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23 Best Domain Name Suggestion Tools

If we talk about the best domain name suggestion tools, then it is essential to ask a question: What's in a website name?

If you're establishing a new website, there's a lot to consider. When it comes to small business success, the perfect website name can make or break your business. Domain name suggestion tools can assist you in identifying the ideal brand and domain name for your company.

It's critical that your domain name is memorable and meaningful, as well as describing what your brand does or sells.

In this top tools list, we have compiled the 23 best domain suggestion tools along with their features and pricing.

1. Webhosting Geeks

Webhosting Geeks is a domain name suggestion tool that acts as a name generator that can assist you in coming up with a distinctive name for your company. You can use the search bar to enter multiple keywords and use filters to get more specific results. Your company's name has a significant impact on how it is seen, who it appeals to, and how successful it is. It's possible that naming your website is the most significant decision you'll ever make and Webhosting Geeks understands this.

Key Features:

  • Thousands of relevant business names related to your idea's purpose, value, and uniqueness will be generated.

  • This tool can help you locate outstanding domain names for your blog.

  • It's essential to have a unique domain name. This tool can assist you in locating unique made-up domain names that are suitable for products.


You can request a quote on their website.

2. Squad Help

Squad Help has completed over 30,000 naming and branding assignments. This free tool has some unique features that can help you come up with a new name for your company. It has an innovative Quality Scoring Algorithm and Machine Learning to ensure that you get more ideas from their high-quality creatives.

Key Features:

  • Their one-of-a-kind approach to business naming services allows you to acquire an unrivaled range of business name suggestions from the world's largest community of naming specialists.

  • They ensure that you obtain more ideas from our top-quality creatives by using an innovative Quality Scoring Algorithm and Machine Learning, and Gamification best practices promote two-way communication during the contest.

  • You can poll your target groups for unbiased input on your favorite names using the feature of Audience Testing.


Domain names start at $38999.

3. Domain Name Soup

Domain Name Soup is a free domain name generator that is simple to use. It assists you in locating an available domain name for your company. It also assists you in developing a domain portfolio and locating the best domain name list with the greatest domain for your blog or business; the tool provides the most accurate result for you.

Key Features:

  • Helps look up domain names.

  • Provides expiring domains that are another option for obtaining an excellent domain name.

  • You can earn money from your website in a variety of ways.

  • Helps you keep your domain name from being lost.


This is a free tool.

4. I Want My Name

I Want My Name is best used if you already have a name in mind. Enter the address you're looking for, and I Want My Name will tell you if it's available. If not, they'll show you other available options as well as their costs. You can also filter by hiding domains that aren't available.

Key Features:

  • You'll never run into the old my-name-isn't-available problem with 400+ domain extensions (anything to .coffee).

  • With 100+ automated DNS plugins for prominent services like Fastmail, Shopify, and Bitly, you can build faster (or you can use our full DNS manager to do it all yourself).

  • They have been on the market since 2008 and hope to stay for many more years so you can keep coming back to them if you have more ideas.


This is a free tool.

5. Domain Typer

Domain Typer will provide real-time suggestions (no need to click any buttons), as soon as you start typing your desired name, thus the tool's name. Use it if you have a good idea of what domain name you want to go with but want to be sure that registering other TLDs and social network usernames won't be a problem.

Key Features:

  • SSL encryption protects your Domain Name Search. The results of a search are not recorded, cached, or monitored.

  • DomainTyper supports over 1700 top level domain extensions, as well as a large number of registrars and up-to-date registrar rates.

  • To ensure that your new name is distinctive, check it on a variety of social media platforms and prominent websites. This will make it easier to create a new brand name.


This is a free tool.

6. is a useful service for choosing the perfect business name because you enter your keyword and then choose from many scroll down boxes to assist uncover prospective candidates to examine.

Suffixes and prefixes, various types of rhyming, and the amount of syllables are all options.

