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Top 33 Field Sales Tools

Field sales, commonly referred to as outside sales, is the procedure wherein salespeople travel to potential customers' locations and make direct sales to them. Field sales personnel frequently employ field sales software and CRM systems to manage all the challenging aspects of field sales, including tracking reps, enabling conversations, organizing field data and activity, and much more.

Field sales teams, also known as outside sales teams, may handle prospects and client data more efficiently using field sales software, which frees them up to concentrate more on selling and much less on laborious, manual administrative work.

Advanced technology provides competitive field sales firms with the mobility and cutting-edge tools they need to support their field sales personnel in streamlining everyday chores, boosting productivity, and reducing expenses.

Field sales managers may guarantee their field sales teams stay responsive and effective using field sales software. Field sales managers may assign assignments, manage bids, and monitor their field sales representatives' productivity and whereabouts with features like agile scheduling and dispatching, GPS tracking, and in-app chat capabilities.

Furthermore, field sales representatives can enter customer data, update, manage quotes and payments, and communicate with customers using the same app. As a result, all sales information, including appointment updates, routes, invoices, and payments, are stored in one location automatically, reducing the need for time-consuming administrative tasks and freeing up field sales representatives to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service.

Let's take a look at some of the best options available in this top tools list.

1. LeadSquared

Field force management and sales execution tools are included in LeadSquared CRM. It helps businesses manage pipelines, increase closes, and accurately attribute ROI. The solution fits perfectly for high-volume, sophisticated multichannel commerce.

Key Features:

  • Tasks with high flexibility and minimal coding expertise.

  • Dynamic lead management solution that allows for customization of several distribution criteria.

  • Access to data and consumer information is made simple by their SmartViews feature.

  • Intelligent conversational sales assistant driven by AI for sales users.

  • There are several tracking capabilities available with the robust mobile field sales solution.

  • Most excellent speed of deployment in comparison to other CRMs on the market.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce helps businesses increase sales by automating processes and providing wise choices.

Key Features:

  • In contrast to more recent CRMs, Salesforce has expertise in dealing with larger companies, making it suited for large businesses.

  • Tools for comprehensive reporting and tracking are solid and efficient.

  • It enables customization to meet the needs of your business.

  • Salesforce provides a variety of solutions and smooth interfaces for enterprises.

3. HubSpot

The Sales Hub is built on top of the HubSpot CRM platform. Teams, tools, and data come together to provide a single source of information. Resulting in high levels of productivity and efficiency for the representatives.

Key Features:

  • It offers a solitary platform for your sales, marketing, and customer service requirements.

  • They provide straight connectors via their app store.

  • Robust automation and simple lead generation are provided.

  • Their tracking capabilities and custom report builder are excellent.


A cloud-based, integrated CRM software is Zoho CRM. Zia, the AI-powered sales assistant from Zoho, provides knowledgeable interpretations, solutions, and projections to sales representatives.

Key Features:

  • Tools for managing contacts and leads.

  • Tools for omnichannel communication and journey orchestration.

  • Portals and quote generation for partners.

  • Gamification for managing and rewarding sales teams.

  • Host of user-friendly third-party integrations

  • A one-stop shop for all of your project management requirements is the Zoho CRM.

  • Integrative sales rep experiences are created using gamification aspects.

  • The CRM has extensive tracking capabilities and is adaptable.

5. Pipedrive

The software for managing the sales pipeline and CRM is called Pipedrive. Even the trickiest sales procedures are more accessible for users to monitor with its assistance.

Key Features:

  • There are several levels of customization and a straightforward user interface.

  • It works well for most salesmen because of how simple it is to use. Other CRMs have a wide range of training requirements. Pipedrive does not, though.

  • Pipedrive's reminders and notifications make it simple to follow up and make calls.

6. EngageBay

The all-in-one tool for managing your clients, orders, shipments, projects, calendar events, and more is EngageBay. By automating your business procedures, you can concentrate on expanding your company.

Key Features::

  • Contact administration

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Sales and marketing automation

  • Building email templates and using autoresponders

  • Automated ticketing

  • More assistance right now

  • Simple integration

  • Aids in quickly creating landing pages

  • The free plan has advanced features.


