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Best Draftit Privacy Alternatives From Around The Web

It is difficult for most businesses and organizations to comply with the myriad of rules and laws that are constantly evolving. In such a scenario, Draftit Privacy is one tool you can trust.

You'll also find document samples and definitions of key concepts. Many concerns regarding the privacy of data are addressed in the tool. It simplifies doing things like risk assessments and impact evaluations. Data privacy impact assessments (DPIAs) are useful for doing all of these things.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Draftit Privacy. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

Provisioning, deprovisioning, managing, and auditing user access rights to systems, data, and files is simplified with SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM). The tool is made for IT and security administrators. By setting up an automated system, the user can manage who has access to private data by creating and removing user accounts. This system checks user accounts for security flaws. If SolarWinds Access Rights Manager finds an unsecured account, it will generate an alert.

Because of their efforts, managing personal information and obtaining necessary permissions is now less of a hassle than ever before. They've got the most users of any privacy and consent management system, and are growing at a rapid rate. When it comes to managing users' personal information and their consent, Seers is unrivaled worldwide and is used and trusted by over 50,000 companies. Seers were founded to aid SMEs and Enterprises in meeting the requirements of the GDPR.

You can gather and examine network-wide log data with the help of ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer. Through the use of log management, you can check to see if all of the devices in your network are safe. Furthermore, compliance audit reports can be used to compile a database of potential dangers. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is compatible with the reporting formats used for PCI DSS, FISMA, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Risk factors and data breaches can be controlled through the use of data records and data mapping exercises. They encompass 23% of the global economy, or the 8 data protection regulations under which that percentage falls. The dashboard allows you to manage your GDPR compliance strategy. You can make new users, give them tasks with due dates, and track their progress all from the same dashboard. Tasks that mirror typical processing actions could be made.

To handle everything related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you need only install Privacy Evo on your computer. Keeping track of treatments, conducting a risk assessment, and overseeing multiple departments are some of the services offered by Privacy Evo. The tool provides customization for both the letter of assignment and the contract. Consent can be collected and data gathered automatically. Examining the results of medical interventions can also be done by this tool.

Using the console's library of premade templates, you can easily implement a data control policy. You simply have to choose a design that has default settings for data privacy regulations like GDPR. When the policy is set, the package will scan all networked devices for information matching the criteria you specify. Using this tool, you can find sensitive information that is scattered throughout various documents. Images can be scanned with OCR capability.

This tool serves as a simple data protection solution that will help you evaluate your current state, implement fixes, and generate automated reports so you can track your progress toward your goals. Granite Data Protection makes it easy to identify and assess your data protection challenges. The General Data Protection Regulations and other laws are easier to follow when you use this method. Granite Data Protection will give you a current status report on how well you're protecting your data.

Customers can initiate a Data Access Request, Data Correction Request, Data Portability Request, or Data Removal Request through the LogicGate portal. The platform will help you comply with the GDPR and respond to requests for access. Following the breach response process, you can act within 72 hours of discovering a breach. When you discover a security breach, automated alerts can report it to the proper authorities.

With Netwrix Auditor, you can identify the exact folders and files containing personally identifiable information in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation. You can learn what information is most critical to keep safe and where it is stored if you can locate these files. Accessing the right controls allows you to specify which users are authorized to access which folders or files. You can see who has access to what and whether that access was granted individually or collectively.

The tool facilitates the continuous review of all relevant processing operations and guides the structured implementation. Analysis, documentation, and communication are all boosted by the use of process automation. The EU Data Protection Regulation is a prerequisite for effective corporate governance in the modern era (GDPR). However, if the topic becomes a drain on the business, it will be impossible to maintain a high level of data security.

Exterro streamlines every step of the e-discovery process, allowing you to get to the bottom of your cases faster and for less money. The Exterro Software Platform is a comprehensive suite of E-Discovery and Information Governance tools that can be used independently or together. With over 30 data integrations, you can quickly collect data from numerous data sources to gain insight into your case. Selecting which data to collect can save you time and money.

Its goal is to aid businesses in maintaining their reputations, enhancing the confidence of their clientele, and making use of technological advances to streamline their operations. The tool is also instrumental in minimizing the time, money, and risk that comes with manually handling sensitive information. Access to private information from hundreds of sources at the petabyte scale is now possible with this tool.

Your data-centric organizations will be protected, data leak risks will be minimized, and sensitive data will never be processed without your express consent because of this solution. When it comes to data security and compliance, this tool has all the bells and whistles your business needs to protect sensitive information to the highest standards. Their services stand out from the competition because they do more than just help you comply with documentation requirements for regulatory bodies.

In addition to its other helpful features, this system also has an eDiscovery tool and a data classification module. The tool also includes an external risk management service. In order to map your data regardless of its location, the eDiscovery system communicates with supplier hosts. Each data repository's location is prominently displayed. Since this service is automated and ongoing, the Wired Relations system is able to detect any new data locations as they appear.

The platform's features include, but are not limited to, a compliance dashboard, processing activity logs and analyses, user-level permission settings, multi-factor authentication, and task management. The Caralegal platform allows users to export and download legal documents in a variety of formats, including PDF, DOC, and JSON. The extensive experience of the Caralegal group of companies allows it to provide more than just standardized organizational structures and transparent management.

Proteus NextGen Data Privacy software gives DPOs, Privacy Teams, and Legal Teams the data privacy management tools they need to manage GDPR compliance, CCPA Compliance, or any other data privacy compliance program, efficiently and effectively. Everything you need to facilitate Schrems II compliance is available here, including privacy impact assessments, DPIAs, transfer impacts assessments, data mapping, reporting (e.g., Record of Processing Activity reports).

This tool lets you get customers' consent to use their data. The date and time of consent are recorded, as well as the IP address from which consent was given, in mailing and consent lists. Customers can choose to receive marketing materials by opting in. It includes an integrated customer relationship management with a GDPR consent feature. The tool’s easy to make consent forms adhere to GDPR guidelines with the help of templates.

Data mapping, privacy impact evaluations, and risk management are just some of the features. You can create a Readiness Assessment to determine how your current security measures stack up against the General Data Protection Regulation. In addition to a set of pre-made templates developed by a group of privacy professionals, readiness assessments can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The results of these self-evaluations can be exported as PDF documents.

To meet the standards of European law, the tool incorporates gap analysis, DSAR processes, data breach response, and third-party management functions. The Breach report module allows you to keep track of security incidents involving personally identifiable information. You can be confident in the efficacy of your company's GDPR compliance initiative thanks to the GDPR Manager's third-party verification.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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