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Top 20 Disposable Email Tools

The majority of people are unaware that the main purposes of temporary email services are to protect our confidentiality and spare the hassle of trying to remove junk and advertising messages from our primary email accounts. To access most websites' content these days, we often need to input our email addresses, and several applications demand our addresses to register for new accounts.

Creating email accounts with disposable email tools is one way to solve this issue and protect our digital security. Your primary address will be replaced with the created email address. Additionally, the temporary emails are only valid for a short time before you may delete them. Doing this can prevent you from signing up for years of annoying spam emails, pointless targeted advertisements, and potential robot hacking.

The top tools, their qualities, and how successfully they provide high-quality services will all be covered in this article.

1. Mohmal

Mohmal is a popular and free short-term email service. Shortly after you visit the page, an email address is established. It only lasts for 45 minutes before a new one is issued for you.

If you want to maintain the address longer, you can keep refreshing your email. To prevent spam from entering your inbox and protect your identity while responding to emails, Mohmal also enables you to set up an alias and a domain.

The technology is simple to use and has produced more than two million throwaway emails thus far. More than ten different languages are available for you to pick from on the website.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited temporary email accounts can be created.

  • Use the temporary address for both sending and receiving.

  • You are free to deactivate or unsubscribe from a given address.

  • No payment needed to use.



2. LuxusMail

LuxusMail is among the top services for creating a disposable email account for short-term use and is accessible in more than a dozen languages. With the help of the LuxusMail service, you may make a brief email address. Your email address can be chosen from the listing or generated randomly.

You may always feel safe thanks to this secure throwaway email service. To access your temporary mailbox on any device instantly, this one also offers a QR code. One click of a button is all needed to create a new address.

Key Features:

  • Use is free.

  • Make as many temporary email addresses as you like.

  • Disposable inboxes may be created and deleted instantly.

  • QR code support is built-in.



3. MinuteInbox

MinuteInbox is a great tool for creating one-time-use email accounts. It has a few special attributes about the addresses' extended validity. This one also instantaneously generates a temporary address upon page load, as is customary.

The address's default validity is 10 minutes. After that, it immediately expires, and you are given a new one. You may make it last an additional month. Although there are other options for expansions of the hours, days, and months.

Key Features:

  • Adjust the address manually to suit your needs.

  • A simple addition of custom address validation time.

  • With a single click, download incoming emails

  • Up to a month's worth of additional address life.



4. EmailOnDeck

EmailOnDeck is a well-known tool for generating temporary email accounts. You may get a disposable email account from EmailOnDeck, another provider of momentary email addresses, for all your temporary web logins. Two stages are taken to produce email addresses. You only have to click "Get Mail" after completing the robot confirmation captcha. The following page automatically generates your email address.

The premium edition of EmailOnDeck produces numerous temporary email identities and aids in streamlining your workflow. Still, the free version only permits you to have one email at a point.

Additionally, you may establish private accounts and domains, preserve email addresses, and send anonymous emails. Additionally, you may pay with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and your emails are permanently destroyed safely.

Key Features::

  • A clean UI.

  • Temporary address generation and deletion on demand.

  • Use is free.

  • A strong professional premium plan.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with EmailOnDeck.

5. Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a basic disposable email tool that you may get online. Setting your address after you visit the page takes around five seconds. You may always reload the page or remove the email to create a new one if you don't like the email address.

The premium plan, which is reasonably priced, is required if you want to choose an email address that matches your domain name precisely. Additionally, the premium edition gives you access to up to ten email accounts simultaneously, complete ownership, and longer-term message storage.

Enhanced security and privacy are additional benefits. The fact that you can use Temp Mail on the web or by downloading the app from the Apple Store or Play Store is its biggest feature.

Key Features:

  • Several popular web browser extensions.

  • Support for Telegram bots.

  • Immediately generate an email.

  • easy-to-use interface


Basic: Free

Pro: $19.00 per month

Ultra: $59.00 per month

Mega: $99.00 per month

6. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is another firm that provides disposable email addresses. Which has handled more than 14 million emails.