An outside sales interaction technology, SPOTIO is intended to increase productivity while quickening every step of the field sales process. By automating tedious processes, encouraging accountability, and offering concrete insight into how your sales organization is doing and where it can improve, SPOTIO is a solution that lessens the strain of the daily grind.

Key Features::

  • Field workers may use SPOTIO to automatically record and save information about visits, customer calls, SMS messages, and emails.

  • Supervisors can arrange lead- and customer-specific tasks and build daily work sequences using the autoplay functionality.

  • Team members may create leads, set up appointments, filter prospects, and check the status of leads thanks to the sales prospecting module.

8. Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a territory management tool for outside salespeople that streamlines routes to enhance field sales. The program also serves as a lead-generating, scheduling, route-planning, and client-management tool. Badger allows businesses to map sales territories using cutting-edge GIS technology, enabling salespeople and suppliers to reach consumers and prospects more quickly and effectively. Sales teams may close more transactions in less time, thanks to it. Sales representatives may reduce active labor during the sales process by using Badger Maps.

Key Features::

  • Badger Maps' map-based visualization function makes it easier to find underused leads and undersold accounts.

  • With the help of this software, managers may learn more about the activities of reps and their field performance and make the required changes to increase sales.

9. Skynamo

Skynamo is an all-in-one mobile-friendly field sales platform created for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors that enables field employees to rapidly take orders and obtain precise product and price information from anywhere, at any time. Managers and business owners may view crucial sales activities and business data in real-time thanks to Skynamo.

It allows representatives to efficiently recall and maintain all client conversations, precisely prioritize their account visits, organize their day and route in the most effective way possible, and speed on-site data collection and order submission.

Key Features::

  • Customers may be created and changed in the CRM with support for custom fields, locations, and a real-time history of transactions, activities, and bills.

  • Customizable forms minimize data input and administrative mistakes by enabling users to gather necessary data while on the go.

  • With support for various price lists, minimum and warning prices, purchase groups, contract pricing, and more, orders, quotations, and credit requests may be prepared.

10. SalesRabbit

For door-to-door field sales personnel, SalesRabbit is a sales tracking and lead management system capable of fostering critical behaviors and incentives. SalesRabbit offers solutions particularly for boosting motivation, efficiency, and mastery to strengthen sales rep performance and increase sales conversions.

Key Features::

  • Leaderboards allow managers to monitor their team's data and plan competitions focusing on essential performance concerns and boosting employee engagement.

  • Field representatives and management may communicate in real-time via team messaging, which offers capabilities including roster access, private and public conversations, photo attachment, location sharing, and more

  • Sales representatives can view opportunities in their territory with the help of lead tracking, which also gives them the tools to collect and input lead information, score leads based on interest, get in touch with leads directly from the app, keep track of their locations, and get alerts for upcoming meetings.

11. Geopointe

On the Salesforce AppExchange, Geopointe is a highly regarded geo-mapping program. Salesforce is location-aware, allowing users to utilize maps to gain spatial insights and incorporate geography into their business operations. Based in Orange, California, Geopointe is a successful, debt-free business with private funding. The company employs people around the United States, serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 behemoths to tiny enterprises in various niches and sectors.

Data mapping is made easy with Geopointe. You may use it to transform your Salesforce data into valuable insights that streamline your company procedures. You may route, evaluate, search, act, and do many more things using Geopointe.

Key Features:

  • Salesforce data may be located anywhere in the world with Geopointe. These queries might range from a global search for global prospects and leads to a local search for local prospects and leads.

  • Live tracking lets you see your cars' current location, on-road actions, and driver information.

  • Make and carry out your travel arrangements using the system. You may create routes using any address or the mappable data from Google and Salesforce.

  • Your data is transformed into useful information via Geopointe. There are built-in actions like exporting, adding to a campaign, and creating leads from the map.

