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Top 17 Domain Registration Websites

Picking a domain name for your website was never an easy task. Choosing the right name and then checking whether the name is taken or not is quite an ordeal. Whether you are starting a business or setting up your own portfolio, domain name registration is one of the first steps. But since the Internet is a vast network and is littered with a variety of tools, you might be confused on which domain registration website to choose.

Here is a top tools list; we have compiled the top 17 domain registration websites along with necessary details to help in your website journey.

1. HostPapa

HostPapa is a hosting company established in Canada that offers a variety of services such as domain name registration, WordPress hosting, VPS, and so on. This website provides a plethora of options, including a free domain name, free SSL certificates, and other reasonable security features for optimal protection.

Hostpapa's average uptime is 99.98 percent, which is extremely impressive given that most websites struggle to maintain uptime. This website is also well-known for offering packages at reasonable pricing.

Key Features:

  • DDoS attack prevention, RAID-10 redundancy, Let's Encrypt SSL, brute force detection, server firewall, and several other security features are offered by Hostpapa.

  • Most of their plans include 30-day money-back guarantees.

  • In addition to the free domain name, users receive 100GB of SSD storage, 100 email addresses, and unmetered bandwidth.


For the first 3 years, the introductory rate starts at $2.95.

2. NameCheap

NameCheap, as the name suggests, is a domain registration website that offers domain names for reasonable prices. Namecheap, a member of the underrated websites family, offers millions of domain names at the lowest possible prices you'll ever see on the web. In addition to low prices, the website offers complementary services that can help you optimize your website's visibility.

Key Features:

  • The website includes free services such as domain name protection, 24/7 assistance, and full DNS access with every domain registration.

  • Apart domains, Namecheap also offers a variety of other affordable domain extensions such as .in, .net, and .co.

  • Unlike other websites that charge costs for domain privacy, Namecheap offers a free domain privacy service with no constraints.

  • Along with registration, Namecheap offers a two-month free email trial to aid in enhancing your website visibility online.


The packages start from $1.99. Price differs based on the extension.

3. Hover

Hover is yet another domain registration website that is often overshadowed by domain registration behemoths. Hover, like any other domain registration provider, offers a plethora of domain names in a variety of extensions. This site also allows you to buy extensions in bulk, which can be a great bargain if you're seeking to purchase country-specific domains.

Key Features:

  • Along with domain registration, the website provides powerful domain and email management tools to assist with website performance management.

  • Hover offers WHOIS privacy, which protects your domain from unwanted emails and advertisements. It also provides the option to customize your preferences.

  • Hover's price scheme is rather interesting in that the more domains you buy, the less you'll have to spend, which is a terrific alternative for people wishing to purchase multiple domains.

  • If you need help, you can consult the help desk through live chat or email.


The price starts from $4.99.

4. Bigrock

Bigrock is a domain registration website that offers domain name registration and transfer services. It provides a variety of services in addition to domain registration, including email hosting, web hosting, and more.

When it comes to domain registration in Bigrock, all you have to do is enter your preferred name, wait for its availability and purchase it. They also provide different types of TLDs,,.org,.biz, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Big rock offers multitudes of hosting services such as Linux hosting, windows hosting, Joomla hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, reseller hosting, and much more when it comes to web hosting.

  • Big Rock also provides customized email hosting programs to assist you in maintaining a good relationship with your customers and keep them up to date on your latest updates.

  • Bigrock, unlike other websites that offer website templates, allows you to design your website using its DIY website builder.


The pricing starts from $1.33 and varies based on the packages and types of extension chosen.

5. is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar that is a one-stop destination for those looking out for good web hosting services along with other complementary services. After purchasing the domains, which are usually at affordable rates, provides you all the services you need like emailEmail, hosting, website builders within short hours.

To secure your privacy, offers services such as Advanced security, which comes along with SSL certificates, whois privacy to shield your data from annoying ads and emails.

Key Features:

  • provides free services such as email hosting, two-step verification, DNS templates after domain purchasing.

  • They also offer WHOIS privacy for free.

  • Purchasing SSL certificates on is more affordable and quick.


The pricing starts from $14.43, and varies based on TLDs and other additional services.

6. IONOS by 1&1

IONOS is another prominent domain registration website that maintains up to 12 million names globally. The thing about IONOS 1 & 1 that sets it apart from other registry websites is their relatively inexpensive and wide range of security and performance-enhancing features they offer.