Prior to obtaining an email address, you do not need to provide your login or password. Simply go to the Guerrilla Mail website and receive a mobile email address.

The "Scrambled Address" feature of Guerrilla Mail sticks out. The software does not need registration to obtain an email account. Therefore anybody with your Inbox ID may access your email.

Key Features:

  • You can select your address using this generator for a false email and password.

  • Guerrilla Mail will erase any spam messages sent to this temporary email address in the future.

  • You may use it to keep your email secure and organized.

  • The email has a 60-minute expiration date.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Guerrilla Mail.

7. ProtonMail

Proton Mail is a top-secured email service launched in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. Unlike other popular email services like Gmail and, it employs client-side encryption to safeguard email content and user data before they are delivered to Proton Mail servers.

You may create extra email addresses and aliases with ProtonMail, a secure email provider with Swiss roots, and they can all be accessed from the same account.

The most widely used secure email service is called Proton Mail. It incorporates top security in addition to many other excellent security measures to safeguard the confidentiality of your messages. You can be confident that no one else can read your emails since not even the firm that hosts them has the ability to do so.

Key Features:

  • Thanks to their mobile applications, mail apps, and online browsers, they are readily available everywhere.

  • Emails from premium members can be sent using their short domain.

  • Enables you to build unique filters that instantly send certain emails to archives, tags, folders, etc.

  • Using ProtonMail aliases, creating many identities for various uses is simple.

  • Secures emails using end-to-end and zero-access encryption.

  • Offers a conduit for anonymous email.

  • Offers features like an import-export tool that you may use to move all your emails and data from your existing email service to ProtonMail.


Mail Plus: $3.33/month

Proton Unlimited: $7.19/month

8. 10minutemail

10MinuteMail, a free quick email account, self-destructed after ten minutes. Today, email is required to do numerous tasks on the Internet. You may receive spam if you provide your real address to anyone who requests, though. Use an immediate 10minutemail address to prevent that.

A safe and disposable email service is 10minutemail. You may create a private email account that anyone can use to send you emails. You don't have to worry about receiving unsolicited emails because the email and its address are both automatically destroyed after 10 minutes.

Key Features:

  • The service is simple to use on any mobile device.

  • You can protect your privacy and avoid spam using this website.

  • The maximum mailbox time setting is 100 minutes.

  • You can retrieve your mailbox if it has expired rather than permanently deleting it from your system.



9. Throwaway Mail

ThrowAwayMail creates a special email that you can only access. Try ThrowAwayMail if you want the discretion of a temporary email address but don't want to be in a hurry. That particular email account gets deleted along with any messages in its inbox after 48 hours.

Although it doesn't appear much, ThrowAwayMail is quite easy to use.

To create a distinct email, click the icon. Like 10MinuteMail, a countdown timer will start after an email address has been generated. The email address, in this case, remains active for 48 hours compared to 10 minutes, which is a significant difference.

Key Features:

  • You will immediately receive an email after sending one.

  • Your email address cannot be used by anyone else.

  • After 48 hours, the email expires automatically.



10. Mailinator

Mailinator differs from other disposable email services in that many inboxes are already available for rapid access without a password. Enter the mailbox name in the top left field or click the "Public Inbox" link in the top right corner of the page.

For companies, there are several premium programs. These provide you with more emails sent per second, private inboxes, and a selection of testing tools that may be used by development and testing teams.

Key Features:

  • To validate your mail, you do not need to click the verify link.

  • You may save your mailbox address and access it without logging in.

  • You can adjust the email expiration time.

  • Enabling the forwarding of received emails to any email address.


Business $79 Per Month [Billed Yearly]

Business Plus $159 Per Month [Billed Yearly]

Enterprise $ 495 Starting Per Month

11. TrashMail

TrashMail is an email service that allows you to establish anonymous temporary mailboxes. Stephan Ferraro, a computer science student at Epitech Paris, founded TrashMail in 2002. It is a free service that now belongs to Ferraro Ltd. When users start receiving spam emails, the service offers them temporary email accounts that may be deleted. Emails are received by TrashMail, which then sends them to a genuine hidden email account.

