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Top 25 Electronic Discover (eDiscovery) Tools

In the event of a legal dispute, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) software facilitates the evaluation of relevant electronic documents and data. In order to assess whether or not a document is relevant to a case, law firms and corporate legal departments use eDiscovery systems to gather all relevant files and metadata, exclude data that is outside the reach of the law, and then evaluate the remaining documents.

It is common for eDiscovery programs to have integrations with other case management tools, such as databases, file storage, or backup systems, to facilitate the import and data gathering procedures and to aggregate this data with all other information connected to specific cases.

Let's take a look at some of the best tools in this top tools list.

1. Relativity

Previously known as kCura, Relativity is a cloud-based eDiscovery software suite that includes features such as case assessment, fact management, review, production, analytics, and legal hold. Applications for both Android and iOS are at your disposal. Legal hold is available in Relativity, and it includes a pre-built template library for holding notices and correspondence.

Key Features:

  • It also provides conditional question forms, alerts, and reviews, allowing users to design their own questionnaires.

  • Early case evaluation is another useful function in Relativity, allowing users to look into scenarios using the information already at their disposal.

  • Filters allow users to weed out irrelevant information from situations.

  • The tool also includes document management, which facilitates the classification of files according to a wide range of criteria.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

2. Everlaw

Everlaw is a cloud-based legal management solution with an emphasis on e-discovery. Search functionality, a document prediction engine that retrieves relevant documents, and a document context panel are all important elements.

Key Features:

  • With Everlaw, you can easily refine your search by dragging and dropping a variety of criteria.

  • Document rating, document language, and document type are the available filters. Customers and team members can both be searched for.

  • Users can make their own prediction models using whatever combination of tags and classifications they like.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.


ZyLAB One is an e-discovery service that uses machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to automate legal processes for businesses, organizations, and government agencies. Organizations can use it to simplify processes like data visualization, document classification, and topic grouping.

Key Features:

  • Workflow management, visual analytics, document storage, collaboration, an activity dashboard, document management, and more are just some of the features offered by ZyLAB One.

  • Administrators can enforce password restrictions and enable two-factor authentication to safeguard both users and data.

  • It also facilitates the detection of duplicate content, the administration of litigation processes, and the handling of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests by staff members.

  • ZyLAB One is a document management system that helps businesses save time and space by centralizing their paperwork.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

4. Epiq Discovery

Since Epicq Discovery is a web-based eDiscovery digital forensics tool, it requires no special setup or installation on the user's end. It was designed with the user's needs in mind from the start. While using Epiq Discovery, you won't have to worry about compromising on legal compliance because it includes all you need and more.

Key Features:

  • Epiq Discovery provides early case assessment, analysis, review, and production in addition to large-scale data collecting and processing.

  • With Epiq Discovery, you can face any legal or compliance hurdle head-on.

  • Epiq Discovery's app and data are safe since they are encrypted while in motion. F

  • From any location with an internet connection, users can gain access. Accessing real-time data and the review's status while sitting in a courtroom, and checking responsive papers just before trial, is one example of this.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

5. Logikcull

Logikcull is a cloud-based program utilized by law firms, corporations, and government agencies worldwide. It can save legal costs by automating the discovery process and legal hold for cases and disputes without adding staff. To improve efficiency, safety, and return on investment (ROI), all you have to do is use the simple drag-and-drop interface to analyze, filter, and sort your data before enlisting the help of outside parties.

Key Features:

  • Ninety-seven percent of the information caught up in probes or lawsuits is irrelevant. This makes the entire process of discovery expensive, time-consuming, and risky.

  • Logikcull helps users easily, quickly, and cheaply find the signal within the clutter.

  • Logikcull is able to put a legal hold on disputes and investigations, as well as automate the discovery process.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

6. Onna

Onna is a platform that facilitates real-time search across different repositories, making it useful for eDiscovery and the discovery of high-value items in legal departments. It's a complete package that helps with things like teamwork, file sharing, reports, regulations, and more. Options for installing the product locally or in the cloud are both on the table.

Key Features:

  • The "Groups" feature in Onna enables users to organize and invite groups of people to work together on the same project.

  • The service also allows users to transfer and share media files.

  • With Onna's machine-learning algorithms, customers may instruct the platform to locate the proper files and paperwork for M&A and due diligence processes.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

7. Lexbe eDiscovery Platform

Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a cloud-based litigation document management and review tool. Their services enable its clients to efficiently and affordably process, analyze, cull, evaluate, and produce massive discovery collections. The software incorporates eDiscovery capabilities throughout your case's lifecycle to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly discovery experience.

Key Features:

  • Lexbe eDiscovery Platform allows for completely autonomous operation, or you can reach out to our team of technical specialists for assistance at any time.

