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Best EverLaw Alternatives From Around The Web

Everlaw is a legal documents management solution built on the cloud with an emphasis on e-discovery. 

Everlaw is trusted by law firms, businesses, and local, state, and federal government organizations to streamline their legal processes. You may save time and money while helping more clients get their issues resolved with the help of this document management system for lawyers. From document review to trial preparation, Everlaw e-discovery software has you covered with its comprehensive yet intuitive approach to litigation.

Designed specifically for use in the cloud, Everlaw combines the features of an e-discovery system with those of a platform for teamwork in the legal process.

With the support of its built-in AI and data visualisation, Everlaw facilitates teams' ability to unearth previously concealed information. Collaborative case preparation is made possible by the platform, allowing users to act on critical evidence. The infrastructure is safe and scalable, so private data is kept safe. Standards for safety on the Everlaw platform are unparalleled, and the company operates on the principle that its success is tied to that of its users.

There are a bunch of decent tools out there that offer the same array of services as EverLaw. And it can sure get confusing to choose the best from the lot. Luckily, we've got you covered with our curated lists of alternative tools to suit your unique work needs, complete with features and pricing.

App4Legal doesn't care where you host, so you can choose between cloud (SaaS), private cloud (SaaS), or on-premises installation. App4Legal Core has you covered whether you're an individual lawyer, a large law company, or an in-house legal department. Legal document management software's ability to integrate seamlessly with the programs and resources that legal practitioners already rely on is an invaluable feature. From Zapier to cloud storage integrations, it has it all.

LEAP legal software is a law practice management system designed in a hybrid fashion, with elements running both locally and in the cloud while maintaining the reliability of a local installation. When using LEAP, people are able to cut down on wasted time and get more done. Thousands of court forms often used by attorneys in all areas of common law are available to LEAP users at no extra cost.

This tool is intuitive and simple to implement. It allows legal teams of varying specializations to swiftly take care of their e-discovery and legal hold operations without the need for lengthy installation timeframes, training requirements, or hosting expenditures. It allows users to quickly and easily upload data by dragging and dropping and then handles tasks like text indexing, metadata extraction, deduplication, and optical character recognition (OCR).

LiquidText generates a network diagram of dynamic connections between all of your source papers and notes. With LiquidText, you can consolidate all of your highlighted, annotated, observed, and legal documents into a single workspace. The tool will help you build instantaneous connections between, among, and within any and all aspects of the project just by drawing lines.

FactBox helps with case management by tracking the most important facts and coordinating everyone's activities. FactBox was created to assist litigators in locating and managing all the relevant facts that pertain to their particular cases. Furthermore, the tool facilitates real-time collaboration between the members of the team involved in litigation. Making a case in FactBox is as easy as sending an email.

The solution integrates all components, eliminating the need for users to enter data twice or fix mistakes caused by using other systems. With CosmoLex, users are able to instantly synchronize and replicate information across several modules. CosmoLex's billing and legal time module facilitates the administration of overdue notices, batch-processed invoices, and other billing-related tasks. In addition, it facilitates the collection and management of billable activities through the generation of

In addition to case management, attorneys and their staff can utilize SmartAdvocate to handle contacts, correspondence, documents, and calendaring and docketing. The software may also track time, and capability is available for organizations that also desire integrated accounting, billing, and invoicing. By organizing all case information inside a single platform, users can minimize double entering. The tool is capable of interacting via mass email or SMS messages.

Through its tool, businesses are able to gain access to the most comprehensive directory of local lawyers in Africa as well as the most up-to-date legal and regulatory business information on African countries. You can use it to get quick answers to your legal and regulatory questions in Africa, wherever you are. Afriwise adapts to the customs and culture of each country it serves. It has kept up-to-date local legal frameworks for all of its operations.

For law firms, Rocket Matter is the go-to platform for managing their cases and clients in ways that save time and money. Rocket Matter was the first product of its kind to be offered in the cloud, and users claim that the time and billing software it includes is both the easiest and most powerful on the market. When compared to competing for cloud-based legal practice management solutions, Rocket Matter offers superior integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Intuit's QuickBooks Online.

The software's numerous case management features allow for smooth company operations. Lawyers can save time by entering their full schedule into the program's database. It will notify you at the appropriate times to ensure prompt management. Additionally, the software allows you to upload numerous pieces of case-related data and then share them with other members of your team using granularly granular access controls. This software has sophisticated invoicing management tools.

The system is accessible online and works with both Macs and PCs. iOS and Android users can download PracticePanther's mobile apps to access the system from anywhere and synchronize data across all of their devices. Case management, contact management, document management, calendaring and docketing, time tracking, invoicing, trust accounting, customer relationship management, and payment processing are just some of the key features.

The tool allows you to centralize your business's legal records, analytics, and contact with customers. With features like automatic job assignment, straightforward reporting, in-app messaging, and emailing, your team will be able to focus on what really matters. Keep files safe in the cloud and use powerful search filters to quickly locate what you need. All of your information is safe according to the rigorous standards set by SOC 2 Type II and HIPPA.

A wide range of law firms can use it successfully. Modules are accessible for various subfields of law, including torts, criminal procedure, family law, and more. You can also get your files from any mobile device, computer, or Mac/PC. The Legal Assistant has features for organizing work, such as a messaging system for the office and a list of tasks to do. Calendar reminders can be set up to ensure that actions like signing and emailing a letter are completed on time.

The software helps law firms and other legal service providers keep tabs on due dates, organize cases and related paperwork for clients, send invoices, and collect payments. Clio's dashboard shows goals and targets for billable hours worked, and it tracks progress toward those goals. With Clio Payments, attorneys can have their clients' money deposited straight into a trust or business account. Users can set up their own price structures and billing plans, enter time automatically or manually.

Experts may use the search feature to get what they need quickly by filtering results by user-defined categories. They can use the file-sharing feature to easily and safely send files to other team members. With Worldox, businesses and their customers may work together on documents and set printing and sharing permissions for individual users with the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software.

When it comes to document management, LexWorkplace is the first and only platform that offers full support for both Windows and Mac. LexWorkplace will index and search all of your legal documents, emails, and notes so that you can find what you need quickly and easily. It has features including document tagging/profiling, document versioning, sophisticated search, Email Management/Outlook integration, and more.

Law firms can customize libraries and document management for clients and cases. SharePoint, however, is not preconfigured for law firms or structured by client or topic, so a SharePoint expert must customize it before it can be put to use. SharePoint facilitates collaboration by providing interactive and fruitful team sites for all project teams, departments, and divisions. Send and receive information, files, and materials. Modify your site to suit your team's needs and save time.

Benefit from award-winning security that works across all devices, keeps you in compliance and guards your data against external and internal threats. NetDocuments' platform promotes adoption and connects with tools you already use on a regular basis, so you can trust it to foresee your future demands. You can save time and energy by taking advantage of open APIs, integrated technologies, and streamlined integrations. Its origins may be traced back to creative thinking among lawyers.

It helps you look into how you and your team can work together better to perform what you do best: provide first-rate service to your customers. Standard, specialized, and management-specific reports can be easily generated and analyzed with the help of ProLaw's reporting and business intelligence tools. Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Intuit® QuickPayroll, and many more popular programs are all seamlessly integrated into ProLaw.


The world's biggest online directory of resources and tools for startups and the most upvoted product on ProductHunt History.

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