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Top 22 Digital Signature (e-sign) Tools

You and your online colleagues can use electronic signature software to sign a document digitally. Whether you only require to sign a PDF once in a while or want a complete service that enables your clients or customers to sign documents online, there's probably an option that fits your demands. The finest digital signature softwares streamline and simplify your signature processes while also improving customer service and document management.

We focused our evaluation on crucial elements such as ease-of-use, platforms supported, types of documents supported, security, and cost, all of which have an impact on a platform's overall quality. Continue reading to discover more about the finest electronic signature top tools for getting your documents signed fast and easily so you can get back to work.

1. Lightico

The Lightico digital signature tool is developed and created to meet the most stringent privacy requirements. It enables you to connect your current workflows and CRM fast and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • It has the ability to increase your eSignature fulfillment stats.

  • Obtain digital signatures from clients via text messaging in a timely manner.

  • Get true access to all forms gathered.

  • Customers use their mobile devices to evaluate and sign documents.

  • You can use it to speed up the data gathering procedure.

  • Using automated dynamic workflows, you may eliminate errors.


You can get a quote through their website.

2. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign can help you improve your conformity and avoid legal issues. It enables you to employ digital signature encryption to secure your clients and documents from fraud.

Key Features:

  • It uses military-grade digital signature encryption to secure clients and documents from fraud.

  • Electronic signatures may be scaled across your company and networks.

  • Irrespective of your demand, it provides a cost-effective solution.

  • It comes in the form of a web or mobile app, a developer SDK, a third-party connector, and financial services-specific applications.


You can get a quote through their website.

3. Foxit E-sign

Foxit e-Sign is the simplest and most legally binding electronic signature software available. It lets you generate documents either directly or as a customizable template.

Key Features:

  • Contract or document generation and e-signature processes are included.

  • E-signature through URL or web form embedding

  • This free digital signature programme supports e-signatures in bulk or in mass, as well as API-based e-signatures.

  • Other items can be integrated.

  • You can either create a document from scratch or utilize a reusable template.

  • Use a PDF, Google Sheet, or Google Document to save your work.

  • Use Google Drive or Dropbox to get the file.

  • For e-signatures, you can send multiple documents at a time.


This ensign software provides three packages namely, professional and business premium for which the rates are $8 and $25 per month respectively whereas the third one is the enterprise for which you can get a quote through their website.

4. RightSignature

RightSignature is an electronic signature software that is safe, legal, and complies with industry standards. It is the simplest and most efficient method of obtaining electronic signatures. It also enables you to add any existing documents or contracts.

Key Features:

  • Upload documents in a variety of standard formats, such as DOC, PDF, DOCX, and picture files.

  • For more genuine-looking contracts, you can use a hand-drawn signature.

  • Document creation in a single click.

  • It provides step-by-step instructions for signing.

  • It enables you to share templates with other members of your team, as well as monitor usage data and create reports.


This software provides two packages that are standard and advanced and are priced at $12 and $60 respectively.

5. Eversign

Eversign is a digital signature software that allows you to sign papers with your customers, workers, partners, or contractors. It gives you the ability to organize your paperwork.

Key Features:

  • Your information is secured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

  • This free digital signature software works with all of the apps and platforms you and your company are already using.

  • Any device can be used to sign any document.

  • Ensuring that the legally binding signature is obtained and that the document response time is reduced.


They offer a free plan of the software and other cost-effective premium pricing levels that scale with your company that is, namely, basic, professional, and professional plus that are priced at $9.99, $39.99, and $79.99 per month respectively.

6. Keepsolid Sign

Keepsolid Sign is a piece of software that allows you to sign documents electronically. The tool has robust encryption and is easy to share. It enables you to prepare all of your documentation in advance and from a distance.

Key Features:

  • Signatures can be created, stored, and edited.

  • You can sign and send documents on your preferred devices with this free design programme.

  • By generating templates, you can save time.

  • With prepared templates, you can sign documents in minutes.


The packages start from a basic plan for personal use that costs $99.99. Other plans are created that are suitable for small and big teams that cost $349.99 and $599.99 per year respectively.

7. Signority

Signority is a simple signature tool that assists you in sending, eSigning, and managing your documents by providing end-to-end solutions.

