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Top 30 DNS Security Tools

DNS protection tools exist as a middleman between your internet browser and the websites/content users access online, preventing cyber intrusions. DNS security tools can restrict known botnet servers, censor material such as adverts or pornographic sites, rectify domain typos, and more.

In the list of the top tools, we have mentioned the top 30 DNS Security tools along with their features and pricing for you to choose from.

1. CleanBrowsing

CleanBrowsing is a DNS resolver that screens and rejects Web requests before returning them to the browser. The cross-references between URLs and IP addresses are not stored by a DNS resolver; instead, the required record is retrieved from another DNS service. When the CleanBrowsing system receives the URL of a requested Web page, it scans it to ensure that it is real and free of Trojans and other malware downloaders. The DNS resolver returns the requestor's IP address if the page passes the inspection.

Key Features:

  • DNS resolver that works in the cloud

  • Content blocks are allowed to be used.

  • Pages that have been infected are scanned for infection.

  • Before providing a page, it checks the address.


Offers a free version

2. Neustar UltraDNS

Neustar UltraDNS is a leading DNS protection solution for businesses that ensures 100 percent website availability. For organizations located near Neustar hosts, Neustar UltraDNS provides a high-performance solution with near-zero latency and quick cache hosts.

Key Features:

  • 100 percent availability is guaranteed.

  • For quick delivery, this item is distributed.

  • DDoS defense built-in

  • There are 30 nodes all across the world.


Prices start at $30 (£24) per month for 500,000 inquiries.

3. Comodo Dragon Secure Internet Gateway

The Comodo Dragon Secure Internet Gateway is a DNS-based edge service. To activate the platform's services, you modify the default DNS server settings in your network's internet gateway. To receive protection from the service, remote employees must alter their DNS server settings on their home computers. Mobile devices running iOS and Android may also be protected using the system.

Key Features:

  • Offers DNS surveillance

  • Filters are available for content

  • Helps to monitor your activities.


Each licence costs $2.45 per month.

4. Cloudflare

Another popular DNS security service is Cloudflare. All of your domains may be managed using a single user interface or API. Cloudflare is popular because it can handle domain name queries quickly, with an average DNS lookup time of 11 milliseconds. Cloudflare may be set up as a backup DNS provider, and it will update records automatically when the primary DNS provider is upgraded.

Key Features:

  • One of the most responsive DNS providers available.

  • Changes to records from parent DNS servers can be updated automatically.

  • Supports a free version that is fully functioning (great for small businesses).


You can start free.

5. Paloalto Networks DNS Security

Paloalto Networks DNS Security is a DNS security product that blocks the newest internet dangers using URL filtering, predictive analytics, and machine learning. DNS Security from Paloalto Networks automatically blocks malicious domains and detects DNS tunneling threats in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Simple visualizations are used to assist highlight patterns in protection.

  • Stops developing threats in real-time using machine learning.

  • Allows users to rapidly add domains to their blocklists.


Make a request for a quote from the sales department.

6. Nexusguard DNS Protection

Nexusguard DNS Protection is supported by a worldwide network of distributed nodes that ensures speed and outage resilience. You may input the IP addresses of your DNS servers and be ready to go with the fast-track setup process.

Key Features:

  • Provides nodes with a global network to protect them from assaults and disruptions.

  • For further protection, two-factor authentication is available.

  • A simple dashboard may be used to check the status of protection and bandwidth protection.


Make a request for a quote from the sales department.

7. DNSFilter

DNSFilter is a cloud-based DNS security service that protects against malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and other internet dangers. DNSFilter controls what material a user can access using technologies like AI-powered content filtering. You may also inspect your sites, and network activities, and produce security reports using DNSFilter's dashboard.

Key Features:

  • One of the easier-to-use DNS protection programs on the market.

  • The platform has a lot of visuals, which is helpful for rapid insights.

  • It's possible to keep track of activities as well as filter out certain types of information.


Per-user, it costs $0.90 (£0.74) per month.

8. Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud-based security system that adjusts to its users' requirements. Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security system that integrates the functions of a secure web gateway, firewall, and cloud access security broker (CASB). Cisco Umbrella protects devices, remote users, and scattered sites in any place.

Key Features:

  • Cisco Umbrella is the quickest and easiest method to secure all users in minutes, while also reducing the number of infections and alarms issued by other security solutions by eliminating threats at the source.

  • The activity of each device or network in the system is displayed in Cisco Umbrella reports.