Key Features:

  • IONOS offers a free domain for a period of up to 12 months.

  • Allows you to create up to 10,000 free email accounts.

  • The supports are always ready to help 24/7

  • IONOS employs a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate and a Wildcard SSL Certificate, which are provided to users for free.

  • IONOS has created its own CPanel. It is simple to use, and clients can manage domains, SSL certificates, site performance, and other things.

  • Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Prices begin at $10 per month.

7. is a simplistic domain registration platform that provides appealing services at the lowest possible prices. It provides both monthly and annual plans, from which the consumer can choose the one that best meets their needs. In addition to the domain name, the website provides a free email account connected with the new domain name. also provides free useful installations such as WordPress and Joomla, which are simple to install and use.

Key Features:

  • If you are familiar with coding, offers you the option of customizing your website with languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, etc.

  • Users can also get access to MySQL databases.

  • Ecommerce owners can ripe the advantages of Magento and OScommerce.

  • provides an unrivaled email hosting service with enough security using the POP3 and SMTP protocols.

  • It also provides you with up to 100 GB of email storage, a distinctive offer that cannot be found on other websites.


It provides monthly services for $2 per month and annual services for $37 per year.

8. GoDaddy

GoDaddy, is the first website that pops in the search results when it comes to domain registration. Not only is it a great website for beginners, but it also provides generous storage and offers excellent performance. However, unlike the other websites, Godaddy does not provide free supplementary services such as SSL certificates.

Although the additional add-ons are pricey, it is worth noting that Godaddy provides one of the most economical domain services. The first-year costs $99 each year, which may rise in subsequent years.

Key Features:

  • Godaddy provides shared hosting services at a lower cost than usual options. The user of a shared hosting plan will share the server with other users. This service is better suited to those who do not require top-tier server performance.

  • For exceptional server services, specially curated VPS plans are available. Compared to shared hosting services, VPS offers higher performance.

  • Dedicated hosting packages are also available for those looking for dedicated servers.

  • WHOIS privacy, email accounts, SSL certificates, and website building services are all available for a minimal cost.

  • If customers have issues, Godaddy provides tutorial videos and help desk service that is available at any time and at any hour.

  • On the first year, you get a free WHOIS package and a low-cost SSL package.

  • Since .com is the cheapest of all, you might be able to get it for $1.


The pricing starts from $5.36 and varies based on the TLDs chosen.

9. BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most popular options when it comes to domain registration. Bluehost is the hosting partner for most websites, ranging from online blogs to leading e-commerce enterprises.

Bluehost makes it simple to register a domain name. Users get the first year free after choosing a domain name and extension, as well as a free SSL certificate, which authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts site information.

Key Features:

  • Blue host offers domain names for free.

  • Provides all the tools necessary to grow a website.

  • When compared to other platforms, page performance is faster.

  • SSL and CDN are provided at no cost.

  • If you have any concerns, Bluehost offers exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


The cost of renewal varies between $12 and $17.

10. Google Domains

Google Domains lets you acquire, register, transfer, and administer domain names. Google domain is considerably different from the other websites on this list. Google Domains is solely a domain registrar. It does not provide hosting services like other websites.

However, if you are seeking website builders, Google offers Google Sites and emailEmail and business services through Google Workspace. The TLD determines the value of a domain name.

Key Features:

  • Includes WHOIS privacy protection with every domain purchase at no extra cost.

  • It lets you connect with a website builder such as Squarespace, Wix, Shopify for building websites.

  • It lets you create an unlimited number of subdomains.


The cost varies from $0 to $15 per domain.

11. Squarespace

Squarespace is a website builder that also provides domain registrar services, making it ideal for anyone who wants to start a portfolio, blogging, or e-commerce platform. This website offers stunning templates, allowing even those without coding experience to create stunning websites.

Squarespace provides a free domain and SSL certification to secure the domain information. Hundreds of practical SEO tools are supplied to boost the site's visibility. There are four plans in total.

  • Personal

  • Business

  • Basic Commerce

  • Advanced Commerce

Key Features:

  • Tech-savvy users can customize their websites using CSS and Javascript.

  • Offers professional emailEmail from google.

  • Basic website metrics are implemented to help users better understand visitors.

  • Provides limitless bandwidth and storage.

  • Offers both annual and monthly payment options.

  • Provides professional assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Prices begin at $12 annually. Prices vary according to the package.