Key Features:

  • You may use it to send, eSign, and organize documents.

  • The document is received, reviewed, and signed electronically by the receivers.

  • Enables you to upload and transfer files for electronic signing in a safe manner.

  • For storage, it provides signority integration with Amazon S3 Bucket.


Signority offers a wide range of plans that start from $25 per month.

8. Scrive

Scrive is a virtual team's e-signature tool. It enables you to send and sign contracts straight from the programs you use on a daily basis.

Key Features:

  • With safe, legally binding electronic signature systems, remote sales are possible.

  • Use your brand and colors to personalize the e-signature experience.

  • Look through our list of ready-to-use connectors for your favorite business apps.

  • Modify how you acquire digital signatures on your documents.


Scrive offers three packages that start from 15€ for the essentials package and costs 30€ for the business package both of which are billed annually. You can get a quote through the website for the enterprise package.

9. Signaturit

Signaturit digital signature software offers trust solutions that ensure that all of your electronic transfers are lawful and secure. Signaturit may be integrated with standard technologies to help your team enhance and streamline procedures.

Key Features:

  • Improve your consumers' signature experience.

  • Provides secure electronic distribution.

  • Allows for the use of electronic identification.

  • Keep all of your documents in one place.

  • Real-time tracking of signature requests and certified sending.


Signaturit offers three plans to choose from. The first and second plans which are called Business and Business+ cost €30 and €50 respectively. The third is the enterprise one for which you can get a quote through the website.

10. PDF Filler

PDFfiller is a free online PDF application that lets you fill out and sign PDF files from any computer or mobile device. It is among the best free electronic signature software that enables you to search for, edit, and e-sign PDF documents without having to download or install anything into your device.

Key Features:

  • Checkmarks can be added to PDF documents.

  • It has an actual signature as well as a photograph.

  • Signatures can be added straight from a mobile device.

  • It enables you to use a QR code to retrieve documents.

  • AP allows you to rapidly and simply incorporate the software into any system.


PDF Filler offers three plans with a starting price of $8 per month for the basic plan.

11. DocuSign

DocuSign eSignature fastens your work procedures including agreements, minimizes manual tasks, and makes it simple to link with your existing tools and systems.

Key Features:

  • This digital signature tool enables you to securely communicate and sign agreements from almost any device.

  • It assists you in eliminating manual tasks and increasing client convenience.

  • It enables you to establish automatic alerts and receive updates at each stage of the process.

  • By collecting commonly used agreements, you may save time and standardize operations.

  • It allows users to sign papers in more than 40 different languages.


DocuSign offers Personal, standard, and business pro plans which costs $10. $25, and $40 per month respectively. For more upgraded plans you can get a quote through their website.

12. Hello Sign

HelloSign is a piece of software that allows you to sign documents electronically. This software enables you to electronically obtain and append legally binding signatures to any document, such as job applications, loans, and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Key Features:

  • Custom branding is available with this e-signature option.

  • HelloSign can be integrated into your application.

  • Totally secure and compatible with all major eSignature legislation.

  • You may set up auto-fill documents with this free signature programme.

  • With just a few lines of code, you may incorporate a contract into your website using an iframe.


DocuSign offers a free basic plan. Its packages start with the essentials and standard plan which costs $15 and $25 respectively. You can get a quote through their website for the premium plan.

13. DigiSigner

DigiSigner is a piece of software that allows you to sign documents electronically. You can use it to sign documents directly from your Gmail account. All signatures made with DigiSigner are legally enforceable and can be used in court.

Key Features:

  • You can choose a document and upload it to the server via a secured network.

  • You can use your mouse to sign a document.

  • It allows for quick and easy sign-in with just two clicks.

  • Using your mouse, you may create handwritten signatures as well.


There’s a free package that Digi Signer offers. The latter plans cost$12 and $40 per month for pro and team plans respectively. You can get a quote through their website for the enterprise package.

14. Signwell

Signwell is a free digital signature software that allows you to sign legally binding documents quickly. It lets you reuse and resend your most frequently used papers.

Key Features:

  • Get numerous persons to fill out and sign documents in any sequence you like.

  • This free e signature program lets you preserve a legal record of documents you've signed.

  • It allows you to share presentations with others as well.