The option to select the maximum number of forwards and the expiration date of the disposable email is available when creating an account. The counter gets reduced by 1 for each email that is forwarded. The temporary email address will be erased if the counter hits 0 or the date limit has passed.

Key Features:

  • You can forward an unlimited number of emails.

  • You can use a CAPTCHA system to filter incoming emails.

  • To transmit mail, it makes use of a secure SSL connection.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Trash Mail.

12. MailCatch

MailCatch is distinguished as an email service that allows you to create temporary disposable mailboxes fully anonymously. You can enter any mailbox name on the domain when a website requests your email address, and you do not want to provide it out of concern about spam.

When you return, enter the mailbox name here to access your mail. You don't get the spam; the tool does! The best anti-spam solution available!

Key Features:

  • Based on server load, email addresses are removed.

  • Select a username with 1 to 25 characters.

  • It offers a Firefox extension.

  • It may be applied as many times as desired.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Mail Catch.

13. Moakt

Moakt is a momentary mailbox that vanishes an hour after it is established. Emails can be sent and received from and to your inbox during that hour. If you create any fallacious emails, only you can access them.

Key Features:

  • You can select a domain name from a list of available ones using Moakt.

  • Your confidentiality and privacy are safeguarded.

  • At any time, use a temporary email address.

  • A secure SSL connection is used.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Moakt.

14. Smailpro

Smailpro is a potent service that provides temporary email accounts using Gmail, Outlook, or other arbitrary email providers. This naturally offers you access to all of the spam filtering capabilities of these well-known email services.

While utilizing any online service, your temporary email address won't often be banned or regarded as spam because it originates from Gmail or Outlook. Deliverability and use both increase significantly as a result. Many cutting-edge features are available in its pro plan at reasonable prices.

Key Features:

  • Get a Gmail or Outlook email account that is temporary.

  • Keep a record of all of your communications.

  • API for programmers.

  • Obtain 1000 temporary addresses maximum.


$2.99 per month

15. MintEmail

MintEmail is a web-based solution for disposable email. For fake online forms and sign-ups, get an immediate throwaway email. Simply go to, and an automated system will produce and copy a random email address to your clipboard. A decent first assessment of the reputation of the email address is provided by mail domains.

Fake or duplicate email accounts are likely to be created by disposable and high-risk email service providers. A strong API enables real-time account sign-up filtering, and user registrations from domains in this category should be considered fake. In addition to comprehensive email reputation screening, IPQS offers a full toolkit accessible to identify bot traffic and fake sign-ups.

Key Features:

  • To validate your mail, you do not need to click the verify link.

  • You may save your mailbox address and access it without logging in.

  • You can adjust the email expiration time.

  • Enabling the forwarding of received emails to any email address


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Mintmail.

16. @altmails

@altmails is unique from several other providers. You may use it to generate an infinite number of temporary email accounts redirecting messages to your inbox. Until you remove it, the temporary address forwards emails to your mailbox remains active.

This one is a good candidate because it gives you the additional capacity to send emails using the temporary address. You may utilize this fantastic service without creating an account. You won't get spam at your temporary email address thanks to a spam filter.

Key Features:

  • Use the temporary address to send and receive messages.

  • Make as many temporary email addresses as you like.

  • Unsubscribe or deactivate from an address at any time.

  • Use is free.



17. Tempail

Tempail provides you with one-hour temporary email accounts. Your disposable email may last many days using Temp Mail if used often. But the best part is that you can always get rid of the temporary email address. When you load the page, you are given a randomly created email address. You will see this address and inbox every time you open the Temp Mail website for at least two days unless you establish a new address.

Your IP address is never retained, so you don't have to worry about IP tracking returning to your computer after the email address is removed, in addition to the fact that your data is wiped.

