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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

6 Email Marketing Automation Workflows That Actually Work

Today’s average consumer is bombarded with competing offers on products and services. This is troubling for many online merchants looking to reach sales quotas and keep luring in customers over the long haul. Thankfully, marketers do have one major way of interacting with both prospective and existing buyers via one of today’s most modern methods of communication– email.

But while business emails provide optimal channels for communicating with customers, many marketers fail to utilize email tactics and marketing automation to realize better levels of engagement. If you want to automate the work flow to send bulk personalized emails to your subscribers, I recommend you to use EngageBay's marketing automation software available in the market.

Below we take a look at 6 email marketing automation workflows that can actually help marketers leverage emails more effectively. With Christmas coming up just around the corner, this is an optimal moment to perfect your next campaign:

Holiday/time-sensitive offer

For many shoppers, purchasing a product online may not necessarily be a rushed matter. To encourage those hesitant or just curious browsers, incentivize them to continue with the sales funnel by emailing them with a Holiday-themed offer. This time sensitive deal could trigger the potential buyer to act by acting specific emotions and greetings. A notable period for marketing such deals was the recent Cyber Monday mania, which witnessed an astonishing $3.39 Billion in sales.

After all, sometimes all shoppers need is just a friendly holiday email message reminding them that the seasons are fast approaching and that they shouldn’t miss out on what’s likely going to be a very in-demand deal.

Hosting a webinar or a virtual talk

With online shopping, it is often difficult to get personally acquainted with the vast number of website visitors. By leveraging the power of video conferencing or webinars, marketers can engage such potential shoppers or current brand enthusiasts by discussing a pertinent topic or trending new product.

By emailing an inviting message to those browsers asking them to participate in a visual and/or engaging medium, marketers can better connect to their shoppers and address key issues which may uncover important information related to their buying journeys. To maximize views, it’s of course important to adequately schedule webinars according to the best webinar benchmarks on usage/audience rates.  

Reminders to retrieve abandoned shopping carts

It happens to all of us – we see a product we really like, we add it to our shopping cart in order to move ahead with the sales funnel, and then continue browsing for additional items, often losing interest or forgetting to complex the actual sale and checking out.  In fact, a variety of sources claim that as much as “…67.45% of online shopping carts are abandoned before the customer completes a sale.”

Email reminders provide a great way to retrieve abandoned shopping carts. 

Touching base with customers who have not engaged with your website for a while

With the vast amount of providers available online, it can be fairly difficult to keep customers engaged in your specific product or service. However, by setting alerts regarding certain customer behaviors, for instance, the amount of time that elapsed between site visits, marketers can determine key triggers and email alerts in accordance with those findings. This helps reel back in the customer and keep them engaged with your specific offering.

For instance, by touching base with a former customer after a long hiatus from his/her engagement with your product or service, you can establish a friendly relationship, one demonstrated by the way in which you have noticed this specific customer’s absence.

Obtaining customer feedback/testimonial post purchase

Customer service is at the heart of engagement and effective marketing. When over 70% of consumers say that positive customer reviews encourage them to trust a local business, marketers need to pay attention. Therefore, by automating the process of retrieving customer feedback post purchase, marketers can more effectively address any complaints, offer immediate responses to ease the customer, as well as maintain brand loyalty.

By sending an automated email right after the purchase has been completed, you can ensure more immediate responses – this can ultimately serve as a testament for other potential shoppers who are either currently or potential thinking of purchasing a product from your very site.

Customer segmentation tools to best tailor your products/offers

Since it’s very difficult for marketers to understand the needs and desires of their customer base at its entirety, especially one that is quite fragmented, email marketing automation solutions that allow for customer segmentation can often be successful in achieving effective marketing.

This makes logical sense – if, as a marketer, you would already have information related to the purchasing habits of a specific shopper, from the average number of pages browsed before adding a product to the shopping cart, or the number of products purchases from your site over a specific time frame, you can best tailor your email messaging and offers. This is all related to effective personalization.  

In a HubSpot article on this topic, the following statistics were observed after marketers were asked to comment on the impact of utilizing email list segmentation: “39% of marketers who segmented their email lists experienced higher open rates, 28% experienced lower unsubscribe rates, and 24% experienced better deliverability and greater revenue.”

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Asaf Fybish

Asaf Fybish is a growth marketing professional. He likes all things organic, especially when it comes to growth. He's our Chief of Stash at StartupStash

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