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Top 30 Endpoint Protection Tools

Endpoints can be found throughout the network, from the local area network to the wide-area network. Some work from home, while others are constantly on the road. Because these endpoints are the initial line of defense and are frequently unpatched and insecure, hackers regard them as high-value targets. Hacking can cost you millions of cash as well as your hard-won reputation. Consider how it would affect your life and the future of your company. All these factors add to the importance of endpoint protection tools.

According to a Verzion analysis, malware running on endpoints is involved in 30% of all security breaches. In this top tools list, we'll go over the top 30 best endpoint protection tools in this article.


ESET Endpoint Security is one of the most versatile endpoint security solutions available today. This company has been providing cybersecurity protection for almost 30 years.

They have a strategy that will work for everyone, regardless of the size of the company or the number of devices that need to be protected. Which is very clear on their website, allowing you to quickly choose which plan is ideal for you.

Key Features:

  • The deployment process is quick and easy.

  • Low rates of false positives.

  • It has a small footprint (which means it won't slow down your network).

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted danger detection.

  • Expertise provided by humans.

  • Technical assistance is available around the clock.

Cost: Starts at $190.

2. McAfee

In the business security field, McAfee is a reputable and well-known name. Their endpoint security solutions are designed specifically for operations, investigations, and controls. EPP (endpoint protection platform) and EDR (endpoint detection and response) are fully integrated into the program (endpoint detection and response).

Key Features:

  • The management console is centralized.

  • An examination of machine learning.

  • Remedial rollback.

  • Anti-malware defense.

  • Web security that is proactive.

  • Containment of dynamic applications.

Cost: Free trial available.

3. Check Point

In the world of cybersecurity, Check Point is a well-known brand. They offer a variety of cloud security, network security, mobile security, threat prevention, and other services. Check Point's SandBlast Agent is a comprehensive endpoint security solution. Malware attacks are proactively prevented, detected, and corrected by the program.

Key Features:

  • Emulation technology for threats.

  • Threat detection in real-time.

  • Anti-exploit for applications that are susceptible.

  • Anti-bot software.

  • There will be no phishing.

  • Behavioral security guards.

  • Anti-ransomware.

  • Reports on a forensic nature.

  • Encryption of the entire disc

  • Anti-malware.

  • Encryption of data and port security.

  • VPN for remote access

  • Checks on the firewall and compliance.

Cost: Free trial available.

4. Sophos

Another well-known cybersecurity company is Sophos. For enterprises, they offer a comprehensive selection of powerful endpoint protection and network security technologies.

Your firm may utilize Sophos to prevent phishing, ransomware, viruses, and advanced malware assaults from infiltrating your network. Sophos protects your organization from new and old threats with AI and future-proof technology.

Key Features:

  • Detecting and responding to endpoints (EDR).

  • Anti-ransomware.

  • Deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence.

  • Preventive measures should be used.

  • Threat reaction that is controlled.

  • Mitigations against active adversaries.

Cost: Free trial available.

5. Vipre

Vipre offers a wide range of security products for organizations. They have solutions for network security, email security, user security, and data security in addition to endpoint security. Vipre is a great option for individuals looking for an easy solution to secure their laptops and PCs.

Key Features:

  • Even non-technical people can use a central site to deploy and administer Macs, PCs, agents, and control settings.

  • Vipre's dashboards provide you with a detailed picture of your whole endpoint environment.

  • DNS protection for the network and applications.

Cost: Free trial available.

6. CrowdStrike

In the endpoint protection arena, CrowdStrike is a market leader. They also have endpoint recovery solutions for firms that have previously been hacked, in addition to endpoint security software.

Key Features:

  • protection against viruses

  • intelligence on threats

  • control of the device

  • control of the firewall

  • identification and response to endpoints (EDR).

  • Threat hunting and IT hygiene are two of the most important aspects of cybersecurity.

Cost: Starts at $8.99 per month.

7. Trend Micro

Apex One is a sophisticated endpoint security solution from Trend Micro. It detects and responds to a wide range of threats automatically. The program is available as an on-premises solution or as a SaaS-based service. In addition, the clients just require one agent. Trend Micro provides cybersecurity to over 500,000 enterprises across the world. Endpoint security, antivirus, and threat detection are all included in the package.