  • Lexbe eDiscovery Platform is a sophisticated e-Discovery and litigation document management tool with all the capabilities that lawyers, paralegals, and litigation professionals require.

  • Lexbe stands out from competing for software solutions by implementing innovative technological elements that support a wide range of workflows in addition to its excellent execution of typical processing, review, review, production, search and timelining functionality.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

8. CloudNine LAW

CloudNine is an eDiscovery platform that can help businesses in the legal, IT, and professional services industries locate, store, evaluate, and produce legal documents in the cloud. Automated features for preservation analysis, compliance checks, and review are all part of the system.

Key Features:

  • When it comes to gathering, cleaning, reviewing, and analyzing data, legal teams may rely on CloudNine's assistance.

  • Manual processes in production and privilege logs are also automated by the solution.

  • After creating documents, legal professionals can upload them to the cloud for convenient access.

  • With this technology, you can force eDiscovery and forensics professionals to adopt a more effective workflow and take back control of your investigation.

  • The software can easily process most file types and formats, and its lightning-fast processing rates mean that you may review a large number of files in a short amount of time.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

9. Sightline

Sightline, which is used by some of the best law firms in the world, is an eDiscovery platform that streamlines the process of culling irrelevant files, finding relevant information about a case, and conducting thorough reviews of those files. As an eDiscovery solution, Sightline from Consoilio equips case teams with cutting-edge data research, comprehensive document review, and analytics-driven investigative capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Sightline's sophisticated search functions make it easy for groups to locate relevant case data and pivotal documents.

  • Metadata and product fields like dates and emails can be used to refine search results in Sightline and speed up the discovery process.

  • In order to find and get rid of irrelevant documents, teams can use integrated investigative tools to filter documents by file type and other properties.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

10. eZReview

eZReview's purpose is to give users access to active cases in a centralized eDiscovery environment. You'll be able to access supplementary features that will improve your search thanks to various interconnected modules. Knovos's eDiscovery platform, eZReview, is all-encompassing since it offers a centralized management system and numerous linked modules that provide for thorough eDiscovery.

Key Features:

  • Their comprehensive security features assure robust protection of sensitive data, while our simple and intuitive interface enables improved customization and oversight.

  • As a result of extensive testing, methodical improvement, and a fresh take on the litigation life cycle management process, eZReview is now available for use in investigations, subpoenas, and discovery requests.

  • Insightful early case evaluation, powerful processing and output, and complex document review and analysis are all made possible by the modular design of eZReview.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

11. Nextpoint

Nextpoint is a free, feature-rich eDiscovery tool that can be accessed online and does not require any other software to be installed on your computer. Its search engines are equipped with cutting-edge optical character recognition technology, so whenever they come across an image, they instantly transcribe whatever text it may contain and file it away in the appropriate category.

Key Features:

  • Nextpoint will alert you if it finds a duplicate file, so you'll never have to worry about accidentally opening the same document twice.

  • You have the option of passively letting it organize the emails and documents it finds into folders, or actively doing it yourself.

  • The user interface appears to be straightforward, but knowing that assistance is available should any questions arise is reassuring.

  • The legal community can use Nextpoint's drag-and-drop features to submit documents for evaluation.

  • Metadata extraction and document deduplication can also be performed mechanically using this method.

  • The system also facilitates the exchange of files between attorneys, clients, and courts.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

12. Discovery Attender

Discovery Attender is an eDiscovery tool that facilitates the automated discovery of data stored in various electronic formats. It has functions including compliance management, investigative searches, and electronic discoveries and can be used by businesses of any size.

Key Features:

  • Using Discovery Attender, you may search and extract information from a wide variety of storage mediums, such as Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, personal storage folders (PSTs), SharePoint, file-sharing sites, compressed files, and more.

  • Users can do individualized de-duplication of data based on their own selection of criteria and hashes. Annotation, tagging, and labeling capabilities allow users to examine the output.

  • It's easy to set up, and once it is running, it can automatically scan many data sources simultaneously depending on your unique set of criteria, saving you a tonne of time during your eDiscovery or digital forensics study.


You can contact their sales team to quote a price.

13. Driven One

Driven One combines top elements to provide a specific solution. It delivers the capabilities and features you require without the complexity and consultancy costs connected with rival solutions.

Key Features:

  • It is appropriately sized and tailored to address the problems presented by daily eDiscovery tasks, which account for 90% of legal proceedings.

  • It surpasses any other solutions on the market in their ability to quickly process even the largest datasets.

  • It allows for demand-based scaling; you only pay for what you use.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

14. Veritas eDiscovery

With the use of the robust, dataset-driven, large-scale search engine known as eDiscovery Platform, enterprises can easily locate crucial resolution files. Veritas enables compliance officers and legal IT personnel to make more educated judgments to better manage risk thanks to an easy-to-use interface.