  • With blank line autodetection, it's simple to build up templates and documents.


Signwell offers a free plan whereas the personal and business plan costs $8 and $24 respectively. For the API and Enterprise package, you can get a quote through their website.

15. SignNow

SigNow is an electronic signature software that allows you to get the most out of your electronic signatures. It allows you to design automated workflows, create documents, and accept payments.

Key Features:

  • Get numerous people to sign your document.

  • With SignNow's free e signature service, you may sign documents with a single click.

  • API allows you to create an e-signature and incorporate it into your website or app.

  • Multiple levels of security can be obtained by signing, sharing, and storing documents.


SignNow offers business, business premium, and enterprise plans that cost $8, $15, and $30 respectively.

16. We Sign

We Sign is a simple and easy-to-use digital signature software for individuals, freelancers, and small organizations.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based solution that is automated and safe.

  • Choose the document you want to send, add a signature field, and submit it to your recipient's desired device for signature, anytime, anywhere.

  • Access and track the status of your documents that have been sent.

  • Look for any pending documents and resend them to the appropriate recipients.


We Sign offers four packages. The basic, popular, and professional plans are priced at $15, $25, and $40 respectively. You can get a quote through their website for the enterprise plan.

17. Adobe Sign

Adobe-Sign is an e-signature programme that allows you to sign documents in a matter of minutes. It assists you in keeping your business running by gathering consumer signatures.

Key Features:

  • Transform any document into an online application in seconds.

  • With Braintree and PayPal, you may collect payments securely from customers via electronic forms.

  • When the document is viewed or signed, you'll get a notification.

  • When the form is close to expiration, you'll get an alert.

  • Get your documents electronically signed and collected from the comfort of your own home.


The packages start from $9.99 per month.

18. Pandadoc

PandaDoc lets you submit and receive legally binding electronic signatures from any device. This document automation software allows you to complete negotiations, agreements, and contracts more quickly.

Key Features:

  • You can manage approval procedures and gather signatures with a single click with the free electronic signature software.

  • With an easy document signing process, your sales operations staff can operate more efficiently.

  • Workflows that make your work ethical can help you reduce risk.


PandaDoc offers a free ensign plan followed by essential, business and enterprise plans. The essentials and business packages cost $19 and $49 respectively. You can get a quote through their website for the enterprise plan.

19. Signable

Signable is an easy-to-use digital signature software. You may use this tool to connect a number of apps and services. On all plans, there is also free API access.

Key Features:

  • All options include an unlimited number of users.

  • It enables you to email documents for signature from any location.

  • With SSL encryption as standard, it allows you to keep your papers safe at all times.


The packages for signable start from £1 and range up to £750 for big organizations.

20. Formstack

Formstack Sign is an electronic signature software with a lot of flexibility. It is one of the best digital signature tools available, and it works with any file type, including PDFs, JPEGs, PNGs, and Microsoft Documents.

Key Features:

  • An email will be sent to users with a link to the document they must sign.

  • Collection of eSignatures for insurance is simple.

  • It assists you in improving your customer experience by collecting electronic signatures.


Formstack offers a free trial for all the plans they offer. The pricing for their packages starts from $50 per month which is billed annually.

21. MSB

MSB is a digital document application that allows you to design sophisticated operations and manage your paperless document.

Key Features:

  • By signing virtually, you can improve the functionality of your organization.

  • This electronic document signature software assists you in enhancing the value of your ERP and MIS systems (Management information system).

  • It provides for changes such as default dashboard selection and email footer customization.


MSB offers professional, business, and advance enterprise plans. You can get a quote through their website for custom advanced enterprise plans.

22. Sertifi

Sertifi provides enterprise-level security as well as important business standard certifications. E signatures are legal, enforceable, and compliant with all applicable laws worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Organizations that embrace digital change are more successful.

  • Boost PCI conformity and privacy.

  • Partnerships and integrations that are strong.

  • It provides enterprise-level security as well as important industry certifications.


The e-signature plans on Sertifi start from $30 per month. Moreover, you can request a quote through their website.

Things to Consider While Selecting A Digital Signature Software


Digital signature software, which establishes a digital fingerprint of the document and may be used to ensure the validity of the electronic history in the future, should be used to secure documents and e-signatures. Make sure your e-signature vendor has a way to protect your papers so they can't be readily tampered with, and if they are, the e-signature will be clearly rejected.