Each time you set your settings, you could get 10,000-20,000 options. You only need one, so compile a list of a couple of the more promising names so you can give them more thought.

Key Features:

  • Generate names based on combinations of common words, ending rhymes, Greek and Latin suffixes, and much more.

  • Type any word, syllable or letter and combine it with common words. Add more filters and generate results.


This is a free tool.

7. Naque

Naque is a word mash-up artist. This domain generator tool allows you to mix old words to create a new one. This domain name generator assists you in breaking down words, mixing and matching pieces, and combining them to form new terms.

Key Features:

  • You can enter up to five words that you believe best describe the product or object you're naming. It appears that a few words with good, clear syllables perform best.

  • Naque will disassemble the words, combine fragments, and reassemble them to form new words.

  • If you're stuck, use their Word Mixer Seed Words tool to help you out.


This is a free tool.

8. Name Station

Name Station allows you to begin by creating a free account, which you can do with your email or Facebook account. You'll get access to domain name generators, an instant availability checker, public name contests, and keyword ideas using this tool.

Filter by extension, name length, and other factors. If you're stuck for keyword ideas, consider looking for them by industry. It's worth checking out because it's been featured on TechCrunch, Mashable, SEOMoz, and other sites.

Key Features:

  • They can propose names that are similar to the ones you like thanks to our intelligent learning skills.

  • Create naming projects using keywords, prefixes, and suffixes that you prefer.

  • Engage their community or encourage your coworkers to work on naming projects with you.

  • By scrolling through suggested searches and alternative keywords, you can easily refine your results.

  • Name generators, bespoke vocabulary builders, a search helper, keyword research, and more are just a few of the features available.

  • Learn how to use deep search to find names with uncommon words.


This is a free tool.

9. DomainsBot

DomainsBot is excellent at not just generating interesting domain names, but also allowing you to select synonyms to utilise alongside your seed keywords. This can result in some very unique customizations that you would not have discovered otherwise. You have to provide one or more seed keywords to begin.

DomainsBot's list of domain names begins with the most easy combinations of your keywords and progresses to the most inventive ones.

Key Features:

  • Extreme personalization by using synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes.

  • There are a variety of TLDs.

  • You can register your domain with your preferred registrar directly from the generator.


You can contact sales for pricing.

10. WordLab

WordLab lets you sign up for a free account and use the "Create New Topic" box below to post your name, branding, tagline, or slogan project to the Forum, where members of the Wordlab community will assist you. Please submit as much information as possible regarding your proposal. Wordlab provides a number of business name generators to help you narrow down your niche considerably more quickly.

Wordlab has it all, whether you're looking for a restaurant, a team, a linguistic challenge, or a variety of other kinds.

You don't have a lot of options to choose from before searching, so you might as well simply search and see what comes up. If that's the case, this website is great.

Key Features:

  • WordLab can help you with company names, product names, and domain names, among other things.

  • The WordLab Business Name Generator is the most comprehensive tool available. There are 7,223,742 possible names to choose from.


This is a free tool.

11. Domainr

Domainr is another powerful name generator tool. This short domain name generator lets you check the availability of a domain name in real time. It enables you to come up with the ideal name for your company.

Key Features:

  • With the Domainr API, you can integrate brainstorming right into your product. Your clients will think it's magic since it happens so quickly.

  • Check if a domain is available in real time, with no false positives. Domainr is an ICANN-accredited service that examines domain registrars in real time. If domains are available, premium-priced, or for sale in the aftermarket, your consumers will know in milliseconds.

  • Instant, per-keystroke search transforms the normal dead ends of domain search into a dialogue. Domainr surfaces relevant top-level domains with intelligent context-aware advice, assisting your clients in finding the perfect name—even if is already taken.

  • The Domainr API is a highly flexible, lightweight, and strong API. Use as a stand-in for your current domain search system or to boost it.


This is a free tool.

