection engine to detect any malware and resolves it accordingly.

Key Features:

  • The tool can protect your crucial information from malicious exposures through removable devices, and internet applications.

  • DLP policy will be applied in various cases like copying content to removable devices or uploading content to web-browsers

  • Helps you define the data control policies by endpoint


Enquire about the pricing details on the official website.

18. Retrospect

Retrospect Backup can keep every part of the system be it on-site or in the cloud secure and safe, Just a single click and you will be a step closer to absolute data security. Moreover, it supports both Windows and Mac.

Key Features:

  • Its point-in-time servers ensure that system-level and file-level are well protected for the servers.

  • It guarantees complete protection with duplicate built-in features, archives, and backups.

  • There are agents on every desktop and laptop to make sure that the entire infrastructure is well protected and covered.

  • It supports 20+ cloud storage providers. All of these have been integrated with no lock-in and zero-knowledge security.


You can get started with the free trial, if the tool fulfills your requirements you can contact on the official site.

19. Interguard

Interguard helps you not only monitor the activities of the employees but also blocks unwanted actions that can mess with the data of the organization. They react instantly to any sort of data threat alerts.

Key Features:

  • It can access the detailed search activity and resort to reporting or blocking in case of the unwanted actions

  • It instantly gets an alert to the suspicious activities that might take place in the organization.

  • Interguard can easily recover the sensitive file, lock down the devices and eliminate the stolen assets


The pricing of the tool is $9.99 per month or even less. Moreover, you can even schedule a demo for further details.

20. Lookout

Lookout provides a software-defined and cloud-delivered security that gives the user control over the visibility of the data wherever it is present. Thus it can easily secure the cloud and web usage.

Key Features:

  • It allows monitoring of the risk and provides security measures on a single platform.

  • The tool can protect the data from external and internal threats or leakage.

  • Provides insights into the functioning of the company continuously so that you can keep track in case of anomalous activities or internal threats.

  • Graph-based artificial intelligence can analyze the data from 200 million+ devices and detect any kind of threats or unusual behaviors quite efficiently.


You can enquire the correct pricing from their sales team.

21. Jungle disk Backup

Jungle disk backup ensures that your files are stored securely in the cloud. You can easily access the shared files. It compresses your data and de-duplicate during backup, storing only the new and changed data.

Key Features:

  • It provides backup for macOS, email, Windows, Linux, and cloud storage

  • By managing the passwords it ensures that the data and files are shared and managed securely.

  • Provides security awareness training that can help you learn the skills of detecting any phishing attack or data threats.


It costs $10 per month, for a detailed quote you can contact the sales team.

22. Mimecast cloud archive

Mimecast cloud archive is well known for keeping the data preserved and secured. It helps in archiving the information of the organization, at the same time keeping the corporate knowledge available to the users.

Key Features:

  • Restores the email inbox quickly and also helps in efficient data recovery.

  • Reviews preserves and discovers the electronically stored information quite easily.

  • Protects the data from internal or external threats that mainly messes up with collaboration platforms and cloud messaging.


You can contact the experts for the pricing details of the same. It keeps a record of the

23. Threatcop

Threatcop will assess the real-time cyber threats to your organization and has a feature that enables the user in creating a maximum of 6 dummy campaigns for such cyber attacks.

Key Features:

  • It provides security awareness training modules that can train the employees in detecting threats.

  • It also monitors the functioning of the employees after training and provides results based on that

  • Through interactive assessments, the tool tries to gauge the knowledge of the employees in the context of cyber risks.


You can contact the sales team for price-related inquiries.

24. LeaksiD

LeaksID prevents any kind of data leakage even in the form of an image or hard copy. Each time a user opens a document the tool marks it imperceivable such the user receives an exact copy of the original document.

Key Features:

  • Its invisible marks can easily detect the suspect of the data leakage.

  • It prevents the leak of data by creating a physical copy such as snapshots or printouts.

  • It also has control over the shared documents, if you share it via LeaksID. Thus it either restricts access or provides one at a time.


The tool offers a 3-day trial in any of the plans. The basic plan costs $1.80 for the first month, the upgraded plan costs $3 for the first month and the unlimited plan costs $7 for the first month. For pricing for the further months, you can contact the sales team.

25. MyDLP

With the advanced technology in tools, you can discover, monitor, detect and optimize data loss and preventive solutions. MyDLP also acts against virus attacks preserving your device from a virus invasion and piracy. This tool helps in the condition of data leakage and in the risks of compliance.