  • Umbrella gives insight into the enterprise's sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services.


Starts at $2.20/user.

9. WebTitan

WebTitan is a sophisticated web filter that protects organizations across the world from online-based security risks and gives them extensive web and DNS filtering management.

Key Features:

  • TitanHQ hosts and manages WebTitan Cloud, a DNS-based web filtering service, in the shared cloud environment.

  • WebTitan Cloud is a minimal maintenance solution that can be set up in five minutes to restrict your users from viewing improper information online.

  • This cloud-based DNS web filtering system delivers extensive content filtering as well as total protection from online risks such as viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing.


Starts at $1.58/user/month.

10. Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense

Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense fortifies and optimizes your security posture from the ground up, providing you with the visibility, control, and automation you need to safeguard the hybrid workplace.

Key Features:

  • BloxOne Threat Defense, which operates at the DNS level, detects risks that other solutions miss and prevents assaults early in the threat lifecycle.

  • It boosts the efficacy of the existing security stack, safeguards digital and work-from-anywhere operations, and lowers the total cost of cybersecurity through ubiquitous automation and ecosystem integration.

  • It's used to keep track of the queries that come in and out of any organization.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.

11. Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection is a simple, effective, and quick approach to protect the DNS protocol connection from intrusions.

Key Features:

  • Admins receive better insight than ever before, decrease risk, and customize use regulations to their organization's specific needs thanks to sophisticated reporting on more than 80 URL categories.

  • Malware assaults on Webroot's domain can be prevented.

  • The dashboard is well-designed, straightforward to use, and simple to deploy.


Starts at $150.

12. EfficientIP DNS Guardian

EfficientIP DNS Guardian protects cache, recursive, and authoritative DNS servers with built-in security.

Key Features:

  • It's the most secure DNS appliance on the market, with comprehensive and real-time DNS Transaction Inspection (DTI) that allows for a thorough comprehension of client requests.

  • To mitigate all DNS assaults from multiple sources, you can operate a DNS server straight from EfficientIP.

  • Defends against bots that are malevolent.


Offers a free trial.

13. BlueCat DNS Edge

BlueCat DNS Edge provides visibility and management of internal and external DNS traffic to cybersecurity and network teams.

Key Features:

  • It provides a much-needed layer of visibility, management, and detection for business networks under siege from an onslaught of DNS-based malware.

  • It helps us to keep track of our subnets and routers with ease.

  • It's really scalable.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.


F5 BIG-IP DNS distributes DNS and user application requests according to company regulations, data center and cloud service circumstances, user location, and application performance.

Key Features:

  • BIG-IP DNS is frequently set up as a complete proxy to enable global server load balancing (GSLB) for applications and DNS across architectures and around the world.

  • DNS services with visibility, reporting, and analysis are provided by the BIG-IP platform.

  • Scales and protects DNS answers throughout the globe in order to withstand increasing traffic or attacks.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.

15. Akamai Enterprise Threat Protector

Enterprise Threat Protector by Akamai offers protection, management, and visibility to the enterprise while integrating effortlessly with your current network defenses, thanks to real-time intelligence from Akamai Cloud Security Intelligence and Akamai's proven, globally distributed recursive DNS technology.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) enables security teams to proactively identify, stop, and mitigate specific attacks that abuse the Domain Name System, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, and data exfiltration (DNS).

  • Unauthorized applications can be identified and blocked based on their risk score, or application features can be limited.

  • On a single dashboard, see real-time insights into all outbound traffic, threat events, and more.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.

16. ScoutDNS

ScoutDNS is a closed, private DNS network. ScoutDNS offers security for over 99 percent of the known web, with millions of new categorizations added every day, using multiple domain categorization feeds and a powerful A.I.-based categorization engine.

Key Features:

  • Blocks harmful ad networks, protecting users from being inadvertently infected.

  • ScoutDNS' TLD management tool is unusual in that it allows administrators to establish authorized only top-level domain lists, limiting TLDs to those necessary for business use.

  • To combat more complex DNS-based network threats, it takes control of your DNS layer traffic and enforces policy rules.


Starts at $5/user.

17. Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

Avast is a publicly listed cybersecurity firm that develops security, privacy, and productivity software to protect individuals from online dangers and the growing threat environment of the Internet of Things.

Key Features:

  • From one spot, you can easily set up device protection, manage subscriptions, monitor, and add devices – anytime, anywhere.