Key Features:

  • Visibility and control are centralized.

  • Vulnerability defense.

  • Control of the application and the device

  • Set of open APIs.

Cost: Free trial available.

8. ManageEngine Endpoint Central

ManageEngine Endpoint Central (previously Desktop Central) provides a comprehensive picture of your network and assists you with patching everything, including third-party software and operating systems. This utility assists you in automating patch management not only for Windows systems but also for Linux and Apple Mac systems!

Endpoint Central assists you in developing a more strong Endpoint security protocol by allowing you to examine vulnerabilities within your perimeter on a regular basis, monitor browsers, and control devices and software applications on your network!

Key Features:

  • Patching for security issues is done automatically.

  • Logging in is safe.

  • Management of mobile security.

  • Geo-fencing.

  • Management of security certificates.

Cost: Free trial available.

9. Syxsense Secure

Syxsense Secure is a cloud-based solution that provides endpoint security and manages everything from a single console. Windows, macOS, and Linux-based devices are covered by endpoint protection. Vulnerability scanning, patch management, malware detection and isolation, and connection monitoring are among the security systems included in this package.

Key Features:

  • Offline protection with device-resident agents.

  • Endpoints from all across the world are possible.

  • Accessible from anywhere via a cloud-based console.

  • Windows, macOS, and Linux devices are all protected.

Cost: Free trial available.

10. N-able RMM

N-able RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) is a suite of solutions combined into a single web-based dashboard that assists businesses in securing, maintaining, and optimizing their IT resources.

Endpoint detection and response (EDR), remote monitoring, patch management, and other endpoint protection services are among these tools. The N-able EDR is a completely new product developed in collaboration with SentinelOne, a self-contained endpoint security startup.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered offline security.

  • Endpoint protection is based on policies that are automatically applied.

  • For evaluating behavior, there are eight AI engines.

  • Threat summaries and attack forensics.

  • Data reports that are both insightful and compelling.

Cost: Free trial available.

11. Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

Bitdefender GravityZone Elite is a powerful endpoint security solution that protects your network by preventing, detecting, remediating, and displaying threats. It's a fantastic endpoint solution that can identify threats even before they happen. It doesn't employ traditional signatures to detect attacks, instead of relying on advanced Machine Learning (ML) and behavioral analysis to uncover sophisticated and unforeseen threats.

Key Features:

  • With machine learning, you can predict and identify assaults.

  • Hyper-detection in the run-up to the attack.

  • Pre-execution detection using a sandbox analyzer.

  • Process Inspector can discover anomalous behavior.

Cost: Free trial available.

12. Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a sophisticated security solution for protecting network endpoints such as laptops, smartphones, and servers. It safeguards all customers against advanced threats, malware, trojans, viruses, and even adware. The program can be installed on-premises, in hybrid settings, or in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • A cloud-based management system that is centralized.

  • Control of the application and the device

  • Protection against malware and exploits.

  • Intrusion prevention systems and network firewalls.

  • Attack analytics and behavioral forensics.

Cost: Free trial available.

13. Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is a cloud-based endpoint security solution that prevents, detects, and responds to threats using Machine Learning (ML). Multi-vector attacks can be predicted and stopped in real-time by the program. A server-client communication mechanism is used by Webroot.

The SaaS-based server runs a single integrated management console that provides complete visibility and control over every endpoint with the deployed agent.

Key Features:

  • Threat intelligence in context.

  • Integrations for RMM, PSA, and BI.

  • Dynamic risk prevention using infrared technology.

  • A firewall that is intelligent.

  • User privacy and identity.

Cost: One year of protection for five-person for $150.

14. CylancePROTECT

CylancePROTECT is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence-driven endpoint security solution. It uses AI and machine learning to forecast, prevent, detect, and protect against a variety of dangers. At the atomic level, the software can assess and categorize many aspects of each file, distinguishing between good and bad. Signatures are not used by the software. Instead, it employs a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to prevent unknown malware from infiltrating endpoints.