12. Assistive

Assistive is a sales CRM product that was created with the needs of field-based sales personnel in mind who were engaged in High Velocity B2B Sales, D2C Sales, and Repeat Sales in mind. Assistive, on the other hand, offers a variety of AI-driven assistances that aid the sales crew increase productivity and effectiveness. Assistive assists in maximizing the team's performance by assessing their time-spent data, travel planning, task scheduling, etc. Offline mobile apps that enable teamwork "on the go" are not uncommon.

Key Features:

  • In most situations, CRM solutions are designed to handle a large amount of data input from the sales force without producing anything in return. This confirms that CRM solutions are more of a compliance tool for sales teams.

  • Compared to other standard CRM systems, what a field-based sales force looks for in CRM software is somewhat different.

  • Regardless of your industry, location, or use case, Assistive offers no end-to-configuration options to help you develop the CRM solution you need. This is true whether you're talking about master data, activity builders, or workflow automation.

13. Map My Customers

A field sales software is called Map My Customers. Map My Customers provide the productivity and mapping capabilities required to boost field sales efforts. Reps benefit from increased effectiveness, sustained engagement, and relief from field-related issues.

The platform of the firm includes tools like email automation, sales funnels, route optimization, charts, and simple CRM capabilities, allowing business owners to enhance sales through visual territory management, which boosts profits, efficiency, and accountability.

Key Features:

  • Google Maps is used by Map My Customers to facilitate field sales routing.

  • Map My Customers, which is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices also enables you to filter and attribute-color-code your accounts.

  • Map My Customers creates routes for visiting leads after displaying customer locations on a map.

  • Users may select a starting point, create timetables, and add pins to routes to improve travel. Additionally, the system provides automated check-ins and reminders that sync with calendars, note-taking, photo storage, custom fields, data filtering, and sorting.

14. Geo Rep

The demands of many businesses, industries, managers, and sales representatives are catered to by Geo Rep. The Geo Rep is a comprehensive program that gives its customers authority through precise goal and task setting, route planning, quick access, and reduced administrative burden. Managers and salespeople can enhance efficiency and provide better customer service thanks to the Geo Rep app!

Full visibility between the office and the field is provided by Geo Rep. Field employees may benefit from Geo Rep's clear planning, optimum guidance, duties, crucial insights, simple administrative processes, and enhanced sales processes. The work performed by field workers is accessible to management both in real-time and through automated aggregated reports, enabling management to make informed decisions and provide mentoring opportunities.

Key Features:

  • In order to provide quick and flexible setup, Geo Rep includes a cloud-based online admin site where all setup is wizard or excel template driven.

  • The admin portal setup informs the Android, Huawei, and iOS Apps and synchronizes with the Apps to provide complete offline capability.

  • With the help of Google APIs, the solution is extensively supported by geolocation and georingfencing technology, which creates complete live-verified visibility into field actions.

  • Geo Rep is a mobile-first Field Sales Management Software and App that is primarily targeted at companies that provide services to their current clientele.

15. Veloxy

A strategy for increasing income called Veloxy accelerates and doubles your selling efforts while removing non-selling ones that waste your time and money. A single platform for sales engagement, enablement, productivity, and Salesforce adoption - delivering your key sales capabilities - helps you close more deals and generate more leads. With Veloxy, thousands of field sales representatives, inside sales representatives, and sales managers are converting sales departments into true revenue centers.

Key Features:

  • The reporting dashboard, automatic notifications, data synchronization, compliance management, analytics, email scheduling, access control, data encryption, and other features of Veloxy are only a few of its features.

  • The program allows sales managers to manage account-based email tracking and get instant notifications when emails are read, forwarded, or deleted.

  • Sales teams may develop and save customized templates and handle CAN-SPAM compliance reviews for individual or batch emails using Veloxy's integrated rich-text editor.

  • Through APIs, Veloxy enables integration with several third-party programs, including Microsoft Exchange Server, Office365, Outlook, Salesforce, Gmail, and more.

16. Repsly

With Repsly, CPG teams can maximize their performance in the field. The effective manager's dashboard from Repsly gives teams the information they need to find retail opportunities and the resources they need to deploy their team to the proper action in the store. The best-in-class mobile app from Repsly enables retail execution experts to have the most impact on sales while giving representatives the versatile data-collecting tools they need to provide in-the-moment insights.