  • Malware, phishing, ransomware, and other sophisticated assaults are all protected with this award-winning antivirus.

  • Theft protection for your personal, corporate, and customer data.


Starts from $36.99/year.

18. Hurricane Electric

Hurricane Electric provides network, application, and device support for your company. Unlike typical solutions, Electric's support strategy includes proactive, comprehensive, and tailored-to-your-needs IT capabilities.

Key Features:

  • It offers a thorough image of your organization's IT infrastructure during onboarding and makes recommendations for moving forward effectively.

  • Ensures that your network, apps, and devices are up-to-date and secure by implementing and standardizing processes that follow IT best practices.

  • Electric collaborates with you to implement security policies and settings that follow industry best practices throughout your organization.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.

19. iboss

iboss prevents breaches by denying attackers access to apps, data, and services while letting trusted users to safely and easily connect to secured resources from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • Every transaction between a user and a protected resource is inspected and authorized by the iboss Zero Trust Edge, which uses authentication as one of several signals to enable or prohibit access to protected resources.

  • The platform gives users the tools they need to follow the steps described in the NIST Risk Management Framework, which begins with identifying and categorizing the resources that need to be safeguarded.

  • The iboss Zero Trust Edge protects critical resources by making them fully unavailable and invisible to attackers while only allowing trusted and authorized users access from wherever they work.


Obtain a quote from the sales staff.

20. DomainTools

DomainTools sharpens your perspective of the world beyond your firewall by tracking criminals and illegal conduct using signals in the domain and DNS space.

Key Features:

  • DomainTools Iris flips the script, allowing for high-confidence adversary profiling and attribution at a fraction of the expense of standard methods.

  • Organizations may use DomainTools Iris to construct forensic maps of criminal behavior in order to triage threat indicators, assess risk, and avoid future assaults.

  • You may easily discover the most beneficial investigation path with tools like Guided Pivots.


Starts at $99/user/month


CONTROL D is a completely customized DNS solution with proxy features, akin to Pi-Hole, AdGuard, or NextDNS. This implies it can unblock websites and services as well as ban them.

Key Features:

  • With no VPN programs to install, you may change your external IP address with the flip of a switch.

  • CONTROL D can impose a productivity schedule that you establish, blocking the things you don't want to view at the times you don't want to see them.

  • Under one account, you may create distinct browsing profiles for all of your family's devices.


Starts at $2/month.

22. Core CSP

Core CSP (formerly Damballa CSP) is a dedicated security solution that monitors ISP and telco subscribers for cyberthreats.

Key Features:

  • Core CSP monitors large, service provider-scale networks passively, finding infections with confidence and giving service providers visibility into malicious behavior that originates in their network.

  • Core CSP will not block bandwidth or slow network performance, ensuring that subscribers receive the best possible service.

  • Core CSP detects risks without jeopardizing the privacy of users' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) (PII).


Contact the sales department for a quote.

23. HYAS

HYAS augments your existing security solutions with authoritative knowledge of attacker architecture and unequaled domain-based intelligence to proactively safeguard your company and mitigate attacks in real-time.

Key Features:

  • HYAS enforces security and prevents malware, ransomware, phishing, and supply chain assaults from using command and control (C2) communication.

  • Its unique blend of infrastructure knowledge and communication pattern analysis provides you with a real-time source of truth for mitigating risks.

  • HYAS Protect may be used as a cloud-based Protective DNS solution or by integrating with your existing security solutions through API.


Contact the sales department for a quote.

24. Nemesis

Nemesis combines real-time intelligence with powerful network behavior analysis. The full-service solution is tailored to your network's behavior fingerprint, adapting to what's usual for you and your users on a continuous basis.

Key Features:

  • Nemesis adds an extra layer of protection by detecting malware where other typical programs leave off, plugging the security hole they've left open.

  • The Dedicated Anomaly and Threat Analysis (DATA) team, actual people who watch after your network, is included in every Nemesis implementation.

  • To run or monitor Nemesis, you don't need any help.


Contact the sales department for a quote.

25. Prisma Cloud

For the world's most inventive organizations, Prisma Cloud protects hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Key Features:

  • Prisma Cloud integrates with major IDE, SCM, and CI/CD processes, allowing you to find and repair vulnerabilities and compliance concerns before they go live.

  • All main processes, automation frameworks, and third-party technologies are supported by Prisma Cloud.

  • Prisma Cloud allows you to implement the security that is most suited to your needs.


Contact the sales department for a quote.