Key Features:

  • It provides critical data protection. You can keep your significant data away from breaching and unwanted exposure or malicious activities.

  • The tool also helps manage risks and accidents while in process of preventing data.

  • It conducts an in-depth User entity behavior analysis technology to suspect all suspicious or risky behavior over all channels.


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

26. RS Raid Retrive

RS Raid Retrive optimizes solutions for the protection of data in the future. It is your all-in-one platform for a suite of tools that can help you with data protection. The tool helps in the protection of critical business information in the cloud and at endpoints. It also helps in the encryption of data in motion or at rest to the cloud software.

Key Features:

  • It helps in gaining complete visibility of all data. It is also speedy at identifying data and data loss reducing IT complexities and helps in encryption, redirection, or blocking of certain data.

  • It ensures safeguarding the data under compliance policy and assists in automated reporting.

  • It has flexible deployment options that streamline the workflow at risk and unforeseen accidents.


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

27. Teramind

Teramind provides an effective data loss prevention solution against all data breaches, IP theft, and data leaks. Teramind is a user-centric tool that includes an endpoint Data Loss Prevention solution that goes beyond traditional DLP approaches. This tool utilizes digital inspection techniques and contextual analysis to identify and categorize sensitive data and IP.

Key Features:

  • After the DLP software monitors the user actions, it gets validated against the data loss prevention rules. Appropriate action is taken if the rule condition is applied.

  • This tool provides the best return on investment for organizations of any size.

  • It assists companies of all sizes with data loss, cybersecurity, and insider threats.


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

28. DataResolve

With the DataResolve tool, you can rest assured of being secured against the cyber security threats and insider risks hampering the growth of your company. The data leakage protection assists in protecting your data from being lost thereby ensuring a secure enterprise workforce.

Key Features:

  • Deploys across all kinds of devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, and printers.

  • Activity tracking, employee monitoring, and sensitive data protection combined in one single suit.

  • It is a unified suite that helps in data threat management and employee behavior analysis.


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

29. Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP is a unique tool that doesn't compromise in terms of coverage and control of data. It logs all your actions and automatedly blocks all the accidents that can cause loss of data.

Key Features:

  • It provides solutions at both industry level and security challenges by protecting IP and critical data on all endpoint devices, networks, and cloud software.

  • The tool secures data while maintaining productivity

  • It helps in data visibility across all endpoint devices and cloud software

  • The tool has a set of unified policies, user risk, and automation strategies that make data security frictionless and intuitive.


For details regarding prices, you can contact the sales team.

30. Clearswift Adaptive DLP

Clearswift by HelpSystems understands how difficult it is for IT teams to keep up with the volume and complexity of today’s security threats. Therefore, this tool provides the highest level of data loss protection to organizations in the defense, government, healthcare, and financial sector.

Key Features:

  • Uses a Deep Content Inspection Engine that detects, analyzes, and modifies content in real-time.

  • The tool’s unique sanitization feature eliminates only the factors that can potentially cause an unwanted data breach

  • It provides solutions to improve everyday operations, save time


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

31. Acronis Cyber protect cloud

Acronis Cyber protect cloud is regarded as one of the best backup and recovery tool. It safeguards workloads on more than 20 platforms – with near-zero RPOs and RTOs. With AI-based anti-malware, antivirus, and endpoint protection management in one solution, this tool helps in data loss prevention.

Key Features:

  • It reduces complexity and data loss threats while increasing productivity and decreasing operating costs.

  • The tool integrates data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management into a single solution.

  • With its advanced protection packs and unique cyber protection capabilities, you can rest assured of your data security.


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

32. Manage engine device control plus

ManageEngine Device Control Plus is a comprehensive tool and file access management solution that allows you to control, block, and monitor nearby devices from having unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Key Features:

  • Saves data from intruders or external threats

  • Effective tool to be used in the healthcare, financial, technical, and government services.

  • Ensures zero data loss


You can ask their sales team and request a quote.

33. Crowd strike falcon device control

Data protection is one of the fundamental purposes of any industry. Crowd strike DLP is also a way for companies to categorize business-sensitive data and ensure the company’s data policies comply with relevant rules.

Key Features:

  • Monitors endpoint activity across a network

  • Tracks activity on cloud platforms

  • File protection strategy


You can talk with their sales team and request a quote.