Key Features:

  • Conduct intricate investigations while automating up to 100 queries.

  • With optimised workflows, process and analyse more than 500 distinct file formats.

  • Scale discovery safely by focusing on, identifying, and exporting only accurate content.


Contact the sales team for the price details.

15. Exterro

To better and more affordably manage privacy, compliance, investigative, and litigation risks, you can implement Exterro's Legal Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) solutions.

Key Features:

  • Find out in a hurry which suppliers are putting your data at danger

  • Control and coordinate every aspect of a topic access request

  • The integration of cutting-edge forensic and review processes into a single, collaborative web application


Contact the sales team for pricing.

16. Digital WarRoom

Users of Digital WarRoom can utilise a variety of filter parameters in conjunction with a keyword or keywords to zero in on precise subsets of documents. You can easily get all the file metadata out so you may filter it.

Key Features:

  • It will index all of the words in your documents so that you may search for them when going through the review process.

  • Enables rapid file loading and high-volume work-product coding.

  • It offers a matrix of emails that contain your keyword, laid out in a heat map with senders on the y axis and receivers on the x.


Pro Software: $1795

Single Matter: $250

Private Cloud: $2000

17. CasePoint

With the help of AI and the guidance of legal experts, CasePoint allows you to locate and distribute more relevant information in less time using a single, unified, and secure legal discovery platform.

Key Features:

  • Beneficial information may be quickly processed, reduced, and located with the use of user-friendly technology.

  • Keep up with the ever-increasing number of demands for information under regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and more.

  • Matter evaluation can be automated with the use of cutting-edge algorithms that scour large data sets with a variety of filters and classifications.


Contact the sales team for pricing queries.

18. Opentext Accelerate

To aid legal teams in swiftly obtaining the data that can inform case strategy, OpenText Axcelerate provides comprehensive end-to-end eDiscovery capabilities.

Key Features:

  • By applying sophisticated text analytics such as automatic sentiment and entity recognition, predictive search, and predictive filters, insights can be uncovered quickly, allowing for more thorough inspection and analysis.

  • Integrate the EDRM's collection, processing, analysis, review, and production of ESI into a single system.

  • Gather information from several sources, including electronic content management (ECM) platforms, email, cloud storage, and more.


Contact the sales team for pricing queries

19. ZDiscovery

ZDiscovery is a scalable platform that makes it easy to take charge of data preservation, gathering, and review projects while drastically cutting down on the cost of hiring outside counsel.

Key Features:

  • Protect and release custodial data holdings in Google Vault, Slack, Microsoft 365®, and more

  • Get specific data from places like Microsoft Exchange® and then upload it for evaluation.

  • You may easily bring more review in-house to save down on legal expenses and speed up the discovery process.


Contact the support team for pricing.

20. NuixDiscovery

By providing a unified, cooperative strategy for eDiscovery, Nuix gives your group the upper hand in deciding how to proceed. Whatever information you deem necessary to share with your outside advisors and service providers is entirely up to you.

Key Features:

  • Legal fees can be cut, deadlines can be shortened, and decision-making can be improved with better end-to-end management of the eDiscovery process, data, and workflow.

  • It takes only a few minutes to get started examining documents thanks to the streamlined process of collecting, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and producing them all in one place.

  • Reduce operational expenses and streamline handoffs by automating information processing, organization, and presentation.


Contact the support team for pricing.

21. Intradyn

Intradyn has created a whole suite of cutting-edge archiving solutions to address your most important business concerns, including regulatory compliance, eDiscovery, and litigation.

Key Features:

  • Email retention that's both adaptable and precise is key to ensuring compliance.

  • You may do a social media account search from one convenient location.

  • Maintain, organise, and index all mobile data for easy access.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

22. AARNet

When it comes to research and education, AARNet's focus is on offering efficient solutions at a reasonable cost. Discover the many ways our connections and resources can help you.

Key Features:

  • Connecting campuses, facilities, and the cloud via high-speed, secure internet connectivity and related technologies.

  • Powerful tools for managing data and facilitating remote teamwork.

  • Networks, assets, and people on campus can be safeguarded from cyber threats with the help of real-time monitoring and data analysis, incident coordination, and remedial support.


Contact the sales team for pricing details.

23. Esquiretek

With the help of EsquireTek's brand new revolutionary software, what used to take countless hours of preparation for discovery responses, making shells, and adding objections, now takes only a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • You can select an argument from a drop-down menu, or write your own from scratch.

  • You can easily monitor requests that have not been responded to.

  • Send your client a text message with a link to the form they may fill out at their convenience.