Consistent branding across all key points is a critical component of gaining client trust in your company. It's critical to provide a consistent branding experience across all customer-facing channels so that your customers don't get mixed up about your brand. Make sure the e-signature solution allows you to modify your organization's branding in the solution to give a seamless experience, boosting brand trust and high adoption rates among your customers, when choosing a digital signature software.


You must look for digital signature software that integrates with your company's current processes and operations. Look for an e-signature solution that can work with your company's CRM systems and communication tools. Sandbox environments and SDKs are available with some e-signature solutions to assist you in integrating e-signature with your firm's document generating, content management, and other systems for genuine straight-through procedures.

Industry Standard

While all digital signature software succeed in assisting enterprises in eliminating the paper-based process of acquiring manual signatures, some suppliers may fall short when it comes to specialized industry knowledge of their potential clients. In highly regulated industries like finance and insurance, it's critical to work with an e-signature provider who knows your industry's laws and regulations, understands your use cases, and can show you how e-signatures can help you reach your goals.


You must be very clear about what points to consider while looking for digital signature software for your workflow. You have numerous options to choose from that integrate with your business pattern and meet your requirement standards.

All digital signature software is legally encrypted and you can without worries use them for all your business purposes as it used to be conventional. In today’s time when everything is going digital signature software has become a major aspect of the processes.


What are digital signature tools?

An e signature is a person's digital signature that confirms the integrity and authenticity of a signed document in electronic form. Digital Signature Softwares allow many recipients in multiple locations to sign documents online. Before signing the document, users can also fill it out.

You can use digital signature software to mark your signatures to a soft copy of a document. Multiple persons can sign papers from different locations using cloud-based solutions, whilst desktop-based alternatives enable you to edit and sign documents on your own laptop, computer, or mobile device. Many have robust security mechanisms that track the signer's location and computer information to confirm they are the real signer.

What should you consider while using digital signature tools?

While e-signatures have grown in popularity, with a slew of new providers entering the market, not all of them are created equal. Consider how the technology will bring value in automating your firm's signature process demands while weighing your options.

There are numerous things to consider while you choose among the best digital signature software. However, you need to look for only a few points to consider that comply with your work pattern and business requirements.

Public-key cryptography is used in digital signature software. We can construct two keys that are mathematically connected using a public key algorithm, one of which is private and one is public. The person who creates the digital signature does it with their own private key, which can only be deciphered with the signer's public key. Hence, these tools are completely safe to use.

Is it safe to store e-signed documents in the cloud?

E-signatures are frequently used as software-as-a-service solutions especially in these times where everything has shifted to digital. Try to choose an e-signature application with robust cloud infrastructure and the competence to secure the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of your data when it comes to e-signatures and the cloud.

Look for an e-signature company that has received security certifications like SOC 2, which shows that the vendor fulfills the highest standard for cloud security and data protection when combined with a strong cloud infrastructure. This gives you the assurance that your e-signature solution is safe and secure from illegal access.

Are digital signature softwares legally protected?

You want the maximum legal protection possible in highly regulated businesses and for high-value transactions to prevent consumer conflicts. Despite the fact that e-signatures are compatible with ESIGN and UETA, giving electronic signatures the same legal bearing as conventional manual signatures, e-signed documents require additional evidence to be rejected in court.

You can look for a digital signature software that includes process proof, which records the actions taken by a client to e-sign a document. Consider an e-signature system with incorporated audit trails, which preserve a full track of the customer's steps while e-signing a document with time stamps.

What measures are in place to prevent the signer from signing a document?

It is conceivable for someone to attack or replace the original document that is supposed to be signed with a new one. Digital signatures use SSL encryption for all network communication throughout the signing process if they are used on a distributed server architecture. As a result, attackers will not be able to detect or modify the data. Allowing the signer to read the actual document to be signed is also critical.’

Obviously, instead of relying on an external screen, it is preferable to activate this directly on the signature device itself. This suggests that e-sign Softwares are completely secure and legally protected. You can choose any that meets your need and get your processes complete smoothly and quickly.

Top 22 Digital Signature (e-sign)...

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