12. Panabee

Panabee is a domain name suggestion tool, business name generator, and domain name generator all rolled into one. Begin with two keywords and a domain name suggestion search. If the domain name you desire is already taken, go to GoDaddy to see what other extensions are available.

If you don't like what you see, Panabee will suggest similar terms for you to look up. Panabee not only gives you accessible domain names, but also tells you if your preferred domain name is already in use as a social media username.

Key Features:

  • If the perfect name is already taken, Panabee will recommend alternatives based on your original concept. Phonemes, syllables, acronyms, suffixes, prefixes, and popular domain trends are all used to create these.

  • Save yourself a trip to the thesaurus by looking for words that are connected to your concept. Exploring a related concept can sometimes spark new ideas or direct brainstorming in the right direction.

  • For non-traditional domain extensions,.fr, and .store, Panabee makes domain name search easier. Every search result page lists alternatives with the same website name but different extensions to extend the pool of options.


This is a free tool.

13. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel offers a modern interface and a clean, appealing design with the added goal of making your domain name search more enjoyable.

It creates a list of original names that are supposed to fit your site's identity with each search, and it can display up to 15 domain extensions (.com,.org,.net,.biz,.info, and so on), which you can toggle using a simple dropdown.

If the extremely specific names Domain Wheel generates aren't perfect for your site, it also offers a few random choices as well as a list of keywords connected to the topic you're looking for.

Key Features:

  • Add one or more keywords to help you come up with new domain names. It might be any combination of letters or a complete word.

  • Choose from a variety of blog titles based on your suggestions. Random suggestions, word combinations, and rhymes will appear.

  • To discover more about how to register the domain concept you like, you can view Details. A list of the best domain registrars can also be accessed.


Domain names can be registered at $349.

14. BrandBucket

BrandBucket provides you with a wide range of options that have been hand-picked by a team of specialists from across the world. You can select "created" words, keywords, or "all" words, and then you'll see a list of possible business names with pricing to fit any budget. You should be able to pick a name you like among BrandBucket's approximately 28,000 options. You can also choose a domain name, as you can with most business name websites.

Key Features:

  • Choosing a fantastic option from a list is easier and faster than developing the possibilities. This is exactly what BrandBucket offers.

  • BrandBucket is the most comprehensive resource for lean, fast-to-market businesses. They are here for companies who need high-quality design, quick customer support, and a unique way to name their business. Find a name for your concept and get to work on it.

  • You could be tempted to limit your business name options to solely domains. Instead, consider your company name as an investment, as a domain name will retain its value for a long time.


Domain names start at $3475.

15. IsItWP

IsItWP is a domain research tool that works in real time. This domain finding tool allows you to begin your search by typing in a few keywords or your company name, and it will return a large number of domain ideas in a range of combinations.

In the search field, you can enter one or two terms. This tool can also be used as a business name generator, a website name generator, a company name generator, and a URL generator, among other things. When you click Submit, a slew of domain name suggestions will appear right away.

Choose the ideal domain name from the list and register it as soon as possible by clicking View Details. IsItWP has worked out an arrangement for you to acquire a domain name if you host it with Bluehost.

Key Features:

  • It enables you to search for a single or two words in the search field.

  • Allows you to quickly generate dozens of domain name ideas.

  • It allows you to refine your search, start a new search, or browse even more ideas by clicking on display more results.

  • Choose the ideal domain name from the list and register it as soon as possible by clicking View Details.


Packages start at $2.79 per month.

16. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler is a straightforward tool with a plethora of features. Start with the "simple" version, which allows you to enter your desired keywords, choose your domain extensions, and look for inspiration.

This domain name generator is unique in that it allows you to enter multiple keywords rather than just one or two, like the other tools on this list do, and it will mix them into different forms. Try a more advanced search or save the results to your favourites list. The tool can also be used to compare the page rank of several domain names.

Key Features:

  • It will free of charge assist you in finding the best potential names for your business, games, applications, websites, and other ventures.

  • You may search for practically any accessible domain name using our well-known and quick Domain Name Generator.