Key Features:

  • Apps and scripts are in charge.

  • Enforcement of device policies.

  • Root-cause analysis is a method of determining the source of a problem.

  • Detection and response to threats are done automatically.

Cost: Free trial available.

15. FortiClient

Fortinet's endpoint security product is called FortiClient. Through a variety of security controls such as antivirus, firewall, web filtering, app and device control, and more, it delivers full visibility and proactive security to desktops and mobile devices.

When FortiClient discovers a vulnerability, it either applies the necessary update or quarantines the threat right away. To control breakouts and contain risks, the program also employs policy-based automation.

Key Features:

  • Anti-malware based on patterns.

  • Exploit protection based on user behavior.

  • A web filter and an application firewall are both available.

Cost: Free trial available.

16. Palo Alto Networks Traps

Traps is a powerful AI/ML-driven endpoint protection and response software from Palo Alto Networks. It protects laptops, desktops, and servers from sophisticated exploits, ransomware, zero-day threats, and unknown malware attacks.

Using a variety of approaches, the program protects endpoints from being infected or attacked by malware. It begins by obtaining information from the WildFire Threat Analysis service. When Network Traps understands what's out there, it can self-regulate.

Key Features:

  • Protection based on behavior.

  • WildFire Inspection and Analysis is used.

  • Wildfire is used to send and receive threat intelligence.

  • Exploits, fileless, ransomware, and malware are all blocked.

  • Complete exploitation security.

Cost: Free trial available.

17. Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is a cloud-managed security solution that protects endpoints by preventing, detecting, and resolving threats. It protects endpoints against the whole attack chain, including malware, ransomware, and zero-day assaults, using numerous detection approaches.

Malwarebytes claims that its antivirus product is utilized and installed by over 500,000 clients every day and that it detects and remediates over three million viruses every day.

Key Features:

  • A platform for management in the cloud.

  • To eradicate infections, it uses Linking Engine technology.

  • Protection of user behavior on the web and in apps.

  • Machine learning can be used to spot anomalies.

Cost: For 10 devices, the price starts at $699.90 per year.

18. Carbon Black

Carbon Black (CB) Defense is a cloud-native endpoint security software that VMware recently acquired (in October 2019). The program is a cloud-based console that gives you complete visibility and control over all of your network's endpoints.

CB uses a single lightweight agent on the endpoint to provide comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats. To detect, identify, and model potential risks, endpoint CB clients collect raw data and apply cloud-based streaming AI analytics.

Key Features:

  • EDR and next-generation antivirus.

  • Security in Virtual Data Centers.

  • Endpoint query and remediation in real-time.

  • Threat detection and incident response at the highest level.

  • Alerts and monitoring.

Cost: Free trial available.

19. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a multifunctional set of tools that may be used to solve practically any Mac problem. It can clear up space, find hidden programs, and clean out a lot of clutter. Apple has notarized the program and determined that it is malware-free.

CleanMyMac X removes 49 different sorts of Mac garbage, allowing customers to quadruple their computer's free space. Users can use its Smart Scan tool to clean, speed up, and safeguard their PCs automatically.

Key Features:

  • Defragmentation of the system.

  • Tools for optimizing and speeding up your Mac.

  • Antivirus.

  • Uninstalling an app.

  • Cleaning up your personal information.

  • Monitoring the health of your Mac in real-time.

Cost: Starts from $39.95 per year.

20. Absolute

Maintain business continuity with Absolute Resilience, the only endpoint security platform that maintains a permanent connection to your devices, data, and business apps, allowing you to see and control them from any location. Absolute provides you with unrivaled line-of-sight to your data and devices. Critical apps like SCCM, VPN, antivirus, and encryption are kept present, healthy, and up-to-date thanks to the self-healing connection.

Key Features:

  • With confidence, enable your remote workers.

  • Remotely remediate devices at a large scale.

  • Easily deploy and maintain from any location.

Cost: Free trial available.

21. ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

ManageEngine ADAudit Plus is security, auditing, and compliance solution for Windows. For Active Directory, Azure AD, file servers, Windows servers, and workstations, key features include thorough login auditing, detailed change tracking, real-time risk alerting, and automated compliance reporting.