12. offers overall the best bargain when compared to all domain registration websites. It has three plans: single, premium, and business, each of which includes a panel that allows for easy installation of multiple content management systems (CMS).

All of the plans provide various key features such as a free domain, SSL certificate, WordPress acceleration, Github integration, Litespeed caching, unlimited bandwidth, and so on, all at a minimal price. The only distinction between these plans is the number of websites and email accounts.

Key Features:

  • It has its own control panel known as hpanel.

  • The basic package provides limited bandwidth of up to 100GB.

  • Hostinger's average response time is 143 milliseconds.

  • Hostinger guarantees 99.92 percent uptime.

  • The WHOIS privacy comes at a menial price of $8 per year.


Monthly rates begin at $1.39.

13. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the first domain registry websites, and it continues to be a leader in the industry due to its top-notch services. When it comes to dependable and economical web hosting, Dreamhost comes in first. Dream host allows users to design their own control panel in addition to SSDs and high-level technology.

Dreamhost offers a free domain for one year as well as other essential features such as free SSL, scheduled backups, and so on. If you want to transfer the site, Dreamhost will charge you a fee; however, WordPress sites are free.

Key Features:

  • Provides one-click installation for CMS alternatives, including WordPress, Media Wiki, and Joomla.

  • It offers a 97-day money-back guarantee.

  • Provides unparalleled website speed and high-quality performance.

  • Provides 100 percent uptime, ensuring that your website is operational at all times.

  • Provides unrestricted bandwidth and storage.

  • Offers 99.84 percent uptime.


The monthly fee starts at $2.59.

14. HostGator

HostGator is one of the best hosting and domain registrar platforms globally, hosting over 10 million websites. They provide shared hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, and managed WordPress hosting.

Hostgator plans are divided into three tiers, offering unlimited storage and bandwidth. The main distinction is the number of websites that can be hosted.

  • Hatchling: The hatchling plan includes a standard range of features and allows you to host one website.

  • Baby: The baby plan allows you to host an unlimited number of domains and subdomains, as well as premium add-ons.

  • Business: This package includes all of the features required for an e-commerce platform. This plan provides premium features such as unlimited websites, emails, a dedicated IP address, and valuable SEO tools.

In contrast to other websites that charge for migration, Hostgator does not. If you want to change hosts, you can do so without incurring any additional fees.

Key Features:

  • Offers a free domain with the very first purchase.

  • Enhance the website's security by providing a free SSL certificate.

  • Offers a free email address

  • Provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, which is a plus because most firms won't extend past 30 days.

  • It offers monthly and yearly billing choices.


Prices begin at $2.75 monthly.

15. has a minimal selection of shared hosting and WordPress hosting solutions. The website offers a basic package that starts at $3.75 per month that includes a domain name, unlimited disc space, unlimited monthly transfers, unlimited email inboxes, 25 databases, and 25 FTP accounts. The deluxe plan is very much like the basic plan, except that it includes unlimited websites for $6.75 per month.

The ultra plans include unlimited services such as unlimited databases, FTP accounts, websites, and storage space.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited disc space, unlimited monthly transfers, and unlimited email inboxes are all included.

  • Provides network monitoring 24 hours a day, DDoS prevention, Let's Encrypt SSL support, and other features.

  • It has a high uptime rate of up to 98 percent.


Prices start at $3.99 per year and vary depending on the type of plan and extension.

16. Wix

Wix should be the first website that comes to mind if you are seeking for visually stunning, fast websites. Wix allows you to create beautiful websites with little to no coding knowledge at all. Wix is ideal for small company owners and bloggers looking to develop effortlessly stunning websites.

Domains are available in both free and premium forms, with the difference being that only paid versions include, In addition to its many features, Wix provides excellent SEO-rich tools for enhancing website traffic. However, unlike other websites, Wix offers most of its convenient features as part of premium packages.

Key Features:

  • Wix provides users with access to thousands of website templates from which to pick.

  • Key features include comprehensive SEO tools that can aid in improving website performance.

  • Up to 35 GB of online storage space is offered.

  • Offers a free SSL certificate


Prices commence at $14.95 per year.

17. Network Solutions

Network Solutions was the first domain registrar in the world. Prior to the introduction of alternative domain registration services, Network Solutions was the exclusive registrar,.net, domain names and the sole keeper of the WHOIS database. It is currently owned by

It is one of the finest domain registry websites available, offering a variety of tips and tools for online marketing and email communications. It also has a DIY website builder that allows users to design and develop their websites.