  • Since its launch in 2013, DomainPuzzler has been used to do over 6 million searches.

  • DomainPuzzler is extremely simple to use; simply type the IP address, domain names with or without the top level domain, and click Search in the same search field.


Packages start at $3.99 per month.

17. Bust A Name

Bust A Name’s domain name generator requires far more information than many of the other tools on this list. You can manage how your domain name is structured and what aspects you're interested in using its numerous settings. All domain names produced have a unique tone.

Key Features:

  • It suggests domains that are both unique and exciting.

  • It allows you to bookmark domains for later use.

  • It compares the costs of several registrars.

  • If you're stuck for ideas, there's a button that says "Make Random Domains."


Domain names can be purchased at $2.95.

18. Mithril And Mages

Mithril And Mages's business name generator isn't like a traditional random number generator. You can instead use the drop down boxes to dive down into a specific area of interest. Following the selection of an industry sector, a simple list of random firm names of that sort will be displayed. You can use the Additional button to get more results within the industry you've chosen. If none is chosen, it will behave in the same way as the random option below.

Key Features:

  • It provides you with a list of categories and subcategories from which to choose.

  • After you've completed the various drop-down boxes, you'll be presented with a list of possible business names.

  • Hotel/motel, mediaeval names, street names, fantasy names, a few other fantasy suggestions, criminal background, tarot, and many other options are available.


This is a free tool.

19. Name Stall

Name Stall's digital brain is here to assist you with available domain names that are creative, catchy, and keyword-rich can now be found without expending all of your mental energy.

You can acquire hundreds of wonderful names with our smart and powerful domain naming tools that you might not have even considered. These domain tools are online naming applications that let you create a list of all possible website names from which to choose. Here's a quick rundown of how our domain name generator works, and how it may help you.

Key Features:

  • Allows for the use of parts of speech.

  • Allows you to search for popular terms.

  • Use simple English words to find what you're looking for.

  • Industry-specific category search is available.


This is a free tool.

20. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is a domain name provider that also assists you in locating similar available domain names depending on your keyword search. It initially provides several accessible TLDs for your search query, but as you scroll down, it also begins to propose related names that are available.

Key Features:

  • Network Solutions uses an infinite scrolling way to display the results; you can keep scrolling until you discover something that suits you; the longer you scroll, the more possibilities will appear.

  • It could be a good technique to find a domain name if you don't know where to start because it will keep showing you numerous alternatives.


Domain names start at $1400.

21. Name Boy

Name Boy creates some intriguing domain names, especially if you want to register TLDs other than the However, it performs better once you have a broad notion of what you want your domain name to be.

Key Features:

  • It displays the availability of a small number of TLDs.

  • It displays domain names that are available for resale.

  • It gives you the option of providing two seed keywords.

  • You have the option of allowing or disallowing hyphens.


Domain names start at $41.

22. Lean DomainSearch

LeanDomainSearch is a tool designed by the Automattic team, which is responsible for the platform and the core WordPress team, so they should have a lot of expertise with domain names and websites.

This one is quite simple to use! All you have to do is offer one seed term, which should be something that identifies your niche, and then sit back and wait for the magic to happen. This domain name generator generates dozens, if not hundreds, of domain name suggestions, the majority of which are available for registration as

Key Features:

  • It allows you to 'like' some domains for subsequent study.

  • It allows you to register domain names directly from within the programme.

  • It also looks for Twitter usernames that are available.

  • It displays the results of your previous searches.


This is a free tool.

23. Dot-o-moter

Dot-o-Mator works reasonably well. You can generate and search for potential domain names for your website or company with the Dot-o-mator tool. You can view details on already-registered domains using the integrated Whois tool. Combining word lists yields prospective domain names, which are then checked for availability. DNS zone files are used by the Dot-o-mator home page to check for accessibility. Although quick, this isn't always true; some domain names might be registered yet lack DNS entries. To accurately check the registrar's domain availability, use the Dot-o-motor Scratchbox.