Key Features:

  • The email address is accessible again, thanks to the QR code.

  • You may get rid of your fictitious email address.

  • It offers a secure method of using email addresses.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Temp Mail.

18. Maildrop

Maildrop is worth considering if you just want a free email account when you don't want to give out your real email address. There are no registration fees or requirements for Maildrop.

You may either use a randomly created email address or create your own. The ability to access the inbox of any generated email account is what makes Maildrop unique. Just keep in mind the inbox's name. People who wish to keep their temporary email address can use it since it is convenient.

Key Features:

  • No registration process requires.

  • Using the email address on the domain, you may access your inbox.


For the latest pricing, get in touch with Maildrop.

19. Vanish Mail

Vanish Mail is a simple and basic method for producing temporary emails. You have two options for creating an address: randomly or manually. The user interface is straightforward. As of right present, you may make a disposable address using up to three distinct domain names.

You can download emails that appeared in your temporary mailbox using this service. On the same device where you made them, created addresses are readily reused several times. Both a Google Chrome extension and a Telegram bot are available for it.

Key Features:

  • Free limitless address creation.

  • No spam.

  • Multiple language inbox.

  • Addresses remain active for a week or more.



20. Fake mail generator

Fake Mail Generator is a disposal email tool. When an email is delivered to your mailbox, you may utilize it to prevent spam and commercial emails. The program will immediately display a pop-up. Try FakeMail if you want a more contemporary user experience. The FakeMail will take you back to the randomly created email account and inbox you were given, even though there is no back button to return a message to your inbox.

Key Features:

  • This generator generates domain names for particular countries.

  • This email generator forbids people from sending emails from any of its domains.

  • A received email is kept for 24 hours. It will be permanently erased after these hours.

  • Anyone with access to your temporary e-mail account can read your messages.



Things to consider


While the email address is temporary, you should not risk your confidentiality when you use it.


If a provider deletes emails and addresses after a certain period of time, you'll have one less to be concerned about.

Ease of use

A throwaway email service should not slow you down, and creating your temporary address should not be complicated.


That's all, then! Any of the top tools listed above for temporary email services are available for your selection. They're all free and simple to use. Using disposable email accounts increases the user's security when connecting to the Internet. While participating in digital forums or communicating with websites and applications, users may be reluctant to divulge their genuine email and, by extension, identity for security and anonymity concerns.


What are disposable email tools?

A service known as disposable email enables a registered user to receive an email at a temporary address that disappears after a certain amount of time. The temporary mailboxes used by fake email producers let users send and receive messages. Use a fake email address generator to register without being identified.

What should you consider while using disposable email tools?

Safeguard your confidentiality and safety

A layer of protection is added between the user and the Internet through disposable email accounts. While participating in online forums or engaging with web-based and mobile-based applications, users may not want to divulge their email—and consequently identity—for privacy and safety concerns.

Cut down on spam emails

One can use a temporary email address to shield their main email account from spam and advertising emails. Customers could be hesitant to share their primary email address with a business or worry that their personal data will be stolen from breached systems.

How confidential are my emails sent with a throwaway email service?

Disposable emails might be either in your inbox or a public inbox, depending on the provider. Consider all these services as being public and avoid using them for confidential material.

Similar to utilizing a browser's Incognito mode, your data might not be as secret as you believe. Consider using a private email service of your choice if you want a private email account for erroneous websites from which you're not sure you want to receive emails.

Can I buy items with fictitious email addresses?

In general, you shouldn't make purchases using a disposable email account because, in many circumstances, these inboxes remain public until the emails are removed. It's recommended to let your primary email account or genuine email address handle this. By refraining from interacting with spam communications, you can keep it secure.

What can I do if websites restrict my temporary email addresses?

In this situation, you could make a special account solely for signups, trials, and other occasions requiring an extra email address. To finish, simply regularly erase everything from it.

Top 20 Disposable Email Tools

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