Key Features:

  • Network Solutions offer massive storage options ranging from 15 GB to infinite storage space, as well as 1 GB for email storage.

  • Provides unlimited FTP accounts.

  • Valuable features include AWStats website statistics, IMAP support, malware scanning, and so on.

  • Network solutions provide database features such as Cold Fusion 10.0, MySQL Database, MS Access, MS SQL Database, and phpMyAdmin.

  • Assures 99.99 percent uptime.

  • Email, phone, and chat assistance are available 24×7 a day, seven days a week.


It starts from $3.99 per month. Price varies per package.

Things to consider while purchasing domains

Choosing the name

The domain name should correspond to the type of website you intend to build. For example, if you're starting a literature blog, the name should be a term related to a literary phrase. If you are developing an online candle business, you should include the term candles in the title so that consumers understand what you are selling.

Shorter domain name is better

Try to avoid using names that are too long. A long domain name will be difficult for customers to remember. A catchy shorter term will be a better choice when it comes to domain names.

Try using other TLDs

Instead of utilizing the same .com extension, you can use a variety of additional TLDs to differentiate your website .edu, .studio, .net, and .org are just a few examples of TLDs you can use in your domain name.

Avoid using hyphens and numbers

If you want to have two names combined as your domain name, you may want to add a hyphen to separate the terms. Doing so causes the SEO to consider your website spammy and will prevent it from appearing in search results. So, hyphens should be avoided.

That's the same case with numbers; for example, if you name your website, the website name appears tacky. Instead, looks way better and is better at remembering.


We hope that the list provided has cleared up any confusion you may have had about domain registration websites and the services they offer. It is now your turn to pick the website that best fits your objectives and budget.


What is domain registration?

Domain registration, also known as domain name registration, is the process of reserving a name on the Internet for a specific period. If you intend to build a website, the first step is to select a domain name that will distinguish your site from millions of others. Choosing a domain name is crucial because customers use the domain name to identify your website and services.

Domain registration is a simple process in which you go to a domain registration website, enter your preferred name, and purchase the domain. The domain name is not yours forever; to keep it, you must renew it every year at a set cost.

Why should you use domain registration websites?

Users can acquire, register, and purchase their desired domain names on domain registration websites. The domains are sold to the end user or registrant through domain registration websites or registrars. The user does not technically own a domain name when they purchase it; in order to maintain the name for a long time, the user must renew it every year.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers are in charge of the registries (ICANN). The sales are registered in a registry, which keeps track of all domain-related information.

What is SSL?

Most domain registry websites use SSL (Security Sockets Layer) as one of their security features. SSL is a security standard that provides encrypted communication between the server and the browser while protecting websites from hackers. The padlock icon that appears in the web browser address box indicates that the website has SSL certification. SSL certification is necessary for website security.

When you click a website, your browser sends a signal to the server, providing information about the website you clicked, such as SSL certification, legitimacy, and other details. The browser reads the received data, and if the SSL certificate validity is out of date or was not issued by a CA trusted by the browser, the browser will display a warning sign in the address box.

What is uptime?

The term "uptime" refers to the amount of time a system is operational in the computer business. The value of uptime indicates how long a system can be left unattended without crashing or requiring maintenance. Downtime is the inverse of uptime; it denotes the duration of time when the system is not operating.

The uptime is expressed as a percentage. When a system has been operating for an entire year, its uptime is referred to as one-year uptime. The amount of time a website or web service is available to users in a given period is referred to as website uptime. The maximum uptime is regarded to be 99.999 %.

What are TLDs?

TLD, or Top Level Domain, is the term that comes after the dot in the domain name.

The objective of TLDs is to express the meaning of a domain name. For example, .com is used for commercial websites, .gov is used for government websites. It is used for domains registered in India.

All TLDs used on the Internet are under the control of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which assign responsibilities for these TLDs to other organizations.For example, VeriSign,manages all '.com' and '.net' TLDs. TLDs are classified into three types: generic TLDs (gTLDs), which comprise common domain names such as .com, .net, and so on. Country code TLDs (ccTLDs) are domain names reserved for specific nations, such as .uk, .in, .jp, etc. These TLDs are usually associated with professional, ethnic, or geographical communities. Each community is represented by a delegated sponsor for each sponsored TLD (sTLD).

Top 17 Domain Registration Websites

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