34. Trustifi outbound shield

By abiding by all the Data loss prevention rules, with Trustifi one can rest assured about the transfer of data and sending of emails without any doubt. The tool scans and encrypts outgoing messages so that any sensitive information is automatically secured.

Key Features:

  • Its automated process reduces the chances of human error or any data breach

  • Has аutomated integrations for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange on-premise, and Google Workspace.

  • The tool’s AES 256-bit encryption solution provides end-to-end protection for email messages


You can discuss this with their sales team and request a quote.

35. Kasm workspaces

The Kasm Workspaces is a great platform that provides data loss prevention and web streaming solution to ensure the delivery of classified workloads to your browser. Kasm Technologies is dedicated to supporting the open-source community, theory ensuring maximum security and minimum data loss prevention.

Key Features:

  • Handles all kinds of cybersecurity such as data loss prevention, web filtering

  • Enables high performance and efficiency

  • Provides a flexible and accessible deployment as one can log in from any modern web browser.


The tool can be accessed at three levels. The Community level is free of cost, the ‘Professional’ level costs $5 per user every month, and the ‘Enterprise’ costs $10 per user every month. However, these can be billed annually as well.

36. Comet backup

Whether you’re looking for cloud backup or data backup, Comet Backup provides solutions to protect and restore databases, servers, files, and folders. Furthermore, they also support Windows, macOS, and Linux backup.

Key Features:

  • The tool provides backup on your own terms in a flexible way

  • This all-in-one platform scales with your business type

  • The tool’s high-quality service will lighten the burden of your IT team


You can contact their sales team and request a quote.

37. ESET endpoint security

Popularly known for its internet security, ESET endpoint security is known for the protection it offers. Whether be it your data, password, privacy, or your digital information, you can be assured of your organization’s data security and minimal data loss prevention.

Key Features:

  • Very light on resources and has no interruptions

  • Protection against new threats

  • Sensitive data encryption

  • Integrated with protected operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Android


You can contact their sales team and request a quote.

38. Ninja one

Be ready to modernize your IT operations with the Ninja one tool. The Ninja one Data Protection Tool was discovered in 2020 and built a single-pane into the NinjaOne platform. It allows for both file-and-folder or full image backup for any endpoints with the same solution.

Key Features:

  • Provides full image backups

  • Allows cloud-only backups using the integrated AWS storage

  • Easy to set up and use with zero-touch deployment


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

39. Unitrends backup

An IT team is entrusted with a lot of responsibilities and duties which can prove to be quite taxing. Unitrends will provide coverage to your entire backup & recovery needs in a simple, all-in-one solution.

Key Features:

  • Provides a fully integrated cloud backup

  • Saves time and reduces the workload with internal threat monitoring

  • The tool eliminates data loss, ransomware


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

40. Zscaler

Zscaler gathers the technological strategies to simplify the infrastructure running a combination of on-premises, virtual, and SaaS-based applications and systems. Their tools provide data loss prevention for the present as well as future needs.

Key Features:

  • It has a pretty affordable range of prices helping you orient your data and receive solutions at the market and cost-effective rate.

  • Provides customizable solutions that fit your needs.

  • It helps in detecting and finding solutions to control lost and existing data.


You can contact their sales team and request a quote.

41. Comodo MyDLP

The Comodo MyDLP protects data held on cloud servers. Comodo MyDLP is a site-based data protection system that can be customized to enforce data protection standards compliance.

Key Features:

  • This tool discovers all of the sensitive data held by your company, logs it, and protects it.

  • Monitors endpoint activity across a network

  • Tracks activity on cloud platforms


One can go for a free trial of the tool. Furthermore, one can opt for the ‘Advance’ level which costs $24 per year. The ‘Enterprise’ level costs $48 per year.

42. Safetica

Safetica helps in securing your corporate data protection. It links detected problems with remediation actions. The tool very effectively protects sensitive data without slowing down your business.

Key Features:

  • Data file protection

  • Investigates the data files, backing them up and restoring the original version

  • Analysis tools can help determine if actions were malicious


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

43. Fidelis

Fidelis is regarded as the best DLP software system. This tool offers access restriction policies to prevent your employees from accessing your company's sensitive data. Furthermore, its identity management tool helps you minimize your help desk expenses.

Key Features:

  • Through its single sign-on solution, the tool provides cloud security solutions to enterprise customers

  • Regarded as the sample vendors for Cloud Security and SaaS Security

  • It supports and endorses data governance on any device.