Users may monitor and generate real-time change audit reports on Active Directory objects like users, computers, groups, organizational units, GPOs, and more with ADAudit Plus.

Key Features:

  • Notifications of changes in real-time.

  • Monitoring of Windows logons.

  • Analysis of account lockout.

  • Monitoring of file changes.

  • Reporting on security and compliance.

Cost: Starts from $595 per year.

22. Avast Business Antivirus

Avast Business Antivirus is a computer security program that assists small and medium businesses in detecting and defending against cyber threats such as ransomware variations and zero-day attacks. Administrators can utilize security browser extensions, a firewall, a Wi-Fi inspector, and remote access shields to safeguard devices with the platform.

Key Features:

  • can use a cloud threat lab to detect, block, and defend devices from malware threats.

  • offers AI-enabled tools and behavior-based machine learning.

  • can secure business-related data such as bank account numbers, passwords, and data downloaded over public Wi-Fi.

  • SharePoint Server Protection and Exchange Server Protection provide multi-layered server protection, allowing businesses to secure sensitive data.

Cost: Starts from $36.99 per year.

23. My Digital Shield

My Digital Shield is a versatile and dependable cyber security system that was founded by experts with over 17 years of experience in the IT industry. It's a wonderful fit for small businesses that need a powerful security solution at an inexpensive price. While on-premise security solutions might cause computers to lag, My Digital Shield is 100% cloud-based, which means no software is required to get the system up and running.

Key Features:

  • Easily monitors security and detects flaws in the cloud, preventing security breaches from reaching the internal network.

  • Protects against malware, viruses, and intrusions, among other hazards.

  • The technology keeps an eye out for any questionable behavior and alerts company management as soon as something is discovered.

Cost: Starts from $49 per month.

24. Cynet

Regardless of the size, skill, or resources of the security team, or the need for a multi-product security stack, Cynet enables any organization to put its cybersecurity on autopilot, streamlining and automating their entire security operations while providing enhanced levels of visibility and protection. It accomplishes this by natively integrating the critical security technologies required to deliver comprehensive threat protection to enterprises.

Key Features:

  • The XDR platform is simple to use.

  • Across the environment, automating the manual process of inquiry and remediation.

  • Monitoring and delivering a proactive MDR service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • At no extra charge, they provide investigation, on-demand analysis, incident response, and threat hunting.

Cost: Free trial available.

25. Harmony Endpoint

Harmony Endpoint is a comprehensive endpoint security solution that includes a suite of advanced endpoint threat prevention capabilities to help you traverse today's dangerous threat landscape safely. It offers a comprehensive system for proactively detecting, preventing, and resolving evasive malware threats.

Key Features:

  • Threat Extraction and Threat Emulation

  • Downloads of files that are safe.

  • Anti-phishing is quite effective.

  • closes a security hole in e-mail security by preventing malicious links from being transmitted.

  • The browse plugin is really strong.

Cost: Free trial available.

26. SentinelOne

SentinelOne is the only cybersecurity solution in the world that combines AI-powered prevention, detection, response, and hunting across endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices in a single self-contained platform. SentinelOne gives enterprises complete visibility into everything that happens across the network at machine speed, allowing them to counter any attack at any point of the threat lifecycle.

Key Features:

  • Security solutions such as endpoint anti-virus and anti-malware are simplified for every enterprise.

  • Aids in the resolution of system threats and attacks.

  • Virus detection is performed on a regular basis in the background.

  • Advanced threat defense.

  • Protect yourself from flaws.

  • Roll-back options are available.

  • Detecting and Identifying Incidents

Cost: Free trial available.

27. ThreatLocker

ThreatLocker has been building cybersecurity solutions for decades, including email and content security programs, and this is their most inventive and ambitious cybersecurity solution to date. They created this one-of-a-kind cybersecurity solution because they believe that businesses should be able to fully control their networks and not have to worry about the next malware attack.

Key Features:

  • A robust set of security tools has been created.

