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Best Dropbox Alternatives for Cloud Storage in 2022

File storage can be quite a painful issue if you have not used Dropbox yet. It allows you to store different files on a cloud drive and access to these files on any other computer or smartphone on Earth using your login.

Dropbox is the world’s most popular cloud storage, but what if you run out of space there? Besides, they had a few bugs over the past years that compromised 50 million accounts. You can get a premium account with more space, or simply use alternatives to Dropbox. There are numerous websites that are offering almost the same thing, and sometimes with better features and security.

If you are looking for cloud storage tools in 2022 as Dropbox alternatives, enjoy this list. It was handpicked for you.

Internxt Drive is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on best-in-class privacy and security.

Designed for Web3 and built using blockchain technology, Internxt’s progressive service puts user rights at the forefront. Your files are fragmented and encrypted before leaving your device. Private by default, secure by design.

Free Storage: 10GB forever

Pricing: 20GB – €10.68 billed annually; 200GB – €41.88 billed annually; 2TB – €107.88 billed annually.

Sync let you access and share all your files on any device. With its strong security you can ensure that only you have access to your important data.

Sync allows you to control password access, email notifications, expiry dates, and upload capacities. You can share access to any file with a link, and a user does not need to have Sync account to see the information.

Free Storage: 5 GB

Pricing: $49 per year to 500 GB of storage, or $96 per year for 2 TB of storage

pCloud is a cloud management system that allows you to store, share and access your files using one simple and highly secure platform, anytime and anywhere.

A European company with over 12 million customers served, pCloud offers business best-in-class data protections, ease of access from any device and easy integrations with work share platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive

Free Storage: 10 GB

Pricing: 500 GB — $3.99/month 500 GB — $175, one-off payment, lifetime plan 2 TB — $7.99/month 2 TB — $350, one-off payment, lifetime plan

Zoho Docs is a perfect tool for both small teams and large enterprises. It has some amazing features, such as Dropbox integration, email integration, access management, bulk upload, tagging, document editor, digital signature, and many many more.

Free Storage: 5GB

Pricing: Free for teams up to 25 users; 100GB for €4; and €6,4 for 1TB.

Google Drive is another Dropbox alternative tool, but both Dropbox and Drive are created by Google. Originally Google Drive was the best storage option for documents and sheets.

Many people can edit a document in Google Drive at the same time, which makes this tool unique. The tool also lets you leave comments on the document and collaborate with other users. Besides, with their speech-to-text tool you can type text with your voice, which is a highly useful feature for people who write a lot.

Free Storage: 15GB

Pricing: 100 GB — $1.99/month 1 TB — $9.99/month

Box is a tool for business but you still can found some personal features there. First, it sounds perfect that they give you 10GB of storage for free, but they have a weird upload limit which is 250Mb.

You can’t upload a file larger than this size, for instance, a video or PSD file. It has a clean, modern interface, and it works fast even with a slow internet connection.

Free Storage: 10 GB

Pricing: 100 GB — €4/month Unlimited storage — €12/month

Redbooth is an open-source application for complex project management. It allows joint work and team communication. It can be really challenging to manage communications and projects when you have a large team, This tool attempts to change that.

With Redbooth, you can easily communicate, share files and host HD video conference meetings. These capabilities make it a great alternative to Slack.

Quip is a Microsoft Office alternative that enables you to create beautiful documents on any device: phones, tablets and desktop. It offers a simple and elegant interface that combines documents and messages into a single chat-like thread of updates, making collaboration immediate and easy.

With Quip, you work with people, not files. Thousands of companies from a wide range of industries have adopted Quip to make communication and collaboration more efficient.

Cloudup makes the process of sharing files beautiful and straightforward for both the sender and the recipient. It allows you to upload any type of file, from videos to links and code. To share files with other users, you just need to send them a link.

Cloudup is also one of the biggest free storage and sharing softwares on the web. But at the same time, you can upgrade your plan to the premium version and get more storage.

SpiderOak is a multiple user and device backup solution with a centralized management console that automates the administration part of backups.

SpiderOak works with organisations from small and medium sized industries to government organisations to secure data. SpiderOak’s usage of blockchain technology for security blows away its competitors in the industry. .

Convenience seems to be the keyword when it comes to OneDrive. Many people would already be familiar with this tool as it is offered along with Microsoft devices. OneDrive performs the function it is designed to perform quite well.

It is easy to use, is accessible anywhere and has a secure backup system. It also allows users to share files and collaborate in real-time. Because it is compatible with other Microsoft software, it offers seamless a seamless user experience.

MediaFire is a file sharing app that helps businesses upload, organize and share photos, videos, documents, and other files on a unified platform.

Whether you’re sharing photos, videos, audio, or docs, MediaFire can simplify your workflow. With over 150 million customers, MediaFire offers a range of professional and regular plans that could be the right option for your business needs

Workzone is a powerful and easy to use project management software that helps you keep your project on track. It comes with a robust number of features like dashboards, to-do lists, time tracking, status alerts, and Gantt charts.

This tool allows you to see the status of all your projects and focus on what matters most. Get everyone on the same page with Workzone.

Nextcloud is a productivity management software that provides universal access to data combined with a complete content collaboration platform.

Nextcloud allows customers to store, share and edit documents alone or with others, take notes during an audio/video chat and manage calendars from one platform. Nextcloud promises to help restore your control over business workflows

CloudMe offers a satisfying collaboration option along with above-average service. CloudMe is based in Sweden, which means your data is secure under strict EU regulations.