26. Rawstream

Rawstream's cybersecurity begins at the network level, shielding all devices on the network from dangerous websites.

Key Features:

  • Rawstream provides a simple-to-use cloud-based DNS filtering tool for network security.

  • Rawstream Cloud DNS filters offer a free dynamic IP solution to enable smaller networks without fixed IPs, such as small enterprises, shops, and guest WiFi deployments.

  • DNS filters may be configured on both Active Directory and non-AD environments such as routers, DHCP servers, and firewalls.


Starts from $10/year

27. Privafy

Privafy's complete, cloud-native security-as-a-service combines all of the features provided by expensive to purchase and manage point solutions into one service.

Key Features:

  • Privafy's cloud-native application streamlines security to defend your company against Data-in-Motion risks – all in one integrated solution.

  • Privafy's user-friendly interface allows you to manage all of your Privafy deployments from a single location, as well as monitor crucial insights, threat alerts, and security trends.

  • Privafy offers policy enforcement and inbound/outbound restrictions.


Contact the sales department for a quote.

28. Whalebone

Whalebone is a cybersecurity firm that specializes in zero-disruption solutions for telcos, ISPs, and businesses. It protects millions of internet users against malware, phishing scams, ransomware, and other dangerous digital threats by providing seamless DNS security without the need to download anything.

Key Features:

  • Its improved DNS resolvers give a layer of protection to your DNS resolution while also speeding it up.

  • Its user-friendly visual user interface will help you gain a better knowledge of what's going on in your network and allow you to rapidly resolve any difficulties that arise.

  • Detects compromised network equipment and minimizes the number of abuse notifications.


Contact the sales department for a quote.

29. Quad9

Quad9 is a free, recursive, anycast DNS infrastructure that offers end users strong security, speed, and privacy.

Key Features:

  • Quad9 prevents dangerous hostnames from being looked up from an up-to-date list of threats.

  • No data containing your IP address is ever logged in any Quad9 system when your devices utilize Quad9 regularly.

  • Quad9 sends your DNS requests over a secure global network of servers.



30. Verizon DNS Safeguard

Verizon has the networking and security know-how to set up an adaptable, enterprise-grade secure access service edge (SASE) environment.

Key Features:

  • Regardless of where users are situated, simplification is achieved through centralized security and programmable network management.

  • Internet threat protection, internet policy enforcement, and data loss prevention across all locations and devices.

  • Access security that is more granular based on identification, meets the demands of today's scattered workforce.


Starts from $30.

Things to consider while selecting DNS Security Tools

Conduct extensive research

The many forms of DNS Security tools have already been addressed. The essential thing now is to establish a list of tools that you may utilize to stay on track with your budget. It is critical to conduct a thorough study and compile a list of all the tools you want to employ. Before determining which tool is ideal for your firm, conduct the extensive study.

At the DNS level, it detects and blocks high-risk traffic

A DNS block is a server-side approach for restricting access to particular websites. By banning known suspect IP addresses, the system was originally developed to assist protect against spam and phishing attempts.

Creating a financial budget

Investigate the finest tools, weigh them against your budget, and schedule a free demo with relevant stakeholders. Choose the finest software for your company based on its requirements, then back it up with data.


In this article, we discussed the different DNS Security Tools. Hope this has given you a clear idea and how you can choose your desired DNS Security Tool.


What is DNS security software and how does it work?

DNS (domain name system) security software keeps DNS servers and the websites they serve safely. End-user online traffic is sent via filters that can detect malware signatures and other features of potentially harmful websites and media.

What is DNS's role in security?

DNS Security Is Critical as:

Organizations can utilize threat intelligence to block or divert DNS queries to known malicious domains, preventing users from viewing harmful websites or malware from interacting with its operator.

Is it possible to hack DNS?

A DNS server might be hacked for a variety of reasons. The hijacker might use it for pharming (directing visitors to a fake version of your website in order to steal data or login information) or phishing (directing users to a false version of your website in order to steal data or login information).

Is a DNS server a VPN?

Your online actions are not protected by a Smart DNS. A VPN, on the other hand, employs encryption to provide a safe internet connection. A virtual private network (VPN) protects your online privacy and security. Unlike a VPN, a Smart DNS has no encryption overhead.

How does DNS spoofing operate and what is DNS spoofing?

DNS spoofing is the technique of poisoning records on a DNS server. This leads a targeted user to a malicious website controlled by the attacker.

Top 30 DNS Security Tools

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