Key Features:

  • Field representatives can gather data pertinent to their client visit using customized forms and preserve it for subsequent meetings.

  • Using workforce tracking, managers can view their reps' locations in real-time on a map and invite them to check in on their progress.

  • Reps can schedule appointments on their phones or have management do it in the office. Managers may then examine a calendar view of all the appointments and categorize them according to status.

  • Third Party Access enables managers to share crucial field data with clients, brands they represent, and others.

  • Based on the information their sales representatives gather in the field, advanced reporting capabilities enable managers to make data-driven choices.

17. Pepperi

Connecting field sales and B2B eCommerce on a single adaptable, enterprise-grade platform will accelerate growth, save costs, and increase transparency. Pepperi - B2B Sales Platform was developed for brands and wholesale distributors of consumer products.

To systematically handle every facet of your omnichannel B2B sales, Pepperi provides a robust commerce platform. Their platform uniquely integrates Sales Force Automation, B2B eCommerce, retail execution, and route accounting / DSD into an integrated mobile solution that operates natively on all platforms to maximize in-person and online B2B sales, giving you the power to sell more, better, and quicker.

Key Features:

  • Full offline capabilities for the sales platform. Includes weekly reports, an instant chat feature, a sales dashboard, and reminders.

  • You can take orders using the Order Center, specify order procedures, personalize orders with variations, and monitor inventory, sales activity, and sales history.

  • Manage your accounts by adding several contacts to one. The customizable accounts dashboard allows you to keep tabs on account activity and check account history.

18. Pitcher

Pitcher is a complete mobile sales enablement platform that lets field sales representatives, sales managers, and marketing experts in vertical industries contact and engage with customers better. The system offers integrated modules for work management, client presentation, route planning, customer dashboards, order capture, store audits, and key account management. Additionally, users may use any device to access crucial Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and Oracle OnDemand data while moving.

Key Features:

  • Pitcher may be used as a single point of contact for tasks, dashboards, marketing materials, and more between field teams and customers, improving field operations.

  • With private coaching sessions, manuals, and eLearning tools, sales professionals may increase the value of transactions, reduce sales cycles, and increase their productivity to meet targets.

  • With out-of-the-box reporting features and real-time KPI monitoring, Pitcher gives management teams instantaneous visibility into how sales agents are doing in the field.

  • With Pitcher's sales enablement software, field sales representatives can access crucial Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle OnDemand data from any location and device.

19. eSpatial

eSpatial is a cloud-based mapping program that offers geographic solutions to multinational corporations and non-profit organizations in almost every sector using location technology. Data visualization, routing, reporting, target marketing, site selection, sales and franchising, prospecting, territory management, and gap analysis are all areas of expertise for the solution.

Key Features:

  • Organizations may use eSpatial to gain fresh perspectives that can boost sales, productivity, and decision-making.

  • The technology makes it easier to break up vast target areas into smaller, more manageable regions and to assign territories to the appropriate sales teams.

  • Organizations in the real estate industry may utilize eSpatial to manage sales properties, map specific houses, and even determine the shortest routes to viewings.

  • eSpatial may be used by nonprofit organizations to find campaign volunteers and distribute resources to the best locations.

20. Promomash

Brand managers may plan and carry out marketing events with the trade promotion management software Promomash. Administrators may make data-driven choices and allocate funds for various promotional initiatives using the solution to assess sales success.

Key Features:

  • The platform offers professionals a uniform interface to organize and plan events in bulk, depending on locations and date ranges.

  • Teams may use Promomash to manage budgets, create event reminders, maintain document and training material repositories, and produce weekly sales reports.

  • With the system's promotion calendaring features, operators may communicate with the sales and marketing teams from a single dashboard.

  • Additionally, it enables in-app conversations, aids in providing promotional activity templates, and grants members access based on their roles.

  • Employees may manage their to-do lists, create goals, teach field workers on the go, and monitor events using Promomash. Additionally, it allows managers to create invoices and monitor past payments.

21. Mapview

Field service companies may use Mapview, a route planning tool, to organize site visits, view client locations, and find service possibilities on a map. Organizations may use the platform to target particular lead and sales data, build custom groups, and exchange client information with other teams.