Key Features:

  • You can start by making a list of words that start sentences, followed by a list of terms that end sentences.

  • Once you click the combine button, several results will appear. There is a mobile app that you may use to generate names while on the go.

  • The Name Generator on Dot-o-mator generates names by fusing two words: the word you enter and a list of word endings.


Contact the company for the detail.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Domain Name Suggestion Tool

Generic vs. Brandable

Generic is always preferable to creative and brandable.

Keep in mind that your domain name is how people will locate, remember, and discuss your business on the internet. It's the foundation of your company's identity.

The fundamental distinction between a brandable and generic domain name is as follows:

A brandable domain name is one-of-a-kind and sticks out from the crowd, whereas a generic domain name is often filled with keywords and is difficult to remember.

Always go for a tool that can generate some really brandable and unique domain names.

Length Of The Domain Name

In general, the shorter the better when it comes to domain length. Aim for 6 to 14 characters, and keep in mind that the shorter the better. Most likely, the shorter domain names were already grabbed and sold for thousands of dollars a long time ago. Make it brandable if you can't find anything short. Tools that give you more alternatives on the shorter side should be preferred.

Keywords Are Key

Keywords can help you increase your SEO, but you must be cautious! If you try to squeeze keywords into your domain in an inconvenient way, it will come across as generic (like we talked about before).

If you're going to employ keywords, place them at the start of your domain. That's where they'll have the greatest impact on your rating.

Try to look for tools that provide domain name options that are inclusive of keywords.


Because a domain name is so important to your business, domain name suggestion tools are extremely important.

You should take the time to find one that closely suits what you're doing. If at all possible, avoid using generic names. You'll still have lots of options if you don't want to employ complicated tactics to select the correct name.

The domain name suggestions tools listed above, on the other hand, can present you with more possibilities to employ when searching for that elusive name if you truly want to be confident in your choice and stand out from the crowd.


What Is A Domain Name ?

A domain name is a text string that corresponds to a numeric IP address and is used to access a website using client software. A domain name is the text that a user types into a browser window to access a certain website in plain English. For example, Google's domain name is ''

A website's true address is a complex numerical IP address, but thanks to DNS, users may type in human-friendly domain names and be directed to the websites they want. A DNS lookup is the term for this procedure.

What Is A Domain Name Suggestions Tool?

A domain name suggestions tool is an online tool that aids in the selection of a domain name for your website or company. The domain name generator will automatically present the results for matching website names that are accessible to register once a user enters a keyword in the search bar. It also displays other domain extensions, such

When Should You Consider Using Domain Name Suggestions Tools?

Your domain name is your one-of-a-kind online identity. You need a domain name to get an online existence.

A professional name, email id appear efficient and respectable for your business. Moreover, copywriting and trademarking your company’s name is essential. Hence, with a domain name, this too can be achieved, along with an improved credibility and public recognition.

How Can You Keep Your Domain Name Secure?

Once a domain name has been registered with a registrar, that registrar is responsible for notifying the registrant when their domain is about to expire and offering them the option to renew, ensuring that the domain name is not lost.

In certain circumstances, registrars will prey on their users' expired domain names by purchasing them the moment they expire and then reselling them to the original registrant for a hefty profit. To avoid predatory behaviors, it's critical to find a registrar who is honest and trustworthy.

How Do Domain Name Suggestion Tools Work?

Different methods are employed in a domain name generating tool to find matched results for the user's search query. When a user types a keyword or a query into the search field, the algorithm finds possible combinations of domain names that are available to register based on that query.

Why is a domain name necessary?

Your registered domain name aids in brand awareness, trademark and copyright protection, and better search engine positioning for your website.

Describe a TLD.

TLD stands for top-level domain, which is the final part of a domain name or the part that comes just after the ". " symbol. Generic TLDs and nation-specific TLDs are the two subcategories of TLDs.

23 Best Domain Name Suggestion...

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