  • Make room in your schedule for other tasks that need to be completed.


TEK Monthly: $299 monthly

TEK Yearly: $249 monthly

  • It provides a wide range of high-quality eDiscovery services, including advice from industry experts, technical assistance with litigation, project management, and more.

24. Viewpoint Integrated Analytics

Viewpoint tracks the project's development and make sure it's delivered on time. View real-time data from the office and the field, manage documents, and more from any computer or mobile device.

Key Features:

  • Enhance productivity by standardising procedures and getting rid of unnecessary steps.

  • Build better lines of communication between the headquarters, the team, and the field.

  • With Viewpoint's construction operations software, you can streamline your business, keep on track, and save time.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

25. Open Discovery

Ipro by Open Discovery for Enterprise is an eDiscovery, review, and production platform designed for use by corporations, law firms, government organisations, and legal service providers. There's no need for a SQL server or database administrator to allow for unlimited user access. Assists with native file import, document unitization, and review management.

Key Features:

  • Ipro's ability to apply breaks in a single pass makes it possible to merge many documents into a single file.

  • Depending on the user's preferences, batch creation and distribution can be automated. Advanced analytics

  • and automated inspection help users compare and identify similar files and communications.

  • Additionally, they can categorise papers into groups according on their similarities.


Contact the support team for pricing details.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Electronic Discover (eDiscovery) Tools


Lawyers can learn more about the case if the eDiscovery solution is lightning fast. Having all the information you need before your first discovery call or deposition can give you a significant advantage. And eDiscovery speed can aid in affordable spending, submitting tasks quicker, and

prematurely settling down the cases.

Constant Monitoring

If you know how many documents you handle in an hour, you can estimate how much money you might need to spend on the case and how many people you could and need to hire. You can set a schedule and have faith that crucial milestones will be met. Real-time tracking is a vital part of the review process because it allows you to keep tabs on your progress and keep your spending in check.


Having the ability to use both cloud-based processing and on-premises storage is made possible by a scalable solution. The ability to suspend or postpone legal proceedings can benefit from such adaptability. Moving your data to on-prem storage eliminates the potential for excessive hosting fees paid by competing for cloud-based eDiscovery software options.


In this article, we discussed the different Electronic Discover (eDiscovery) Tools. Hope this has given you a clear idea and how you can choose your desired Electronic Discover (eDiscovery) Tool.


What are the benefits of using electronic discovery software?

Discovery aids in identifying and exchanging documents to help with future procedures. It is an innovative method that uses cutting-edge technology to its fullest potential. This kind of software gathers information from the internet, including search queries, email header information, and the contents of communications sent and received. In order to save money, lawyers might use free or low-cost eDiscovery technologies for data creation, organization, and sharing.

What is eDiscovery Software?

eDiscovery software, often known as electronic discovery software, manages the discovery process for electronic evidence in anticipation of civil or criminal trials. In the event of a litigation or inquiry requiring the use of electronic records, eDiscovery software can be used to locate, gather, and create the relevant ESI. Legal holds, early case assessments, document collection, document creation, document processing, and document review are all capabilities commonly found in eDiscovery software. Legal teams might benefit from analytics and data visualization tools provided by more comprehensive systems.

What are the features of eDiscovery Software?

Essential components of eDiscovery software include:

  • E-discovery programs software compiles data from a number of sources and generates an audit trail as they go.

  • Using a combination of metadata aggregation, native application imaging, and domain parsing, the software processes digital documents and extracts the data that is needed.

  • Electronic discovery tools scan texts and pull out useful data by combining metadata, imaging native applications, and parsing domains.

  • It examines research endeavors and generates graphical summaries of findings.

  • To better understand the data, legal professionals can use these tools to assess discovery projects and create data visualizations.

Who Uses eDiscovery Software?

eDiscovery is a tool used in the legal industry. With the development of eDiscovery tools, in-house legal departments can increasingly conduct investigations themselves, eliminating the need to contract with outside eDiscovery companies. The majority of eDiscovery's users are attorneys and legal assistants at law firms. Another sizable demographic of people who use eDiscovery products are in-house business legal departments. The software is used by these groups to conduct audits, investigations, and litigation.

How can organizations use eDiscovery Software?

Organizations can do the following, and much more, with the help of eDiscovery tools.

  • Prepare files for use by exporting them to a selection of different formats.

  • Set access controls to regulate who can see sensitive data.

  • Remove all sensitive, private, and confidential data.

  • Use eDiscovery metadata standards for labeling electronic evidence.

  • Legal holds can be automated and made to suit each individual client's needs.

  • Keywords and queries narrow your search.

  • Undertake a comprehensive analysis of metadata.

Top 25 Electronic Discover (eDiscovery)...

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