You get 3 GB storage for free that is expandable to 16 GB. Although it’s a simple cloud solution, it provides all the necessary features that you would want from a cloud storage provider.

This multi-platform friendly cloud-based file sharing service is great for instant access to all your images, videos, or any other files. Easily auto-sync your files and make sure that they are secure at the same time.

Windows or Mac, no matter which OS you use, in case of theft or other unwanted situations, you can instantly and remotely wipe all synced data while, at the same time, moving them to a new device.

TeamDrive is a software developer and cloud service provider specializing in creating solutions for secure collaboration over the Internet.

With over 600,000 TeamDrive installations and 5,000 customers worldwide, TeamDrive delivers by providing top notch GDPR-compliant data security, easy collaboration between teams and ease of use for both corporations and small startups.

Mega’s view towards cloud sharing is a little different in the sense that it uses built-in mechanisms for extended protection. It is the biggest cloud service provider in New Zealand, but it has a significant user base outside its country of origin too.

Mega primarily focuses on providing top-notch security with a simple and easy to use approach. In ana age where privacy is a huge concern, Mega promises to offer users peace of mind.

It is a versatile, robust, hybrid and flexible cloud service designed especially to meet the needs of busy entrepreneurs. It offers rock-solid encryption for storing or sharing files in a secure way.

Besides, Egnyte offers both desktop and mobile integration for ease of use. The open API was designed keeping in mind the requirements of any business.

File storage and transfer can be a huge challenge for many companies. There are so many cloud storage solutions that cater to this need. If you are looking for reliable cloud storage for secure file sharing with a higher level of encryption, then Tresorit is something you can consider.

With Tresorit, you can transfer risky or confidential files without any tension. The Swiss encryption technology makes sure that your data is not breached in any way.

ownCloud is the way to go if you are looking for real-time collaboration. It allows you to manage permissions and controls easily with shareable links. The mobile version of this tool works well for features like spreadsheets, document editing, and real-time chat.

Most importantly, ownCloud doesn’t compromise when it comes to security and compliance regulation of sensitive data.

Amazon Drive is a file sharing service that allows users to manage contacts, photos, videos, presentations, recordings and more.

Amazon Drive combines ease of use, accessibility and affordability into a single compact platform. With a massive customer base, Amazon Drive has outpaced its competition in the industry,

Android, Windows, or Linux - Resilio works on almost all servers and platforms without any extra effort. Its auto-synchronization feature makes your life real easy. Besides, it can work just fine without cloud access.

It will get your file sharing job done in a jiffy without any problems. Resilio is like a data ninja working silently behind the firewall. Now you can share files of any size without thinking twice.

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you will enjoy Flickr if you love to share what you capture every now and then. It's the photo-sharing social media for purists. If you are looking for a platform to cluster all your camera shots, this is for you.

As an added perk you’ll get to see photographs shared by many prominent people or organizations, too. Flickr is the perfect place for your work to be noticed and for you to appreciate other people's work.

The user interface of eFileCabinet makes finding any files online from any device so simple. It also features solid administrative controls along with a large number of third-party integrations. You can rest assured that your files will be safe and secure with this tool.

The main features of eFileCabinet are its powerful storage and digitizing capabilities. It also has advanced features like version control.

Slack is one of the world's leading platforms for team communication, imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.

Available for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android, Slack is used daily by tens of thousands of people, including teams at Stripe, Rdio, Medium and Airbnb. Don't be fooled by the name, Slack can help you be more productive by streamlining your work communications.

With Filestack, you can process, connect, and store any file on the internet. The tool can transform any images online only by adding some attributes. It is a reliable, responsive and fast data sharing solution. This tool offers solutions to many of the problems faced by people dealing with cloud sharing.

Filestack Workflows is another feature worth mentioning that makes automating commands easy. You need minimal coding skills to use the features.

Get instant access to data from any platforms or devices using Seafile. One of its distinguishable features is that it combines a spreadsheet with cloud storage to make your life a lot easier!

Seafile is an open-source share solution designed for high reliability, performance and productivity. Sync, share and collaborate across devices and team. Besides, the AES 128 bit encryption works very well with Linux, Android, Windows and iOS. You can organize files in the form of folders too.

Pydio’s cross-platform feature is easy and flexible. It has been developed keeping in mind the specific needs of different industry-based professionals. As it focuses on file management, you can do your work in a more organized way.

This powerful open-source platform requires you to know little to no coding. In addition, Pydio comes fully loaded with a wide range of features that cater to all your cloud storage needs.

WeTransfer is an easy to use online file sharing service that can handle any amount or any size of file transfers. The interface is nice and easy and allows user declutter large messy files.

The good thing about WeTransfer is that it offers high-availability which means that the recipient, too, can easily download and access the files on their end.

Fex.Net is a Ukrainian cloud storage service provider that offers a lot of features at an affordable price. You can now safely preserve your audio, photo, and video, and view them online from anywhere.

Fex.Net offers a capacity ranging from 10GB to 3TB. The creators of this tool have plans to improve the tool. They keep on adding to its tally of features.

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web and UX designed to help creators.

Adobe creative cloud offers content creators easier work collaboration, considerable cloud storage capacity for their work and platforms to showcase creative work. This tool’s slogan is simple: creativity for all

Degoo is a great cloud storage tool to save enough space on your phone even when it is full of images. Your files are also handled in a delicate way which ensures your privacy. You can be assured that your data will be safe and secure.

This tool supports end-to-end encryption for better compatibility and safety. Degoo’s photo optimizer feature helps you save space. Overall, It’s a simple and snappy backup solution for your phone.


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