Key Features:

  • Organizations may geographically see service requests, customer information, and best routes to accomplish appointments using Mapview.

  • Numerous features are available, including offline access, bookmarks, contact emails, standard and hybrid map views, custom map pins, and more.

  • Teams may also add/edit appointments, monitor scheduled activities on a unified platform, and contact or email clients to engage with them.

  • Salesforce and Oracle apps can more easily be integrated thanks to Mapview. Annual memberships are offered, and phone, email, and other internet tools are used for assistance.

22. BeatRoute

BeatRoute is a smart, user-friendly CRM sales force automation tool that increases productivity and transparency in last-mile operations. It is made explicitly for field teams working remotely in the CPG, BFSI, pharmaceutical, and consumer durables industries.

BeatRoute increases the effectiveness of your field force by giving teams 10 times more knowledge and efficiency through customizable field execution scenarios.

Key Features:

  • The field force solution aids in field force tracking and order fulfillment for sales managers, visual merchandisers, and product promoters.

  • Customer profiling, route optimization, lead management, schemes and order forecast, stock tracking, and order booking through WhatsApp BOT, mobile CRM, etc., are some of the critical components of this comprehensive system.

  • Some of the most prestigious brands, like Nivea, Perfetti Van Melle, Valvoline, and Kimberley-Clark, among many others, use BeatRoute's services.

23. Repzo

The salesforce automation system from Repzo enables businesses in the FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors to track and supervise their field personnel. Employees may upload their geo-tagged actions into Repzo's mobile app, which allows managers to track and evaluate the performance of their shelves in real time from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. These activities range from purchase orders and payments to data collection and analysis.

Key Features:

  • Repzo forbids sales representatives from beginning a visit unless they are within a certain radius of the client's location.

  • To ensure adherence to the specified routes, plan your routes and employ live GPS tracking, geo-fencing, and time-stamped activities. With Repzo's dynamic route optimization, you may set objectives for each route to your day-to-day business requirements.

  • From a contemporary platform, you can create invoices, take payments, and customize pricing lists for each customer.

  • By measuring sales success, coverage, and rep adherence to daily responsibilities, you may enhance income by creating bespoke data dashboards to monitor all KPIs and metrics in one location.

24. ForceManager

A CRM called ForceManager enables users to communicate with their clients via live or recorded video conferences. Users may access, examine, and post data on their tablets, phones, and other devices. Users may utilize the service to rapidly sync their sales activity streams, including videos, phone conversations, and in-person visits, in the program.

Key Features:

  • Users get quick access to capabilities like voice-to-text reporting, running and analyzing sales campaigns, and real-time insights on the reports thanks to ForceManager.

  • Users may engage Dana, a voice-activated assistant, to aid their team.

  • The application offers automated reminders, event recognition, and shrewd follow-up ideas, and it is connected with Apple's Siri.

  • Users may get a 360-degree perspective of their sales process using ForceManager. They can quickly sign any paperwork and finalize agreements remotely with a button, returning from any device in minutes. As a result, the user's sales cycle is shortened, and their business trip expenditures are decreased.

25. Salesdiary

A full-featured sales force automation program called Salesdiary SFA is made to help startups, SMBs, SMEs, and agencies. This web-based sales force automation software is user-friendly and offers a straightforward UI.

Key Features:

  • Salesdiary SFA works with Desktops and offers complete Windows operating system solutions.

  • SFA Salesdiary Route management, order management, streamlined workflows, and activity management are all made easier by sales force automation software.

  • It also helps with stock management, geo-fencing, deviation tracking, and price management.

26. Twib

Twib is a sales tracking and reporting app for entrepreneurs and salespeople that provides a web-based admin panel to track the location of sales employee activity. Through this panel, managers can keep an eye on the activities of the sales team by gathering real-time data from their location with a GPS tracker. With photographs, the business and its field sales representatives may more effectively track sales visits and provide reports.

Key Features:

  • With GPS tracking, check-ins, and photos, you can precisely measure time spent at the place and keep track of where your employees are.