  • Ensures protection of sensitive business data to prevent online attacks


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

44. Proofpoint

Proofpoint is a great platform that provides comprehensive solutions for planning, protecting, and recovering your data in no time. It is an intelligent data platform that provides the benefit of storing protected data on tape or disk media.

Key Features:

  • Archives data stored in mailboxes and cloud

  • Scalable and cost-optimized

  • Instant recovery of virtual machines and data

  • Provides high-performance backups via storage integrations


You can contact their sales team and request a quote.

45. Trend Micro

Trend Micro is a world-class solution for data prevention loss. It is an advanced computer security software which is specially designed for large companies. Trend Micro has useful functionality like anti-malware, protecting your email, security against ransomware, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Provides faster, better protection

  • Protects against known, unknown, and undisclosed vulnerabilities across IT and IoT environments

  • This Internet security tool is easy to install and is user-friendly.


You can talk to their sales team and request a quote.

Things to Consider While Selecting Data Loss Prevention Tools

Before choosing a data loss prevention tool you must check if the tool has:

1. Cloud assistance

Whichever data loss prevention tool you opt for must have compatibility with your cloud software. It often happens that even after encryption data leakage happens due to mishaps. Thus data prevention tools can help you preserve your data on the cloud and in the process. But the most important thing when choosing a data loss prevention tool is to check your cloud software’s assistance with your tool.

2. Data segmentation and scanning

The Data prevention tool that you have chosen must be equipped with classifying your data into categories and scanning it for existing faults. The DLP tool should be able to segment the data and scan the data simultaneously in order to remove any risks involved. A lot of tools are equipped with learning patterns of classification and then segmenting the data along with labeling it. Such tools use AI/ML for the organization and orientation of the data.

4. Security assistance

The main aim of a Data loss prevention tool is to ensure security from data leakage. Your users will be joining you from everywhere when you're online, thus your chosen data loss prevention tool must not only backhaul inspection to only central data but to data all over the cloud and data formed recently along with future security assistance. A fully distributed cloud platform with an efficient data center system will ensure that the performance is lightning fast and close to the user. The DLP must give solutions with context which can help you make policy decisions by answering ‘Who’ and ‘what’ questions.

5. Advanced analytics

DLP tools that are automated and machine-trained are beneficial to provide a better hand at analytical data. As such tools learn the patterns of cyberattacks and provide a shield for data loss in their future assistance. A lot of DLP tools use insights on user behavior, data usage, and security risks or deterioration.

A better DLP tool will provide you with combinations of all the above-mentioned points and will assist in the end-to-end solution.


Data loss prevention tools are significant to companies of all sizes and paces. Such tools not only help in preventing loss of data but also helps in detecting loss of data and work on strategizing for its retainment. A lot of times it happens that the data tool you chose cannot work on mac or apple devices or IOS cloud software. However, choosing a flexible DLP tool can help you both on cloud and hybrid collocation.


What is data loss prevention?

Data loss prevention or DLP is a technique to regain complete control or access over the lost data. Data loss prevention tools are significant to companies of all sizes and paces. Such tools not only help in preventing loss of data but also helps in detecting loss of data and work on strategizing for its retainment.

What are the things to consider before assisting oneself with Data loss prevention tools?

It is important to opt for the right fit of DLP tools that can help protect your data with your desired needs. Following are the points to consider before choosing a data loss prevention tool -

  1. Compatibility with cloud software

  2. Equipped with data segmentation and scanning

  3. Provides security assistance

  4. Provides end-to-end solutions for data loss prevention needs by monitoring and combating data loss.

  5. Is equipped with advanced pedagogy of analytical tools

A better DLP tool will provide you with combinations of all the above-mentioned points and will assist in the end-to-end solution service.

Is your data not safe on the cloud?

Your data is on the web when it's on the cloud, your suspicious users and even employees can hack into the cloud software and avail confidential information.DLP tools help prevent data while on cloud software. It encrypts your data while in stag or in motion mode.

What do you mean by data loss prevention or DLP policies?

A DLP policy is a set of norms that are laid down by your business to determine access and control over data and prevent confidential data leakage. The application of this strategy can be seen in working procedures, access rights management, activity monitoring procedures, reporting requirements, and disaster recovery measures.

What does a DLP alert mean?

A DLP alert is a set of messages wherein the DLP tools intimate on a dangerous invasion of data when you either enter a site or somebody tries to attack your data. DLP tools can monitor such activity and identify the suspicious IP address to help you detect the suspicious sources.

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