  • Non-admin users will be able to elevate non-threatening applications or updates.

  • The site is quite useful, having a lot of information and graphics to help with instruction.

  • allows us to reduce user rights to the bare minimum while still allowing applications to function with enhanced permissions.

Cost: Free trial available.

28. WithSecure™

Elements Endpoint Protection from WithSecureTM (previously F-Secure) is cloud-native, AI-powered endpoint protection that you can deploy instantly from your browser and administer from a single console. The Elements cyber security platform includes a module called WithSecureTM Elements Endpoint Protection.

Key Features:

  • Integrates across all of your endpoints, protecting your company from cyber-attacks.

  • provides strong ransomware and sophisticated attack prevention.

  • management of vulnerabilities

  • Patch management that is automated.

  • Continuous behavioral analytics and dynamic threat intelligence.

Cost: Free trial available.

29. FireEye Endpoint Security

Organizations can use FireEye Endpoint Security (HX series) technologies to continually monitor endpoints for advanced malware and indicators of compromise that regularly evade signature-based and defense-in-depth security systems.

Key Features:

  • Environment-friendly implementation and acceptance.

  • EDR and Zeroday assaults are two types of cyber-attacks.

  • capable of detecting harmful files on a network

  • If a malicious file is found on the PC, it can be isolated.

Cost: Free trial available.

30. Dragon AEP

Comodo's Dragon AEP Advanced Endpoint Protection Solution for Small and Medium Businesses solves malware problems fast while also providing total security from known and unknown threats thanks to automatic containment and a crowd-sourced intelligence knowledge base.

Key Features:

  • The UI is simple to use.

  • makes it simple for the user to work by clearly displaying the accessible resources and tools.

  • enables us to have a consolidated view of all computers in the organization and to apply policies from a single location.

Cost: Free trial available.

Things to Consider When Choosing Endpoint Protection Tools

A product must meet the following criteria to be considered for inclusion in the Endpoint Protection Suites category:

  • Control many endpoints more easily.

  • Endpoint malware and antivirus protection are provided.

  • Allow for easier detection and removal of web-based threats.


Antivirus software isn't the same as endpoint protection software. It goes above and beyond typical anti-signature-based malware's threat detection. Some of these programs and services also have large databases of threat intelligence that they might use as a starting point for discovering new and unknown dangers. To detect and respond to various threats, all of the aforementioned 30 technologies use advanced behavior analytics.


What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint security is the technique of preventing hostile actors and campaigns from exploiting endpoints or entry points of end-user devices such as PCs, laptops, and mobile devices. Cybersecurity risks are protected by endpoint security solutions on a network or in the cloud. Endpoint security has progressed beyond antivirus software to complete protection against sophisticated malware and emerging zero-day threats.

Why Endpoint Security is important?

For various reasons, an endpoint protection platform is an essential component of organizational cybersecurity. To begin with, data is a firm's most important asset in today's corporate environment, and losing that data, or access to that data, might put the entire organization at risk of insolvency. Businesses have also had to deal with an increase in the number of endpoint types, as well as an increase in the number of endpoints.

What are Endpoint Protection tools?

Endpoint security and management features are combined in endpoint protection suites to provide an all-in-one solution for securing endpoint devices. Remote control, monitoring, and inventory management are all made easier with these solutions.

When Should You Consider Using Endpoint Protection tools?

Almost every company needs an endpoint security system. The level of sophistication necessary will differ depending on the devices in use and the data that has to be safeguarded.

However, if you have laptops with company data on them, PCs with many users, smartphones that aren't locked in the office before leaving, and servers that require frequent maintenance work due to data exchanges, you need to protect that information with endpoint protection.

What are some key features of Endpoint Protection tools?

All devices with access to the private network are protected and managed by the endpoint protection software.

  • Detection and response by robots.

  • Threat intelligence is the study of threats.

  • Malware detection is more advanced.

  • Control over your device and apps.

  • Protocols should be limited or ports should be closed.

  • Web security.

  • Scans that are performed automatically.

  • Advanced Reporting and Notifications

  • Activities and events are fully visible.

Top 30 Endpoint Protection Tools

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