  • control and real-time insight over sales expenditures

  • In the workplace or while on the go, precisely record the time and location.

  • Regardless of whether they are connected to the internet, check-ins may be completed. When the network is accessible, the data is automatically synced.

  • Remotely assign and monitor the work that has to be done.

  • Access Your Data From Anywhere at Any Time With Cloud Servers Synchronization.

27. Maptitude

Maptitude is a mapping tool that helps organizations analyze and comprehend how geography influences company operations by utilizing GIS technology and spatial analysis. Businesses may use Maptitude to view consumer and demographic data on various maps to find geographic relational trends in datasets. Businesses may use Maptitude to locate clients, assess regions of sales activity, find hidden possibilities, comprehend regional patterns, and respond to inquiries that affect any sales operation.

Key Features:

  • Using Maptitude's Build-a-Map wizard, users may create maps of any size, from the neighborhood to the national level.

  • Any map, including color and pattern maps, dot-density maps, scaled-symbol maps, and maps with built-in pie or bar charts, may change the colors, styles, and labels. This is possible using MapWizard, Maptitude's mapping engine.

  • Maptitude can compute routes and drive times for the street layer using geocoding and data on travel times.

  • Any map can show building details for several urban areas, railways, and extensive natural and man-made monuments.

  • These maps may be printed as wall-sized posters and handouts or saved as HTML, JPEG, or PNG for use on websites.

28. Outfield

Outfield is a field sales and route planning system that aids major brands in 50 countries and enables companies to streamline and improve field sales and marketing, territory management, route planning, and account mapping activities. Teams may interact internally using Outfield's mobile and desktop apps, track team activities, manage accounts and visits, and unearth useful information.

Key Features:

  • Field representatives can plan daily activities by checking designated territory for any recent activity using the outfield feature.

  • To build the best driving routes for the day, accounts may be entered into Outfield's route planner.

  • Field representatives may update and attach visit activity notes, photographs, and vital contact information while on the road thanks to mobile capabilities.

  • Managers may observe every team activity in the workplace and gain insightful knowledge by looking at detailed data about team statistics and market trends.

  • Additionally, they can interact with field representatives by leaving comments on geotagged visits, uploaded photos and notes, and daily reports to offer immediate feedback.

29. FeetPort

Companies can manage their field force, digitize forms, automate data collecting, and more with the help of FeetPort, a cloud-based field force management, and location tracking system. Any number of fields and various interface choices, such as single and multi-line dropdowns, radio buttons, checkboxes, and more, may be used to construct digital forms. Hybrid interfaces can also be incorporated to read NFC tags, QR codes, and barcodes.

Key Features:

  • With live selfies, time and date stamping, and geofencing of certain areas, field teams may record their attendance using their smartphones.

  • Field executives may create orders from tagged goods in the mobile app by uploading product and service lists to FeetPort, complete with SKUs, pictures, and descriptions.

  • Administrators or the field force can manually upload tasks and jobs, bulk upload tasks and jobs using Excel files, or automatically upload tasks and jobs using API interfaces with ERP and CRM systems.

30. FORM MarketX

A mobile task management platform called FORM MarketX, known initially as GoSpotCheck, was created to assist companies in the retail, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries set up corporate goals and directions for frontline personnel. Managers may create custom reports, allocate tasks to team members, and automate procedures in real-time using the centralized dashboard.

Thanks to its built-in API, businesses may combine the system with several third-party systems, like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, Looker, and more. Pricing information is accessible upon request, and assistance is provided online as well as through phone, email, paperwork, and other means.

Key Features:

  • Data models that take into account your organizational structure

  • Drag-and-drop task engine with low/no coding

  • Dimensions of task availability in time

  • Integration of Bluetooth thermometers and IoT sensors

  • Awarded locations, teams, or programs are authorized product catalogs.

31. Growmax

Growmax provides a wide range of solutions for various supply chain issues. The solutions are targeted at FMCG and CPG brands and close knowledge gaps by giving them real-time market analytics.

Key Features:

  • The implementation is cloud-based, and tasks like data collection, organization, analysis, and report distribution take place on the platform.

