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Best Essential ERM Alternatives From Around The Web

Essential ERM helps organizations automate the process of identifying, prioritising, and managing their most pressing business risks.

Users are able to investigate risk scenarios, pre-and post-event mitigations, risk events, and consequences thanks to dynamic features like bowtie support. Users of essential ERM can also automate follow-ups with email reminders and a straightforward timeline, and they can match risks with strategic objectives and desired corporate outcomes. Risk voting and multiple risk portfolio management are two upcoming additions to Essential ERM.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as Essential ERM. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

The platform allows managers to access, export, and drill down into required research data, and also allows them to invite collaborators to participate in shared papers based on the criteria. Compass has architected and implemented GRC technologies for very large federal agencies that are part of federated government organisations. Because of their extensive expertise working with these technologies at the Enterprise level, as well as at lower levels of the organisation.

In the rapidly evolving business world of today, its ability to consolidate previously separate silos of risk management into one platform is invaluable. The IBM OpenPages with Watson cloud platform simplifies compliance and risk management for organisations of any size. The solution includes features including operational risk, financial controls, and internal auditing. When it comes to Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC), IBM OpenPages with Watson has you covered there, too.

Compliance Foresight is a flexible GRC system that can grow with your company. Organizations may get their cyber security programmes off the ground quickly and easily thanks to readily available modules and compliances. Rapid return on investment and low skill level needed to use. With this solution, which is based on AI and business logic, companies may more easily manage their cyber security requirements.

Staff members may keep all policy documents in one place, complete with revision history and approval workflows. This tool allows you to centrally manage your risk register and perform thorough assessments of all cybersecurity concerns. Moreover, disseminate any required policies, solicit confirmations, and delegate tasks to ensure everyone is in compliance. Dropbox, Slack, Amazon Web Services, and Google Drive are just some of the third-party apps that can be integrated with the ControlMap.

Fusion's software gives businesses a bird's-eye view of their operations, offerings, and customer base. Use the Fusion Framework to create an accurate map of your most important services and product delivery processes; acquire objective risk insights to audit, analyse, and enhance your business operations. With this tool, you can confidently plan, orchestrate, and measure risk management and resilience activities; automate manual, time-consuming, repetitive tasks to free up teams.

Governance frameworks (such as ISO, NIST, and CMMC) can be managed and mapped to controls with this application. Integrate functional group lifecycle process automation with automated compliance testing and attestations. Produce a thorough risk inventory, and systematise your risk evaluations. Ratings from cyber and financial monitoring services can be integrated into the assessment, ranking, and tracking capabilities of Onspring GRC. Key indicators, risk scores, audit activity status, and more.

Tools for data gathering, record administration, danger monitoring, custom reporting, form submission, document review, and more are all available on the platform. A mobile app, accessible via the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, is also available from Sofvie for use in gathering information anywhere, be it an office, a field, or a remote location. The software functions without an active internet connection, but it automatically updates itself whenever one is available.

Through the use of OnBoard, you won't have to use a third party to have private conversations, protecting both your privacy and your confidentiality. As a result of its progressive governance, OnBoard allows for a granular configuration of how and what is archived from board meetings. With OnBoard, boards and their teams have access to cutting-edge tools that help them discover insights and streamline meeting management in order to foresee and prepare for any difficulties.

iGrafx gives companies the ability to automatically design and prioritise communications between different systems, processes, and departments in their organisation. Users are able to identify and test several techniques of process optimization utilising what-if analysis, as well as identify and prioritise prospects for robotic process automation (RPA). Managers and leaders can receive insights into key performance indicators (KPI) based on information such as cost, resource usage, up/down time.

Your organisation will be better able to adjust to new conditions and fulfil the requirements of the modern day with the support of this tool. This software is a specialised answer to the challenges that are now faced by practitioners. It enables them to automate chores and improve the effectiveness of their work. You will have the ability to leverage a single system of record with this tool, which links data across solutions and across teams to give real-time reporting.

High-impact risks can be detected, evaluated, and the appropriate resources for resolving them can be assigned with the help of this technology. LogicManager's features include web-based incident forms, assessment templates, risk maturity modelling, and report generation and dashboard analysis. The software provides an always-on enterprise perspective of hazards, allowing users to better coordinate strategic and operational goals.

By using this software, you may digitise all of your compliance documents, meet all of your compliance criteria, and be fully compliant integrated. The Compfie platform is a cloud-based service that assists organisations of all sizes in meeting their regulatory compliance needs. The solution virtually audits all entities through a centralised dashboard, identifies and mitigates non-compliance risks through automated controls, and shortens the time spent on audits and compliance management.

Risks and controls, key performance indicators, Standard Operating Procedures, audits and examinations, and training are all brought together in one convenient cloud-based platform called Predict360. SaaS architecture and cutting-edge technology power Predict360 to give predictive analytics, data insights for risk prediction and simplified compliance. In order to increase the quality and value of the execution of compliance and risk activities.

This system consolidates all of the tools necessary for managing risk and compliance into a single location, making it easy to see the big picture of the challenges ahead, the relationships between them, and the total impact on the business. The GRC software goes above and beyond the typical product suite. Riskonnect's GRC platform streamlines manual procedures eliminate silos and boosts company-wide communication.

It is possible to reduce the amount of time and resources necessary to manage your GRC programmes by utilising a centralised system, which may also assist you in preventing any errors from occurring. Rapid risk identification, mitigation, and compliance monitoring are all capabilities that can be enabled by GRC software that is both advanced and coherent. Improve teamwork by standardising and automating time-sensitive activities.

The software provides a centralised location for users to manage their risk avoidance and mitigation strategies in addition to their financial projections and budgets. It helps establish a chain of causation between potential dangers and actual occurrences. Having this link allows you to put a number on the results of your risk-reduction strategies, fill in the blanks in your risk register, and see where your risk assessments may have been too optimistic.

The solution assists management in ensuring that the organisation behaves in accordance with its internal policies, risk tolerance, and external regulations. This is accomplished through the harmonisation of strategy, processes, technology, and people. In the form of an out-of-the-box solution that teams can deploy immediately or in the form of a fully customised solution to meet your needs, GRC Toolbox covers every aspect of GRC, including risk management, and internal control systems (ICS).

Compliance can be maintained and risks may be easily monitored, mitigated, and remedied when all relevant data is consolidated into a single repository from which reports can be generated using powerful data visualisation tools. These dashboards give the C-suite and Board a holistic perspective of the firm, igniting insights that can be put into action. ​Diligent, in contrast to competing GRC providers, links operational teams with the Board and C-Suite to help senior executives.

ZenGRC is useful for businesses in need of internal auditing, compliance, and information security. It will help these groups control and carry out audit and compliance procedures. It streamlines the process of gathering evidence for an audit, streamlines daily compliance, and facilitates the development of brand-new compliance initiatives. In addition, you can use the import/export functions and dashboards to monitor project progress and communicate effectively with your team.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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