  • With its web-based platform and mobile applications, it digitizes supply chains. Then, data is gathered at each moving distribution point. Finally, the data is centrally located in the cloud for additional analyses.

  • Growmax provides organizations with cutting-edge AI and ML skills and the unknown underlying market patterns.

  • Sales force automation, omnichannel solutions, business process management, channel management, virtual sales help, and other services are among the other solutions provided by Growmax.

32. Spring Global

A top-tier field sales tool for global business CPG/FMCG clients. Users can easily service customers, oversee and manage field execution, and utilize a single app with a 360-degree perspective for everyone, thanks to Spring Global's field sales solutions.

Key Features:

  • Their Sales, Merchandising, Van Sales, or Delivery solutions enable field users to create a smooth and superior customer experience.

  • With Genesis, the software's AI-powered dashboard and analytics tool, managers and executive leadership can access all the information and insights they need to make crucial business choices.

33. HappySales

The next-generation B2B CRM app HappSales, powered by a personal assistant, enables businesses to automate client-facing processes in Sales, Service, and Receivables. HappSales provides front-end teams with a sophisticated mobile app to enhance work efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Handling of accounts

  • Speak with intelligence

  • Managing opportunities and pipelines

  • Lead Control

  • Forecasting sales

  • Workflow control

  • Activity Control

  • Quotation control

  • Request Forms

Things to consider while choosing Field Sales tool

Key Corporate Objectives & Growth Drivers

Identifying a company's business objectives and potential growth drivers, and determining if the application that will be installed supports them, is the first stage in a successful Sales Force App installation.

Impact anticipated on output by the field sales team

The ideal scenario is for decision makers to have a checklist of the features they desire in a field sales app based on their needs for general trade, contemporary trade, or B2B/Horeca. A Field Sales App with tons of capabilities but no discernible influence on sales is of no value to a retail-driven organization. Instead, greater emphasis should be placed on an application that can instill discipline among remote teams around attaining company goals on the ground.

Investment Returns Analysis

Instead of automating blindly, a business leader should assess the extent of the deployment's potential business effect and determine whether the Field Sales App will provide the appropriate return on investment.

Tool configuration flexibility

The tool's configurability is crucial for a successful Field sales App implementation. The organization won't have to spend resources on the Field Sales App's deployment or future revisions in response to shifting demands if it is simply adjustable. In addition, if the SFA tool is simple to configure, the turnaround time will be short.


A tool or piece of software that sales teams use to streamline their everyday field sales operations is referred to as a "field sales app." The order capture, route optimization, stock monitoring, sales forecasting, etc., are typically included. The receiver of a mobile phone can respond almost instantly to field sales or service information in real time. We hope this article will help you to understand the different field sales tools. Select the right tool for your sales needs among our 33 top field sales tools.


What is Field Sales?

Field sales, also known as outside sales, is a form of sales procedure where representatives go into the market and make direct sales. Field sales representatives locate prospects, get in touch, follow up on leads, and finally clinch the transaction. While some businesses still rely heavily on outside sales, others have found the ideal balance between outside and inside sales.

Why You Need Field Sales?

Its main goal is to reduce the time needed to carry out the various sales representatives' essential tasks. These programs cut down on the amount of time needed for different administrative duties and the associated paperwork.

Most significantly, utilizing such an application for carrying out dynamic operations enables businesses and their staff to work directly with their central sales team and smoothly handle ongoing field operations.

How should a Field Sales App's returns be analyzed?

The business returns (revenue) should be compared to your investment, which might be the original Field Sales App membership fees or any other startup expenditures incurred by the firm. The costs of additional resources, such as the tech team and the team your organization could use to manage the project, are also included in the investments.

What are field sales used for?

The procedure through which businesses visit prospects and sell to them directly is known as field sales, sometimes known as outside sales. Field sales reps often work for B2B, and wholesale companies, whose sales procedures depend on developing long-term customer relationships.

How does field sales strategy work?

Companies that deal with more complicated and expensive goods or services and need to connect with senior decision-makers often opt for the field sales method. On the other hand, inside sales work better when selling goods or services that value quantity above the quality of encounters.

Top 33 Field Sales Tools

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